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Braking System 98%

Report For Front Brakes Simon Hussey - 2913664 5/3/2013 Enclosed is a CD with visual photo, part files and CAM data files and simulations.


NEXUS SG-8C20-Werkstatthandbuch 96%

Optionally a waterproof dust cap can be installed ex factory on the non-drive side before shipment, in case you wish to use the hub in combination with a seperate brake system such as V-Brakes.



Use Customer Service at 416-393-3030 4 BUS AIR BRAKE CHECKS  You must check the air brakes on your bus before you operate out of the yard.


auto mechanics - final study guide 93%

Disk Brake (old) Brakes: Disk and Drum 20.



Thumb Throttle +Spare grips/twist throttle  Electronic speed controller  Brakes with motor cut off switch  1:1 pas Step 2:


CARFAX 2004 BMW X5 3.0I 5UXFA13514LU35231 91%

Manhasset, NY Title issued or updated Loan or lien reported 06/24/2008 Rallye BMW Westbury, NY 516-393-0000 Vehicle serviced 08/22/2008 Rallye BMW Westbury, NY 516-393-0000 Maintenance inspection completed Drive belt(s) replaced Headliner removed and reinstalled Power steering hose(s)/line(s) replaced Suspension serviced Tire repaired Wiper(s) replaced 11/18/2008 51,329 PLANDOME SERVICE INC Manhasset, NY Body lubricated Brake caliper(s) replaced Brake line(s) replaced/repaired Brakes checked Brakes serviced Drivability/performance checked Front brake pads replaced Front brakes replaced Rear brakes replaced Rear brakes serviced/adjusted 12/30/2008 52,373 PLANDOME SERVICE INC Manhasset, NY Vehicle serviced 01/22/2009 53,000 PLANDOME SERVICE INC Manhasset, NY Headlight bulb(s) replaced Light bulb(s) replaced 02/13/2009 54,363 PLANDOME SERVICE INC Manhasset, NY Emissions or safety inspection performed New York Inspection Station Passed safety inspection Passed emissions inspection 02/13/2009 View what was inspected 07/15/2009 59,635 Rallye BMW Westbury, NY 516-393-0000 Maintenance inspection completed 09/30/2009 63,648 Rallye BMW Westbury, NY 516-393-0000 Vehicle serviced New York Title issued or updated 01/11/2010 4 of 7 3/14/17, 10:16 AM CARFAX Vehicle History Report for this 2004 BMW X5 3.0I:


Craigslist Posting 91%

Besides the cosmetic, rust, and door damage visible on this vehicle, the rear brakes do not work and the battery needs a jump and likely a replacement.


PT Promecam tools 1801 ENG 91%

v.ENG1801 PROMECAM GENERAL PUNCHES PRESS BRAKE TOOLS Promecam / EURO Style Punches Dies Radius tools Hemming tools Adapters and holders ITALIAN MADE COMPANY Company PRECITOOLS is the professional supplier of press brakes tools for various press brake models and manufacturers.


brakes 90%



DurastarCatalog 89%

25 2 # 34 Thumb Screw Brake Face Contact Brake Posi-Lock Brake Vertical Lock Brake Top Lock Rigid Brake Top Lock Swivel Brake Cam Lock Rigid Brake Cam Lock Swivel Brake Side Lock Brake Directional Lock Total Lock Brake Rigid Yoke Type Caster Yoke | Brakes 35 FS RS 28 30 VS HS 25 26 TR TS 24 MR 21 MS SL DL TL 22 10 08 06 05 CS CR 01 04 Zinc (Standard) # # Series Type Finish R # Z Y X W V U T S R Q P O N M L K J H G F E D C B A # Blue | Gray Gray | Beige Gray Black | White Red | Silver Blue | Black Brown Silver Red Purple | Beige Purple | Gray Orange Red | Gray Green Yellow Blue Red | Black Maroon | Gray Gray | Black Green | Black Maroon | Black White Red | Gray Green | Gray Black Black | Gray Desc.


Advanced Lazer Guide v100 89%

Rhombohedron67 Table of Contents (Use ctrl+F to skip to a specific section) [0.0] About This Guide [1.0] The Lazer and its Capabilities [1.1] The Weapons [1.2] Taking Damage [1.3] The Rudder Turn [1.4] Slowing Down with the Brakes and Landing Gear [1.5] Hovering [2.0] Strafing Ground Targets [2.1] The Basic Approach [2.2] Strafing Cars [2.3] Strafing Infantry/Players on Foot [2.4] Strafing Rhino Tanks [3.0] Aerial Combat [3.1] Dodging Missiles [3.2] Fighting Buzzard Helicopters [3.3] Fighting Other Lazers [3.4] Basic Fighter Maneuvers [4.0] Sources and Contributions [0.0] About This Guide This guide is designed to provide advanced tips and tricks on piloting the P996 Lazer fighter jet.


Ładowarka kołowa LiuGong CLG890H 89%

Air-to-air intercooled Bucket Rollback at Ground Level 45° Bucket Rollback at Carry 49° Bucket Rollback at Maximum Height 62° TRANSMISSION Transmission Type Countershaft, power shift BUCKET PERFORMANCE Torque Converter Single stage, three elements Reference Bucket Maximum Travel Speed, fwd 38.2 km/h Maximum Travel Speed, rev 26.5 km/h DIMENSIONS Number of Speeds, fwd 4 Length with Bucket Down 9,352 mm Number of Speeds, rev 3 Width Over Tires 3,170 mm Wheelbase 3,700 mm Wheel Tread 2,420 mm AXLES 5.4 m3 Differential Front Type Differential Hydraulic Limited Ground Clearance 476 mm Differential Rear Type Conventional Turn Angle, Either Side 38° Axle Oscillation ±13° Rear Angle of Departure 25° Turning Radius, Outside of Tire 7,011 mm Turning Radius, Center of Tire 6,583 mm Turning Radius, Bucket Carry 7,725 mm STEERING Steering Configuration Articulated Steering Relief Pressure 20.7 MPa TIRES BRAKES Tire Size Service Brake Type Wet discs brake Service Brake Actuation Hydraulic Parking Brake Type Manual electronic control OPERATING WEIGHTS Parking Brake Actuation Hydraulic Operating Weight HYDRAULIC SYSTEM 29.5 - 25 30,400 kg Service Capacity Main Pump Type Piston Fuel Tank 483 L Main Relief Pressure 26 MPa Engine Oil 33 L Raise 6s Cooling System 41 L Dump Time 1.6 s Hydraulic Reservoir 402 L Float Down Time 3.4 s Transmission and Torque Converter 70 L Fastest Total Cycle Time 11 s Axles, each 65 L Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd.


cla sb 88%

Clase CLA Shooting Brake Designed for urban hunting.


C172SP Checklist 88%

Cessna​ ​172​ ​SkyHawk​ ​SP​ ​Procedures Before​ ​starting​ ​engine Before​ ​takeoff TEST​ ​AND​ ​SET Parking​ ​Brake SET Electrical​ ​Equipment OFF Flight​ ​Controls FREE​ ​AND​ ​CORRECT Autopilot OFF Flight​ ​Instruments Avionics​ ​Master​ ​Switch OFF Fuel​ ​Quantity Brakes Fuel​ ​Selector​ ​Valve Throttle Open​ ​¼​ ​INCH Mixture Rich Propeller​ ​Area Clear CHECK​ ​BOTH Elevator​ ​Trim SET​ ​for​ ​takeoff Engine​ ​Instruments Auxiliary​ ​Fuel​ ​Pump​ ​Switch ON Strobe​ ​Lights START​ ​then​ ​RELEASE After​ ​engine​ ​start Oil​ ​Pressure AS​ ​DESIRED SET Autopilot OFF SET​ ​for​ ​takeoff Off Brakes ON​ ​as​ ​required Nav​ ​Lights ON​ ​as​ ​required Airspeed Avionics​ ​Master​ ​Switch RELEASE En​ ​route​ ​climb 70-85​ ​KIAS FULL​ ​OPEN ON Throttle Flaps Retract RICH​ ​(lean​ ​>​ ​3000​ ​ft) Mixture Takeoff Climb​ ​Speed 1000​ ​RPM​ ​or​ ​less Radios​ ​and​ ​Avionics Flashing​ ​Beacon Elevator​ ​Control CHECK Check Wing​ ​Flaps Auxiliary​ ​Fuel​ ​Pump Mixture 1800​ ​RPM Throttle ON Throttle Ignotion​ ​Switch RICH Fuel​ ​Selector​ ​Valve Master​ ​Switch Throttle CHECK BOTH Mixture Engine​ ​start Wing​ ​Flaps CHECK​ ​AND​ ​SET Cruise 0-10​ ​degrees Power FULL​ ​OPEN Elevator​ ​Trim RICH​ ​(lean​ ​>​ ​3000​ ​ft) Mixture Lift​ ​nose​ ​wheel​ ​(55​ ​KIAS) 70-80​ ​KIAS 2100-2700​ ​RPM ADJUST LEAN​ ​(if​ ​>​ ​3000​ ​ft) Descent Landing AS​ ​DESIRED Airspeed Power 65-75​ ​KIAS FULL​ ​RICH​ ​for​ ​idle​ ​power Wing​ ​Flaps Mixture Fuel​ ​Selector​ ​Valve AS​ ​DESIRED 60-70​ ​KIAS BOTH Airspeed Before​ ​landing Fuel​ ​Selector​ ​Valve Mixture MAIN​ ​WHEELS​ ​FIRST Touchdown BOTH Landing​ ​Roll Lower​ ​nose​ ​wheel​ ​gently MINIMUM​ ​REQUIRED RICH Braking Landing​ ​Lights ON Taxi​ ​Lights ON Wing​ ​Flaps Autopilot After​ ​landing OFF Securing​ ​airplane UP REFERENCES Maneuvering​ ​Speed 105​ ​KIAS​ ​MAXIMUM Parking​ ​Brake SET Max​ ​Cruising​ ​Speed 129​ ​KIAS Avionics​ ​Master​ ​Switch OFF Never​ ​Exceed​ ​Speed Electrical​ ​Equipment OFF Stalling​ ​Speed 48​ ​KIAS Autopilot OFF Best​ ​Glide​ ​Speed 68​ ​KIAS Mixture IDLE​ ​CUT​ ​OFF Ignition​ ​Switch OFF Flaps​ ​Degrees Master​ ​Switch OFF 10 Fuel​ ​Selector​ ​Valve 163​ ​KIAS LEFT​ ​or​ ​RIGHT 15-30 KIAS 110 85