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WinDbgCheatSheet 100%

.help .hh command ! Help on debugee commands Help on debugger commands Open WinDbg’s help Get help on the extension d[aubwdqfD] [/c #] address Sessions .tlist .attach pid .detach restart List running processes Attach to a process Detach from a process Stop and restart execution Execution Control t (F11) p (F10) p count gu (Shift + F11) g (F5) pa address wt wt –l depth wt -oR (Ctrl + break) Step into (trace) Step over Step over count instructions Step return Continue (go) Run to address Watch and Trace Watch and Trace up to depth levels Watch and Trace and show return values Break Breakpoints bl bp address bp address script List breakpoints Set a breakpoint Set a breakpoint and run script upon hitting Examples:


NoSuchCon2013-re-chall-writeup-v1.0 77%



SRK MSL SW Testing Advanced practical guide IK 201611 63%

S/W Testing Advanced level Practical guide Ivan Keliukh, Oleksandr Andrieiev Goals 1 Make sure all applicants can use standard algorithms 2 Avoid typical mistakes 3 Speed up passing the test 4 Increase percentage of certifications S/W certification testing It is not a conventional contest • Internet access is blocked • Individual contest • Usage of language features is restricted • Poor environment • Only Visual Studio for C and C++ is available • Other courses target programming contests, not S/W testing Preparation Use ejudge • Contains tasks from previous testing sessions • Is accessible outside of SRK network • Use timer to limit available time Work in Visual Studio • It is the only IDE available in SCS test system • It is better to get used to shortcuts, window layout and code style Visual Studio – hot keys Editor • Ctrl+K,C – comment, Ctrl+K,U – uncomment • Ctrl+Space – autocomplete Project/Debug • F7 – build • F5 – run application • F9 – toggle breakpoint • F10 – step over, F11 – step into • Ctrl+F10 – u ①to… Use “et ext state e t feature (Ctrl+Shift+F10 or drag the yellow arrow)


whitepaper 52%

When the breakpoint occurs, miners start to receive only half of the value of their previous reward.


Geosyntec - Water-Wastewater 51%

reverse osmosis; and breakpoint chlorine.


m140008 49%

From the available genome sequence data, a total of 422 orthologous genes were identified by reciprocal BLAST best best-hitt method, recombination breakpoint frequency analysis and tree comparison method.


lab5 35%

CAUSE AND STATUS B Interrupt Exception D Mask Code 31 15 8 Pending Interrupt 15 8 6 2 U M E I L E 4 1 0 BD = Branch Delay, UM = User Mode, EL = Exception Level, IE =Interrupt Enable EXCEPTION CODES Number Name Cause of Exception Number Name Cause of Exception 0 Int Interrupt (hardware) 9 Bp Breakpoint Exception Address Error Exception Reserved Instruction 4 AdEL 10 RI (load or instruction fetch) Exception Address Error Exception Coprocessor 5 AdES 11 CpU (store) Unimplemented Bus Error on Arithmetic Overflow 6 IBE 12 Ov Instruction Fetch Exception Bus Error on 7 DBE 13 Tr Trap Load or Store 8 Sys Syscall Exception 15 FPE Floating Point Exception SIZE PREFIXES (10x for Disk, Communication;


e-views(genel) 23%

Başka bir VAR sistemiyle Chow Test - Yapısal Değişim Chow Breakpoint Test: