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FunnyGirl-Catalog Part 1 100%

030 33006934 fax 030 33006932 1 Part 2013 – 4 1 Part 2013 – 4 1 chiffon k c i l C cotton chiffon N - 612 Trousers Laces cotton smlÄA N - 601 Trousers Big cotton smlÄA Big Big Big N - 602 Trousers Linen N - 701 Shirt N - 112 Wing Chiffon Long N - 153 Wing Chiffon Midi N - 114 Wing Slit Midi cotton smlÄA cotton, chiffon smlÄA cotton, chiffon smlÄA cotton, chiffon smlÄA N - 702 Shirt Linen linen smlÄA linen smlÄA N - 504 Wrap N - 501 Scarf N - 505 Bandana Zohra N - 121 Hannah Mini N - 119 Hannah Long N - 155 Lily New N - 132 Lily cotton - 130 cm x 130 cm cotton - 170 cm x 60 cm cotton - 140 cm cotton smlÄA cotton smlÄA N - 133 Hannah Linen Mini N - 123 Hannah Linen Long cotton smlÄA cotton smlÄA linen smlÄA linen smlÄA Examples Dear Customer !


FunnyGirl-Catalog Part 2 98%

030 33006934 fax 030 33006932 1 Part 2013 – 4 2 Part 2013 – 4 2 cotton cotton chiffon k c i l C Mini Mini chiffon N - 268 Gloria Chiffon Top N - 269 Gloria Top N - 111 Leaflet Chiffon Mini N - 109 Leaflet Chiffon Long N - 108 Leaflet Long N - 110 Leaflet Mini N - 180 Leaflet Flounce Mini N - 266 Leaflet Top cotton, chiffon smlÄA cotton smlÄA cotton, chiffon smlÄA cotton, chiffon smlÄA cotton smlÄA cotton smlÄA cotton smlÄA cotton smlÄA Mini N - 410 Emily Jacket N - 407 Coat Velvet Short N - 406 Coat Linen Long N - 401 Jacket Velvet N - 185 Marylin N - 167 Pear Chiffon Collar cotton smlÄA velvet smlÄA linen smlÄA chiffon / cotton smlÄA chiffon / cotton N - 408 Coat Linen Short N - 406 Coat Linen Long velvet smlÄA linen smlÄA linen smlÄA N - 220 Zohra Blouse N - 234 Zohra Blouse Open cotton, smlÄA cotton, smlÄA N - 221 Zohra Blouse Linen smlÄA cotton N - 134 Convertible Dress into Skirt cotton smlÄA N - 127 Funny Dress N - 128 Funny Dress Buttons N - 130 Funny Dress Open cotton smlÄASkirt cotton smlÄA cotton smlÄASkirt Velvet N - 186 Pear Cotton Collar Mini Velvet velvet sml smlÄA N - 305 Ruffled Skirt N - 306 Polina Skirt Long N - 301 Skirt Oval cotton smlÄA cotton smlÄA cotton smlÄA linen smlÄA 1


best sellers 90%

Silk Chiffon White $3,200 HG4 Sleeveless cneck gown with triangle detail drop waist and flowing chiffon skirt 4pl Silk and Satin Faced Chiffon Butter or Ivory $2,400 Wilkinson KATE HFW15G4 IMAGE NAME Cinzia Prince Duncan Grady STYLE NUMBER IMAGE DESCRIPTION Fabric Color RETAIL Long sleeve column gown with mock neck and open keyhole with Chantilly lace insert on front and back 4ply Silk &


menu 76%

Cranberry Orange Muffins, 1 doz.------------$7 White Chocolate-Raspberry Scones 8pc.---$10 Caramel Sticky Rolls---------------------------$12 Cinnamon Rolls--------------------------------$12 PIES Banana Bread---------------------------------$12 Kentucky Pecan Pie Lg.---------- $20 Kentucky Pecan Pie Sm.----------$6 COOKIES AND BARS Apple Pie Lg.----------------------$15 Madeleine Cakes--------------------------$5 Apple Pie Sm.----------------------$4 Chocolate Brownies, 1 doz.-------------$10 Pumpkin Chiffon Pie Lg.--------$12 Butterscotch Brownies, 1 doz.---------$10 Pumpkin Chiffon Pie Sm.--------$3 Chocolate Toffee Bars, 2 doz.


Goldilocks-Statement-Overprice-Allegations 60%

The birthday cakes that we supply to Makati City are identical to the 9” round chiffon greeting cake that are available in our stores nationwide.


Zubaida Jee Catalogue 2016 60%

Swiss Voile Collection 2016 ZJ 08 ZJ 09 ZJ 10 ZJ 11 ZJ 12 Download Catalogue 2016 1 ZJ 07 ZJ 01 ZJ 02 ZJ 03 ZJ 04 ZJ 05 ZJ 06 AARI EMBROIDERED ZJ 01 2 Embroidered front and back, Embroidered chiffon sleeves and dupatta.


Licensed Project - Crystal Chung 60%



Current Resume 58%

Blake Zolfo PROFESSIONAL THEATRE Pickle Chiffon Pie* Fabulous 50’s Christmas* Height:


Blake Zolfo Resume 58%

Blake Zolfo REGIONAL THEATRE Pickle Chiffon Pie* Fabulous 50’s Christmas* Height:


Current Resume 58%

Blake Zolfo PROFESSIONAL THEATRE Pickle Chiffon Pie* Fabulous 50’s Christmas* Height:


Blake Zolfo Theatrical Resume 58%

Blake Zolfo PROFESSIONAL THEATRE Pickle Chiffon Pie* Fabulous 50’s Christmas* Height:


2017 Early Spring Order Form 55%

‘Silver Edge’ Viola ‘Red Tiger Eye’ Burnt orange flowers with dark tiger veins Viola ‘Sorbet Antique Shades’ Rich maroon-rose shades Viola ‘Sorbet Blueberry Frost Mix XP’ White, purple, and marina Viola ‘Sorbet Lemon Chiffon’ Soft yellow with some whiskers Viola ‘Sorbet Peach Melba’ Shades of pink/red/peach cap yellow petals POTS/TRAY* PRICE /TRAY 36 13.25 TRAYS REQUESTED PRICE/ POT** POTS REQUESTED 2.43 36 13.25 2.43 36 13.25 2.43 36 13.25 2.43 36 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 36 15.00 54.00 54.00 54.00 54.00 54.00 54.00 54.00 54.00 13.25 2.75 3.30 3.30 3.30 3.30 3.30 3.30 3.30 3.30 2.43 36 13.25 2.43 36 13.25 2.43 36 13.25 2.43 36 13.25 2.43 SUBTOTALS $ $ ORDER SUBTOTAL NOTES AND INSTRUCTIONS ME SALES TAX (5.5%)1 DELIVERY CHARGE2 TOTAL 1 2 Maine Sales Tax Applicable Unless Proof of Exemption is Present at Point of Sale Delivery charge is 15% of Subtotal, with a maximum charge of $300.


OTK Raya2019Pt2 Mailer Digital 51%

k u e j S i t e P Nutri Plus Organic Selenium L/ Omega3 L/ Low Cholesterol M 10’s Kraft Hi-Cal Single XT Light 12s 250g RM589 RM1299 Buttercup Dairy Spread 250g RM459 Figo Spring Roll Pastry 8.5”/ 7.5” 500g Emborg Shredded Cheese Assorted 150g - 200g Farm Fresh Assorted Milk 700g - 2L RM419 RM1329 RM629 - RM1199 Vitagen Cultured Milk Drink Assorted 5x125ml RM399 Marigold Peel Fresh Assorted 1L Laksamana Noodles Assorted 450g RM099 Ramly Minced Beef 800g RM459 RM1299 LS Tofu Assorted 70g Ayam A1 Chicken Drummet 700g RM1199 TSL Dimsum Festival Pack RM1999 Figo Beef Ball 500g RM869 Pertiwi Smoke Frank 300g RM159 RM219 Jom Masak Adabi Asam Jawa Xtra 200g ES Bawang Goreng 200g RM219 RM399 ES Asam Jawa 2Udang 200g ES Bawang Goreng 450g ES Asam Jawa 2Udang 500g RM189 RM459 RM239 Adabi Kari Daging/ Ikan/ Lazat Serbuk Kunyit 250g Adabi Perencah Mee Goreng BUY 5 @ Nona Oyster Sauce Assorted 510g Crispo Blended Ghee 800g RM1499 ABC Saus Manis 620ml RM399 RM749 RM2 RM1 Adabi Ketupat Mini 30x20g RM599 RM399 Gold Coin Evaporated Creamer 390g Tarik-Tarik Sweetened Creamer 500g 99 ABC Kicap Manis 320ml ABC Sambal Asli/ Extra Pedas 395g RM399 Pearl Mermaid Agar-agar Powder 25g 49 RM5 79 RM479 Ayam Brand Coconut Milk Assorted 200ml RM239 - RM249 Prego Pasta Sauce Assorted 3x300g Adabi Seafood Sauce 340g RM399 Prego Buddies Dry Pasta Assorted 200g RM899 RM179 Prego Pasta Assorted 500g Adabi Ketupat Ekonomi 780g RM6 Jasmine Basmathi King Import 5kg Beras Taj Mahal 5kg RM3299 RM279 Good Choice Peanut Chunk 1kg 39 RM3799 Nona Ketupat Mini/ Ketupat 600g - 780g RM7 00 RM399 - RM459 Naturel Cooking Oil Assorted 3kg Jasmine Super 5 Import 10kg RM2899 RM1999 Bihun Cap Gajah 3.5kg RM1199 Seri Murni Cooking Oil 5kg RM1399 RM1759 Juadah Hari Raya Cocon Nata Decoco Pudding Assorted 12sx80g Kitkat Sharebag 15x17g RM899 Fuji Bakery Pandan Chiffon 280g Fuji Bakery Banana Cake 600g RM499 RM599 Danisa Butter Cookies Tin 454g Wise Cottage Fries Assorted 65g RM1399 RM219 Yupi Candy Assorted 77g - 108g *Free Glass Jar on pack RM369 RM12 99 Julies Peanut/ Cheese Sandwich 330g - 360g RM759 No.1 Nuts Assorted 128g RM9 79 Kisnut Kacang Shandong 450g RM1029 Sunsweet Pitted Prune 340g RM1369 Choki Choki Chocolate Assorted 5x10g Choclairs Caramel Jar 145pp BUY 2 @ RM259 RM17 99 Deshira Kerepek Ubi Masin/ Pedas 350g Kisnut Kacang Assorted 330g Julies Mastura Wafer Sticks Chocolate/ Strawberry Twin Pack RM13 Celeb’s Recipe Mini Muffin Vanilla/Chocolate 170g RM659 49 RM649 RM599 Skico Cookies Assorted 230g - 800g SBB Sinar Homestyle Cookies Assorted 650g RM989 SBB Sinar Bahulu Assorted 350g RM989 RM989 - RM1849 SBB Sinar Custard Muffin Value Pack Assorted 440g RK Cookies Assorted 250g - 300g RM859 Intan Cookies Assorted 600g Style Food Cookies Assorted 250g - 500g Zai Cookies Kuih Siput RM7 - RM14 99 RM799 RM1999 59 Zai Cookies Assorted RM11 99 RM1199 Style Food 2 in 1 Gift Pack Blue/ Brown 400g RM1599


TubShroom Instructions Fully Translated 49%

Après plusieurs douches, vous pouvez retirer le TubShroom afin d’enlever les cheveux récupérés avec une serviette ou un chiffon.


2013-04-26-Raffarin 37%

Ceux qui vous ont accusé d'homophobie ont donc sans doute eu au tort au moins sur la stratégie, car c'est bien le pari de l'intelligence et de la raison qui nous ont fait gagner ce débat dans l'opinion publique comme au parlement, et non le chiffon rouge du stigmate «  homophobe  » au mieux inefficace, au pire contreproductif.


naked civil servant 32%

My sister had a walk-on part and a Miss Benmore, draped in mauve chiffon, sat in the middle of the stage on a seat that at home was called the ‘rug box’ and usually stood in our hall.


GC Perennial Avail Sales 5 9 2016 26%

Sun Up Coreopsis x Red Chiffon Coreopisis v.


PE CatalogueHalloween2017-LOWRES WEB 24%