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Audition Information Form Fall 2017 100%

with whom?) _________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ CALLBACK CONFLICTS:


vJoyInterface 91%

The receptor is implemented as a callback function that treats the FFB data as quickly as possible and returns.


plugnz 67%

, 1);;a.callback&&a.callback(f.hex,{h:a.h-o,s:a.s,v:a.v},{r:f.r,g:f.g,b:f.b},j,d)}}function u(a {return function(c){c=c||h.event;c=r(c);var d=b.offsetHeight;a.s=c.x/b.offsetWidth;a.v=(d-c.y)/d;d=l(a.h,a.s,a.v);a.callba &a.callback(d.hex,{h:a.h-o,s:a.s,v:a.v},{r:d.r,g:d.g,b:d.b},c)}}function i(a,b,c){if(!(this instanceof i))return new i(a,b c);this.callback=c;this.h=0;this.v=this.s=1;this.pickerElement=b;this.slideElement=a;if(p=="SVG"){a.appendChild(m.cloneNod rue));


Phaser244 cheatsheet 66%

@cjadelstad new LinkedList() Time new Tilemap(game, key, tileWidth[32], tileHeight[32], width[10], height[10]) new TilemapLayer(game, tilemap, index, width, height) Time (via time) new Time(game) Timer (via time.create) TimerEvent (via time.add) Tile new Tileset(name, firstgid, width[32], height[32], margin[0], spacing[0], properties[{}]) new Tile(layer, index, x, y, width, height) TilemapParser new TilemapParser() new Timer(game, autoDestroy[true]) new TimerEvent(timer, delay, tick, repeatCount, loop, callback, callbackContext, arguments) Tilemap TilemapLayer Tileset Sound Tweens TweenData ArraySet new Graphics(game, x[0], y[0]) Tilemaps new GameObjectFactory(game) new DOM() Graphics new FlexLayer(manager, position, bounds, scale) Game Objects GameObjectFactory (via add) GameObjectCreator (via make) Group Loader Graphics Game Scaling ScaleManager (via scale) FlexGrid (via scale.grid) FlexLayer System Network Net (via net) new Net(game) SoundManager (via sound) Sound new SoundManager(game) new Sound(game, key, volume[1], loop[false]) Math (via math) new Math() AudioSprite new AudioSprite(game, key) QuadTree new QuadTree(x, y, width, height, maxObjects[10], maxLevels[4], level[0]) new RandomDataGenerator(seeds) Math Animation AnimationManager (via sprite.animations) Animation new AnimationManager(sprite) RandomDataGenerator (via rnd) Plugins AnimationParser new Animation(game, parent, name, frameData, frames, frameRate[60], loop[false]) new AnimationParser() FrameData new FrameData() Signals Frame new Frame(index, x, y, width, height, name) Signal new Signal() SignalBinding new SignalBinding(signal, listener, isOnce, listenerContext[null], priority, args[none]n) Gamepads Gamepad (via input.gamepad) new Gamepad(game) SinglePad (via input.gamepad.pad<1,4>) DeviceButton new SinglePad(game, padParent) new DeviceButton(parent, buttonCode) PluginManagers (via plugins) new PluginManager(game) Plugins new Plugin(game, parent) Input Physics Input (via input) new Input(game) Physics Pointer (via input.pointer) DeviceButton (via pointer.leftButton) Keyboard (via input.keyboard) Key new Pointer(game, id, pointerMode[CURSOR | CONTACT]) new DeviceButton(parent, buttonCode) Arcade Physics Mouse (via input.mouse) MSPointer (via input.mspointer) Touch (input.touch) new Arcade(game) Body (via sprite.body):



05/22/14 VOLUME $2,150 ($2984) 05/21/14 COPAYS 242 $337,343  (245 PT/DAY) PATIENT SATISFACTION OVERALL 45% MAIN (75th Percentile) 51% PEDS 19% FT 39% 17 min (15 MIN) DOOR TO DECISION 200 min (150 MIN) 219 min avg DECISION TO ASSIGN 228 min (45 MIN) 353 min avg 53 min (45 MIN) 64 min avg DOOR TO TRIAGE ASSIGN TO BED 61 PAIN (DOOR TO INTERVENTION) PAIN (DOOR TO INTERVENTION) PCM CALLBACK COMPLIANCE 88% min (60%) (30 MIN) (30 MIN) 234 Calls PEDS TURN AROUND: