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DTES - Chinatown - Development policies update May 2018 100%

Chinatown Development Policy Changes – progress update from staff to community “CHINATOWN IS SPECIAL TO ME” The City wants to see the kind of development that makes Chinatown so special and unique to many of us.


Chinese New Year 93%

At the heart of the celebrations stands Chinatown, centred on Gerrard Street, between Shaftesbury Avenue and Lisle Street in the West End.


Coates Media Release 91%

MEDIA RELEASE: IMMEDIATE    Ottawa, May 22, 2017    The Daniel Coates, MS, PhD, FWAAS, Initiated and managed the first national urban study in Canada as  Top Advisor (1968‐1973) to the late Hon. Robert Andras, Minister for Housing, Minister of State for  Urban Affairs (1969‐1971) and other senior Portfolios, in the Government of the Right Hon. Pierre E.  Trudeau. Coates also served as Former Deputy Minister level top senior policy advisor to Prime Minister  John N.   Turner, also served Prime Minister Brian Mulroney and Prime Minister Campbell’s senior Minister, the  Hon. Bernard Valcourt, and managed the Hon. Jim Flaherty’s Payments Task Force stakeholder  engagement process,  2010‐2011 with his colleagues who led the engagement process  (see: Pat Meredith, et al, CATALYTIC  GOVERNANCE, ... U of Toronto Press, 2016).    COPY OF LETTER TO THE MAYOR AND COUNCIL, CITY OF VANCOUVER    Dear Mayor Robertson and Members of Council, City of Vancouver,    Chinatown, a City of Vancouver treasure, in fact a national treasure of major importance for all  Canadians, is today again under grave threat, as it was in 1969 when Bob Andras and I stopped the  devastation that was planned with the imminent local launch of the urban renewal program in  Strathcona.    In this plea to you and your colleagues on Council, I today speak without hesitation for the late Bob  Andras, late of the City of Vancouver, and for myself.  (Over five and a half years, as both our fonds at  Library & Archives Canada confirms, Bob and I acted as one voice, he was a true leader and I his devoted  key advisor.)  For it was Bob Andras and I who heard from hundreds of residents in Vancouver in  1969 their cry to protect and preserve North America’s most precious Chinatown in Vancouver, to stop  in its tracks the planned urban renewal program which would demolish homes throughout the  community and allow the City and Province to build a freeway through Chinatown and the demolished  community.    When as Minister, Bob, and I toured Vancouver by car and helicopter on the first visit as Minister to the  City in 1969, with the then President of CMHC and the federal housing’s Regional Director, I recall too  well Herb Hignett, CMHC President’s comments to us that day in making the case for urban renewal in  Strathcona.  He stated his view why the bulldozers were essential and the planned highway through the  demolished area an urgent priority.  Herb had not heard the voice of SPOTA, its leadership and the voice  of so many in the community pleading for their community and its protection.  Herb noted that many of  the homes were shoddy, falling apart, and without any basements, sitting on earth, not deserving of  improvements or preservation.    This was the mind set of CMHC at the time.  Until Bob Andras, changed the culture of the Corporation,  with the appointment of a socially progressive actor, Walter Rudnicki, as Vice President of Policy at  CMHC.    Over the next few days in 1969 on that first visit we heard other voices and a very different message.   The names I most remember are those of Shirley Chan, the most authentic and powerful voice we  heard, that of her mother, Mary, other leaders of SPOTA, and most especially our meetings with a young  architect Joe Wai, whose passion for the community and its unique character and his eloquence, was far  more persuasive to us than CMHC officials.    I am saddened that Joe Wai passed away recently and cannot continue his fight for Chinatown and stop  high rise development, which is totally out of character with the homes and traditional shops in the  community.    Thankfully, in the early years, the Hon. Paul Hellyer with his top advisor Lloyd Axworthy, had temporarily  frozen the urban renewal program in the course of their Task Force study.  After Hellyer resigned from  Pierre Trudeau’s Cabinet in 1969 in a dispute with the Prime Minister, as did Lloyd; successor Bob  Andras, and I, his sole non CMHC advisor, decided that the urban renewal program in Vancouver was  not to be approved.  Ultimately, with Cabinet’s support, most of the program across the country was  permanently stopped.    The threat today is from another high rise development in a most sensitive and precious part of the  community.  For this community, it is a totally inappropriate development.    I join with many others, including the late Joe Wai, Dr. Shirley Chan, MP Jenny Kwan and other voices, in  the same spirit that guided Bob Andras’ decision in 1969 to reject pressure from CMHC, Province and  City, in opposing the rezoning proposal for the tower at 105 Keefer Street.  In every respect, Shirley  Chan’s comments on the issue and those of Member of Parliament Jenny Kwan, in her statement of May  21, 2017, most thoroughly and comprehensively make the case on why this development should not  proceed.  And need no repetition here, but my full support.    Having managed the only national urban study in Canada to date, a seminal study over‐seen  by Harvard  trained economist, Dr. Harvey Lithwick, with expert authorities from across Canada and abroad, we  know density is essential if cities are not to continue to sprawl over vast areas of the countryside.  Cities  must grow upwards.  Densification is the general rule.    But not at the expense of the most precious cultural communities in our cities such as Chinatown.  If we  abandon them, we lose our anchor with our heritage and help to destroy what is most precious, cultural  diversity and shared memories of our rich past.      Chinatown can be preserved while maintaining its historic scale and character, as Joe Wai so eloquently  made the case.  Chinatown, unlike most of the City, cannot grow upwards.  Please pause and consider  most carefully the case put forward so well on why high rise development in Chinatown threatens its  survival, as cited here. Please recall the courage of Bob Andras, and earlier leadership of Paul Hellyer  and Lloyd Axworthy, who resisted the demands of developers and traditional planners and the Robert  Moses’ of the day, and hear also the voice of Jane Jacobs, and do the right thing for Chinatown, for  Vancouver, for Canada.    ‐‐ 30 ‐‐    FURTHER: Dan Coates, 613 233 8411


ISFO Newsletter February 2015 69%

Chinese New Year Chinatown Trip Sat. Feb 14, 9:30­5:30 Take a day trip out to Chicago's Chinatown to gear up for the Chinese New Year. All International Students and friends are welcome, but space is limited to first 42 students. Cost is $15. Email Liz at to reserve your seat ($15 will be charged to your student account at time of reservation). Only NIU students and staff allowed.


LACD14 Huizar Percentage Map 59%

LA CD14 - Jose Huizar % of the Vote 134 4 710 13 9006335B 9000760A 9006337A 9000766A 9000380A Eagle Rock 9003168A 9000589A 9000055A 9000800A 9006320C 9000014A 9000774B 5 Atwater Village 9000010C 9000779A 9002192A 9006324A 9006321A 9000319C 9000593A 9002809A 9000437A 2 9000788A 9000856A 9001500E Highland Park Glassell Park 9000789C 9000816A 80% - 89% 70% - 79% 60% - 69% 50% - 59% 30% - 49% 9001526A Mount Washington 9000882A Elysian Valley 9000560A 9000595A Montecito Heights Cypress Park 5 Echo Park 9000536B 9000323A 9002352A 9000916A 9000902B 9000336A 9000904A 9000900A 9001353A El Sereno Elysian Park 9002353B 110 Lincoln Heights 9002843A 5 9000907A 0 2 Silver Lake 11 0 South Pasadena Feliz 71 9001344B 9000913D Chinatown Westlake 9000961A 9000244A 9005105B 9003185A 10 10 10 1 9002547A 9007016A 9002719D 9002122A 9000501A 9007015A 10 1 9001407B 9003923A 9001348A 9005022A 5 9000493A -Union 9001854A 9001889A 9001280A 9000273B 9001890A 9001372A 9001855B 9001851A Downtown Boyle Heights 9002089A 9003951B 10 10 9003895B 5 10 9001859A niversity Park 71 9001846B 9000502A 9002155B 0 9000585A 9001236C 9001891A 9000038C 9001895A 9000274B 60 East Los Angeles 9000275A 60 9001902A 9001899A 710 0 11 5 9001410A Historic South-Central 9003309A Preliminary Results.


Bangkok 59%

Dinner (Bangkok Chinatown, T&K Seafood) Bird Nest, Claypot Fish Maw, Mango Rice, Fried Noodles, Kaya Buns Avoid traffic:


Pontiffs Guide to New York 59%

1) Gray’s Papaya hot dog with m_ _ _ _ _ _ 2) Halal cart s_ _ _ _ _ m _ _ _ 3) Serendipity’s f _ _ _ _ _ hot chocolate 4) $1 s_ _ _ _of p_ _ _ _ 5) Shake Shack b_ _ _ _ _ 6) Levain chocolate chip c_ _ _ _ _ 7) Katz’s p_ _ _ _ _ _ _ sandwich on rye 8) Everything bagel with a s_ _ _ _ _ _ 9) Dim sum from C_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 10) Peter Luger’s s_ _ _ _ s_ _ _ _ 5 5) burger 4) slice of pizza 3) frozen 2) street meat 1) mustard 10) steak sauce 9) chinatown 8) schmear 7) pastrami 6) cookie 2 Hey!


HAN-ZHAO-tgs-tn2 59%

(When I saw our new chef à l’orange being sworn in with the Lincoln Bible— the same bible Barack Obama used for his 2009 and 2013 inaugurations—I wanted it to explode into flames.) When I got there, I had the good fortune of meeting and talking to the delightful Jackie Klempay—proprietress of the former Jackie Klempay Gallery in Brooklyn, now Situations in Chinatown, which she runs with artist Mariah Robertson—about her display of works by Joyce Frizell (expressionistic owl drawings), Raynes E.


ChicagoNeighborhoodGuide CC 59%

Nancy Nagy Michael Pierson Chief Executive Officer President TABLE OF CONTENTS FAR NORTH 5-9 NORTH 11-18 Andersonville Edgewater Rogers Park Uptown Bowmanville Lakeview Lincoln Square North Center Ravenswood Roscoe Village Wrigleyville NORTHWEST Albany Park Belmont Cragin Edgebrook Edison Park Old Irving/Irving Park Jefferson Park North Park Norwood Park Portage Park Sauganash 19-29 NEAR NORTHWEST 31-39 NEAR NORTH 41-49 NEAR SOUTH 51-56 Avondale Bucktown Hermosa Humboldt Park Logan Square Ukrainian Village Wicker Park West Town Armour Square/Chinatown Beverly/Morgan Park Bridgeport Bronzeville/North Kenwood Hyde Park/Kenwood South Shore Washington Park Woodlawn Gold Coast Lincoln Park/DePaul New Eastside Old Town River North Streeterville The Loop West Loop Near West Side Pilsen Printer’s Row South Loop/Dearborn Park University Village SOUTH 57-65 FAR NORTH 5


2018 Resume 59% 415-238-3559 ABOUT Growing up immersed in San Francisco’s inspiring arts activism (“artivism”) culture and Chinatown ethnic enclave, Alice has become dedicated to adEXPERIENCE vocating alongside her communities for agency/ expression, sustainability, equity, and justice in an DESIGN interdisciplinary manner.


resume noinfo 56%

1/2 Other Experiences Magazine Layout Design Shore Magazine at Capilano University Created multiple cover design and 10-pages layout for feature articles about Chinatown, and Vancouver travel story Public Service Announcement On the Hill news station at SFU Directed and flmed two evening news style stories on Study Drugs and Bubble Tea health risks (2012 Fall) Risk Communication - Stand More, Sit Less Directed two advertisements, two promos, and a 15 minutes documentary interviewing experts (2013 Spring - Fall) Magazine Editing at Capilano University Trained under Canadian Press Style Guideline with headline writing, sof and hard editing techniques.


Rapid KL book 54%

How about a route that goes to both Little India and Chinatown?


48532 DeadwoodMap2015 48%

Broken Boot Gold Mine Tour Deadwood Pavilion/Chamber of Commerce Trial of Jack McCall/Masonic Temple Deadwood Public Library Original Deadwood Tour Gold Nugget Chinatown Tours Alkali Ike Tour Deadwood Tobacco Co &


1447 Talking Points and NYC Council 46%

 Battery  Park  City,  Chinatown,  Civic  Center,  Financial  District,  Governors  Island,   Greenwich  Village,  Little  Italy,  Lower  East  Side,  Soho,  Tribeca,  Washington  Square  Village     District  Office   Legislative  Office   Chatham  Green  165  Park  Row,  suite  11   250  Broadway,  Suite  1882   New  York,  NY  10038   New  York,  NY  10007   212-­‐587-­‐3159  phone   212-­‐788-­‐7259  phone   212-­‐587-­‐3138  fax   212-­‐442-­‐1563  fax     2.


Winter English for Teenagers Flyer-2013-2014-LR 45%

Teen Dance Parties Vancouver Aquarium Ski and Snowboarding Laser Tag Movie Night Hockey Game Bowling Rock Climbing Lookout Tower + Chinatown and Gastown Ice Skating 5 Weekday Activities:


4.17.13 Inventory 45%

Barbarians Caveman Curling Caylus Channel Surfing Cheers Trivia Game Chez Dork Chicago Express Chicken Cha Cha Cha Chinatown Chocolate-opoly Chugalug Chug-It Circus Maximus Claim It Claim It (Copy #2) Claustrophobia Cleopatra Clue Jr.


Copy of 7.19.15 inventory 43%

Cheers Trivia Game Chez Dork Chicago Express Chicken Cha Cha Cha Chinatown Chocolate-opoly Chugalug Chug-It Circus Maximus Citadels Civilization Claim It Claim It (Copy #2) Claustrophobia Cleopatra Clubs Clubs (Copy #2) Clubs (Copy #3) Clubs (Copy #4) Clubs (Copy #5) Clue Jr.


EIS Newsletter 09.09.2014 - 39%

Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, Los Angeles September 13, 2014 Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival in Central Plaza, Chinatown with live music, dancing and participating in the Moon Festival ceremony.


CheckoutTours - Thailand Brochure 38%

Chinatown / Dinner cruise / Nightlife (Jacks Bar, Skybar rooftop @ Lebua State Tower), Bangkok street food 0860 424 325 i a M g n a Chi Steep, jungle-covered mountains and the promise of adventure draw travellers north to Chiang Mai, Thailand’s first capital and its cultural heart.


Interview 1 36%

I could imagine her getting together with groups of other friends of hers, and going out in like Chinatown or the lower east side or something so.


PTrib-011508-RoadWorrier 35%

Streetscape work on Third and Fourth avenues in Chinatown was coordinated to begin after city sewer work at Couch Street and Eighth Avenue was finished.


RoderickHeathFoF2016 33%

Huston, who adapted Moby Dick into a film in 1956, here takes on the Ahabesque master role, one which also fits neatly into the run of such corrupt overlord figures Huston would play in this period, most famously in Chinatown (1974).


Record Business 1980 June to December 33%



Communiqué from the Absent, Crazy Bitch 30%

I lived in Oakland for years in a mall in Chinatown with a guy we will call B–.