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Biomedical-Fuzzy-Logics 100%

Talk on “Accurate semantic similarity measurement of biomedical nomenclature by means of fuzzy logic” Jorge Martinez-Gil Software Competence Center Hagenberg GmbH Softwarepark 21, 4232 Hagenberg, Austria Abstract.



Italian 75, Redipuglia, Cagliari, 09100, Italy +39 348 912 2657 WORK EXPERIENCE 07/2014 - 02/2015 Owner of the sole proprietorship Smartecne • research and development of biomedical devices.


PPINK Amicus Brief 94%




EDUCATION AND TRAINING 01/2013 - Ongoing PhD in Biomedical Engineering at University of Cagliari - Cagliari (CA), Italy.


Sri-Chitra-Prospectus 2017 92%

The emphasis is on development of facilities less readily available elsewhere in the country such as interventional radiology, cardiac electrophysiology, presurgical evaluation and surgery for epilepsy, microsurgery and deep brain stimulation for movement disorders, new biomedical devices and products, evaluation of medical devices to global specifications, new academic programmes and global public health networks.


JDIT-2016-0618-021 90%

2057-3782 (Online) REVIEW ARTICLE NMR-Active Nuclei for Biological and Biomedical Applications Simon G.


lamour-jbmr-a-2011 supp-info 89%

8 Supplementary references 9 Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A 1 Lamour et al.


Vivek CV Updated 89%

Bioartificial Tissue Engineering Northwestern University – Evanston, IL – 2006 Bachelor of Science – Biomedical Engineering (Honors) Specialization:


jcu tsv map 86%

Medicine Equipment Shed - Estate Office Cyclone Testing Station Wind Tunnel Demountable C Demountables A and B Facilities Workshop Estate Office Mechanical Engineering Workshop Bulk Store 1 Bulk Store 2 Engineering Lab and Pilot Plant Chemical Engineering Garage Chemical Waste Storage ATSIP General Store AIMS@JCU Aqua Shed Garden Shed Marine and Aquaculture Research CO2 Research Glass House Animal and Entomology House Aquaculture Research Zoology Freshwater Research Amphibian Research The North Queensland Controlled Environment Facility Cattle Pens Metabolism Unit Hay Shed Aquatic Pathology Lab Small Animal House Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Barra Shed Microbiology Teaching Lab Medical Laboratory Science Teaching Lab Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Store Physiology and Pharmacology Research Lab Central Solvent Store Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Unicare Centre Pump House Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Sport and Recreation Centre Squash Courts Cricket Pavillion Veterinary Anatomy and Pathology Lamb Shed Veterinary Emergency Centre and Hospital Veterinary Amenities Building Veterinary Reproduction Facility Veterinary Post-Grad Facility Veterinary Pathology and Biomedical Sciences MARFU Teaching Facility University Hall - A and B Wings University Hall - Administration University Hall - Store University Hall - Townhouse 5 University Hall - Townhouse 4 University Hall - Townhouse 3 University Hall - Townhouse 2 University Hall - Townhouse 1 University Hall - Manager's Residence 120 121 122 131 132 133 134 136 137 142 145 146 148 150 151 152 161 162 164 166 168 170 180 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 242 243 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 258 261 262 263 264 265 266 267 281 282 283 284 285 286 287 288 289 290 291 300 301 302 303 310 311 315 340 341 342 343 344 345 346 347 348 349 350 351 352 353 354 403 404 500 900 901 902 903 Uni Hall Storage Shed Uni Hall Storage Shed 2 Pig Shed Chaplaincy Uni Kids Student Mall Education Central St Marks College - Clark Wing St Marks College - McGregor Wing The Science Place Australian Tropical Science and Innovation Precinct ATSIP Booster Pump House ATSIP Support ATSIP Glass House ATSIP Shade House ATSIP Vehicle Shelter The Catholic College of St Raphael and St Paul - Grail and Merrick The Catholic College of St Raphael and St Paul - O'Leary The Catholic College of St Raphael and St Paul - Kneipp The Catholic College of St Raphael and St Paul - Tom Priestly MacKillop Wing Reef Research Aquarium Laboratories Macroalgae Research Facility Rotary International House - Administration Rotary International House - Common Room 1 Rotary International House - B Block Rotary International House - A Block Rotary International House - D Block Rotary International House - C Block Rotary International House - F Block Rotary International House - E Block Rotary International House - Laundry and Toilets Rotary International House - Common Room 2 The John Flynn College - Rosendale House The John Flynn College - Martin House The John Flynn College - Stewart Close The John Flynn College - Mackay House The John Flynn College - Philip Wing The John Flynn College - Dining Hall The John Flynn College - Harrison Wing Pool Change Rooms Cow Shed Theatre E Block C Block D Block Western Campus Amenities B Block A Block F Block Western Campus Annex Wester Hall - Manager's Residence Wester Hall - A Block Wester Hall - B Block Wester Hall - C Block Wester Hall - Dining Hall Wester Hall - E Block Wester Hall - F Block George Roberts Hall - Dining Hall George Roberts Hall - Manager's Residence George Roberts Hall - Administration George Roberts Hall - A Block George Roberts Hall - B Block George Roberts Hall - C Block George Roberts Hall - D Block George Roberts Hall - E Block George Roberts Hall - F Block George Roberts Hall - G Block George Roberts Hall - H Block School Of Creative Arts - Administr School of Creative Arts Visual Media School of Creative Arts Music School of Creative Arts Amenities Chilled Water Plant Chilled Water Tank Estate Office Storage Shed Western Courts - Administration Western Courts - A Block Western Courts - B Block Western Courts - C Block Western Courts - D Block Western Courts - E Block Western Courts - F Block Western Courts - G Block Western Courts - G Block Western Courts - F Block Western Courts - E Block Western Courts - D Block Western Courts - C Block Western Courts - B Block Western Courts - A Block Sport and Recreation Store Equine Shed Clinical Practice Building NQAIF Laboratory Biological Sciences Storage Container Complex Dangerous Goods Store Biology Field Trip Preparation and Stores China Australia Free Trade Agreement Information Session Precincts University Central Estate Services Health Sciences Marine Sciences Recreation Science and Engineering University Colleges Veterinary Sciences Western Campus


Prof Sameh Alariqi Industrial Chemistry 86%

His thesis was based on Durability of Radiation-Sterilized Biomedical Polyolefins:


أ.د سامح العريقي كيمياء صناعية 82%

‪Council of Scientific‬‬ ‫)‪ Industrial Research (CSIR‬الهند وحصل على الماجستير من قسم الكيمياء الصناعية بجامعة بامو ‪ BAMU University‬أورنج أباد‬ ‫الهند في أبريل ‪6000‬م‪ .‬حصل على جائزة رئيس الجمهورية للبحوث العلمية للعلوم الطبيعية عام ‪6002‬م‪ .‬وهو محرر في عشر مجالت دولية ومحكم‬ ‫في العديد من المجالت العلمية ومحكم خارجي معتمد لدى مجلس االعتماد االكاديمي وضمان الجودة لتقييم البرامج االكاديمية بالجامعات اليمنية‬ ‫وخبير تدريب في مجال السالمة الصناعية وأنظمة الجودة والمختبرات ومعالجة المخلفات الصناعية واستشاري تجهيزات المعامل ودراسات الجدوى‬ ‫للمشاريع التعليمية لدى البنك الدولي ووزارة التعليم العالي‪ .‬نشر العديد من األبحاث االكاديمية التي تتناول تحلل و استقرارية البالستيك في العديد من‬ ‫المجالت العلمية المحكمة ونشر كتاب في دار النشر االلمانية المبرت ونشر فصل بكتاب في تقنية النانوتكنولوجي لمواد التغليف في دار النشر‬ ‫األمريكية للعلوم ‪ ,‬ميتشيغن ‪ ,‬الواليات المتحدة األمريكية‪ .‬كما حاصل على جائزة رئيس الجمهورية للبحث العلمي للعلوم الطبيعية ‪ -‬مجال التلوث‬ ‫والبيئة للعام ‪6002‬م‪ .‬وتشمل اهتماماته البحثية الحالية التغيرات والتحلل البيولوجي والكيميائي والميكانيكي والبلوري الخ تحت التأثيرات بأشعة جاما‬ ‫واألشعة فوق البنفسجية والحرارية وتطوير مثبتات للبوليمرات باإلضافة الى معالجة النفايات الصناعية‪.‬‬ ‫املؤهالت العلمية والشـهادات احلـاصل عليهـا‪:‬‬ ‫‪ )1‬حاصل على الدكتوراه في الكيمياء الصناعية من أشهر مركز أبحاث في الهند "المركز القومي للكيمياء ‪National Chemical‬‬ ‫)‪ - "Laboratory (NCL‬هيئة البحوث العلمية والصناعية الهندية )‪Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR‬‬ ‫ مارس ‪6002‬م‪.‬‬‫عنوان اطروحة الدكتوراه‪:‬‬ ‫‪Durability of Radiation-Sterilized Biomedical Polyolefins:


Biomedical-Semantic-Similarity 81%

Evolutionary algorithm based on different semantic similarity functions for synonym recognition in the biomedical domain José M.


Medical Battery Catalog 80%

185 BURNSVILLE MN Replacement batteries for Healthcare Technology Management 1-800-950-1945 ® January 2012 March 2014 Printed in USA March 2015 Pages 6 to 72 UPS BATTERIES Pages 73 to 97 Radio Pages 98 to 100 Laptop Pages 101 to 111 Lighting Pages 112 to 116 Tool Pages 117 to 123 Mobility Lifts Pages 124 to 130 X-Ray Pages 131 to 133 X-Ray Physio Control Pages 134 to 136 Physio Control ZOLL Pages 137 to 141 Barcode Pages 142 to 144 Primary Pages 145 to 153 Secondary VRLA Pages 154 to 167 Misc Pages 168 to 170 Chargers Pages 171 to 172 Chargers Lamps Pages 173 to 186 VRLA Misc Secondary Primary Barcode ZOLL Mobility Lifts Tool Lighting Laptop Radio UPS MEDICAL BATTERIES Lamps Medical QUICK INDEX MEDICAL BATTERIES TABLE OF CONTENTS ABBOTT LABORATORIES (HOSPIRA, ROSS) ABIOMED ACME MEDICAL SCALES ACOMA MEDICAL ACUSON ADVANCED MEDICAL SYSTEMS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY LABORATORIES AEQUITRON MEDICAL AEROGEN (NEKTAR) AEROS INSTRUMENTS (OHIO MEDICAL CORPORATION) AIRBORNE LIFE SUPPORT SYSTEMS (INTERNATIONAL BIOMEDICAL) AIRSEP CORPORATION AITECS ALARIS MEDICAL (CARDINAL HEALTH) ALCON LABORATORIES, INC.


JDIT-2017-0120-025 78%

biological and biomedical applications;


Daniel Beck Resume 78%

Excellent knowledge of biomedical research, drug discovery and development, and the obesity and oncology therapeutic areas.



   Linux – confident user     PHP   NTUU “KPI”  Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Specialty:


flyer 78%

Students must be US citizens or permanent residents enrolled in a Bachelor Degree program (biology, biomedical science, biomedical engineering, chemistry, physics, material science, engineering, and related fields).


Junior Ruby on Rails Dev Pavlo Kleimenov 78%

2016-2018 Master's degree in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Computer science 2012-2016 Bachelor's degree in the Kiev Polytechnic Institute Faculty of Biomedical Engineering Computer science Experience:


SidharthResume 78%

D stage, Working office at Biomedical Wing, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology May 2016 – present:


Luis Monterrosa Resume 75%

Biomedical Engineering Expected Graduation:


Newsletter Final Beta 74%

Society Vice-Chair Janelle Welkie Chemical Biology Corresponding Secretary Yasha Binyamin Engineering Management Outreach Committee Chair Danielle Fischer Engineering Management Events Committee Chair Dylan Boyle Electrical Engineering Web Chair Tyler Romeo Computer Science Governance Chair Michayla Ben-Ezra Chemical Engineering General Member Jhustin Scarlett Biomedical Engineering General Member Mark Liotta Biomedical Engineering General Member Tessie Urtubia Electrical Engineering General Member Meet Our Members This past semester has brought many changes, especially with the increase in overall membership!


Adam NL 68%

recover FP at twice the normal rate (but not FP spent for spells or psi powers) Law (International) Engineer 5 B60 Engineer/TL8 (Biomedical) Longevity 2 B66 Default:


Amazing Taiwan 68%

textiles biomedical (Taipei, Hsinchu, Tainan) the Internet (Taoyuan) 5 industries for Taiwan’s economy development IOT mechanical equipment INTELLIGENT ROBOT BIG DATA distribution agriculture source  Light up Taiwan Economic Statistic Combines a highly suitable environment and climate with the most advanced breeding technologies pharmaceuticals and health National Defense (Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung) source  Executive Yuan Industrial Development Bike ICT Accounts for 30% of fasteners internationally and exports to over 140 countries Orchid Industry metals processing intelligent machinery (Taichung) Fastener Industry foods Yachts Textile Green Energy Industry Biomedical Industry A fully-developed photovoltaic industrial cluster possessing a complete up, mid, and downstream industry chain Innovative medical devices and a new marketing model drive the formation of a strong industrial ecosystem Automobile Parts and Accessories Industry Yacht Industry The auto parts industry has the advantage of small volume production with diverse and flexible manufacturing, along with investment in R&D and improvement in production technologies Near Port of Kaohsiung, with longer production time About Us (2016 estimated) Economic Growth Rate 70% market share in EU and North America IC Foundry PPP GDP CCI (Consumer Confidence Index) US $47,407 81.61 US $ 524 billion Intellectual Advantage Junior high school Education Level Senior high school source  Executive Yuan, QS World University Ranking 04 Orchid Taiwan functional textiles hold 70% global market share Aquarium The symbol of Taiwan Excellence honors Taiwan’s most innovative and value-added products.


4th International Multithematic Bio-Medical Congress (IMBMC) 68%

Dr Ioannis Patrikios 7 Chairmen and Speakers 8 Program 9 Speakers CVs Abstracts 29 DISTRIBUTOR - Invited Abstracts - Selected Abstracts - Poster Abstracts ΔΙΑΝΟΜΕΑΣ DISTRIBUTOR Xarelto MOST PRESCRIBED AD 21x29,7cm CY.indd 1 14 3/9/16 9:53 AM 30 43 51 Welcome Address By the Rector Professor Kostas Gouliamos Distinguished Guests and Honorable Participants, Dear Colleagues, It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the European University Cyprus, and with honor that I address the 4th Multidisciplinary Scientific Bio-Medical Congress, entitled “Biomedical Scientific Cyprus”.


list-training-2013 68%

- 4 years) Physiotherapy (Master’s degree) Speech Language Pathology and Audiology (Master’s degree) Medicine and Experimental Surgery (Master's degree) COLLEGIAL LEVEL TECHNICAL TRAINING Aircraft Construction Techniques (DCS) Aircraft Construction Techniques (DCS) Nursing (DCS) Biomedical Laboratory Technology (DCS) Building Systems Technology (DCS) Civil Engineering Technology (DCS) Dental Hygiene Techniques (DCS) Diagnostic Radiology Technology (DCS) Food Processing and Quality Technology (DCS) Insurance and Financial Advisory Services (DCS) Nuclear Medicine Technology (DCS) Nursing (DCS) Radiation Oncology Technology (DCS) Respiratory Therapy Techniques (DCS) SECONDARY LEVEL VOCATIONAL TRAINING Machining Techniques (DVS) Computer Support (DVS) Retail Butchery (DVS) Construction Machine Mechanics (DVS) Machining Techniques (DVS) Pharmacy Technical Assistant (DVS) Retail Butchery (DVS) Stationary Machine Mechanics (DVS) Use of Composite Materials (DVS) Welding and Fitting (DVS) 1 Diplomas from Québec or equivalent Page 1 of 17 POINTS FOR THE AREA OF TRAINING CRITERION OF THE SELECTION GRID FOR QUALIFIED WORKERS PART I – PART II – Foreign degrees Québec degrees1 SECTION B – Principal applicant: