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ricette biscotti cane (1) 100%

Biscotti per cane alla mela e carota Questi biscotti per cani sono ideali per apportare al vostro cane un po di vitamine e fibre ideali per rinvigorirlo.


Easter Sunday 61%

Hand Cut Fries Wild Atlantic Salmon Asparagus - Israeli Couscous - Poached Egg - Thyme Hollandaise Sauce Black Angus Skirt Steak Baby Arugula - Red Onions - Capers - Tomatoes - Sherry Shallot Truffle Vinaigrette - Roasted Fingerling Potatoes Sweet Ending {Choice of} Italian Cheese Cake - Chocolate Mousse - Biscotti Coffee or Hot Tea Includes One Bloody Mary or Mimosa


myynti 61%

Biscotti 15€ ANIMATION BOOKS * * * * * Saki Achiga-hen 5€ Madoka Magica 5€ K-ON 5€ Saki Visual collection 5€ THE IDOLM@STER visual collection 2 kpl 5€/kpl STRAPIT, KEYCHAINIT * Takara Tomy Touken Ranbu strapit 3€/kpl * Haikyuu dessert keychainit Oikawa, Kenma, Iwaizumi 4€/kpl DOUJINSHIT * Haikyuu, DiaAce, Gintama, Oofuri, Tourabu eri artisteilta, kysy lisää, 2-3€/kpl PELIT * Madoka Magica PSP peli 10€ * Saki PSP peli 5€ VAATTEET LIZ LISA mekko XS-M 25€ mekko XS-M 10€ mekko XS-M 10€ mekko/yläosa XS-M 7€


Everything Nice Bakery Menu 60%

Cobblers Fresh Fruit, Curd, Preserves, Toasted Nuts 9” Pie (serves 8-10) - $25 * Choice of cookie or rolled crust Individual Pies (serves 6) - $25 * Minimum order of 6 Mixed Berry Cobbler (serves 12) - $25 Treats by the Dozen Cupcakes - $30+ * Must order one dozen per flavor Mini Cupcakes - $15+ * Must order one dozen per flavor Whoopie Pies - $25+ Mini Donuts - $15+ * Choice of chocolate, vanilla, or banana Brownies - $15+ Cookies by the Dozen Cookies - $12+ Marbled Cookies - $25+ Biscotti - $12+ Sparkly Chocolate-Covered Oreos - $18+ * Choice of white, dark chocolate, or mint Rise &


Traduzione cupcakes bomboniera 58%

12 mb, 1 cat e girare Arrotolare, chiudere e fermare il filo Per assemblare cucire prima lo sciroppo sulla parte superiore del cupcake, poi la panna e infine i lamponi e uno dei biscotti a scelta.


Western Set Lunch 380 58%

WESTERN “DO-YOUR-OWN” PLATED LUNCH  Please select your choice of Amuse Bouche 请选择以下的小吃 Lobster Spring Rolls, Soured Asian Sauerkraut 龙虾卷,亚洲腌时蔬 Or 或 Peppered Beef Fillet, Enorki Mushroom and Tukuwan 胡椒牛柳,金针菇和日式黄萝卜 Or 或 Seared Tuna Tataki and Seaweed 生烤金枪鱼 ~~~~~~ Please select your choice of Appetizer 请选择您的开胃菜 High Life Seared Scallops on Truffled Parsnip Puree, Pea Shoots and Raspberry Vinegar Emulsion 香煎带子和黑菌防风草泥 豆苗沙拉和莓子醋汁 or 或 3-Lines of Red Sweet Water Prawn “Trio” and Tomato Confit in Olive Oil, Spanish Sherry with Almond Vinaigrette 三味甜虾和橄榄油浸番茄 西班牙雪利酒汁配杏仁油醋汁 or 或 Baby Poulet Fennel and Coriander enclosed Baby Chicken Roulade, Grilled Eggplant Salad, Lemon Oil and Tahini Sauce 茴香和芫荽鸡肉卷 扒茄子沙拉,柠檬油和芝麻酱汁 or 或 From The Farm Lacquered Balsamic Duck Breast and Red Wine Pear Goose Liver Terrine and Brioche Crisp Frisee Salad, Reduced Beet Juice 香醋鸭胸和红酒梨 鹅肝冻批和法式黄油糕 花叶生菜沙拉和根菜汁 ~~~~~~ Please select your choice of Soup 请选择您的汤 Our Chefs will be delighted to assist with any dietary requirement “Red” Roasted Tomato Soup with a Reggiano Cheese Crouton, Chive Crème Fraîche 烤番茄浓汤配奶酪面包丁和奶油香葱 or 或 “Green” English Pea Soup, Sautéed Button Mushroom, Green Garlic Cream 青豆汤配炒蘑菇和奶油蒜沫 or 或 “White” Warmed Leek and Potato Gazpacho, Somen Noodles and Almond Cream 西班牙大葱土豆汤,寿面和杏味奶油 or 或 “Yellow” Sweet Corn Soup, Crab Rillette Ravioli, Saffron Bubbles 甜玉米汤,蟹肉意式馄饨,藏红花沫 ~~~~~~ Please select your choice of Main Course 请选择您的主菜 Roast Petit Filet of Tenderloin Pea Mash and Forest Mushroom, Roast Potatoes and Pinot Noir Reduction 烤牛柳 青豆泥,蘑菇,烤土豆和葡萄酒汁 or 或 Roasted Range Roasted Free Range Chicken Marinated with Herbs and Lemon Buckwheat Polenta and Portobello with Pistachio and Braised Endive 香草柠檬烤鸡 荞麦玉米饼和蘑菇配开心果和烩玉兰菜 or 或 Fresh Catch Pan Seared Sea Bass Crusted with Almonds Artichoke Purée and Chive Tossed Tiny Mushrooms, Portwine Infused Jus 杏仁煎鲈鱼 洋蓟芯泥和香葱蘑菇,红酒汁 or 或 Farmed Roasted Australian Lamb Loin Zucchini Sautéed in Mint, 4-Cheese Gnocchi Gratin and Ratatouille-Pepper Sauce 烤澳洲羊柳 炒西葫芦,四种奶酪炒土豆球和胡椒汁 ~~~~~~ Please select your choice of Dessert 请选择您的甜点 Choco-Bananas Our Chefs will be delighted to assist with any dietary requirement Manjari Chocolate Torte, Praline Rum Mousse, Caramelized Bananas and Maple Sauce 巧克力挞,朗姆酒慕司 焦糖香蕉和糖稀 or 或 3-Berries Raspberry Cheese Cake and Strawberry - Vanilla Tart, Blueberry Compote and Large Croutons 树莓奶酪蛋糕和草莓香草挞 蓝莓腌果和脆饼 or 或 Cherry and Thyme Cherry Clafouti Tart, Lemon Thyme Crème Fraîche, Black Tea Drizzle and Lime Zest 樱桃水果挞,奶油柠檬百里香 黑茶青柠汁 or 或 Fruits of the Field Inverted Peach Polenta Cake, Almond Brittle on the side Blueberry Coulis 鲜桃玉米糕 杏仁脆饼和蓝莓浆果 ~~~~~~ Hilton Fine Selection of Homemade Pralines 希尔顿精选夹心巧克力 Freshly Brewed Coffee and Hilton Selection of Teas Cookies~Biscotti 鲜磨咖啡和茶 意式饼干 380.00 RMB plus 15% taxes Our Chefs will be delighted to assist with any dietary requirement


Funghetto 42%

E Funghetto scavalcò la signora siepe scompigliandole le belle chiome verdi trattenute da tanti cerchietti ricoperti di brillantini ed entrò… E si trovò in una gran cucina arredata con ogni utensile da massaia super-moderna, un forte odore di biscotti… chissà perché?… ah ecco!!!!


ALG46705 SOI Newsletter February web 30%

“Allora basta cosi” – but just let me mention the Vin Santo made by nonno best sipped with “ossi di morti” or “cantucci biscotti” – they’re memorymakers.


mercatini 15%

Le luminarie regalano un clima intimo e festoso, i profumi di cannella e biscotti appena sfornati inebriano, mentre i cori intonano canzoni tipiche del Natale.