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Veggae 100%

sendviči / sandwiches Falafel falafel, lepina, sos, kupus, zelena salata / falafel, pita bread, sauce, cabbage, lettuce ...............


2 Salads & Veg Product Brochure 93%

Veg $9.50 1 kg $8.00 7 kg or more Traditional Potato Potato, Mayonnaise, Onion, Parsley $7.00 $5.50 Eschallots, Salt, Garlic Potato Salad w Egg Char Grilled Veg with Feta Greek Salad 1 kg 7 kg or more 1 kg 7 kg or more $10.50 $9.50 Italian Pasta Salad $8.00 $6.50 Red/Green Capsicum Garlic, Vinegarette Potato Mayonnaise Egg Onion $8.00 $6.50 1 kg 7 kg or more Parsley Eschallots Salt Garlic Mushrooms, Capsicum, Eggplant, Feta Pine Marshmallow 1 kg 7 kg or more Pineapple Coconut $12.50 $11.50 Sour Cream Marshmallow $27.50 $27.00 Olives, Sun Dried Tomatoes Carrot, Sultanas, Currants We Deliver $8.90 $7.90 Cinnamon, Vinegarette Vegetable or Salad Platters Available on Request Turmeric, Curry, Honey, Coconut Traditional Coleslaw 1 kg 7 kg or more Cabbage Eschallots Celery $7.00 $5.50 Carrot Sugar Creamy Mayonnaise Mixed Bean w Veg Carrot Crunch 1 kg 7 kg or more White Rice, Pineapple, Sultanas, Red/Green Capsicum $8.50 $7.50 1 kg 7 kg or more Mixed Beans, Carrot, Zucchini, Celery $11.50 $10.50 Corn, Red/Green Capsicum, Chilli Sauce Best Seller - Salads $7.50 1 kg $6.50 7 kg or more 1 kg 7 kg or more Pasta Mayonnaise, Corn, Carrot Zucchini Celery Red Capsicum Green Capsicum Mediterranean Salad White Rice Carrot Zucchini Celery Corn Soy Sauce Salt/Pepper $13.50 $12.50 1 kg 7 kg or more Red Cabbage Cherry Tomatoes Olives Red Capsicum Green Capsicum Zucchini Mixed Herbs Garlic Salt Vinegarette Chicken Red Capsicum Green Capsicum Carrot Zucchini Penne pasta, Pesto, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Red Capsicum Green Capsicum Fried Egg Onion $11.50 $10.50 Pepperoni, Red Capsicum Green Capsicum 1 kg 7 kg or more Potato, Green Beans, Tomato, Egg 1 kg 7 kg or more Green Cabbage Red Cabbage Mayonnaise Eschallots $8.00 $7.00 Celery Carrot Sugar 1 kg 7 kg or more Potato Bacon Onion Eschallots Marinated Mushroom $12.50 1 kg $11.50 7 kg or more $10.50 1 kg $9.50 7 kg or more Celery Sesame Seeds Chilli Sauce Red Capsicum Green Capsicum Carrot Zucchini Celery Sesame Seeds Chilli Sauce Sweet Potato Feta &


submitted 92%

Sesame Shrimp Fried Rice with Cabbage (Submitted by Derek &


export 89%

Salmon, Olive oil, Chia seeds, Cabbage, Spring mix, Apple cider vinegar, Hemp seeds, Turmeric Avocado:


RedRiceFoodMenu 88%

Spring Rolls 5.95 hand rolled and thinly wrapped with cabbage, carrots, onions, and ground pork.


LaughingSeedLunchMenu 85%

  LUNCH MENU  appetizers  HUMMUS TRIO (V, GFI option)  $9  Spicy black bean dip, traditional chickpea hummus, and a grilled vegetable pate.   Served with house made whole wheat pita or organic blue corn chips.  PAKORAS (V option, GFI)   $6/$9  Your choice of two or four of our popular Indian style fritters made with chickpea batter and seasonal vegetables.    Served with our delicious Punjabi sauce and organic yogurt for dipping.  MAKIZUSHI  $9  Our veggie filled nori rolls change daily.  Please ask your server about today’s selection.  Served with house made pickled ginger and wasabi.  HOUSE “FAUX”CUTERIE PLATE  (V, GFI option)  $12  A vegan “charcuterie” board with house cured, pickled and smoked vegetables.  Served with savory condiments,   house made crackers and crostini. Ask your server about today’s selection.  JALAPENO ONION FRIES $6.5  Hand cut russet potatoes fried with jalapenos and onions. Served with ketchup.  For our insanely good vegan chipotle ranch dressing add .75.  SOUP of the DAY  Ask your server about today’s creation.  salads  Dressings (V, GFI) – Champagne Dijon Vinaigrette, Asian Fusion, Chipotle Ranch,   Lemon Tahini, Sesame Ginger, Mustard Seed Vinaigrette, and Raw Tangy Tahini    Additions:  Avocado $2, hummus $3,  SIDE SALAD (V, GFI)  $5  Mixed greens, grated carrots, red cabbage, red onion, and cukes  LAUGHING SEED SALAD   (V, GFI)  $11  Organic spring mix, Romaine lettuce, grated carrot, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers, cucumber,   red onion, blanched broccoli, mung bean and clover sprouts topped with sunflower and pumpkin seeds.  LOTUS BOWL (V, GFI) $13  A layer of brown rice, Romaine lettuce, mixed greens and salad veggies, topped with red cabbage kraut, avocado,  sprouts, seeds and your choice of dressing.  CHEF’S SALAD – (V option, GFI)  $13  Our spin on the traditional favorite. Romaine lettuce, mixed greens, and assorted salad veggies topped with   grilled dry rubbed tempeh, cured portabella mushrooms, Swiss cheese, and hard boiled egg.  ASIAN FANTASIAN (V, GFI)  $12  Rice noodles, nappa cabbage, mixed greens, shiitake mushrooms, mung bean sprouts, bell peppers, grated carrot   and cilantro tossed with sweet chili-peanut dressing.  TICO TACO SALAD (V option, GFI option)  $14  A fried tortilla bowl layered with Romaine lettuce and mixed greens, black beans, rice, shredded cheddar cheese,   spiced chorizo-style tofu, salsa, guacamole, cherry tomatoes, red onion and fresh jalapenos.    Dressed with chipotle ranch.  MEDITERRANEAN (V option, GFI option)  $12  Romaine lettuce, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and red bell pepper tossed in   champagne-Dijon vinaigrette and topped with sheep/goat feta and house cured olives.    Served with whole wheat pita.          sandwiches  Unless indicated all sandwiches are served with your choice of our side of the day or blue corn chips and a   house made pickle.  Vegan Daiya cheese or gluten free bread/buns are also available.  THE SEED BURGER (V, GFI option) $11  A black bean, beet, carrot and onion burger seasoned with roasted garlic and Worcestershire.  Served on              a  vegan bun with horseradish sauce lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles.  Add: Swiss, cheddar, goat or feta $1 Avocado $2   PAV BHAJI (V, GFI option)  $12  A grilled spiced mixture of potato, spinach, cauliflower, tomato, peas, peppers and cilantro scooped onto open  faced grilled buns with avocado and Punjabi chutney. Served with a small salad.  REUBEN (V option, GFI option)  $11  Grilled and marinated “pastrami” style dry rubbed tempeh, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, house made purple  kraut and Thousand Island dressing on grilled marble rye.  SLOPPY JO (V, GFI option)  $10  A tangy tofu barbecue served on a bun with lettuce, southern slaw, and tahini mustard sauce.  SEVEN SEAS FILET (V, GFI option)  $11  A nori sheet folded around a filling of lemony quinoa and oyster mushrooms, then tempura battered and fried.  Served on a bun with lettuce, tomato, onion and tartar sauce.  THE LOCAL (V option, GFI option) $10  Grilled Gouda cheese with roasted mushrooms and onions. Creamy, decadent, delicious.    entrées  VILLE TACOS (V option, GFI)  $10  Two corn tortillas filled with our chorizo style grilled tofu, shredded cabbage, marinated onions, Jack cheese,  tomato and cilantro.  Served with a side of black beans and rice.  HARMONY BOWL (V, GFI)  small $10/ large $14  Layers of organic brown rice, organic black beans, grilled and marinated organic tofu or tempeh, steamed  seasonal veggies and our addictive sesame ginger sauce.  SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST BURRITO (V option )  $13  Spicy “chorizo” tofu, grilled peppers and onions, black beans, brown rice, and spinach, tossed in chipotle  barbecue sauce and topped with cheddar cheese and salsa.  Served with a small salad and blue corn  chips.  LOW COUNTRY ROLLUPS $12  Our sweet and tangy tofu barbecue wrapped in whole wheat flour wraps and topped with cheddar cheese and  tahini mustard sauce.  Served with blue corn chips and southern slaw.  raw entrées  SPINACH PESTO MANICOTTI (V, GFI) $15  Zucchini “noodles” stuffed with cashew ricotta and sunflower seed-spinach pesto. Served over sundried tomato  marinara with house marinated olives  DRAGON BOWL (V, GFI) $14  Layers of cauliflower “rice,” seasonal veggies, arugula, avocado, and sunflower-beet


Carb count 84%

green, snap, string, wax Bok choy (pak choi) Boston/Bibb lettuce Broccoli florets Cabbage, green, red, savoy Cauliflower florets Celery Celery root (celeriac) Chicory greens Chinese cabbage Chives Cucumber Daikon radish Endive Escarole Fennel Greens, mixed Iceberg lettuce Jicama Loose-leaf lettuce Mesclun Mung bean sprouts Mushrooms, button, fresh Olives, black Olives, green Onion Parsley (and all fresh herbs) Peppers, green bell Peppers, red bell Radicchio Radishes Romaine lettuce Scallion/green onion Spinach Tomato Tomato Tomato, cherry Watercress Serving Size ½ cup 4 pieces 1 heart 1 cup ½ fruit ½ cup, raw 1 cup, raw 1 cup, raw ½ cup ½ cup, shredded ½ cup 1 stalk ½ cup, grated ½ cup ½ cup, shredded 1 tablespoon ½ cup, sliced ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup 1 cup 1 cup ½ cup 1 cup 1 cup ½ cup ½ cup 5 5 2 tablespoons, chopped 1 tablespoon ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup 6 1 cup ¼ cup 1 cup 1 small (3–113g / 4oz) 1 medium 5 ½ cup Grams of Net carbs 0.2 2 1 0.4 1.8 2.1 0.4 0.8 0.8 1.1 1.4 0.8 3.5 0.1 0 0.1 1 1 0.4 0.1 1.8 0.4 0.2 2.5 1 0.5 2.1 1.2 0.7 0 1.5 0.1 2.1 2.9 0.7 0.5 0.4 1.2 0.2 2.5 3.3 2.2 0 COOKED VEGETABLES Vegetable Artichoke Asparagus Bamboo shoots, canned, sliced Beans, green, wax, string, snap Beet greens Bok choy (pak choi) Broccoflower Broccoli Broccoli rabe Brussels sprouts Cabbage, green Cabbage, red Cabbage, savoy Cardoon Cauliflower Celery Chard, swiss Chayote Collard greens Dandelion greens Eggplant Escarole Fennel Hearts of palm Kale Kohlrabi Leeks Mushrooms, button Mushrooms, shiitake Mustard greens Nopales (cactus pads) Okra Onion Peppers, green bell, chopped Peppers, red bell, chopped Pumpkin Rhubarb, unsweetened Sauerkraut Scallions Shallots Snow peas/snap peas in the pod Sorrel Spaghetti squash Spinach Summer squash Tomatillo Tomato Turnips (white), mashed Water chestnuts Zucchini Serving Size ½ medium 6 spears ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ¼ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup 1 heart ½ cup ¼ cup ½ cup ¼ cup ¼ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ¼ cup ¼ cup ¼ cup ¼ cup ½ cup ½ cup, drained ½ cup 2 tablespoons ½ cup ½ cup ¼ cup ½ cup ½ cup ½ cup ¼ cup ½ cup ¼ cup (canned) ½ cup Grams of Net Carbs 3.5 2.4 1.2 2.9 3.7 0.2 2.3 1.7 2 1.8 1.6 2 1.9 2.7 0.9 1.2 1.8 1.8 2 1.8 2 0.1 1.5 0.7 2.4 2.3 3.4 2.3 4.4 0.1 1 2.4 4.3 1.9 1.9 2.4 1.7 1.2 2.4 3.1 3.4 0.2 2 2.2 2.6 2.6 4.3 3.3 3.5 1.5 SOY/VEGETARIAN Product Almond milk, unsweetened Quorn burger Quorn roast Quorn unbreaded cutlet Seitan Shirataki soy noodles Soy “cheese” Soy “cheese” Soy milk, plain, unsweetened Tempeh Tofu, firm Tofu, silken, soft Tofu “bacon” Tofu “Canadian bacon” Tofu “hot dogs” Tofu bulk “sausage” Tofu link “sausage” Vegan “cheese,” no casein Vegan “cheese,” no casein Veggie burger Veggie crumbles Veggie “meatballs” Serving size 1 cup 1 113g / 4oz 1 1 piece ½ cup cooked 1 slice 28g / 1oz 1 cup ½ cup 113g / 4oz 113g / 4oz 2 strips 3 slices 1 57g / 2oz 2 links 1 slice 28g / 1oz 1 burger ¾ cup 4–5 balls Grams of Net Carbs 1 4 4 3 2 1 1 2 1.2 3.3 2.5 3.1 2 1.5 2.0–5.0 (depending on brand) 2 4 5 6 2 2 4 DAIRY Cheese Blue cheese Brie Cheddar or Colby Cream cheese Feta Goat cheese, soft Gouda Mozzarella, whole milk Parmesan Swiss Cottage cheese, 2% fat Cottage cheese, creamed Milk, whole, evaporated Quark Ricotta, whole milk Sour cream Yogurt, low carb Yogurt, plain, unsweetened, whole milk Yogurt, Greek, plain, unsweetened whole milk Heavy whipping or “double” cream (fluid) Heavy whipping or “double” cream (whipped) Serving Size 2 tablespoons 28g / 1oz 28g / 1oz 2 tablespoons 28g / 1oz 28g / 1oz 28g / 1oz 28g / 1oz 28g / 1oz 28g / 1oz ½ cup ½ cup 2 tablespoons 113g / 4oz ½ cup 1 tablespoon 113g / 4oz 113g / 4oz 113g / 4oz ½ cup ½ cup Grams of net Carbs 0.4 0.1 0.4 0.8 1.2 0.3 0.6 0.6 0.9 1 4.1 2.8 3 5 3.8 1 3 5.5 3.5 7 3 DRINKS AND ALCOHOL Acceptable drinks Clear broth/bouillon (not low sodium, no added sugar).


5-6-16 CO Savannah Menu 84%

sugar cane marinade ·· 9.5 chicken katsu ·· crispy chicken, sliced cabbage, katsu sauce ·· 9.5 five spice pork belly ·· szechuan pepper, cinnamon, star anise, cloves, cardamom ··9.5 lemongrass tofu ·· grilled tofu with sauteed lemongrass &


4-27-16 CO Charlotte Menu 83%

[steamed] or [fried] lotus leaf bun ahi poke ·· served over a spring mix, tuna, soy, sesame, sambal chili, plaintain and sweet potato crisps ·· 13* yellowtail sashimi ·· ponzu sauce, jalapeño hamachi, sriracha, micro greens ·· 14* salmon carpaccio ·· lime and lemongrass zest, truffle oil, micro greens ·· 13* salads vietnamese chicken ·· cabbage, red onion, shredded chicken, pickled carrots, cilantro, crispy onions, prawn krupuk, sweet lime dressing ·· 10 green papaya salad ·· green papaya, shrimp, char siu pork, cabbage, carrots, jalapeño, crispy onions, peanuts, thai basil, nuoc cham dressing ·· 11 bun xao ·· vermicelli, lettuce, pickled carrots, bean sprouts, pork &


Zoes Kitchen Boxed Lunch Options 82%

Boxed Lunch Options BAKED FALAFEL PITA Pita topped with baked falafel, Greek tzatziki, Israeli Skhug, Mediterranean relish, cabbage, feta and fresh dill.


5-13-16 CO Menu CHS HRes 82%

[steamed] or [fried] lotus leaf bun salad vietnamese chicken ·· cabbage, red onion, shredded chicken, pickled carrots, cilantro, crispy onions, prawn krupuk, sweet lime vinaigrette ·· 10 green papaya salad ·· green papaya, shrimp, char siu pork, cabbage, jalapeño, peanuts, thai basil, sweet lime vinaigrette ·· 11 bun xao ·· vermicelli, lettuce, pickled carrots, bean sprouts, pork &


Insadong Menu 82%

UGEOJIGUK                                           $10.99 - CABBAGE "HANGOVER SOUP"


hfd 81%

Food Drink Snack Digestion Bowel Movement(s) 17:30 Chicken roast, broccoli, cauliflower, roast+boiled potatoes, Monday brazed(in butter) red cabbage bisto gravy with chicken juices for flavour, Few pints water Fruit and dates several times Low bloating about 4 throughout the day, a few throughout the day hours after eating, no sips before and after cramps eating, lemon honey and ginger tea x 4 10:30am soft but holding form 11:00am Chicken sandwich, beetroot, tomato, cucumber, cheese piccalilli butter Tuesday Sausage casserole(same as below but extra of the same vegetables roasted for the sauce blended) Few pints water Fruit and dates several times No bloating or cramps throughout the day, a few throughout the day sips before and after eating, lemon honey and ginger tea x 4 9:00am soft but holding form, feeling half empty 10:00am, softer but holding form, feeling empty Stew:


2020 annual order form 2pg 80%

Hanging Baskets $15.00 Each QTY Double Impatiens - Pink Double Impatiens - Red Vegetable Flats (48) $11.50 Each QTY QTY Veggie flats may be mixed by 6-pack, but must add up to full flats (8 6-packs per flat) 6 PACK FULL FLAT Broccoli Double Impatiens - White Fuchsia Brussel Sprouts Ivy Geranium - Pink Cabbage - Golden Acre Ivy Geranium - Red Cabbage - Red Fall Ivy Geranium - White Cabbage - Late Flat Dutch Petunia - Pink Cauliflower Petunia - Purple/Blue Georgia Collards Petunia - White Cucumbers - Burpless Tuberous Begonia - Yellow Tuberous Begonia - Pink Eggplant - Black Beauty Tuberous Begonia - Red Kale Boston Fern Kohlrabi - Quickstar Wandering Jew Peppers - California Wonder 3-1/2"


LaughingSeedDinnerMenu 80%

    DINNER MENU  appetizers  HUMMUS TRIO (V, GFI option)  $9  Spicy black bean dip, traditional chickpea hummus, and a grilled vegetable pate.   Served with house made whole wheat pita or organic blue corn chips.  PAKORAS (V option, GFI)   $6/$9  Your choice of two or four of our popular Indian style fritters made with chickpea batter and seasonal vegetables.    Served with our delicious Punjabi sauce and organic yogurt for dipping.  MAKIZUSHI  $9  Our veggie filled nori rolls change daily.  Please ask your server about today’s selection.  Served with house made pickled ginger and wasabi.  HOUSE “FAUX”CUTERIE PLATE  (V, GFI option)  $12  A board of house cured, brined or smoked vegetables, which changes seasonally.  Served with savory condiments,   house made crackers and crostini.  JALAPENO ONION FRIES $6.5  Hand cut russet potatoes fried with jalapenos and onions. Served with ketchup.  Add chipotle ranch dressing .75  LOCAL CHEESE PLATE (GFI option)  Changes daily.  Please ask your server about today’s options from Blue Ridge Mountain Creamery.  Served with our ginger-date chutney and house baked cherry walnut toast.  SOUP of the DAY  Ask your server about today’s offfering.  small plates  STUFFED AVOCADO (V, GFI)  $8  A perfectly ripe avocado half filled with seasoned “cauliflower” rice and topped with Romesco sauce.   Garnished with cured poblano peppers.  OASIS QUINOA (V option, GFI) $7  A blend of quinoa, dates, parsley, red pepper, and smoked almonds. Served with orange-yogurt dressing.  PIEROGIS $8  Traditional potato filled pastry with local porter béchamel and candied shallots on a bed of wilted kale.  BEET TARTARE (V, GFI option) $7  Diced beets blended with capers, mustard, onion, parsley and spices served on crostini with cashew ricotta  GRILLED CAESAR (V option, GFI option)  $7  Chopped grilled romaine lettuce with shaved parmesan, house croutons and vegan Caesar dressing.  POBLANO “SARDINES” (V, GFI option)  $5  House cured poblano peppers with roasted garlic oil and crostini.  salads  Dressings (V, GFI) – Champagne Dijon Vinaigrette, Asian Fusion, Chipotle Ranch,                         Lemon Tahini, Sesame Ginger, Mustard Seed Vinaigrette, and Raw Tangy Tahini                                             Additions:  House made Purple Kraut $1.5, Avocado $2, hummus $3,  SIDE SALAD (V, GFI)  $5  Mixed greens, grated carrots, red cabbage, red onion, and cucumber  LAUGHING SEED SALAD   (V, GFI)  $12  Organic spring mix, Romaine lettuce, grated carrot, red cabbage, cherry tomatoes, red bell peppers, cucumber,   red onion, blanched broccoli, mung bean and clover sprouts, sprinkled with sunflower and pumpkin seeds.  LOTUS BOWL (V, GFI) $14  A layer of brown rice, Romaine lettuce, mixed greens and salad veggies, topped with   our red cabbage kraut, avocado, seeds, sprouts and your choice of dressing.  more salads on reverse            CHEF’S SALAD – (V option, GFI)  $13  Our spin on the traditional favorite. Romaine lettuce, mixed greens, and assorted salad veggies topped with   grilled dry rubbed tempeh “pastrami,” cured portabella mushrooms,” Swiss cheese, and hard boiled egg.  ASIAN FANTASIAN (V, GFI)  $13  Vermicelli rice noodles, nappa cabbage, mixed greens, shiitake mushrooms, mung bean sprouts, bell peppers, grated carrot   and cilantro tossed with sweet chili- peanut dressing.  MEDITERRANEAN (V option, GFI option)  $13  Romaine lettuce, mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, and red bell pepper tossed in   champagne-Dijon vinaigrette and topped with sheep/goat feta and house cured olives.    Served with whole wheat pita.  sandwiches  All sandwiches are served with blue corn chips and our side of the day.  Vegan Daiya cheese can be substituted.  For locally  made Eat More Bakery gluten free vegan bread or buns add $1.00  For a small salad or jalapeno onion fries add $2  THE SEED BURGER (V, GFI option) $11  A beet, black bean, carrot and onion burger seasoned with roasted garlic and Worcestershire.   Served on our house made bun with horseradish aioli, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and pickles.  Add: Swiss, cheddar,   goat or feta $1 Add avocado $2   REUBEN (V option, GFI option)  $11  Grilled and marinated “pastrami” style dry rubbed organic tempeh, Swiss cheese, grilled onions, house made purple kraut  and Thousand Island dressing on grilled marble rye.  SLOPPY JO (V, GFI option)  $10  A sweet and tangy tofu barbecue served on a bun with lettuce, southern slaw, and tahini mustard sauce.  entrées  HARMONY BOWL (V, GFI)  small $11/ large $14  Layers of organic brown rice, organic black beans, grilled and marinated organic tofu or tempeh,   steamed seasonal veggies and our addictive sesame ginger sauce.  SOUTH BY SOUTHWEST BURRITO (V option)  $13  A whole wheat flour tortilla filled with our chorizo style tofu, grilled peppers and onions, black beans and rice and tossed  with our chipotle barbecue sauce. Topped with cheddar cheese and salsa. Served with a small salad.                                                                   LOW COUNTRY ROLLUPS (V option)  $12  Our tangy tofu barbecue wrapped in flour tortillas and baked with cheddar cheese. Topped with tahini mustard sauce and  served with blue corn chips and southern slaw.  THAI PANANG CURRY (V, GFI option)  $16  Sautéed seasonal vegetables with oyster mushrooms and bok choy in a mild coconut milk based curry sauce. Served over  jasmine rice with strips of crispy fried seitan or tofu and a lentil papadam.  CAULIFLOWER PICADILLO (V, GFI)  $16  Our spin on the traditional Latin mainstay. A tangy cauliflower hash with capers and olives, accompanied by coconut rice,  Cuban black beans, marinated onions, and grilled plantains.  PORTOBELLO ROULADEN (GFI)  $16  Thinly sliced and grilled Portobello caps wrapped around pickled vegetables and served with creamy  mashed potatoes and smoked tomato gravy  STROGANOFF  $16  Egg noodles, grilled seitan, grilled Portobello mushrooms and wilted spinach in a velvety sour cream sauce.   Topped with tempura fried cremini mushrooms  raw entrées  SPINACH PESTO MANICOTTI (V, GFI) $15  Zucchini “noodles” stuffed with cashew ricotta and sunflower seed-spinach pesto. Served over sundried tomato marinara  with house marinated olives  DRAGON BOWL (V, GFI) $14  Layers of cauliflower “rice,” seasonal veggies, arugula, avocado, and sunflower-beet pate.


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Savoy Cabbage Thai Green Vegetable, Chicken or King Prawn Curry With Basmati Rice &


Seasonal Dinner 76%

The Restaurant Sample Seasonal Menu Starters Chefs Soup of the Day Pressing of Gressingham Duck Shallot and Lime Pickle, Balsamic, Reduction Lemon Sole Crab Risotto, Chive Hollandaise Rosemary Gnocchi Butternut Puree, Herb Oil Woodland Farm Pork Belly Roasted Scallop, Pancetta and Wild Mushrooms £2 Supplement Mains Fillet of Herefordshire Beef Confit of Shallot, Oxtail £4.50 Supplement Roast Rump of Lamb Celeriac, Savoy Cabbage, Cep Puree, Truffle Jus £3 Supplement Fillet of Hake Lemon and Watercress Mash, Shellfish Broth Poached Corn Fed Chicken Braised Red Cabbage, Herb Potato, Wild Mushroom Jus Shallot Tart Tatin Worcestershire Goats Cheese, Roast Vegetables Butter Sauce (V) Desserts Scotty’s Chocolate Plate £2.95 Supplement Pear Crumble Parfait Poached Pears, Blackcurrant and Apple Sorbet Vanilla Crème Brulee Short Bread Scotty’s Trio Tonight’s best three from Pastry Chef Scotty Dark Chocolate Fondant White Chocolate Ice Cream Selection of British Cheeses Walnut Bread, Wafers, Celery £2.95 Supplement Coffee and Confection £35.00 per person If you have any intolerance, allergic reaction to any ingredient, or other dietary requirement please ensure you notify the person taking your order.


4 Quick Puzzles 2 76%

  cabbage  patch  up  into  six  sections  with     two  cabbages  in  each  section.


WS Trolley Menu white bg fixed 76%

Our Teriyaki Chicken on ciabatta, sesame-seasoned cabbage, crispy onions, Jobie sauce, and a bag of chips Our pulled pork on ciabatta, sesame-seasoned cabbage, crispy onions, Jobie sauce, and a bag of chips *Add DESSERT only $1.00 with purchase of any Plate Lunch or Specialty* Corporate Lunches Business Events (including Dinners) Private Parties Weddings Rent Our Nostalgic Trolley For Your Parties (Call For Details)


Christmas Menu 1 - A5 76%

THE LAWN BISTRO CHRISTMAS PARTY MENUS (Please ensure all of your party select from the same menu) Menu 1 - £30 for 3 courses Confit Duck leg with red endive and blood orange salad Cured Salmon with pickled beetroot, baby leeks and watercress Roasted parsnip velouté with toasted Christmas spices, apple and chervil ★ Slow cooked Bronze Turkey with Château potato, red cabbage and vegetables Pan fried Sea Bass with white bean puree, black cabbage and trompette mushrooms Pomme Anna with winter vegetables, micro cress and sauce vierge ★ Home-made Christmas pudding with Brandy custard or Vanilla ice cream Dark chocolate fondant with banana ice cream, toasted hazelnuts and toffee Mulled wine cheesecake with poached pears and shortbread crumble A discretionary gratuity of 12.5% will be added to the total bill P.T.O


kopi ramen menu 76%

                                                                                          APPETIZERS CHICKEN  W ING  G YOZA    7   MISO  P ORK  B ELLY    8                                                                                        SHISHITO  P EPPERS    6 .5   PORK  B UN    6 .5   CHICKEN  B UN    6 .5   SHRIMP  B UN    6 .5     RA M E N   SHIO    1 2 shio,  ground  sesame,  chicken  broth,  chicken  charsu,  corn,     bamboo  shoots,  spinach,  beansprouts,  nori,  egg,  green  onion     KOPI  SHIO    1 3 garlic  oil,  shio,  ground  sesame,  1/2  chicken  broth,  1/2  pork  broth,     pork  charsu,  menma,  mushroom,  nori,  egg  (garlic  oil  on  top),  green  onion     SHOYU    1 4 shoyu  sauce,  pork  broth,  pork  charsu,  menma,     mushroom,  egg,  nori,  scallion  oil,  green  onion     TONKOTSU    1 3 garlic  oil,  shio,  pork  broth,  pork  charsu,  menma,  mushroom,     egg,  nori,  garlic  oil  on  top,  green  onion       SPICY  T ONKOTSU    1 3   garlic  oil,  shio,  pork  charsu,  menma,  mushroom,  egg,    pork  broth,  chili  paste,  nori,  green  onion     MISO    1 3 1/2  chicken  broth,  1/2  pork  broth,  miso,  beansprouts,  onion,  pork  charsu,   menma,  mushrooms,  egg,  nori,  corn,  chili  paste,  green  onion     VEGETABLES  M ISO    1 3 veggie  broth,  onion,  beansprouts,  soft  cabbage,  miso,  fried  tofu,  egg,  menma,   mushroom,  nori,  corn,  green  onion     SPICY  V EGETABLES    M ISO    1 3   veggie  broth,  onion,  beansprouts,  soft  cabbage,  miso,  fried  tofu,  egg,  menma,   mushroom,  nori,  corn,  chili  paste,  green  onion     RICE BOWL PORK  R ICE  B OWL    1 2 pork  charsu,  nori,  egg,  shoyu  sauce,  bamboo  shoots,  red  ginger,  scallions     CHICKEN  R ICE  B OWL    1 2 chicken  charsu,  nori,  egg,  teriyaki  sauce,  bamboo  shoots,  red  ginger,  scallions   1  kindly  no  substitutions  or  modifications.


plants 76%

r e n n i g e B COMPANION VEGETABLES COMPANIONS PLANTS Beans, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Melons, Corn Peas, Potatoes, Squash Asparagus, Basil, Beans, Carrots, Tomato Celery, Dill, Lettuce, Melons, Onions, Parsley, Peppers Radishes, Spinach Beans, Celery, Cucumbers, Dill, Kale, Lettuce, Onions, Potatoes, Sage, Cabbage Spinach Beets, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Onion Lettuce, Peppers, Potatoes, Spinach, Tomatoes Beans, Lettuce, Onions, Peas, Carrots Radishes, Tomatoes MY 17 IN '17


New Year 2014 75%

Laguna Restaurant New Year’s Eve Dinner DJ Playing in the Bar area throughout the evening Crown Prince Pumpkin Soup (v) Sage and Pumpkin Ravioli or Salt Cod Scotch Egg Red Pepper Sauce and Chorizo or Parfait of Duck and Foie Gras Orange Chutney and Toasted Brioche or Braised Heritage Beetroot Salad (v) Goats Cheese, Hazelnuts and Parsnip Crisps Kir Royale Sorbet Tournedos of Beef Fillet Foie Gras, Perigourdine Sauce, Georgette Potatoes or Free-Range Woodland Pork Belly Crackling, Ginger Beer Glaze, Jersey Cream Mash, Cauliflower Puree, Savoy Cabbage, Baby Apple, Cider Sauce or Paupiettes of Dover Sole Passion Fruit Crème Brulee All Butter Shortbread or Chocolate Assiette Pistachio Ice Cream or Selection of Welsh Cheese Tomato and Apple Chutney, Biscuits or Salmon and Lobster Mousseline in Crayfish and Caviar Sauce, Canadian Wild Rice Selection of Ice Cream and Sorbets or Freshly Brewed Coffee and Petit Fours Sautéed Chanterelles and Wood Mushrooms in a Filo Parcel (v) Herb and Cream Sauce, Roasted Baby Vegetables All Served with a Selection of Seasonable Vegetables £62.00 per person Dinner served from 6.00pm.


GFAReport4 75%

  2        Moon Hoax  Today, u/Sqrlchez of r/CabbageCountry made a startling revelation that surprised and  shocked in equal measure. It turns out that counter to common assumptions the true  location of the Cabbage country is the moon! Not only that but u/Sqrlchez even provided  proof for their assertion (see below). On any other day the admission that the moon had  been Cabbage territory all along would have been headline news but due to the events in  our main story  this story must alas take second place.     Liberty Rears its Leeky Head and We Gain a New Ally.  Today has been a great day for r/LeekLand as it’s leader u/LeekLord was able to proudly  unveil a great new monument in Leek lands centre, (see below left). The monument is  known as the Statue of Leekberty and was described as “A Symbol to All of the Freedom We  Strive For!” by u/LeekLord.  As this report enters it’s fourth day  we were delighted to learn  that a new member has been added to the Great Food Alliance  (GFA). u/FlyingMozerella today revealed the r/AppleRepublic a  glorious nation whose  flag is displayed on the  right.      3        When does a trickle become a flood?  Devastation hits the Yam Republic as their numbers decrease by a stunning 119  subscribers overnight. By comparing the subscriber count across the three previous  reports (see graph below)  we can see the downward trend begin and then spiral out of  control. Although we suspect this hemorrhaging of subscribers will be short lived it is a bad  sign for the great r/YamRepublic, especially in war times.  When questioned on this topic  u/Bluy98888 the defacto leader of the Yam Republic responded “There is a lot of apathy in  the republic, sadly we need to encourage meme creation or it will go dry.” He also made  clear that he did not believe the carrots were responsible for the losses and that “Sadly I  can only control what happens in the military subs.”     Pope Popatine Makes an Appearance.  u/PixelPineapplei of r/PotatoEmpire today released an image of the Potato Pope that may  haunt your dreams for years to come, (see below). Reaction to the picture was divided,  u/0Atlas0 - Pope of the Potato Republic described the picture of himself as “cool.”  Meanwhile, u/The_Chill_Dill took issue with u/PixelPineapplei’s description of the picture as  “beautiful” stating “beautiful might be a stretch.”  4            Plum Republic News Round Up  In two separate speeches u/Shudson777 the Prime Minister of r/PlumRepublic kept to his  two key election promises - investment in space and medical technology. He first revealed  that PASTA (the Plums space agency) had successfully launched its first satellite into space  (see below left). Later on the same day he made his way to the microphone again to  announce that  Plum scientists had found a cure for the common cold in Plum Extract, (see  below right). One medical expert explained that though the research is exciting more trials  would be required to assess the treatment's efficacy.       5


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Shrimp Tacos (2) Mazatlan Style..................12.99 (Cabbage, Tomatoes &