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MattHardyStory 100%

The Coming of the Great War    Humblest greetings, oh Broken One. Brother Nero Frazz and Brother Nero Godes  have taken it upon ourselves to manifest our broken brilliance into this most obsolete  remembrance of the tale in which you, the great and broken Matt Hardy, prepared yourself  for war with the wretched Decay. After our bath in the waters of the Lake of Reincarnation,  the seven deities have inspired us to recount the greatest history that this world has ever  seen. It is truly an honor to be the vessels through which this most glorious tale may be  told. Please give it a read, and share your thoughts of broken brilliance with us. Onward to  deletion! All hail King Maxel!    T​he sacred shovel plunged deep into the fertile dirt, and Señor Benjamin tossed it  aside with a strength and youth beyond his age. It was a most glorious day at the Hardy  Compound, and the night was sure to bring magnificent deletion. Señor Benjamin smirked,  growing giddy at the thought of burying Decay in the graves which he was currently  digging.        "Señor Benjamin, my dutiful servant!" Matt Hardy's alluring accent rang out as he  approached. Though the sunshine cast a vivid and and wonderful light upon the compound,  Matt's broken brilliance seemed to illuminate the world even more. Señor Benjamin thrust  his shovel into the dirt and wiped the sweat from his brow. "How are the graves coming,  my dear friend?" Señor Benjamin was about to answer, but he was cut off my Matt. "These  plots of supple dirt must be ample for Decay's deletion!" As he spoke the holy word, he  whipped his hand out sideways. "Delete!" He repeated. Matt gazed upon the work which  Señor Benjamin had nearly completed, his mouth open and emitting a nearly erotic  moaning noise. He slowly spread his arms out, as if to embrace his old friend. "King Maxel  will be quite pleased with your broken brilliance, my most succulent amigo!"        "Gracias, Señor Hardy." Señor Benjamin was pleased with his work as well, and was  especially proud that King Maxel would approve of his efforts. Señor Benjamin was nothing  if not unfailingly loyal to both Mr. Hardy and the most benevolent King Maxel.        "Methinks it is high time to locate that obsolete mule Brother Nero!" Matt decided,  drawing out the word mule with his mysterious drawl. "Vanguard 1, my most loyal  compatriot, locate Brother Nero, posthaste!" The drone swooped down low.        "Yes Master. Calculating the approximate location of Brother Nero." Vanguard 1  communicated in a series of beeps. Matt gazed upon its lustrous white shell and it's  all­knowing red eye. Vanguard 1 had always been a good friend to Matt, and he felt safe  entrusting the defense of the compound to his robot. It would keep vigilant watch, and give  its life for Matt should it be necessary. Vanguard 1 sped away in search of Matt's obsolete  mule of a brother.        "Carry on with your work, Señor Benjamin!" Matt commanded. "For the deletion of  Decay is nigh!" As Matt walked away, his shouts of "Delete!" echoed across the compound.  As he thrust his arm out in the violent yet reassuring motion that signaled deletion, his  gracious mane of hair blew back in the wind, the sun shining majestically off of his white  streak. He had received this gift from the table which broke beneath him. Brother Nero's  swanton bomb caused the greatest awakening of broken brilliance that this world had ever  witnessed. From the pieces of the table rose the most glorious and inspiring master to ever  walk this obsolete earth. Señor Benjamin gazed at the ornate gravestones which littered  the yard. Realizing that there was still work to be done, he tirelessly continued his task.        Matt strode off in search of Brother Nero. His thoughts turned to his family, which he  would defend this very night.        "Ah, Sweet Rebecca," He thought. "You are both the love of my life and the fire of my  loins. And King Maxel, I will not fail in defending you, for one day you shall assume your  rightful place upon the throne of this land!" Matt gazed serenely about his glorious abode.  "Home is where the heart is!" He decided. While he reveled in the sight of his compound,  Vanguard 1 returned.        "Brother Nero located. Across the pond." Vanguard 1 waited patiently for his next  command.        "Thank you Vanguard 1! I shall take the dilapidated boat Skåarsgaard across the pond.  Go, Vanguard 1, and review the defenses! Make sure Rebecca and King Maxel are safe"  Vanguard 1 soared away with a few short beeps that meant "Yes, Master."        Upon reaching the dilapidated boat, Matt once more gave out a moan of delight. He  spread his arms out, greeting the boat.        "Salutations, dearest Skåarsgaard! May I request a ride across Lake Hardy, the Lake of  Reincarnation?" Matt waited for the boat to respond. Satisfied with the silence, he flipped  over the boat and pushed it into the cool water, hopping in with an elegant grace that was  no doubt attributed to his broken brilliance. Grabbing the paddle, he deftly rowed the boat  until the distant shoreline loomed upon him. He spied Brother Nero across the lake,  meticulously shaping his ornate designs into the verdant grass. Upon the sight of his  brother, Matt was reminded of the material remains of his obsolete mule that had been cast  into the waters. As Brother Nero carved away at the grass, he sang to himself.        "I fade away and classify myself as obsolete!" Matt resisted the sudden urge to decimate  his brother's obsolete work as he had done previously. "How marvelous it would be to  engulf Brother Nero's obsolete lawn in the flames of broken brilliance!" He thought.  "Perhaps another day, for at the moment we must prepare the defenses!" Landing the boat  on the shore, Matt hopped out and strode over to his obsolete mule of a brother.        "Come, Brother Nero, there is deleting to be done!" Matt's glorious voice seemed to  possess his brother with a reverent light. He powered off his weed wacker and ran his  hands through his hair, widening his completely­white eyes.        "Delete!" Brother Nero cried. "Decay! Delete! Decay!"        "Yes, Brother Nero," Matt approved, his jaw gaping open and releasing his lilting moan  of approval. "Let the broken brilliance consume you!" He reveled in his brother's fervor a  moment longer. "Come, you obsolete mule!" Matt demanded, interrupting Brother Nero's  spasm of broken brilliance. "We must protect the Hardy Compound at all costs, and give  our lives for King Maxel if we must!" Matt led Brother Nero to Skåarsgaard, all the while the  obsolete mule muttered "delete!" under his breath.        They rode the dilapidated boat in great style, and landed upon the shore of Matt's estate  posthaste. Stepping out of the boat, Matt made sure to thank Skåarsgaard.        "Thank you for your services, dear Skåarsgaard! I shall be sure to reward you with green  beans! But do not worry, I will not bring mustard! For we all strongly despise mustard!"  Matt's elated face grew into a foul grimace at the thought of mustard, while Brother Nero's  obsolete countenance remained satisfied at the mere thought of the delicacy that were  green beans. Turning quickly, Matt strode off to his mansion to meet Rebecca, and Brother  Nero followed in his wake.        Señor Benjamin had joined Rebecca and King Maxel upon the doorstep of the estate,  along with scribe, the waitress, and Vanguard 1. They all anxiously waited for the return of  their most beloved Matt Hardy. Upon reaching his family, Matt spread his arms around  Rebecca and emitted his sound of elation. The two lovers stared passionately at one  another, and they embraced in a brilliant kiss. The lovers' embrace was anything but  obsolete. Matt then turned his gaze upon King Maxel, who sat in his mother's arms. Matt  planted a kiss upon his son's forehead.        "I swear, King Maxel, this world shall be yours after once this war is ended." Matt  declared. King Maxel stared back with a countenance so sophisticated and brilliant that  mere mortals could not comprehend what thoughts ran through his glorious mind.        "Loved ones, friends, and obsolete mules," Matt began. "Decay has brought a war to our  doorstep! However, we shall persevere! We will not decay, for our broken brilliance shall  guide us through these troubled times! We will defend this compound with our lives, and  most importantly, we will protect King Maxel, our most magnificent overlord!" Scribe's  wrist moved furiously as it scrambled to record every last word of Matt's broken brilliance.  "Rosemary, Crazzy Steve, and Abyss, will decay this night! They shall soon be obsolete! May  the seven deities watch over us! Onward, brothers and sisters, to final deletion!" At Matt's  mention of the seven deities, it almost seemed as if the ground trembled beneath his very  feet. All who stood before Matt cheered their agreement, both rallied and inspired by his  broken brilliance.        "Señorita!" Matt suddenly addressed his self­proclaimed Armenian waitress. "Por favor,  prepare the green beans, posthaste! And remember, do not bring the despised mustard!"  The waitress was about to lie and say that she was not Latina but in fact Armenian, but  Matt interrupted her. "Our most succulent and supple stomachs must be well fed, for we  have a war to ahead!" The waitress rolled her eyes and quickly ventured to the kitchen to  fulfill her master's request. Matt's comrades took up their battle cry in their ardent passion.        "Delete! Delete! Delete!" They thrust their arms out in unison, and scribe scratched his  pen furiously across the page in his salute. Matt spread his arms and looked up to the  heavens, moaning his orgasmic laugh slowly and maniacally. He began to spin around,  looking at the domain that had been touched by the influence of his broken brilliance.        "Decay," he decreed. "Will be utterly and completely DELETED!"


GBOfficial CastingForm 95%

Horse riding (menunggang kuda), bicycle etc) Other Skills (dancing, singing, martial arts etc) Bakat-bakat lain (menari, menyanyi, seni mempertahankan diri dll) 3 of your favourite film directors 3 pengarah filem yang diminati 3 of your favourite foreign films 3 filem luar negara yang diminati 3 of your favourite local films 3 filem tempatan yang diminati 3 of your favourite Grand Brilliance films 3 filem Grand Brilliance yang diminati Your perception about Grand Brilliance Pendapat anda mengenai Grand Brilliance How did you get to know about this casting session?



SYARAT-SYARAT UJIBAKAT GRAND BRILLIANCE       Penyertaan terbuka kepada peserta lelaki dan wanita Berstatus bujang atau sudah berkahwin Berumur 1 – 55 tahun Fasih berbahasa Malaysia atau bahasa kedua Tidak mempunyai rekod jenayah atau penyalahgunaan dadah Semua hak-hak rakaman semasa sesi ujibakat dan sebarang penyiaran adalah hakmilik GB PROSEDUR UJIBAKAT         Sila bawa bersama profil diri yang lengkap (biodata, pengalaman berlakon, kebolehan atau skil yang lain – jika ada) Sertakan satu (1) salinan Kad Pengenalan diri atau Pasport Sertakan dua (2) keping gambar berukuran Pasport dan dua (2) gambar profil 4R yang tidak akan dikembalikan Sila muat turun borang ujibakat di laman sosial Facebook Grand Brilliance ( dan bawa bersama borang tersebut ketika sesi ujibakat Sila laporkan diri di rumah pengawal bagi pengambilan Pas Pelawat Sila mendaftar di kaunter pendaftaran “Sesi Ujibakat Grand Brilliance 2014” Kaunter pendaftaran dibuka dari jam 9:30 am – 4:00 pm, mengikut pertimbangan pihak GB Dua sesi akan diadakan iaitu sesi saringan dan sesi akhir – mereka yang melepasi sesi saringan akan layak ke sesi akhir PERATURAN SEMASA UJIBAKAT          Peserta dikehendaki berpakaian sopan, kemas dan bersesuaian Hanya peserta sahaja yang dibenarkan masuk ke Sri Pentas dan bagi peserta yang berumur dibawah 12 tahun, hanya seorang penjaga sahaja dibenarkan masuk bersama Peserta hanya dibenarkan berada di kawasan yang telah ditetapkan Sila letak kenderaan anda di kawasan letak kereta One Utama sahaja Kantin dibuka untuk kemudahan makan dan minum Sri Pentas adalah kawasan larangan merokok Pihak kami tidak akan bertanggungjawab di atas kemalangan, kecederaan atau sebarang insiden yang tidak diingini sepanjang proses ujibakat ini berlangsung Pihak kami mempunyai hak untuk membatalkan dan menolak sebarang pemohonan jika didapati maklumat yang diberikan oleh peserta adalah palsu dan tidak lengkap Pihak kami mempunyai hak untuk meminda sebarang syarat yang ditetapkan atas budi bicara dan situasi


Rona-glas-2018 84%

restaurant LASER TREATED RIMS FUNCTIONAL AND ELEGANT FORM • Resistance to chipping increased by 50% against standard rim finishing • Higher resistance against impact, less breakage FUNCTIONAL AND ELEGANT FORM • Professional design meets the highest criteria of the international hospitality industry • Elegant and functional designs offer the right glass for every occasion and purpose • Glassware designed to fit most widely used dishwashing racks BRILLIANCE AND CLARITY BRILLIANCE AND CLARITY • The high quality of crystalline guarantees permanent brilliance and clarity • Neutral shade of the glass mirrors the original colour of the beverage • Timeless clear transparency is guaranteed by using the highest quality purifiers such as erbium PROGRESSIVE PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY – PULLED STEM PROGRESSIVE PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY – PULLED STEM • • • • • Upgraded resistance during dishwashing and manual drying Seamless stem makes the contact with glass pleasing Joint-less transition from cup to stem provides extreme resistance to breakage The glass is resilient, although remains flexible Extremely hard surface proven according to the Vickers’ method CRYSTAL GLASS CRISTALLIN CRISTALINO KRISTALLGLAS ВЫСОКОКАЧЕСТВЕННОЕ СТЕКЛО VETRO SONORO SUPERIORE DISHWASHER SAFE • Guaranteed permanent brilliance and clarity after 1,000 washing cycles according to EU standard EN 12875 • Long term tests provided resistance to common detergents • Suitable for washing in commonly used plastic racks • Flat footplates do not retain water after dishwashing • Thermo-shock resistance for temperature difference of 65°C DISHWASHER SAFE Wine 01 Wine 01 Wine 01 Wine 01 Bordeaux 00 Bordeaux 00 52 cl 17 ¾ oz H 230 mm 9"


Morgan-Jewelers-February-Catalog-2017-Web 81%

$2100 1/2 Carat tw 3 A B Unparalleled in brilliance, sparkle, and fire.


Lumishore - 2014 Catalog LUMISHORE LTD 77%

UNDERWATER BRILLIANCE 2014 Product Guide UNDERWATER LED LIGHTING UNDERWATER BRILLIANCE Brighter Farther Wider INNOVATION LEADER IN UNDERWATER LIGHTING Lumishore manufactures the brightest and most technologically advanced underwater lighting systems on the market, with a product lineup that offers lighting options for all boats from small runabouts to the largest mega-yacht.


Setup 9H5QB new 2013 74%

EX3200 The EX3200 uses Dynamic Frequency Correction, Phase Shifting with respect to Delay Times, and Harmonization to give the Audio a natural, lively brilliance in the Mids and Top End, and full, rich, deep Low End.


suniva270watt 73%

OPT 60 CELL MODULES High-quality and high-efficiency PV yields sensible solar ® The Brilliance of Solar Made Sensible® SUNIVA OPTIMUS® SERIES MONOCRYSTALLINE SOLAR MODULES OPTXXX-60-4-100 (60 CELL MODULE) The Optimus® modules consist of Suniva’s latest technology:


BMW 2014 1Q 71%

Quarterly  report q1 to  31  March  2014 31  March  2014 2 BMW Group in figures   2    BMW  Group in  figures Combined Management Report   4    General Information Report on Economic   5    Position 18    Events after the End of the Reporting Period 19    Report on Outlook, Risks and Opportunities 23    BMW Stock and Capital ­Markets 24 Group Financial ­Statements 24    Income Statements for Group and Segments 24    Statement of Comprehen­sive Income for Group 26    Balance Sheets for Group and Segments 28    Cash Flow Statements for Group and Segments 30    Group Statement of ­Changes in Equity 32    Notes to the Group ­Financial Statements  4 50 Other  Information 50    Financial Calendar 51    Contacts  1st quarter 2014  1st quarter 2013  Change in % Automotive segment Sales volume BMW 1  units  428,259  381,404  12.3 MINI  units  57,868  66,154   – 12.5 Rolls-Royce  units Total  897  642  39.7 487,024 448,200    8.7 Production BMW 2  units  461,096  410,926  12.2 MINI  units  57,674  70,449   – 18.1 Rolls-Royce  units  1,154  787  46.6 519,924 482,162    7.8 Total Motorcycles segment Sales volume BMW  units  28,719  24,732 3  16.1  units  38,649  35,221 4  9.7 Production BMW Financial Services segment New contracts with retail customers  348,072  340,328  2.3  111,378  106,470  4.6 Workforce to 31 March 5 BMW Group Financial figures Operating cash flow Automotive segment  € million  2,132 Revenues  1,971 7  8.2  € million  18,235  17,546  3.9  Automotive  € million  16,559  15,907  4.1  Motorcycles  € million  472  436  8.3  Financial Services  € million  4,890  4,830  1.2  Other Entities  € million  2  1  –  Eliminations  € million   – 3,688   – 3,628   – 1.7  € million  2,090  2,038 7  Automotive  € million  1,580  1,580 7  Motorcycles  € million  64  51  Financial Services  € million  465  450  3.3  Other Entities  € million  10  17   – 41.2  Eliminations  € million   – 29 Profit before tax Profit before financial result (EBIT)   – 60 7  2.6  –  25.5  51.7  € million  2,166  2,003  Automotive  € million  1,643  1,516  8.4  Motorcycles  € million  63  50  26.0  Financial Services  € million  460  449  2.4  Other Entities  € million  57  67   – 14.9  Eliminations  € million   – 57   – 79  27.8 Income taxes  € million   – 704   – 691   – 1.9 Net profit  € million  1,462  1,312  11.4  €  2.22 / 2.22  1.99  / 1.99  11.6  / 11.6 Earnings per share6 1  8.1 Including the joint venture BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd., Shenyang (2013:


SA Beauty Supplies 70%

TAFESA - Adelaide Campus - 18-Jun-2018 9:40 AM Stocktake simple listing for manual completion Records found = 137 Brand Item Size Belmacil [Tinting] - Black Belmacil [Tinting] - Bleaching Tint 0 30g belmacil [Tinting] - Blue 4 20ml belmacil [Tinting] - Blue 6T 17g Belmacil [Tinting] - Blue/Black Belmacil [Tinting] - Dark Brown Belmacil [Tinting] - Graphite 5 Belmacil [Tinting] - Honey Brown Belmacil [Tinting] - Light Brown Belmacil [Tinting] - Oxydant 3% 10 vol Belmacil [Tinting] - Paper Eye Shields belmacil [Tinting] - Red 8 20ml Blomdahl [Piercing] - Clear Crystal Earrings - 4mm 10pk Caflon [Piercing] - Ear Piercing Pens Caflon [Piercing] - Gold Studs (Mini) 12 Pack Caflon [Piercing] - Gold Studs (Regular) 12 Pack Caflon [Piercing] - Practice Ears Single Caflon [Piercing] - Silver Studs (Mini) 12 Pack Caflon [Piercing] - Silver Studs (Regular) 12 Pack Caron [Waxing] - After Wax - Skin Cleanser 250ML Caron [Waxing] - After Wax - Skin Cleanser/Moisturiser 125ml Caron [Waxing] - After Wax - Skin Cleanser/Moisturiser l litre Caron [Waxing] - After Wax - Soothing Lotion l litre Caron [Waxing] - Brilliance XXX Strip Wax 1 litre Caron [Waxing] - Brilliance XXX White Wax 500gm Caron [Waxing] - Calico Roll Unbleached 50 m Caron [Waxing] - Olive Oil Strip wax 800gm Caron [Waxing] - Pre Wax - Skin Cleanser 125ML 125ML Caron [Waxing] - Pre Wax - Skin Cleanser 1L 1L Caron [Waxing] - Venetian Spunlace - 100m 100m Caron [Waxing] - Wax Applicators Large (100) 100 per Caron [Waxing] - Wax Applicators Large (500) 500 per Caron [Waxing] - Wax Applicators Maxi (100) extra Caron [Waxing] - Wax Applicators Maxi (500) 500 per Caron [Waxing] - Wax Applicators Mini (100) 100 PC Caron [Waxing] - Wax Applicators Mini (500) 500 per Caron [Waxing] - Wax Applicators Small (100) 100 PC caron [Waxing] - Wax remover l litre Caron [Waxing] - WAX REMOVER 5L 5L Actual Qty 20ml 125ml Page 1 of 4 Brand Item Size Caron [Waxing] - Waxing strips 100m roll dair 100m Clairderm [Microdermabrasion] - Microdermabrasion Crystals 250gm Elleebana [Lash &


Student letter from Professional School Deans 65%

Generations of immigrants and their descendants have contributed enormously to the bounty and prosperity of this country – and the innovation and brilliance that have distinguished Berkeley.


Actspresso VA Worship 25 September 65%

This is Amazing Grace Who breaks the power of sin and darkness Whose love is mighty and so much stronger The King of Glory, the King above all kings Who shakes the whole earth with holy thunder And leaves us breathless in awe and wonder The King of Glory, the King above all kings This is amazing grace This is unfailing love That You would take my place That You would bear my cross You lay down Your life That I would be set free Oh, Jesus, I sing for All that You've done for me Who brings our chaos back into order Who makes the orphan a son and daughter The King of Glory, the King of Glory Who rules the nations with truth and justice Shines like the sun in all of its brilliance The King of Glory, the King above all kings Worthy is the Lamb who was slain Worthy is the King who conquered the grave Worthy is the Lamb who was slain Worthy is the King who conquered the grave All to Jesus Not a moment could escape Nor darkness could invade Where else could I run Lead me back to You Not a shadow of a doubt Go beyond my wandering thoughts Won’t you search my heart oh Lord Draw me close to You.


Setup 9H5QB ESSB 2013 62%

EX3200 The EX3200 uses Dynamic Frequency Correction, Phase Shifting with respect to Delay Times, and Harmonization to give the Audio a natural, lively brilliance in the Mids and Top End, and full, rich, deep Low End.


Setup 9H5QB ESSB 2013 62%

EX3200 The EX3200 uses Dynamic Frequency Correction, Phase Shifting with respect to Delay Times, and Harmonization to give the Audio a natural, lively brilliance in the Mids and Top End, and full, rich, deep Low End.


9H5QB ESSB 2013 62%

EX3200 The EX3200 uses Dynamic Frequency Correction, Phase Shifting with respect to Delay Times, and Harmonization to give the Audio a natural, lively brilliance in the Mids and Top End, and full, rich, deep Low End.


9H5QB ESSB 2013 62%

EX3200 The EX3200 uses Dynamic Frequency Correction, Phase Shifting with respect to Delay Times, and Harmonization to give the Audio a natural, lively brilliance in the Mids and Top End, and full, rich, deep Low End.


9H5QB ESSB 2013 62%

EX3200 The EX3200 uses Dynamic Frequency Correction, Phase Shifting with respect to Delay Times, and Harmonization to give the Audio a natural, lively brilliance in the Mids and Top End, and full, rich, deep Low End.


Setup 9H5QB ESSB 2013 62%

EX3200 The EX3200 uses Dynamic Frequency Correction, Phase Shifting with respect to Delay Times, and Harmonization to give the Audio a natural, lively brilliance in the Mids and Top End, and full, rich, deep Low End.


9H5QB ESSB 2013 60%

EX3200 The EX3200 uses Dynamic Frequency Correction, Phase Shifting with respect to Delay Times, and Harmonization to give the Audio a natural, lively brilliance in the Mids and Top End, and full, rich, deep Low End.


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A New Perspective on the Relationship between Theodore Roosevelt and Alfred Thayer Mahan 48 Robert Kane The Limits of Brilliance:


Control4 Lighting Brochure 57%

Even dwellings that are centuries old can be automated with the brilliance of Control4.


Slowind Dnevnik Review Nov 2016 55%

With its palimpsest affinity to the medieval technique of the sequence, the Fourth String Quartet was extraordinary, as was the composition Morolòja Kè Erotikà for string quartet and soprano, a kind of contemporary version of Berio’s Folk Songs, in which the exceptional string players of Quartetto Prometeo were complemented by the brilliance of soprano Valentina Coladonato, who, in addition to the violinist Francesco D’Orazio, was the second important discovery of the music festival.


SYBARITIC SAINT Excerpt Zero 54%

Whirling upon the frozen woman, I saw the slimmest reflection of my love’s brilliance in her watery stare.


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Bull 36 Cranes in Flight (in honor of those lost in the Ghost Ship Fire) Diane Matsumoto gaige-qualmann/ 45 Illumination of Pollinator Garden 46 47 48 Mariposa Gardening and Design Inner Orbit HYBYCOZO Torii Gate Brilliance Advanced Pruning Club Shooting Stars Water Jets Steve Capper