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Help NetCDF Extractor V1.0 88%

According to the selected file (Precipitation value of MIROC4h-rcp45…), after browsing the user can observe the range of latitude and longitude according to Fig.


Design Doc ArtatGVSU 87%

The application has a variety of features including tours, browsing, searching, and favorites.


NSA-Black-Paper 85%

That Google is storing your searches, your locations, your emails, your browsing history.


Encore 2017 Price Guide - AV 83%

Flat Panel Display 2 Portable Powered Speakers w/Stands Custom Monitor Stand Wired Microphone Required Cabling/Power CONFERENCE ROOM LCD DISPL AY PACKAGE PORTABLE SOUND REINFORCEMENT PACKAGE $345 6-Channel Mixer $500 DÉCOR LIGHTING PACKAGE HD LCD Projector (4000 lumen, WXGA) 4 LED Full Color Spectrum Lighting Instruments Wide Screen Projection Surface (up to 8') Required Cabling/Power $300 Custom Projector Stand Required Cabling/Power A / V C A PA B I L I T I E S P R O V I D E D B Y CONFERENCE ROOM PRESENTER SUPPORT PACKAGE $180 (For customers providing own LCD projector) Wide Screen Projection Surface (up to 8') Custom Projector Stand Required Cabling/Power Technical Assistance Availability P (407) 238-6530 WWW.ENCORE-US.COM AUDIO VISUAL PRICE GUIDE A LA CARTE PRICES AUDIO COMPONENTS VIDEO/DATA SWITCHING AND DISTRIBUTION Various Seamless Systems MICROPHONES Wired Microphone $60 Wireless UHF (Lavaliere or Handheld) $180 MIXERS 6 Channel Stereo Mixer 14 Channel Stereo Mixer 16 Channel Stereo Mixer 24-32 Channel Stereo Mixer $65 $125 $250 Call for details PL AYERS/RECORDERS CD Player Digital Audio Recorder $50 $200 SOUND REINFORCEMENT Portable Powered Speakers $110 Call for details PROJECTION SURFACE/DRAPES CONTROL/DIMMERS 12 Channel Control Board 6 Channel Dimmer Power Pack Flipchart w/Pad and Markers (sticky) Wireless Remote Presenter Speaker Timer LIGHTING INSTRUMENTS LED Full Color Spectrum Lighting Instruments $85 Source 4 Ellipsoidal or Par (19, 26, 36 degree or Par) $60 Follow Spotlight Call for details VIDEO AND DATA COMPONENTS PROJECTORS HD LCD Projector (4k lumen, WXGA) $450 HD LCD Projector (10k-12k lumen, WXGA) Call for details VIDEO PL AYER/RECORDER Blu-ray Player Other video formats available CAMERAS $50 Call for details HDV 1080i Video Camcorder (Includes camcorder tripod) $500 Broadcast Quality Camera (Includes camera, CCU, tripod, studio kit, cabling) Call for details $65 $50 $150 INTERNET AND NETWORKING Single Line – 6Mbps (Best for servers, Webinars, Streaming) $100 $75 $125 $150 $200 $340 $450 MISCELL ANEOUS SPEAKER SUPPORT WIRED INTERNET LIGHTING COMPONENTS (W I DE S C R E E N FO R M AT) Encore Executive Screen 6’ x 10’ Projection Surface w/Dress Kit 7’ x 12’ Projection Surface w/Dress Kit 8.5’ x 14’ Projection Surface w/Dress Kit 10’ x 17’ Projection Surface w/Dress Kit WIRELESS INTERNET $300 per line Basic - 1Mbps (Basic browsing, light email) Business - 3Mbps (Comfortable browsing and email downloads) Presenter - 6Mbps (Best for VPN, browsing speed &


CalepinDuVendeurPresentation 052014 V2 79%

Réponse immédiate aux questions sans quitter le client Reconnaissance Personnalisation Outiller les processus manuels Meilleure utilisation des informations Qualité du Service Modernité Adapter nos services en magasin à la clientèle du futur Efficacité Simplification Alléger la charge administrative Partage entre vendeurs 3 Philosophie du calepin du vendeur Regrouper sur un support numérique personnel tous les outils d’aide à la vente nécessaires à un vendeur Simple à utiliser Services et outils partagés Vision 360° du sujet en un écran Accès aux infos sans contrainte technique 4 Les 3 univers du calepin du vendeur Customer search My customer Product search General information Code + Description My store Color + Size Other stores Retail price Hermè Item Attributes Other sizes/colors Photos Generic style Current records Contact details Reservations Purchase habits Purchase history Orders Available orders Wish list Pre sales Customer balance After sales My activity Stock availability Add customer Making notes My calendar My business situation Store business situation My communication tools Email Browsing Hermè Browsing ToileH My library Merchant guide My selling tools Make a reservation Make a pre sale Initiate an after sale Place an order Different colors 5


GEK2503-Lab1 79%

GEK2503: Remote Sensing for Earth Observation Lab 1:


shivashis 79%

A script to generate a list of functions/routes at the top of the file for better readability ProPart JULY, 2017-PRESENT • An on-line platform to find partners for projects, entertainment activities or assignments • Built a chat plug-in using to avoid using a third party for communication b/w users • Built with the MEAN Stack TravelDiary JUNE, 2017- JULY, 2017 • An on-line portal for travelers to maintain a travel journal, along with a photograph if necessary • Implemented basic social media features like user search, like, comment and browsing jounals Online IDE JULY, 2017 • Online portal for users to compile and run/interpret codes • Used multiprocessing in the back-end to decrease response time • Support for Java, C/C++, Python, JavaScript and Ruby File Server JULY, 2017 • File Server written in NodeJS • Supports directory listing Education National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli B.TECH.


G4S-200 Brochure 76%

Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich DVB-S/S2 Full Compliant Powerful Media Player Full Browsing with Flash Player Trick Mode PVR Ready Various Application Market Wireless LAN Embedded Wireless Access Pointer Embedded 4 USB, 1 e-SATA, 1 SD/MMC Front 1 1.


PT UserGuide1PDF 76%

Project Statement Our goal is to redesign the Urban Outfitters website so that users can more easily navigate throught the site from browsing to purchasing.


1976 Other Makes Base eBay 76%

Skip to main content Hi jason!


Shareboat - Cookie Policy v0.1 23-02-2015 FINAL 74%

3.4 Some websites also use Cookies to enable them to target their advertising or marketing messages based on your location and / or browsing habits.


VisualRecommendations Journeys v3 74%

below the main product) PDP - 1A PDP - 1B PROs PDP - 2 CONs We are not taking away from their usual browsing &


Brian Graham-Resume 70%

(2013 – present) The Visible Web The Visible Web is the leading archive and video blog platform of the gay community's experience with gay marriage equality and beyond through 777 professional designed gay scenes that can be printed and browsed on the internet through a built-in media browsing experience without scrollbars.


MyResume 69%

EXPERIENCE    Software Engineer at ​Toptal​                                                                March 2017 - Till now    Mobile Software Engineer at ​Inovaeg​                                       July 2015 - April 2016   and                                                                                                     October 2016 - January 2017  ● Developed Ruby on Rails back-end RESTful APIs and designed the database  schema and relations for the applications' data models.  ● Handled and was responsible for creating and maintaining AWS EC2 machine  instances as a remote host for the server-side projects.  ● Developed an iOS social application which allows the users to browse shared  data, read articles, and listen to audio content.  ● Developed Android social applications which allow users to post, comment, like,  and add content.  ● Joined a team that is responsible for brainstorming and coming up with new  features for the applications.    Android Developer Freelance work                                                              2013 - 2014  ● Developed simple Android applications such as a bulk sms messaging app and a  movie browsing app.  ● Customized an open source Quran library to produce additional and enhanced  services that meet the client expectations.  ● Shared ideas and held brainstorming sessions with the clients so that we could  come up with new ideas and features for their applications and services.  ● Developed my skills in Java programming, designing OOP patterns, and SQL  databases.  ● Developed my skills in managing project timelines, tasks estimates, and  deliverables.  PROJECTS  Na3eemn App​                                                                                                       ​App store  Na3eemn is an iOS application that helps customers to book an appointment with hair  stylists. The application shows you list of barbers with their rating and location on Map. It  allows users to reschedule, cancel or rate hair stylists. I joined the iOS team.      Islamway App​                                                                                                      ​App store  Islamway is the largest Islamic online library. It contains more than 100,000 audio lessons,  30,000 articles, and 10,000 books. The total number of readers reach more than  130,000,000 for all the articles. I joined the team as an iOS developer.    Bolla Tournament Bracket Maker App   ​                                                            ​Google Play  Bolla is an Android and iOS mobile application for managing single and double  round robin tournaments. It's also a social application where users can challenge  their friends and share the results on Social Media. Bolla has over 10,000 live users.  I was responsible for the backend development and joined the Android team to  develop notifications screen, push notifications, and the story of inviting friends,  accept/reject invitations and sharing the tournament results on Social Media.    HappyUnwrappy App​                                                              ​App Store​ ,  ​Google Play  HappyUnwrappy is an Android/iOS app designed to help users choose the right gift  for their friends. Each user lists his wishing gifts with Amazon links and shares them  with his friends I was responsible for the back-end development, remote server  deployment, and maintenance.    XSmoking App​                                                                                                ​App Store  XSmoking is an iOS application that helps the users to quit smoking. Each user creates a  quitting smoking schedule. The application reminds the users every time, provides  motivation quotes and tips for quitting, and shows statistics about what the user has  achieved so far. Users can earn achievements and badges and share them with their friends.  I was responsible for the back-end development, database schema design, remote Amazon  EC2 machine deployment, and maintenance.    Session Tracker App​                                                                             ​App Store​  ,  ​Google Play  Session Tracker is an Android/iOS application for personal trainers. It allows trainers to keep  track of all of their clients, sessions, and schedules. I was responsible for the back-end  development, database schema design, and Amazon EC2 machine deployment, and  maintenance.    Quran  iPersian App                                                                                                  ​Google Play  Quran iPersian is an Android app which is an improved version of the open source Android  Quran application. We have added auto-updated footnotes and explanations for each Ayah  in the Persian language and an improved the search functionality.    Immersamodel VR application  ● Immersamodel is a software and hardware package for the 3D  designers—utilizing virtual reality and computer vision techniques to build a VR  working environment which allows the designers to see and navigate through  their 3D models in its real-scale. Designers can also manipulate their 3D models  using hands and legs gestures.  ● The used Hardware tools are two Kinect sensors and Oculus Rift VR headset.  Immersamodel was my graduation project. It won the Microsoft Imagine Cup  Egypt's first prize. The team was invited to present the project at the Virginia  Tech knowledge work program in VT campus.


Privacy Policy OPRF Dog Walkers 68%

This is statistical data about our users’ browsing actions and patterns, and does not identify any individual.


1007012409 67%

It allows browsing by archive, organization, place, person, proceedings, subject, and themes such as “Women and education,” “Peace, international governance, and international law,” and “Women of color.” Particularly useful when browsing by person or organization is corresponding information on how many documents by or about a group or individual are housed in the archive, short pop-up descriptions of the organizations, and data on the birth, nationality, and occupations of the individuals listed in the archive.


HCI 2009036[1] 67%

10837142 489   Personalization of XML content browsing based on user preferences.


NoSuchCon2013-re-chall-writeup-v1.0 67%



Smarter Wifi Data Sheet 67%

75 per cent of people would like to have offers sent to them via SMS, rather than see adverts on mobile apps or whilst they’re browsing the internet.