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chapter 25 100%

(a) The capacitance of the system is C q 70 pC   35 .


HIOKI FA1116 ENG 99%

(0.03 mm movements, simultaneous use of two arms, capacitance measurement).


PL 96%

Range -55 Capacitance Range 1 Capacitance Tolerance M Rated Voltage Range 2.5V Dissipation Factor Not to exceed the value specified at 120Hz,20 Leakage Current ESR +105 2500 F 20% 16V DC 0.2CV 100K~300KHz ( A, after 2 minutes) Not to exceed the value specified Endurance Capacitance Change Within 105 Leakage current Not to exceed the value specified Dissipation Factor Not to exceed 150% of the value specified Capacitance Change Within Leakage Current Not to exceed the value specified Dissipation Factor Not to exceed 150% of the value specified 2000Hrs at rated voltage Moisture Resistance Stored at 60 RH90 95% 2000h 20% of the value before test 20% of the value before test Diagram of Dimensions unit Lmax.


HIOKI IM3590 ENG 95%

EN60529:1991, IP67 X−Y display screen (Temperature characteristics of multi-layer ceramic capacitor capacitance) Interval measurement illustrating variation over time (Variation of laminated ceramic capacitor capacitance) Advantage Battery measurement function Measurement time and Z repeatability during low-resistance measurement (Measurement frequency:


AES1998 92%

Capacitance CPSHUNT and CSSHUNT are the primary and secondary inter-winding shunt capacitance.


sg 90%

• m~*)()Bl~)tit ' ~1tt~.I3.1Ji;)J~~!m ° .~;:;ifrJ~o SPECIFICATIONS Items lW§ Characteristics Capacitance Tolerance wn ±20% (120Hz, 20°C) Mi~@;~~~ Operating Temperature Range -40 - +105°C ~m)~Mm~ Rated Voltage Range 6.3 - 50V IfF~~m~ Leakage Current I;;;;


Report 87%

The diode capacitance did indicate a depletion region, as the metal still overlaps depletion region.


HIOKI 3504 ENG 86%

C METER 3506-10, C HiTESTER 3504 Component Measuring Instruments For Low Capacitance C METER 3506 -10 Measures at 1 kHz and 1 MHz For High Capacitance MLCCs C HiTESTERs 3504 -60, 3504 -50 and 3504 -40 Measures at 120 Hz and 1 kHz Ideal for testing taping machines and sorters C METER 3506-10 • High-speed measurement with an analog measurement time of 0.6 ms (1 MHz) • Improved noise resistance and dramatically increased repeatability for measurement of minuscule capacitance values • Stable measurement of low-capacitance capacitors at 1 MHz C HiTESTER 3504-60/3504-50/3504-40 • Constant-voltage measurement with an analog measurement time of 1 ms (1 kHz);


HIOKI DM7275 ENG 83%

Combining this with HIOKI’s original  fully automatic “Self-calibration” technology, we are able to offer a 1-year guaranteed 9ppm accuracy (DM7276).  10 ppm 0 -10 ppm -20 ppm -10 0 20 40 50 °C Equipped with a measurement engine resistant to extreme temperature changes even outside product specifications 3 Excellent noise performance approaching an 8-½ digit DMM Specifications ideal for everything from R&D to production lines at 1/4 the conventional costs Capacitance Contact Check (using built-in C-monitor) Supports Global Production with Multiple Power Supply Capabilities (100 V to 240 V) Built-in EXT I/O, LAN, and USB Multiple Power Supply Capabilities Power supply switch Base models DM7275-01, DM7276-01 With GP-IB DM7275-02, DM7276-02 With RS-232C DM7275-03, DM7276-03 Mode SW LAN Communication I/F blank panel EXT I/O Temperature sensor terminal USB Noise Performance Approaching an 8-½ Digit DMM and Noise Immunity thanks to Floating Design Achieving noise performance that approaches reference instruments for calibration 2 μV Noise immunity suitable for field work CMRR signal source resistance of 1 kΩ Stable noise performance even with 1 PLC 1 μV DC CMRR:


HIOKI IM3570 ENG 83%

In LCR mode, you can test capacitance by performing C measurement between 1 kHz and 120 Hz.


HIOKI DSM-8104 ENG 82%

DIGITAL SUPER MEGOHMMETER DSM-8104, DSM-8542 Super Megohm Testers DSM-8104 (Single-Channel) DSM-8542 (Four-Channel) Options Supporting Measurements such as Surface and Volume Resistivity Power Supply Unit PSU-8541 Fast, Highly Accurate Measurement 3 × 10 16 Ω and 0.1 fA Current Resolution 2 A High Insulator with the Capacitance (the Ingredient of a Condenser) can also be Measured.


HIOKI IM9000 ENG 81%

Resistance is large and impact of the floating capacitance is large Coil:


HIOKI UA1782 ENG 81%

Highlighting of nets in all layers Importing of FLY-LINE databases and net searches for all layers Display of device embedded substrates Importing of EPA-LINE databases and display of embedded devices in inner layers Capacitance S/O checking Searching for defective nets and points based on measured capacitance values Address searching Importing of CAN data for analysis and net searches using address numbers ■ FAIL VISUALIZER UA1782 Specifications Product variants Supports UA1780 database input UA1782 Supports IPC-D-356 format input UA1782-01 Supports CAN &


Grimes County As Builts 79%

Capacitance: ... 0.016 inch, foam-fep Capacitance: ... none Capacitance:


VTH1550CHW-2 Datasheet 20161018 (1) – Kopieren 78%

VTH1550CHW-2 VTH1550CHW-2 2-Wire IP Indoor Monitor Features · 7"


VTH5222CH Datasheet 20170123 78%

VTH5222CH VTH5222CH 2-Wire IP Indoor Monitor Features · 7"


USB OTG v2 74%

• It does this by periodically measuring the capacitance on the VBUS line of USB port to determine whether there is another device attached, a dangling cable or no cable.


robo 74%


HIOKI FA1282 ENG 73%

(optional feature) C C R R Low-power LCR measurement with 0.1 V applied Guarding function JIS-compliant MLCC measurement function Phase-isolated measurement of individual components from complex LCR circuits •Accurate measurement without operating LSIs and other semiconductors •Measurement at voltage levels low enough that they don’t damage components •Multi-layer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), whose capacitance values exhibit voltage dependence, can be measured using standard-specified frequencies and voltages •Independent measurement while blocking measurement signals that sneak around circuit networks •Ability to set guard potentials automatically based on component connection data •Resistance and capacitance components can be measured separately and accurately based on AC signal phase differences.


GammaRay 73%

C1 and C2 are the internal capacitance of the GM tube and the oscilloscope.


HIOKI IM3523 ENG 71%

Model Usage *1 LCR METER IM3523 LCR METER IM3533 LCR METER IM3533 -01 Research and development 4 4 44 Transformer and coil production 4 44 44 LCR component production 44 44 44 Z (impedance [Ω]) Y (admittance [S]) θ (phase angle [°]) Rs (equivalent series resistance = ESR [Ω]) Rp (parallel resistance [Ω]) X (reluctance [Ω]) G (conductance [S]) B (susceptance [S]) Ls (series inductance [H]) Lp (parallel inductance [H]) Cs (series capacitance [F]) Cp (parallel capacitance [F]) Q (Q factor (Q = 1/D)) D (loss coefficient = tanδ) Basic measurement items Measurement items DCR (direct current resistance) 3 Transformer measurement − Temperature T − 3 (with temperature compensation function) N (turn radio) M (mutual inductance) ΔL (inductance difference) 3 Basic accuracy ±0.05%rdg.


Op Amps 70%

Before we continue with more complicated circuits, it is necessary to discuss the basic principles of capacitors and their capacitance.