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GrantJackson.MIT3.v5.091613 100%

from basic science, to law, to agricultural biotech, to medical biotech.


22/09/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

SPO DMS 2016 8.5x11 95%

It continues to serve as the dedicated home for the digital health community during Biotech Showcase and one of the healthcare industry’s biggest weeks.


10/06/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

Untitleddocument 95%

The Van Demark Daily  “Fuck me I’m gay as shit, OMEX to $30”  RTK  ­ 55M Market cap lmao  ­ Lose $ daily  ­ Positive revenue growth (10%)  ­ 17M in cash but 178M in debt  ­ 8% short float  ­ Volume is shit  ­ No recent analyst updates because no one gives a shit about this company  ­ Compared to their major competitors they have A LOT less debt  ­ They process wood or some shit?  ­ Company hasnt been profitable since 2011 lmao  ­ Lose more money every year  What the fuck is this shit? Stay far away.    CEMP  ­ Financials are decent alright not like you give a shit anyway  ­ Although everyone and their mother wants to short this company at 24% short float  ­ Fucking surprise, volume sucks  ­ Wow these guys actually are somewhat, nope jk they fucking lose money every year  ­ Oh for fucks sake is biotech  ­ Their new drug Solithromycin got fast tracked thats a big deal  ­ Data looked solid meet all goals  ­ Dam FDA isnt going to have their decision till the end of 2016  ­ They have some phase 3 data for something else TODAY so maybe buy the dip?  Keep it on your radar, but its going to get a lot worse before it gets better.    NVAX  ­ 2B Market cap biotech off me pls  ­ Decent financials but they fucking lose $ every year  ­ They make fucking vaccines   ­ Respiratory Syncytial Virus F­protein nanoparticle vaccine could be FTB  ­ In phase 3 trials  ­ Results out September 30th  ­ Fast tracked FTB  This is my favorite so far, a huge fucking YOLO                  RLYP  ­ What the fuck is this shit  ­ 50% fucking short float thats unreal  ­ Literally burning money   ­ Like im not even kidding they blow at making money  ­ Got upgraded by Morgan Stanly only to get downgrades 15 days later lmao  ­ Fuck off with the shitty biotech  ­ I can’t find their pipeline and their only drug already got full approval  Fuck em boring as shit    GNW  ­ Financials are all over the place   ­ Dont make $ and 5B in debt but they have 6B in cash sooooooo  ­ QRTly rev is ­16% lol  ­ Not a big fan on banks becuase they have no events to play  ­ I mean you can play earnings reports but FUCK EARNINGS REPORTS  Boringgggg                                                  My YOLO opportunities:    ­ TWTR Buyout  ­ Shits had huge volume recently and lots of 35$ calls for January  ­ Buyout would cost around 30M  ­ Google is the only real contender  ­ This one is risky as fuck    ­ AMD  ­ Just put out a new graphics card that was real hyped up  ­ Shits gona get recalled because it might set ur computer on fire  ­ Buy the dip (dont buy skoal crisp tho)    ­ MSTX  ­ Lots of story comming up…  ­ There has been a lot of hype surrounding MSTX. Here is my quick DD on MSTX  and Vepolaxamer, A perspective from a heavy background in science although  just a newbie in finance ( I just started investing about a week ago). I don’t know  how many people actually understand the drug and the trials or are most people  just buying in on the hype.  ­ MST­188 is a drug that hopes to reduce pain during a sickle crisis.  Physiologically, the sickled red blood cells are sickled shape, causing it to carry  reduced oxygen and the sickle shape makes it harder to travel though blood  vessels, it will eventually collide against the walls of a blood vessel and stay put.  The damaged RBCS will have sticky open sores that cause them to stick to one  another accumulating a blood dam and thus preventing tissues from receiving  adequate oxygen. This inadequate lack of oxygen tissue is what causes the pain.  The current therapy focuses on eliminating symptoms by inducing more fluids.  ­ In the simplest form,Vepolaxamer or MST­188 is targeting the source of pain by  its action of mechanism which is attaching directly on to a cell membrane with it’s  sticky side, and having the surfactant surface on the other end to avoid RBCS  from sticking to one another, increasing blood flow and productively reducing  pain. The drug eventually leaves the membrane once the RBC repairs itself,  exiting the body by the kidneys.  ­ Complete video here : ​ http://theepicstudy.com/videos/​ If you are interested in  seeing the animation of the drug inside the body.  ­ FDA conditional success rates for drugs in Phase III of clinical trials is about  64%. According to this site:​ http://www.fdareview.org/03_drug_development.php​ .  ­ MSTX revenues, operating costs, and stability depends heavily on the success of  this drug. The drug effect might show minor results, a symptom reducing drug but  not anywhere close to a breakthrough. It will not replace hydroxyurea, the hail  mary of sickle cell drugs for the last 25 years. I could however see Vepolaxamer  working in conjunction with hydroxyurea ( if it passes phase III) to stop the  production of the sickle cells and to alleviate the pain of ones that are sickled  through lubrication.  ­ At a quick glance the trend seems to show support around $0.40 and a  resistance at $0.45. It most likely wont break the resistance point until after the  release of a successful trial. Until then we’re all just going to be clenching our  assholes waiting for news.  ­ Conclusion: Buy YOLO shares, as the data points towards success. I would not  long this stock. My guess is this drug is just meant to bring in quick revenue for  the company if it succeeds but not for long term growth.  ­ I’m positive there is a lot of people here who have a ton of biotech experience  and science backgrounds. Please do get in on the conversation and correct me if  I am wrong.  ­ Eh fuck it I got 400 shares    Safe Buys / Long Plays  ­ GE  ­ AAPL  ­ PGNX  ­ SWHC  ­ RGR   


30/06/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

Carmel biotech firm lands $8M 89%

Carmel biotech firm lands $8M in venture capital, grant funds May 5, 2017 John Russell Fast BioMedical Inc., a Carmel-based biotech firm developing technologies to measure blood volumes and kidney function, has secured $8 million in venture capital and grant funds to help it advance clinical trials.


11/05/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

CP C-suite infographic V7 89%

Boards 200+ C-suite, CEO and Board assignments 26% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) across biotech, pharma and medtech clients, from small investor backed companies to large-cap/MNCs Cross-functional Experience Female Leaders Global Leadership Life Science Executive Search Recent experience at C-suite, Board &


17/01/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

ECEF April 2016 Summary Agenda 85%

9:00 AM UIDP Presentation Presentation on the University Industry Demonstration Partnership 9:30 AM Panel Discussion Challenges of Advancing Science from a Biotech Start-up CEO Perspective 10:30 PM Networking Coffee Break 11:00 AM Panel Discussion International Interest 11:45 AM Panel Discussion Biotech/Pharmaceutical/Device Perspective 12:30 PM Networking Luncheon 1:30 PM Committee Presentations Each committee will take 15 minutes to present findings.


03/12/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

Prize Poster 10 21 15 84%

Successful submissions must be related to the research interests of at least one CBIS faculty member, (http://biotech.rpi.edu/research) and be feasible to develop a prototype at CBIS during one academic year.


14/01/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

Bio Technology Bio Art 81%

But these biotech–based artistic practices are beginning to shift into the mainstream due to cultural and commercial practices.


06/04/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

Light of a New Sun 79%

Universities in France become world-renowned as astronautic think tanks, gathering students from all over the world Biotech company – a biotech company who develops a revolutionary system for air filtration and processing using a combination of moss, fungi and bacteria commissions the construction of their own century ships Cybernetics/Engineering firm – while the science of cybernetics is only just beginning to come into its infancy at this point, this company makes the breakthrough that allows for successful resuscitation from cryogenic sleep, giving it enough money to commission some century ships Communications company – develops launching/landing system using electromagnetic channels to guide/propel ships to/from orbit.


17/11/2012 www.pdf-archive.com

DF 2015 Tech Companies 70%

Private Tech Companies To Watch In 2015 Table of Contents Section # Section # Introduction 3 Internet of Things 27 DataFox Score 4 Payment Processing 30 Tech Lists Top 5 5 Biotech 33 Financial Technology 6 Pharmaceuticals 36 Cybersecurity 9 Electronic Medical Records 39 Cryptocurrency 12 Sharing Economy 42 Enterprise Software 15 Education Technology 45 eCommerce 18 Audio Streaming 48 Ridesharing 21 Food On Demand 51 Mobile News 24 Endnotes 54 © 2015 All Rights Reserved ● DataFox.com ● info@datafox.com ● @datafoxco 2 Introduction This DataFox Private Tech Companies Report is our curated compilation of top private companies across various tech sectors, including cyber security, ecommerce, cryptocurrency, and many more.


17/02/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

DF 2015 Tech Report 70%

      Private  Tech  Companies  To  Watch  In  2015      Table  of  Contents   Sec<on    #   Sec<on    #   IntroducAon   3   Internet  of  Things   27   DataFox  Score   4   Payment  Processing   30   Tech  Lists  Top  5   5   Biotech   33   Financial  Technology   6   PharmaceuAcals   36   Cybersecurity   9   Electronic  Medical  Records   39   Cryptocurrency   12   Sharing  Economy   42   Enterprise  SoRware   15   EducaAon  Technology   45   eCommerce   18   Audio  Streaming   48   Ridesharing   21   Food  On  Demand   51   Mobile  News   24   Endnotes   54   ©  2015  All  Rights  Reserved    ●    DataFox.com    ●    info@datafox.com    ●    @datafoxco       2      Introduc<on   This  DataFox  Private  Tech  Companies  Report  is  our  curated  compilaAon  of  top  private  companies   across  various  tech  sectors,  including  cyber  security,  ecommerce,  cryptocurrency,  and  many  more.


18/02/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

elabscience introduction-pdf 70%

2 0 1 6 Company Introduction ELABSCIENCE 目录 CATALOG 01 03 02 COMPANY 05 04 TEAM STRENGTH MARKETING PRODUCT 01 COMPANY Company Introduction www.elabscience.cn Elabscience Biotechnology Co.,Ltd(Elabscience) is a high-tech biotech corporation, specializing in reagents of immunodiagnostic technology.


08/07/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

New fertility kits 70%

Shanghai Chemtron Biotech Co., Ltd.


03/11/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

Baxter Healthcare in Bloomington sees round of layoffs 70%

According to Spak, Baxter’s Bloomington facility is part of the company’s BioPharma Solutions business, which provides contract drug formulation and manufactures parenteral (administered somewhere other than via the digestive tract) and injectable formulations of drugs and therapies on behalf of pharmaceutical and biotech companies.


13/12/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

Nickolas Fordham resume 70%

Labtech certified HONORS Graduate of Ponte Vedra High School Biotech Academy Graduate ACTIVITIES Bass and soloist in Embry Riddle Aeronautical University’s Acapella group, the Acafellas.


26/04/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

599-Mass-Ave-printable v1 073117 70%

In Central’s immediate there location is over seven 330 Newbury Street offers avicinity prominent on million square feet of office space and 11 million square feet of Biotech Newbury Street’s famed final block.


01/08/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

599-Mass-Ave-printable v2 073117 70%

In Central’s immediate there location is over seven 330 Newbury Street offers avicinity prominent on million square feet of office space and 11 million square feet of Biotech Newbury Street’s famed final block.


01/08/2017 www.pdf-archive.com

PBFD 68%

3 Avian Biotech International 1336 Timberlane Road · Tallahassee, FL 32312-1766 850-386-1145 or 800-514-9672 (Office) 850-386-1146 (Fax) Copyright © 1995-2005 Animal Genetics, Inc.


22/07/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

21-23 MARS - FOM Francophones d'Oncologie Médicale 68%

Dominique Stoppa-Lyonnet, Pierre Chappuis Visite de l’exposition 10h30 - 11h00 11h00 - 12h00 Session ONCOLOGIE THORACIQUE (suite) Session VADS Session BIOTECH Modérateurs :


09/05/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

JIRA vs. Micro Focus Agile Manager Report 68%

21% Pharma/Biotech Company ... ... 22% Pharma/Biotech Company ...


22/03/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

20160428 Gentechnik-Newsletter II-16 67%

 Inwieweit  jetzt  die  Versprechen,  die  mit  den  neuen  Verfahren  verbun-­‐ den  sein  werden,  auch  einer  kritischen  Prüfung  in  der  Praxis  standhalten   werden,  das  müssen  wir  sehen.“     Eine  gemeinsame  Stellungnahme  von  Verbänden  wie  der  ABL,  IG  Saatgut,   BUND,  Greenpeace,  Save  our  Seeds  und  Test  Biotech  spricht  sich  klar  dafür   aus,  neue  Gentech-­‐Verfahren  auch  dem  Gentechnikrecht  zu  unterwerfen.


29/04/2016 www.pdf-archive.com


Italian 57, San Benedetto, Cagliari, 09100, Italy +39 349 540 0010 michele.desogus@superable.it WORK EXPERIENCE 2007 - 2010 Para-subordinate subordinate collaborator at BCS Biotech - Cagliari (CA), Italy.


15/02/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

pj sr4 66%

ATTRIBUTS ASTRAL CONstitution ChanCe AGIlité Chance actuelle REAction ESSence FORce MAGie / RESonance MENTAUX CHArisme INTuition LOGique VOLonté Compétence (Spécialisa°) kg BIOTECH Rumeur :


18/03/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

Chouteau Greenway - Stoss Display Boards 65%

An iconic landmark, a beloved park, nationally recognized universities, biotech and innovation - these identities are present and strong.


05/04/2018 www.pdf-archive.com