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Selawat badariyyah 100%

ِ ‫عـلَى طـه رسـوِل‬ ‫للا‬ َ َُْ َ ِ ‫للا سـالَ م‬ ِ ُ‫صـالَ ة‬ ‫للا‬ ُ َ َ Peace and blessings on Allah, upon Toha, the Messenger of Allah ِ ‫ـب‬ ِ ‫َعـلَى يـس َحبِْي‬ ‫للا‬ ِ ‫للا سـالَ م‬ ِ ُ‫صـالَ ة‬ ‫للا‬ ُ َ َ Peace and blessings on Allah, upon Yaseen, the Beloved of Allah ِ ‫وِِبلْـه ِادى رسـوِل‬ ‫للا‬ َُْ َ َ ِ ‫تَـوسـ ْلنا بِـبِـسـ ِم‬ ‫الل‬ ّ ْ َ َ We seek a way with Bismillah, and with the guide, the Messenger of Allah ِ ِ ‫و ُكـ ِـل ُُمـا ِه ِـد‬ ‫لل‬ َ ّ َ ّ ِ ُ‫ِبَ ْه ِـل الْبَـ ْد ِر يـَا اَلل‬ And all who strive in the way of Allah, with (the blessings of) the people of Badr, O Allah!


Offerings 98%

    So  then  –  the  greater  the  revelation,  the  greater  the  intimacy,  the  greater   expression  of  love  we  want  to  show   BUT  –  in  the  same  hand…God  accepts  every  offering  just  the  same  and  multiplies   them  just  the  same,  the  thing  that  differs  is  the  supernatural  blessing…the  more   you  sow  IN  LOVE,  the  more  blessing  you  reap    so  then  the  richer  your   offering…the  greater  the  revelation  you  will  have  of  God’s  love  through  the   blessings  he  will  pour  into  your  life…I  believe  when  you  get  a  greater  revelation   for  God’s  love  through  blessings  in  your  life,  then  you  will  get  a  greater   revelation  of  the  GRACE  your  given  to  receive  that  love,  grace  that’s  only  poured   onto  us  through  the  Finished  work  of  Jesus  Christ.


dibai 96%

Supported by PERGAS NTU Muslim Society (NTUMS) Seekers’ Garden Adapted from The Prophetic Sirah A Biography of the Prophet May Allah’s blessings be upon him and grant him peace al-Hafiz Shaykh Abdur Rahman bin ‘Ali ad-Diba’i May Allah have mercy be upon him Translated by Sidi Abdulkader ‘Ali Esa al-Haddad Supported by PERGAS NTU Muslim Society (NTUMS) Seekers’ Garden Composer of this Biography of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Al-Hafidz Imam ‘Abdur Rahman Ad-Diba’I (866 – 944 H) One of the most distinguished and eminent Prophetic Seerah text in the Muslim World, is the text composed by a great scholar and expert in the science of Hadith, which is none other than, Imam Wajihuddin ‘Abdur Rahman bin Muhammad bin ‘Umar bin ‘Ali bin Yusuf bin Ahmad bin ‘Umar ad-Diba`ie ash- Shaibani al-Yamani az-Zabidi ash-Shafi`i.


Before Day, Before Bed Prayer Points 95%

I send it back and declare we receive blessings instead of the curse.


Prayers for Finances 95%

Father, in the name of Jesus, by faith (Heb 11:1, and Ja 1 -- no doubt), we receive all the blessings mentioned in these scriptures right now.


GraveDisturbanceII 93%

The Shire of Valiant Fields Presents...


Elder of Ziyon Haggadah 5769 92%

Birkas HaMazon, the blessings which remind us that Hashem provides for our sustenance, is recited over the third cup, paralleling "I will redeem you"


Alignment Refinement Jewish Meditations In English 91%

The General Remedy 97 - Blessings For Food 98 - Prayer for the Welfare of the State of Israel 4 Bedtime Shema 1 (Siddur Sim Shalom:


January-Newsletter 89%

Basil is available to do House/Business Blessings after Epiphany.


CHOSA Year End Card 2017 88%

With CHOSA’s support and activities and training, they have taught me how to be a caring business women, and close a huge gap in knowledge.” - Nomsa, Principal of Blessings Educare Center At Blessings Educare Center, CHOSA supports Principal Nomsa and her staff as they educate 110 preschoolers.


US & B Monarchy - Proof 88%

In Genesis 48:14-19, Jacob crosses his arms making it quite clear that these are two (2) different and distinct blessings, and it is not that both the boys as getting one (1) blessing combined.


011115 88%

In Loving Memory January 2015 Sat.


January-Calendar 87%

Greek Orthodox Church of St.


speeches-anthony-suffrage-15304-article only 86%

1 "We, the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."


Autumn Blessing3 85%

Autumn Blessings …a collection of recipes celebrating the blessings of autumn… by A Noble Calling 1 Chapters:


Autumn Blessing1 85%

Autumn Blessings …a collection of recipes celebrating the blessings of autumn… by A Noble Calling 1 Chapters:


w E 18980000 85%

to the extent that we shall neglect the Divine Counselor’s instructions we shall surely fail of the blessings.


w E 18930115 85%

Thus, first of all, the great Teacher bids us rejoice in counting over our blessings, showing us that even here in this wilderness state our table is indeed bountifully spread and our cup runneth over with blessings.