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[FR] Exalt Profit Calculation Sheet - Crystal Pools 100%

Others Familiars Almandine Goby Food 32 Almandine 13 Crystallized Satchel 3 Almandine Sturgeon Amber Goby 38 Amber 16 Bloody Snapdragon 20 Apatite Bulrush 33 Azurite Cattail 31 Bloodstone Chalcedony Craylet 28 Celestine 11 Unhatched Arcane Egg Clearwater Oracle Contaminate Shroud Cicada 38 Chrysoberyl 16 Unhatched Earth Egg Crystalhide Jester Contuse Crystalplate Wasp 35 Emerald 12 Unhatched Fire Egg Crystalplate Stinger 12 Unhatched Ice Egg Hawksbill Goliath Flatback Sea Turtle Materials 4 Foo's Eye Flurry Flyer 31 Kunzite Jade Peacock 45 Moonstone Leatherback Sea turtle 7 Morganite Battle Items Results Blazing Slash Rune Slash Total Seafood Amber Gulper Blinding Slash Sear Total Meat 9 Apatite Fisher Bright Bolt 4 Arctic Hippalectryon 14 Chalcedony Snipper 7 Unhatched Light Egg Hippalectryon Boulder Bolt 1 Congeal 1 Disorient Dark Bolt 1 Drown 12 Unhatched Lightning Egg Maren Warlock Enamor 12 Unhatched Nature Egg Moonbeam Crayfish Enfeeble 1 Shock 132 85 Total Insects 129 Total Plants 102 Thunder Slash Total Crystal Poll Materials 191 Vile Bolt Total Chests 3 Ward Total Battle Items 5 Wave Slash Total Familiars 3 Zephyr Bolt Total Eggs 0 Shock Bolt Shred Total Runestones 0 Madame Snapdragon 18 Onyx 19 Unhatched Plague Egg Rhodochrosite Crane Envenom Anticipate Total Items 650 Onyx Craylet 34 Pink Chalcedony 11 Unhatched Shadow Egg Sparkling Stinger Flame Bolt Discipline Sparkling Wasp 25 Prehnite 19 Unhatched Water Egg Stonewatch Prince Fossilize Health Potion Sublime Peacock 29 Rhodochrosite 4 Unhatched Wind Egg Windcarve Fugitive Freezing Slash Seafood taken (90%) Frigid Bolt Meat taken (50%) Discount 4 118 42 Arcane Runestone Gust Slash Earth Runestone Hydro Bolt Fire Runestone Jungle Slash Ice Runestone Leaf Bolt Original Price Lightning Runestone Mana Bolt Discount -9600 Nature Runestone Mist Slash Price with discount (24%) 30400 Plague Runestone Pestilent Slash Shadow Runestone Rock Slash Water Runestone Wind Runestone Total Items Taken (nb &


Spring 17 Web 71%

Natural Turquoise, Chrysoprase, Chalcedony, Rose Quartz and Blue Topaz are transformed into distinctive jewelry wtih a classic Stephen Dweck touch.


Line Sheet- Necklaces- SPRING 2016 65%

chalcedony, moonstone, pearl and antler tooth on silver-plated brass chain 39/78 54/108 34/68 49/98 item code NCH16055G NCH16055 NCH32014 NCH34004G description pink druzy agate &


TSX CCD Taron Cesium Project WEB 39% 16/21 1/22/2017 Cascadero Copper Corporation ­ Argentina ­ Taron Cesium Project ­ Sat Jan 21, 2017 Table II:  Manganates, silicates and arsenates in the Taron cesium deposit Psilomelane Ba  • (H2O)Mn3+ 5O10    Coronadite Pb1.1Ba0.1Mn4+ 7.2Mn2+ 0.5V5+ 0.2Al0.1016 Hollandite Ba0.8Pb0.2Na0.1Mn4+ 6.1Fe3+ 1.3Mn2+ 0.5Alo.2Si0.1O16 Romanechite Ba0.7Mn3+ 4.8Si0.1O10  • 1.2(H2O) Cryptomelane KMn4+ 6Mn2+ 2O16 Ludlockite Fe2+ 0.95Pb0.05As2O6 Wallkilldellite Ca4Mn2+ 6 As4O16 (OH)8   •  18(H2O) Pharmacosiderite KFe3+ 4(AsO4)3(OH)4  •  7(H2O) Yukonite Ca7Fe11(AsO4)9  •    24H2O Pharmacosiderite KFe3+  (AsO4)3(OH)3  •   6H2O Cesian opal (Cs)SiO2 n H2O Chalcedony SiO2 Previous Work and Economic Development             Manganese was mined on a small scale at Taron from the adjoining Ochaqui mine. This work began in the Second World War and continued into the middle 1950s.