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Moms Candy Recipe Book 100%

42 42 42 42 42 42 42 DIVINITIES AND NOUGATS Caramel Divin ity ........


OrderWeb 95%

SWEET ON BACON Vanilla Glaze, Fruity Pebbles KEY LIME PIE Honey Glaze, Graham Crackers, Lime Drizzle, Lime Sugar CARAMEL SEA SALT Caramel Glaze, Sea Salt CHOCOLATE ELVIS Chocolate Glaze, Bananas, Peanut Butter T Vanilla • Chocolate • Maple • Caramel • Honey MORE IS S’MORE FRED  WILMA G H N GLAZES Maple Glaze, Batey Farms Bacon Chocolate Glaze, Graham Crackers, Marshmallows, Marshmallow Fluff, Chocolate Chips U U U T Create an original G H N O O U D D Choose from our favorites TOPPINGS Sprinkles • Oreos • M&Ms • Chocolate Chips • Butterfingers • Heath Nutterbutters • Peanuts • Pecans • Almonds • Marshmallows Graham Crackers • Fruity Pebbles • Chocolate Espresso Beans • Coconut Pretzels • Granola • Bananas • Batey Farms Bacon DRIZZLES Bavarian Cream • Chocolate Cream • Marshmallow Fluff • Caramel Peanut Butter • Nutella • Lime • Lemon • Strawberry Jelly • Cherry Jelly Raspberry Jelly • Blueberry Jelly SHAKE-ONS Sea Salt • Vanilla Sugar • Habanero Sugar • Espresso Bean Sugar Lime Sugar • Blueberry Sugar • Raspberry Sugar • Cocoa Sugar Orange Sugar • Ginger Sugar • Cinnamon Sugar • Powdered Sugar GLAZE TOPPINGS / DRIZZLES / SHAKE-ONS TART ME UP Vanilla Glaze, Raspberry Sugar, Lemon Drizzle HAPPY TRAIL MIX Caramel Glaze, Mini M&Ms, Pretzels BFF Chocolate Glaze, Butterfinger, Peanuts PARTY WHIRL Vanilla Glaze, Oreos, Sprinkles Name:


Himmarshee Lunch 92%

under only KID’S PIZZETTE SIDES AFTERTHOUGHTS MASHED POTATOES…4 CLASSIC CARAMELIZED APPLE CAKE tomato sauce and mozzarella…6 FRIES…3 MAC ‘N CHEESE…6 SMOKED GOUDA MAC ‘N CHEESE…5 PB&J with fries…6 KID’S PASTA marinara or parmesan butter sauce...6 FIVE ONION RISOTTO…5 cinnamon ice cream…6 TRIO OF SORBETS your server will describe today’s selection…6 ESPRESSO CRÈME BRÛLÉE SEASONAL VEGETABLES…4 fresh berries, whipped cream…6 JICAMA SLAW…3 QUADRUPLE LAYER CARROT CAKE GRILLED CHEESE with fries…6 FRESH SEASONAL FRUIT…5 JUNIOR GRILLED SKIRT STEAK with fries...9 JASMINE RICE…4 caramel sauce…8 AWARD-WINNING DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CAKE rum macerated berries…8


117-1284 Tutti Frutti DELIVERY MENU MS 91%

4 Flavors 4 Toppings 4 Above The Toppings Additional Toppings Additional Above The Toppings $ .75 $ .50 Strawberry Pomegranate Raspberry Triple Berry Coconut Salted Caramel Pretzel Pineapple Mango Pistachio Dulce de Leche *NSA = No Sugar Added , GF, Alergen Free and Lactose Free Options are Available *Sadly, we cannot accept any coupons, loyality credits or any additional offerings with our delivery orders FRUIT Toppings Strawberry Raspberry Cherries Blackberry Blueberry Mango Pineapple Kiwi THE FUN STUFF Coconut Toasted Coconut Mochi Cheesecake Bites Brownie Bites Caramel Turtles Cookie Dough Pound Cake Fruity Pebbles Lucky Charms Reese’s PB Cups Reese’s Pieces Butterfingers Heath Bars Kit Kats Captain Crunch Marshmallows Cookies and Cream Twix Gummie Bears Gummie Worms Sour Gummie Worms M&Ms Rainbow Cookies Rainbow Non-Pareils Oreos Chocolate Covered Pretzels Frosted Animal Crackers Walnuts in Syrup Strawberry Boba Mango Boba Above the Toppings SYRUPS NUTS *NSA Caramel Granola Almonds Peanuts Walnuts *NSA Chocolate CHIPS Ghirardelli Caramel Ghirardelli Chocolate Marshmallow sauce Raspberry Sauce Honey Agave Hot Fudge Hot Peanut Butter Hot Nutella Peanut Butter Chips Chocolate Chips Carob Chips Yogurt Chips Rainbow Sprinkles Chocolate Sprinkles Crunchies Cinnamon Graham Crackers


825591 Turkey pancake wrap fosterfarms 87%

Water, whole wheat flour, sugar, soybean oil, contains less than 2% of leavening (sodium acid pyrophosphate, sodium bicarbonate), natural and artificial sweet maple flavor (modified corn starch, acesulfame potassium, natural flavoring, maple syrup, caramel color), egg yolk, salt, artificial flavor, soy flour.



*$0.50 extra for almond milk (WSF) ESPRESSO $2.75 2oz traditional espresso MACCHIATO $3.00 2oz espresso ‘marked’ with a touch of steamed milk CAPPUCCINO $3.00 MOCHA/WHITE MOCHA 12oz $4.00 16oz $4.50 LUCIE MONROE’S SPECIALTY DRINKS Served the traditional way (6 oz) LUCIE MONROE $4.50 LATTE/FLAVORED LATTE 12oz $3.25 16oz $3.75 2 oz of espresso with your choice of steamed milk - flavor ($.50) *Available iced AMERICANO 12oz $2.75 16oz $3.25 Espresso + hot water FRAPPE $4.50 2 oz of espresso blended with your choice of flavor, cream and ice Vanilla latte with caramel drizzle LUCILLE BALL $4.50 Vanilla/hazelnut latte MARILYN MONROE $4.50 White chocolate latte RASPBERRY HOWLER $4.50 Raspberry/white chocolate latte NUTTY IRISHMAN $4.50 Hazelnut/irish cream latte THE GREAT PUMPKIN $4.50 AFFOGATO $3.25 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with 2 oz of espresso (add caramel drizzle $.50) Pumpkin spice latte **ALL AVAILABLE ICED** ORGANIC RISHI LOOSE LEAF TEAS $2.25 Ask your barista for a recommendation.


LaSuiza Menu2016 Nofotos 85%

Cheers (crema de ron) $5.500 Capucheers Cappuccino and Cheers (rum cream) Mocaccino Chocolate, café, leche y brandy $6.000 Mocaccino Chocolate, coffee, milk and brandy Carajillo Café, miel, leche, brandy y crema chantilly $6.300 Carajillo Coffee, honey, milk, brandy and whipped cream (Mayores de 18 años) Ron, brandy, amaretto, crema de ron (Must be over 18) $6.000 Rum, brandy, amaretto, rum cream Impuesto al consumo · 8% Limonada de yerbabuena Limonada de coco Burbujeantes de panela · Limón y flor de Jamaica · Tamarindo $2.500 $2.500 Panela sparkling drinks · Lemon and roselle Hibiscus · Tamarin Limonada natural $3.200 Natural lemonade Limonada de coco $6.000 Coconut lemonade Limonada de fresa $4.500 Strawberry lemonade Limonada de jengibre $4.000 Ginger lemonade Limonada de yerbabuena $4.000 Lemonade with spearmint Jugo de naranja natural $4.000 Natural orange juice Jugo de mandarina natural $5.000 Natural tangerine juice Jugo de mandarina y fresa $5.300 Tangerine and strawberry juice $4.500 $4.800 Natural juices Soursop, mango, strawberry, blackberry, passion fruit, inca berry, grape, feijoa or arazá · Fruit juice · Fruit juice with milk Jugos naturales Guanábana, mango, fresa, mora, maracuyá, uchuva, uva, feijoa o arazá · En agua · En leche Malteadas Vainilla, chocolate, pistacho, arequipe, café, ron, brownie, frutos rojos, almendras, maracuyá, fresa, mora o arazá $7.000 Milk shakes Vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, milk caramel, coffee, rum, brownie, berries, almonds, passion fruit, strawberry, blackberry or arazá Té helado (Nestea) $3.000 Iced tea (Nestea) Milo $4.800 Milo Leche $2.800 Milk Gaseosa (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Manzana) $2.800 Soft drinks (Coke, Sprite, Apple) (Mayores de 18 años) Cerveza Club Colombia $6.500 Beer - Club Colombia (Must be over 18) (Mayores de 18 años) Copa de vino tinto o blanco $7.000 Glass of red o white wine (Must be over 18) Impuesto al consumo · 8% Genovesa de frutos rojos Torta de espinaca Milhojas, acordeones, rollos de limón, maní, coco y chocolate, entre otra gran variedad de deliciosos pasteles $2.500 Napoleons, accordions, lemon, peanut, coconut and chocolate rolls, among a great variety of delicious bakery goods Palito de queso, pastel de jamón y queso $3.400 Cheese sticks, ham and cheese puff pastry Porción de torta Ponqué al día, piña, durazno, requesón, amaretto y capuchino $3.800 Cake slices Ponqué al día (Cake of the day), pineapple, peach, cottage cheese, amaretto, cappuccino Torta de zanahoria $3.700 Carrot cake Torta de espinaca $3.700 Spinach cake Torta de chocolate $5.200 Chocolate cake Torta de limón con semillas de amapola $4.300 Lemon cake with poppy seeds Genovesa de frutos rojos $4.500 Wild berries Genoise cake Sapitos $3.200 Sapito cup cake Volcán de chocolate Delicioso bizcocho relleno de chocolate fundido acompañado con helado de vainilla $9.500 Molten chocolate cake A delicious chocolate biscuit filled with molten chocolate with vanilla ice cream.


P2 2015 M&P Promo No 2 2015 85%

VINEGAR 40G (12) 031171 LUCOZADE ENERGY CLOUDY LEMON 380ML (24) 03017 PRINGLES SML SOUR CREAM 40G (12) UCIV €0.62 RSP €1.00 for 38% POR UCIV €0.51 RSP €0.75 for 32% POR Mars Deal 21080 GALAXY MILK BAR 42G (24) 21300 SKITTLES FRUITS BAG 55G (36) 21105 GALAXY CARAMEL 48G (24) 21005 MARS BAR STD 51G (48) 21153 SKITTLES SOURS BAG 55G (36) 051061 M&MS CHOCOLATE 45G (24) 21160 SNICKERS BAR STD 48G (48) 21270 STARBURST ORIGINAL 45G (45) 21072 M&MS CRISPY 36G (24) 05991 GALAXY HONEYCOMB CRISP 40g (24) 21050 BOUNTY BAR MILK 57G (24) 21255 M&MS PEANUT 45G (24) 21115 GALAXY RIPPLE 33G (36) 21015 MARS BAR DUO 78G (32) 07711 MALTEASER STD BAR 35G (24) 21186 GALAXY MINSTRELS BAG 42G (40) 21165 SNICKERS BAR DUO 83G (32) 25290 TWIX BARS STD 50G (32) 21230 MALTESERS BAG STD 37G (40) 051096 TWIX BAR XTRA 75G (24) Deal 1 --- Buy 50 Cases from the above Range, Get 25 Cases of Cans 330ml FREE Deal 2 --- Buy 25 Cases from the above Range, Get 10 Cases of Cans 330ml FREE Deal 3 ----- Buy 10 Cases from the above Range, Get 4 Cases of Cans 330ml FREE €7.99 15024 COCA COLA CANS 330ML (24) 15153 CLUB ORANGE CAN 330ML (24) 15027 DIET COKE CANS 330ML (24) 15156 CLUB LEMON CAN 330ML (24) 031182 COCA COLA LIFE CAN 330ML (24) 15084 7UP CAN 330ML (24) 15141 CLUB ROCK SHANDY CAN 330ml (24) 15368 SPRITE CAN 330ML (24) 15253 7UP FREE CAN 330ML (24) 15201 PEPSI CAN 330ML (24) UCIV €0.41 RSP €0.95 for 57% POR Order online at Soft Drinks €7.99 15024 COCA COLA CANS 330ML (24) 15153 CLUB ORANGE CAN 330ML (24) 15027 DIET COKE CANS 330ML (24) 15156 CLUB LEMON CAN 330ML (24) 031182 COCA COLA LIFE CAN 330ML (24) 15084 7UP CAN 330ML (24) 15141 CLUB ROCK SHANDY CAN 330ml (24) 15368 SPRITE CAN 330ML (24) 15253 7UP FREE CAN 330ML (24) 15201 PEPSI CAN 330ML (24) UCIV €0.41 RSP €0.95 for 57% POR €12.49 €12.79 €8.75 NEW!


Eliquids Flavours List - Eliquid Lab 2014-10 84%

Silver Gold Ducat Italian Blend Latakia Tobacco Makedonian Maxx Blend Oriental Red Ryder Princess PuroS RY-4 Salemint S'Camel Tobaccam-C Tobacco Tobacco Symphony Tobacco-C WBBT Win Tobacco Arabic Tobacco Black Jack Tobacco Camtel Cavendish Tobacco Cuban Cigar Cuban Supreme Cubanito Dark Vapure Desert Voyager Golden Bahraini Apple Golden Virginia Kent Western Blend Old Havana Perique Black Pipe Tabac Stukas Tabac Tabooz Turkish Tobacco Tuscan Garden US Red Mix Virginia Various / Non Tobacco Flavours COFFEE / TEA DRINK COCKTAIL MINT SWEET FRUIT Black Tea Café Viennois Cappuccino Cappuccino Amaretto Cocoa Coffee Coffee with Almond Coffee with Hazelnut Coffee with Vanilla Colombian Coffee Dark Roasted Coffee Espresso Green Tea Irish Coffee Lemon Tea Masala Chai Mocha Mochaccino Peach Tea Absinthe Amaretto Beer Brandy Champagne Cherry Liqueur Cognac Cola Cola Lemon Energy Drink Gin Irish Cream Liqueur Irn-Bru Jamaican Rum Kahlua Peach Schnapps Root Beer Sambuca Sarsaparilla Tequila Whisky Blue Hawaiian Blushin’ Russian Caipirissima Cuba Libre Earthquake Gin Lemon Margarita Matador Mexican Kiss Mojito Pina Colada Rum with Pineapple Sex on the Beach Singapore Sling Summertime Cherry Menthol* Crème de Menthe Fresh Blast Gum Mint Malibu Menthol Menthol Mint Mint on Ice Mint with Chocolate Mint with Eucalyptus Mint with Tobacco-C Mix Mint Peppermint Spearmint FLOWER / TREE NUT SPICE Elderflower Jasmine Lavender Mastic Oak Wood Rose Violet Ylang-Ylang Zen Garden Almond Hazelnut Nut Mix Peanut Pistachio Walnut Anise Cardamom Chili Cinnamon Cinnamon Red Hots Clove Exotic Roots Sesame Banoffee Bavarian Cream Bubble Gum Butterscotch Candy Crush Caramel Caramel &


C & J Flavor List 84%

Cream - Plump juicy peaches drenched in layers of cream Strawberry Custard - Sweet strawberries berried in vanilla custard Salted Caramel Custard - Pretty self explanitory!


Eliquids Flavours List - Eliquid Lab 2015-02 84%

Fireball Fresh Blast Green Mamba Heisenberg’s Blue Highly Ranked La Ciguapa Old Castle Raspberry Sorbet Red Star Snake Oil Spicy Blue Sucker Punch The GrandMaster Tiger's Blood Vampire's Bite Belgian Cocoa Black Tea Café Viennois Cappuccino Cappuccino Amaretto Cocoa Coffee Coffee with Hazelnut Coffee with Vanilla Colombian Coffee Dark Roasted Coffee Einspänner Espresso Green Tea Irish Coffee Kona Coffee Lemon Tea Masala Chai Mocha Mochaccino Peach Tea Absinthe Amaretto Beer Brandy Champagne Cherry Liqueur Cocopine Juice Coffee-Rum Liqueur Cognac Cola Cola Lemon Energy Drink Gin Grand Brandy Liqueur Irish Cream Liqueur Jamaican Rum Lemonade Maraschino Peach Schnapps Root Beer Sambuca Sarsaparilla Scottish Soda Tequila Whisky Bahama Mama Bloody Aztec Blue Hawaiian Blushin’ Russian Caipirissima Cuba Libre Earthquake Gin Lemon Irish Flag Margarita Mexican Kiss Mimosa Mojito Pina Colada Sex on the Beach Singapore Sling Summertime The Robin Scherbatsky Apple Pie Banoffee Bavarian Cream Bubble Gum Butterscotch Caramel Caramel &


2015 BRL Menu 84%

Cheese Desserts Cookies Brownies Cobbler Apple, Peach, Cherry Bread Pudding With caramel sauce and pecans Banana Pudding A crowd favorite, vanilla-y pudding with all the banana and cookie goodness.


828939 Chicken-sausage-patty Tyson 83%

3/07/2014 216 NUTRI-LINE FOOD SERVICE Fully Cooked Chicken Sausage Patties, Caramel Color Added-CN General Information Computer Name:


Casino Menu April 2014 - email 80%

Beef Rump New York-Style Melt 6.95 4oz steak, topped with sautéed onions and melting cheese, barbecue sauce, tomatoes and lettuce, served in toasted bread Desserts Chocolate Fudge 3.95 Layers of sponge and smooth chocolate and caramel fudge, covered with a rich chocolate fudge Caramel Apple Crumble 3.95 Succulent apples cooked in caramel sauce and topped with a crunchy oaty crumble.


P5 M&P Promo No 5 2015 - 79%

VINEGAR 190G (18) Sell at 2 for €1.00 for 23% Margin UCIV €0.38 RSP €0.65 for 40% POR UCIV €1.61 RSP €2.00 for 19% POR Sell at €1.50 for 17% Margin While Stocks Last €26.99 051206 DAIRYMILK 53G PM €1 (48) 051207 TURKISH 47G PM €1 (48) 051208 GLDN CRISP 54G PM €1 (48) 051209 FRUIT N NUT 54G PM €1 (48) 03257 MILKYBAR BLOCK 100G PM £1 (12) €8.29 051210 CARAMELLO 47G PM €1 (48) 03256 NESTLE CRUNCH MILK 100G £1 (16) €11.09 251030 CADBURY WISPA MULTI 3-PACK (11) €11.15 051211 MINT CRISP 54G PM €1 (48) 25043 ROLO BLOCK WITH CARAMEL £1 (18) €12.49 251032 CADBURY D/MILK CARAMEL 3 PK (30) €30.45 051212 TIFFIN 53G PM €1 (48) 051179 AERO GIANT MILK 100G PM £1 (15) €10.39 251051 CADBURY CRUNCHIE 3-PACK 96G (10) €10.15 051213 WHOLENUT 55G PM €1 (48) 051178 AERO GIANT PEP/MINT 100g £1 (15) €10.39 251052 CADBURY TWIRL 3-PACK 102G (24) €24.39 UCIV €0.69 RSP €1.00 for 31% POR UCIV €0.85 RSP €1.00 for 15% POR While Stocks Last UCIV €1.25 RSP €1.50 for 17% POR 4 Pack Bars €15.99 RRP RRP €2 €1 34% POR 18% POR 25077 TOFFEE CRISP 3 PACK 3 FOR €1 (20) €14.19 251054 SNICKERS BAR 4PK 167G (22) €23.59 25139 KIT KAT CHUNKY 3 PACK 48g £1 (32) €22.69 251055 MARS BAR 4PK 158G (22) €23.59 051075 MENTOS FRUIT ROLL 3-PACK (25) 25239 KIT KAT 4 FINGER 3 PACK PM £1 (20) €14.19 251004 TWIX BAR 4PK 160G (24) €25.79 051076 MENTOS MINT ROLL 3-PACK (25) UCIV €0.87 RSP €1.00 for 13% POR €30.49 251053 CADBURY DAIRYMILK 3 PACK 108g(30) UCIV €1.32 RSP €2.00 for 34% POR UCIV €0.82 RSP €1.00 for 18% POR £1 €15.89 €26.99 €7.99 RRP RRP €2 €1 17% POR 18% POR 051198 MALTEASER BAR 3-PACK 105G (15) UCIV €1.30 RSP €1.50 for 13% POR 051026 STARBURST 150G PM£1 (12) 061018 SKITTLES FRUITS 125G PM£1 (12) UCIV €0.82 RSP €1.00 for 18% POR Order online at 27429 MALTESERS POUCH 121G (20) UCIV €1.66 RSP €2.00 for 17% POR FREE Delivery Confectionery FREE Delivery €11.99 21080 GALAXY MILK BAR 42G (24) 21105 GALAXY CARAMEL 48G (24) 21219 GALAXY COOKIE CRUMBLE BAR 45G (24) 051214 GALAXY SALTED CARAMEL 48G (24) NEW!


03-18 Mother's Day Menu A4 79%

Chips £ 7.50 Two pieces of chicken breast in a spicy, crumb coating served with cheesy coleslaw and French Fries Desserts £4.50 Chocolate Caramel Salted Torte with Ice Cream Almondy Almond Cake with Daim with Ice Cream Apple Crumble with Custard or Ice Cream Rhubarb Crumble with Custard or Ice Cream Chocolate Pudding with Dark Chocolate Sauce Apple and Caramel Pancakes with Ice Cream Chocolate Dream Sundae Mediterranean Lemon &


Oatmeal 79%

MIX-INS FRUITY Fresh, frozen, grilled, canned, baked, dried varieties Berries (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.) Bananas Apples Pears Oranges Stone Fruit (plums, peaches, nectarines, cherries, etc.) Applesauce Mango Pineapple Papaya Dried Fruit (cranberries, raisins, acai berries, figs, prunes, dates, apricots, etc.) Jams, preserves, jellies, butters, marmalades Butterscotch Caramel Peanut butter Other nut butters Nutella Boxed mix (pudding, cake, brownie, jello) Leftover dessert CHOCOLATE Cocoa powder Chocolate pudding mix Hot chocolate mix Chips, Chunks, or Bars of...


Geurlijst Zeepmakerij cosmetica 79%

Soort geuromschrijving informatie Parfumolie Pink Bekend geurtype Aqualina, kleurt bruin in zeep Sugar Caramel, toffee, vanille, aardbeien- niet in overige parfumolie Paradise bergamot-rozen-bosbessen-zwarte een best seller en musk produkten bessen met een topnootje van amber en kaneel parfumolie Cherry Blossom bloemen als jasmijn, rozen, lelietjes echte bloemengeur, zachte amber en fresia.


CASECAKES spring2015.compressed (1) 79%

SUCRÉ CAKE GUIDE TIFFANY FLOURLESS CHOCOLATE TORTE RICHOCULOUS Our signature cake of dark chocolate mousse, raspberry mousse, raspberry gelee and chocolate raspberry cake Extra rich and dense Chocolate sponge, chocolate crunch cremeaux, milk chocolate caramel cream with an even richer chocolate ganache SOUTHERN PECAN Italian cream cake layered with rich Dulce de Leche and roasted pecans finished with salted caramel buttercream 9” serves 12-16: