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The Universe Draft for Tessa 100%

Dark cobal stripes rising up from the narrow neck Crimson red collar Orange flame burning crimson inside the canvas No wind below but just enough to carry it silently over out heads August 19th Late evening - sun 1/2 hour above horizon - 2 lilac hot air balloons pink and black cows graze without noticing all very calm and quiet 5th September 13th May The Moon The White Park cattle - containing colour as marble does.


LFA Press Release 2703 96%

LAIKIPIA FARMERS' ASSOCIATION PRESS RELEASE For immediate release Laikipia farmers support effective security operations, reject claims of interference Rumuruti, March 27, 2017 (Laikipia Farmers' Association) – The Laikipia Farmers Association supports police and security agencies for operations carried out to restore the rule of law and order in parts of Laikipia county where herders have driven tens of thousands of cattle onto private and communal land illegally.


What Does the Bible Say About Animals 94%

and also much cattle?” Jonah 4:11 God said, “For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills.


The Universe 14.6.17 90%

May 16th The veriest new moon in July Each flower wishes the moon to name her Queen There was once an eclipsing moon hanging over the white cattle as they stood straight backed, unmoving in their small calving paddock.


The Universe 26.6.17 88%

May 16th The veriest new moon in July Each flower wishes the moon to name her Queen There was once an eclipsing moon hanging over the white cattle as they stood straight backed, unmoving in their small calving paddock.


The Universe 19.7.17 88%

May 16th The veriest new moon in July Each flower wishes the moon to name her Queen There was once an eclipsing moon hanging over the white cattle as they stood straight backed, unmoving in their small calving paddock.


The Universe 10.08.17 88%

May 16th The veriest new moon in July Each flower wishes the moon to name her Queen There was once an eclipsing moon hanging over the white cattle as they stood straight backed, unmoving in their small calving paddock.


discrepencies-in-ot-scriptures 87%

Gen 8:1 And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark:


Outreach Tebi20161106 85%

He visits farmers in the villages to check on their cattle.


349 Bundy Objection to Protection Order 85%

10 These “animal loving” vigilantes who were ostensibly there to protect the desert tortoises 11 instead committed domestic terrorists acts against the Bundy’s cattle.


KJB-PCE13 82%

11 And God said, Let the earth bring forth 24 ¶ And God said, Let the earth bring grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit forth the living creature after his kind, tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the seed is in itself, upon the earth:


Book of kek first draft 79%

24 ¶ And Kek said, Let the earth bring forth the living creature after his kind, cattle, and creeping thing, and beast of the earth after his kind:


Fjalor-Shqip Anglisht 75%

Fjalor Anglisht Shqip abat - abbot, ABAT, the ABAT, the Abbot abdikim - disclaimer, disavowal, disclamation, abdication, demise aborti - abortion is, abortion, the abortion, abortions, an abortion abrogim - the abolition, abolition absolutisht - utterly, absolutely, is absolutely absolutizëm - enlightened absolutism, of absolutism, absolutism absorboj - absorb, absorb the, offset the abstrakt - an abstract, abstract, the abstract absurd - ludicrous, nonsensical, absurdly, farcical acar - the frost, freezing cold, bleakness, frost acaroj - sharpen, chafe, nettle, fluster, peeve acid - acidic, the acid aciditet - of acidity, level of acidity, acidity, acidity of adapt - ADAPT adaptoj - adapt the, adopt, adapt, simple adapting aderim - accession by, adherence, accession, accession to aderoj - adhere adet - mode, habitude, manners, custom adhurim - worship, delight, adoration, deification, idolatry adhuroj - worship, adore, and worship, deify, bow adhuronjës - idolatrous adhurueshëm - adorable, be adorable, charming, it adorable administratë - the administration, administration, administrative administroj - manage, superintend, husband, administer, administrate administronjës - administrator admiral - Adm, Rear Admiral, admiral in, the admiral admiroj - admire, worship, admire the, delight, adore admirueshëm - an admirable, Wonderful, admiring, the admirable, admirable adoptim - an adoption, the adoption, legitimation, adaptation, adoption adresë - e, address, the address, addressed, email address aeronautikë - aerostation, aeronautics aeroplan - airplane, the plane, the airplane, plane, aircraft aeroport - the airport, airports, airport afishë - Only Tradition afresk - mural, fresco, the fresco afro - close, about, Afro, approximately, nearly afrohem - approximate, draw near, approach, near, impend afsh - oestrus, heat, odor, fervor, fever aftë - fit, proficient, capable, able, skilled aftësi - capability, ability, capacity, proficiency, skill afër - close, nearby, about, by, near afërsi - near, vicinity, the vicinity, close, closeness afërt - close, near, closer, closest, nearby agim - daylight, dawn, daybreak, sunrise, morning agjenci - agencies, the agency, agency agjent - the agent, agent of, agent, an agent agjërimi - of fasting, fast, the fasting, the fast, fasting agoni - moribund, the agony, agony, an agony agrokultura - Co Agrokultura, agriculture, Agrokultura, agriculture presented ahur - stable, cots, cot, cowshed, Cribs ai - it, one, that, him, he ajo - it, what, that, she ajros - ventilates the, ventilate, ventilates, it ventilates akademia - academics, academies, the academy, academia, academy aksident - crash, accident, casualty, the accident, wreck akt - an act, act, act of, action, acts aktivitet - activities, business, event, activity, swing aktivizohem - activate aktor - player, stakeholder, an actor, actors, actor aktori - actor, star, the actor akull - ice, the ice alfabeti - script, the alphabet, alphabet alkohol - of alcohol, drinking alcohol, alcohol, alcohol there alpinizëm - the mountaineering, mountaineering, mountain climbing, climbing ambasadat - embassy, the embassies, embassies amfiteatër - bowl, circus, amphitheater, the amphitheater amtar - native, maternal analiza - analyzes, tests, the analysis, analysis of, analysis anatomia - the anatomy, Anatomy of, anatomy, dissection, Anatomia andaj - so, hence, therefore, thus andej - from there, away, there, thence anekënd - throughout, around, across, around the, throughout the anestezi - the anesthesia, anesthesia, anesthetics, analgesia, anesthetic anethum - hyphen ankesë - a complaint, an appeal, appeal, complaint, grievance ankohem - grouse, moan, whine, complain, growl ankth - nightmare, distress, anguish, anxiety, jitters anonim - anonymous, Anonim, the anonymous, Us, named ansambël - ensemble, ensemble of, the ensemble antidoti - antidote to, antidote antik - Antik, antique, the ancient, antic, ancient antikitet - the antiquity, ancient times, ancient, antiquity the, antiquity antropologjia - anthropology, the anthropology, anthropologies, Systemz anulloj - invalidate it, cancel, invalidate, cancel my anë - part, side, through, hand, by anëtar - a member of, member, member of, members, a member apartament - the apartment, apartment, flat apo - or, or the, and ar - gold, of gold ardhshëm - next, the future, prospective, future, upcoming arenë - theater, arena, an arena, scaffold, the arena argjend - of silver, and silver, up silver, silver argjendi - the silver, of silver, silver argjendtë - a silver, silver, the silver, silvery argjilë - earthenware, pug, Pug The, clay argëtim - recreation, entertainment, pastime, amusement, fun ari - gold, of gold, bear, the gold, golden arkeologjia - archeology, Archaeology, archeology is, the archeology arkeologjik - archeological, archeology, the archaeological, archaeological site, archaeological arkitektura - architectural, architectures, the architecture, architecture arkitekturor - architectural structure, architectural, architecture, an architectural structure, The architectural arkitekturë - architectural, architectorial, architecture, architecture of arkëtar - checker, cashier, treasurer, booking clerk, paymaster armik - hostile, the enemy, an enemy, foe, enemy arnoj - vamp, cobble, doctor, mend, patch aromë - aroma, odor, fragrance, scent, flavor arrij - reach, catch, achieve, overtake, arrive arritje - arrival, accomplishment, achievement, success, attainment arrë - walnut, the nut, nit, nut arsim - the education, educational, educated, education arsye - reason, why, cause, reasons, therefore art - the art, workmanship, arts, art The arteria - artery arti - the art, arts, of art, art artificial - the artificial, synthetical, bait, false artikull - the article, item, article, item has artisti - the artist, artist, artists, entertainer artistik - artistic, an artistic, feature, the artistic, art artizan - artisan, handicraftsman, artisans, workman, craftsman artë - gold, golden, the golden, the gold arë - the field, arable, field asgjë - is nothing, nothing, none, anything ashensor - the elevator, elevator, the lift, lift ashpër - sharply, severely, hard, harshly, roughly asht - bones, bone ashtu - so, well, also, as, just askurrkush - nobody, none, no, cipher, nonentity askush - no one, nobody, no, one, none asnjëherë - never, ever aspak - none, no, far from, not at all, nothing aspirin - aspirin astar - saddle, lining, spacer, the liner, liner asteraceae - the Asteraceae, to the Asteraceae, Asteraceae astronomia - Astronomia, astronomy that, astronomy, EX, Goose Hunting atdhe - native land, country, motherland, homeland, fatherland ateizmi - atheist, atheism, of atheism, the atheism atje - out there, thither, there atmosfera - atmosphere, atmospheres, the atmosphere atomi - atoms, atom is, atom, the atom aty - therein, there, thither, it atë - him, that, father, her, it atëherë - then, then it, then the, it autobus - coach, bus, omnibus, buses, the bus automobili - the automobile, the car, automobile, of the car, car avokat - attorney, counsel, lawyer, barrister, advocate avokati - solicitor, attorney, lawyer, counsel, advocate avull - a steam, the steam, vapor, steam azerbajxhani - Azerbaijani, Azerbaijan baba - papa, sire, daddy, dad, father babalok - daddy bagëti - livestock, cattle, of cattle, the cattle bajat - stale, stuffy, moldy, threadbare bakri - copper, cooper balet - the ballet, ballet, flying ballet ballë - brow, forehead, front, forefront, fore bambuja - Bamboo banane - bananas, banana, the bananas, the banana banjë - toilet, bathroom, bath, restroom, closet bankë - a bank, bank, banks, the bank, bench banoj - reside, dwell, inhabit, live, lodge banor - dweller, habitant, a resident, resident, inhabitant bar - the grass, the bar, grass, drug barabar - evenly, indifferently, equally, equal barakë - shelter, booth, shanty, hut, barrack bardhë - the white, white bardhësi - whiteness of, the whiteness, whiteness, white, the whiteness of bari - herder, grass, herdsman, shepherd, the grass barishte - greens, herb, herbs, the herb, grass bark - belly, midriff, stomach, tummy, abdomen barometri - manometer, The Barometer, barometer of, barometer The, barometer bashkim - union, coupling, reunion, fusion, merger bashkë - co, together, along, jointly, the co bashkësi - communion, communities, community, the community, congregations bashkësitë - community, the communities, communities basketboll - basketball, the basketball basketbolli - basketball court, a basketball, basket, the basketball, basketball batakçi - gyp, knave, fiddler, blackguard, grafter batanija - as covers batanije - blankets, the blanket, blanket baticë - high tide, influx, flow, flux, tide be - swear, the EU, EU, European Union, oath befasishëm - surprise, Coup, surprising, sudden, suddenness bela - trouble, pickle, mess, mishap, disaster beqar - single, celibate, bachelor, unmarried, batch berber - shaver, barber, hairdresser, coiffeur besnik - devout, loyal, faithful, the faithful, true besoj - entrust, confide, consign, trust, believe bestytnia - the superstition, the superstition of, superstition, superstition of besue - reliability is well known betejë - battle, the battle, warfare, combat, fight betohem - vow, I swear, sworn, swear by, swear bibla - Bible, the bible, bibles bibliotekë - library, a library, the library, libraries bie - drop, fall, flop, decline, tumble bija - the daughter, daughters, daughter bijë - the daughter, child, daughter bilardo - billiards, pool, billiard bilbil - whistle, nightingale, the whistle bile - and even, even, indeed, nay biletë - ticket, tickets, the ticket bimor - the herbal, plant, herbal, vegetable bimë - plants, the plant, plant bimësi - lush vegetation, flora, the vegetation, vegetation bindje - obedience, conviction, persuasion, assurance, submission biografi - curriculum vitae, memoir, the biography, biography, biographies biri - the son, son, son of birra - the beers, the beer, of beers, beer, beers birrë - beer, brewer, malt, of beer, the beer birë - puncture, bore, puncture the, hole, the puncture bisedoj - talk, confabulate, converse, confab, socialize bisedë - the conversation, conversation, interview, chat, talk bisht - tail, flagellum, ponytail, stalk, scape biznesmen - businessman, the businessman, businessmen, a businessman biçikletë - the bike, bicycle, bike bjeshkë - mountains, mountain, the mountains, mountaineering, the mountain blegëron - bleat blej - buy the, buy, buy it, purchase blerim - Azhar, verdure blertë - tree, glaucous, verdant, green, signee bllok - unit, the block, block, bloc, book bluaj - grind, digest, crush, flour, bray bombë - the bomb, bombing, bomb, bomber bordurë - hem, edging, Shooting, border bori - toot, horn, hooter, bugle, trumpet borxh - indebtedness, debt, arrears, owing, borrowing borë - the snow, snowy, snowing, snow bosht - axle, shaft, spindle, axis, fulcrum bota - the world, world, around the world, over the world botoj - print, serialize, bring out, publish the, publish botë - earth, world, globe, the world braktisje - desertion, apostasy, abandonment, dereliction, neglect bravë - hasp, lock, keyhole, the lock, fastening bredh - wander, ramble, spruce, roam, fir breg - bank, shore, hump, coast, side bregdet - seashore, seafront, beach, coast, seaside bregore - swelling, hummock, riparian, mound, hillock brej - corrode, canker, gnaw, crunch, nibble brenda - within, inside, inside of, in, into brendshëm - inner, indoor, interior, internal, domestic breshkë - the turtle, turtle, the tortoise, tortoise breshër - the hail, hail, hail stones, hailstones bretkosë - frog, a frog, breaststroke, frog and bri - prong, horn, the horn brinjë - ribs, side, hillside, ribbing, rib britmë - hue, yell, shout, cry, ejaculation brohoras - acclaim, rooting, cheer brumbullak - plump, chubby brumë - paste, pasta, strass, the dough, dough brymë - hoarfrost, hoar, frost, rime bubullin - fulminate budalla - nerd, fool, gaga, stupid, silly bujk - tiller, husbandman, farmer, a farmer, cropper


Yellowstone Bison Plan EIS Public Scoping Newsletter1 (1) 72%

2) There is substantial new information available on bison biology, bison immune responses to vaccination and infection, the risk of brucellosis transmission from bison to cattle in Montana, and the effects of large-scale culls on bison demography.


disc golf graphic map 30x42 FINAL (2) 68%

berm 15 465’ park bo u nd o (n a ry sp tre silver creek high school ) ing ass 16 14 360’ 520’ bridges 375’ 420’ boulder crossing cattle crossing grandview meadows drive future roads bridge 17 13 18 480’ 12 600’ dry creek community park mountain drive gate altona middle school boulder crossing 11 blue mountain elementary school park access road/parking restroom 360’ 1 bridge 570’ 6 390’ landform boulder crossing 10 430’ culvert crossing 7 395’ 3 2 615’ gate 500’ 4 5 605’ 530’ rive in d as er b clov 9 470’ existing hay bales 8 turin drive 590’ blue skies park north water crossing - use caution!


May 9 2015 68%

Manglares 6:00am - 7:30 / 3:00 - 5:30pm 2 Kilometers # Species = 62 Species Gray-headed Chachalaca Magnificent Frigatebird Brown Pelican Great Blue Heron Cattle Egret Green Heron Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Boat-billed Heron White Ibis Black Vulture Common Black Hawk Roadside Hawk Gray-necked Wood-Rail Ruddy Turnstone gull sp.


PNP Presentation on Crime Statistics & War on Drugs 68%

We consider the crimes of Murder, Homicide, Physical Injury, Carnapping, Cattle Rustling, Robbery, Theft, and Rape as Index Crimes.


Chnifa - The 8 Holy Scriptures 68%

'Let the earth bring forth the ,ָ‫ תואְצא אָהאָא רָרץֶ רָנרָפש מָּׁח אָיה ולהֹמיִ אָנה‬,ִ‫ כד מָּׁולֱיארָמר אאל לֱהֹהיִם‬living creature after its kind, cattle, and creeping ‫אְכן‬-ִ‫ ולהֹמיִ אָנהָ;


RCBN The Stadium WEEK 9 29 08 2017 66%

The rest of the country that includes southern cattle corridor districts of Rakai, Lwengo, Lyantonde and parts of Kiruhura and Sembabule are expected to experience outbursts of some moderate showers during the forecast period.


Price List 3..16 66%

10.99 13.99 3.99 12.99 13.99 2.49 14.99 14.99 10.99 2.49 3/3/2016 LIVESTOCK FEED ALL BREED BLEND 197000 PAYBACK KOUNTRY BUFFET 50# 12.59 ALPACA 189515 152720 LMF ALPACA DEV 50# MAZ ALPACA CHEWS 40# 26.89 22.79 CATTLE 100697 CALF MANNA 50# 33.99 EMU 226195 PAYBACK EMU MAINTENANCE 50# 16.49 GOAT 100685 220640 A04746 PURINA GOAT CHOW50# PAYBACK GOAT PELLETS 50 # SWEETLIX SHEEP &


Trinity Sunday June 7 2020 completed 64%

cattle and creeping things and wild animals of the earth of every kind.” And it was so.


Travel 19.6.17 63%

ancient churches, built round by now poised Guernsey cattle tethered, Guernsey goats tethered, ranks of green houses, little roads, high banks endless colour of cliff flowers bluebells campion thrift bracken May 17th Rising waves - white waves at base dark green lower rocks, leaping water &


-- TPE -- [Contexte] 63%

« After defeating a Herero force at Waterberg, he announced that any Herero 'found inside the German frontier, with or without a gun or cattle' would be executed.


160726 EG Bar Menu 63%

Classic vinaigrette Caesar dressing McCarthy dressing 7 ingredients Additional items 17.00 2.00 MAIN COURSES Sirloin steak served with Cafe de Paris butter 10oz Sirloin steak served with chunky chips and grilled vine cherry tomatoes 27.00 Wagyu burger The word Wagyu means Japanese cattle and is arguably the best beef in the world.


speeches-douglass-slavery-15291-article only 61%

When the dogs in your streets, when the birds of the air, when the cattle on your hills, when the fish of the sea, and the reptiles that crawl, cannot tell a slave from an animal, then I will argue with you that the slave is a man!