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Green Coffee Analytics Part 1 100%

  Green Coffee Analytics: Relevance to Roasters, Buyers, and Producers  Part I: Total Moisture Content and Water Activity  By Chris Kornman, May 2016         Most coffee professionals on the buying, roasting, and brewing side of the industry understand  and value sensory analysis of coffee. Cupping a coffee, after all, is the single most common and  effective way to decide if a coffee is worth purchasing, or if a roast has succeeded or failed.  Scores and notes help organize inventories, determine usage, and even provide feedback to  producers. In many cases, these scores are even tied to real dollar value whether as green or  roasted product.     I’d wager that most of the community have at least a cursory knowledge of green grading as  well, but I suspect that for many buyers and roasters it’s an afterthought or a metric that is  applied haphazardly at best, with little connection to what we usually think of when we think of  “quality.” In light of this, I’d like to outline a number of different measurements and describe how  they can add value across the supply chain. The first part of this series will focus on moisture in  green coffee.             Total Moisture Content    Moisture content has been a defining characteristic of the coffee export trade for eons. The  figure 12% is tossed around fairly loosely, frequently eliciting rejections once it is exceeded.  Likewise, the measurement of water activity has become an increasingly common interjection to  conversations  about physical quality, though it’s limits are a little less universally  acknowledged. Let’s dig into what these two different measurements mean, how they are  related to each other, and how they can be used as quality tools for the specialty roaster, buyer,  and grower.    Moisture content is defined as water bound up inside the coffee seed. When a coffee cherry is  picked, the seed is full of water and must be dried before export. Throughout the world, this is  accomplished in a variety of ways with varying effects on the final product. The specialty  community has frequently expressed aversion to vertical driers and cylindrical drum ​ guardiolas  used to mechanically dry coffee across much of Central America and Brazil. Compared to  sun­drying on patios or raised beds, the argument goes, mechanical drying is inferior. However,  the precision of a well­maintained dryer can improve the producer’s ability to consistently dry  large quantities of coffee when the temperature is appropriately monitored. Natural challenges  arise for any sun­dried coffees due to the simple nature of exposure to the elements. In my  experience, partial shade, protection from rain, and air circulation (frequent parchment turning  and/or raised beds) go a long way to ensure that a coffee is appropriately stabilized in sun­dried  environments.  It’s generally accepted that drying coffee is the most  critical post­harvest processing step, and that in  general lower drying temperatures are better at  preserving quality.1 A research team led by respected  coffee scientist Dr. Flávio Borém used SCAA style  qualitative analysis to confirm physical measurements  of numerous phenomena. Among the measurable data  they gathered, the ‘leaching’ of potassium from the  coffee bean2. This is relevant because it illustrates an  important point: compounds that are bound up inside  green coffee are susceptible to escape and  degradation, particularly if damage to the seed occurs  during the drying process. This means that quality can  escape from green coffee even as it rests on a shelf.  Unfortunately, simply taking a moisture content reading  cannot give us a sufficient glimpse of this sort of data.   From one of the most respected voices in coffee research: ​ Flávio Borém, et al., 2008   Potassium leaching has been correlated to defective quality in green coffee: ​ Marcelo Ribeiro Malta, et al.,  1981​ .  1 2      Water Activity    This point brings us to water activity. Humidity, and specifically the evaporation of moisture, is  the vehicle by which quality has the potential to escape from green coffee. We can obtain a  better indication of the integrity of the structure of the green coffee, and its ability to retain  moisture and volatile aromatic compounds, by measuring water activity.     Very briefly, water activity (or a​ ) is the measurement of vapor pressure or “water energy.” It is  W​ expressed mathematically as a comparison of the measurement of the vapor pressure of a  substance in question divided by the vapor pressure of water. Imagine the same amount of  water is added to two glasses: one with a sponge and one without. The water will evaporate  more slowly from the glass with the sponge, because the moisture is bound up in parts of that  sponge. So, any substance will have less water activity than water alone, because the moisture  in that substance will be bound up in varying degrees. As a result, water activity measurements  are expressed as a decimal; a water activity measurement of coffee will always be expressed as  a numerical value less than one but greater than zero. Water activity readings may vary in  reliability depending on the type of device in use, and these readings can be affected by  temperature, relative humidity, and other ambient environmental conditions.     The use of water activity measurements as a food safety indicator has been in circulation since  th​ the middle of the 20​  century. William James Scott was able to convincingly prove that water  activity measurements can predict microbial growth in 1953. Since that time, water activity has  come to be accepted as a more accurate and important indicator of “microbial, chemical, and  physical properties… than is total moisture content.”3 Across many industries water activity  measurement is now considered vital not just for safety, but as an indicator of potential for  chemical and physical reactions.     As you might imagine, this is relevant to coffee  in a number of ways. The first and most  obvious is in product safety. At a certain level,  mold and other microbes can grow; that level is  firmly established across all substance types.  Below a water activity range of 0.60, no  microbial proliferation occurs 4, and foods are  generally considered free from potential for new  contamination. Between the range of 0.60 and  0.90 a​ , molds and other fungi, yeasts, and  W​ other microbial activity increases, particularly at  higher ranges. Of particular interest to coffee are mold types that contain mycotoxins and  3 4  ​ Jorge Chirife and Anthony J. Fontana, Jr., 2007   ​ Anthony J. Fontana, Jr., 2008    ochratoxins, as these are known hazards to health. Per AquaLab water activity “for molds and  yeast growth is about 0.61 with the lower limit for growth of mycotoxigenic molds at 0.78 a​ .”5  W​   During post­harvest processing, HACCP6 guidelines suggest that “all coffee, cherry or  parchment, must spend no more than four days between [water activity of] 0.95… and… 0.80.”7  It’s a little hard to imagine a  farmer or producer  measuring the water activity  of their coffee while it  ferments, or during the first  few days on a patio or  drying table. If you think  about it, however, these are  some things we’ve felt  intuitively and know  experientially. Wet  parchment sitting around in  bags in Sumatra, for  example, generally isn’t a  favorable storage condition  for coffee of any quality. Similarly, Rwandan and Brazilian practice of tarp coverings for wet  parchment coffee on beds or patios can foster microbial growth (the spread of potato through a  lot, or the off flavors of rio/phenol, respectively).    In terms of practical applications for the coffee roaster and buyer, AquaLab has some relevant  points to make: “Green coffee deteriorates very gradually, but the ‘past crop’ taste… is partially  associated with the hydrolysis of sucrose into glucose, especially. Higher water activity can  possibly provide an indication of the level of this activity.”8     Put simply, water activity measurements can help indicate the shelf­stability of a coffee,  particularly as it relates to perceived past crop flavors. These flavors are related to the escape  and/or chemical change in compounds created inside the bean and preserved (or not) by the  drying process post­harvest. While it’s impossible to predict an exact shelf­life using water  activity readings9, we can use water activity to give us an indication of how well­dried, and thus  how stable a green coffee might be. When used in conjunction with moisture content, this can  be a powerful tool for evaluating the longevity of a high­dollar/high quality product’s value. For  5  AquaLab is the water activity meter manufacturing arm of Decagon. They have numerous product manuals  and educational resources available for free online, including the one quoted here:  6  Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points, as recommended by the FDA & USDA  7  This HACCP guildine is quoted by Aqualab ​ here​ .  8  Again, Aqualab’s ​ Coffee product manua​ l is responsible for this claim.  9  ​ Theodore P. Labuza, 1980    most purposes, the upper limit of 0.60 seems like a convenient “soft” limit for predicting shelf  stability for more than 6 months past harvest under normal storage conditions (moderate  temperatures, low relative humidity, GrainPro or other preservation method also recommended  to help prevent moisture migration).     There’s yet another side to this coin: water activity has the ability to predict the potential and  rate of changes related to browning reactions like caramelization and Maillard reactions. We  know that these reactions are absolutely critical to the development of complex chain sugars  and aromatic compounds and flavors in coffee as it roasts. Maillard reaction rate increases in  conjunction with water activity, reaching maximum potential at between 0.60 and 0.70, with  increases beyond 0.70 generally decreasing likelihood again.10     So, let’s look at this on a basic chart that should help frame the discussion visually:          You can see that the range for shelf stability is a little lower a​  than the peak for browning  W​ reactions, and that the microbial activity potential increases beyond 0.60. In light of these  signposts, coffee’s ideal water activity could be described as “close to 0.60.” Each roaster and  buyer, however, must choose on which side of this line they prefer to err: higher than 0.60  10  ​


brewed awakening1 99%

of C In keeping with Pueblo’s rich and diverse history, Pueblo coffee shops are a unique Find your way to ffee Great Co Solar Roast 226 N.


menu15 99%

HOSTEL 16 MESS MENU ( 22.01.18 - 28.01.18 ) MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THRUSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY Uthappam Boiled Egg Moong Sprout BBJ Tea+Coffee Milk+BournVita Chocos Besan Chilla Egg bhurji Bolied Corn BBJ Tea+Coffee Milk+BournVita Cornflakes Paneer paratha Boiled egg Matki Sprout BBJ Tea+Coffee Milk+BournVita Cornflakes Indori Poha Omelette Chana Sprout BBJ Tea+Coffee Milk+BournVita Chocos Masala Dosa Boiled egg Moong Sprout BBJ Tea+Coffee Milk+BournVita Cornflakes Coconut Upma Paneer bhurji Boiled Channa BBJ Tea+Coffee Milk+BournVita Cornflakes Sabudana khichdi Boiled Egg Boiled Corn BBJ Tea+Coffee Milk+BournVita Cornflakes Chana Soya Bean Kadhi Pakoda Chhole Bhature Mix Veg Dry(paneer) Aloo Gobhi Rajma Jhol Aloo Tamatar Moong Dal Aka Masoor Arhar Dall Arhar Dal Dal Makhni Arhar Dal Mix Dal Puri+Roti Roti+Ghee Roti Roti+Ghee Roti Roti+Ghee Roti Triangle Paratha Methi Puri Plain Rice Plain Rice Plain Rice Plain Rice Jeera Rice Plain Rice Aloo Papad Papad B R EA K FA ST Week-4 Jeera Rice Papad Raita Dahi Dahi Dahi Dahi D IN N ER TI FF IN LU N C H Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) LIME TANG Mango Tang Lassi ORANGE TANG Macaroni Cheese Burger Aloo Tawa Sandwich Fried Idli BBJ BBJ BBJ BBJ Dhokla Aloo Tikki Chhole Bhel puri BBJ BBJ Tea+Coffee Tea+Coffee Tea+Coffee BBJ Tea+Coffee Tea+Coffee Tea+Coffee Tea+Coffee Butterscotch Milk Banana Shake Orange Pineapple Musk Melon Guava Strawberry Shake Chhole Masala Roti+Ghee Roti Methi Aaloo Dry Handi Paneer Gajar Matar Veg Kofta Palak Paneer Corn Beetroot Matar Dry Roti+Ghee Roti Roti+Ghee Roti Roti+Ghee Roti Roti+Ghee Roti Roti+Ghee Roti Moong Dal Roti+Ghee Roti Chana Dal Dal Makhani Moong Dal Arhar Dal Moong Dal Dal Makhani Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Salad(*Lemon &Tomato) Ice cream Plain rice +Sweet rice Plain Rice EGG CURRY Note:- Non avilability of materials can lead to change in menu.


Presentable Go-to-Market Strategy 98%

8 COLD BREW COFFEE M ARKET OVERVIEW......................................................................................................


Media-Kit-2016 98%

WELCOME CONTENTS The Specialty Coffee Chronicle is published four times per year by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) as a forum for discussion and information on industry-related topics and issues.


5472 Rides Jun-Aug18 Web 98%

Road bike ride of approximately 50 km with a break for coffee.


Greenco Burundi Newsletter June 2019 97%

This means that the actions moves from the coffee washing stations to the dry mill and that it´s time to focus ourselves in the processing period!


new Banquet Kit English 97%

+971(0)6344010, Coffee Break Menus Coffee Break “A” Assorted Mini Croissants Assorted Cookies Tea &


grindsred 97%

Qualitative analysis of coffee grind profiles from Mahlkonig Guatemala, Bunn G1, Baratza Encore, and Porlex JP-30 grinders.


lavanda menu 97%

jam inclusive of American coffee Eggs any style (fried, scrambled or poached), baked beans, hash browns, grilled mushrooms, turkey bacon, beef sausage, toast &


La Roya Briefing Note Olam Coffee Jan 2013 96%

Coffee Report BRIEFING NOTE 1 – January 2013 LA ROYA Introduction There have been a lot of newswire stories about the recent spread of “La Roya” in Central America and Mexico.


FM Coffee Fellows 96%

coffee fellows AlleFotos:Filialmanagement Ortstermin Mario Abbate hat sich mit Bruder Rosario als Pächter von Coffee Fellows selbstständig gemacht.


Greenco Burundi Newsletter May 2019 96%

May has passed by and the coffee season is already in its last weeks.


chore chart 96%

Week 1 Monday Wash Dishes / load dishwasher Wash kitchen sink Put away dry dishes Sweep Kitchen Pick up family room Pick up toy room Clear off / wipe kitchen counters Wipe out bathroom sink Empty all trash cans Do laundry Take vitamins Clear off / wipe dining room table Clear off / wipe down coffee table Mop Kitchen Exercise Clean toilet Clean bathroom mirror Wipe down kitchen appliances _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ Wednesday Wash Dishes / load dishwasher Wash kitchen sink Put away dry dishes Sweep Kitchen Pick up family room Pick up toy room Clear off / wipe kitchen counters Wipe out bathroom sink Empty all trash cans Do laundry Take vitamins Clear off / wipe dining room table Clear off / wipe down coffee table Mop Kitchen Exercise Sweep/vacuum main floor ___________________________ ___________________________ ___________________________ Tuesday Wash Dishes / load dishwasher Wash kitchen sink Put away dry dishes Sweep Kitchen Pick up family room Pick up toy room Clear off / wipe kitchen counters Wipe out bathroom sink Empty all trash cans Do laundry Take vitamins Clear off / wipe dining room table Clear off / wipe down coffee table Clean tub/shower Wipe down baseboard on first floor Declutter office area ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Thursday Wash Dishes / load dishwasher Wash kitchen sink Put away dry dishes Sweep Kitchen Pick up family room Pick up toy room Clear off / wipe kitchen counters Wipe out bathroom sink Empty all trash cans Do laundry Take vitamins Clear off / wipe dining room table Clear off / wipe down coffee table Change Sheets Clear off/organize night stands _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ ____ / ____ to ____ / ____ Friday Wash Dishes / load dishwasher Wash kitchen sink Put away dry dishes Sweep Kitchen Pick up family room Pick up toy room Clear off / wipe kitchen counters Wipe out bathroom sink Empty all trash cans Do laundry Take vitamins Clear off / wipe dining room table Clear off / wipe down coffee table Mop Kitchen Exercise Clean kitchen garbage can Dust Sweep/vacuum second floor ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ Sunday Wash Dishes / load dishwasher Wash kitchen sink Put away dry dishes Sweep Kitchen Pick up family room Pick up toy room Clear off / wipe kitchen counters Wipe out bathroom sink Empty all trash cans Do laundry Take vitamins Clear off / wipe dining room table Clear off / wipe down coffee table Mop Kitchen Exercise Plan upcoming weeks activities Plan upcoming weeks errand/shopping list ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Saturday Wash Dishes / load dishwasher Wash kitchen sink Put away dry dishes Sweep Kitchen Pick up family room Pick up toy room Clear off / wipe kitchen counters Wipe out bathroom sink Empty all trash cans Do laundry Take vitamins Clear off / wipe dining room table Clear off / wipe down coffee table Back up computer files Clean kids room ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ Weekly Appointments / Notes _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ Weekly Goals ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ January:


LaSuiza Menu2016 Nofotos 96%

Tinto $1.600 Coffee Café con leche $2.200 Coffee with cream Capuchino $4.300 Cappuccino Capuchino saborizado Sirope de masmelo o vainilla $4.700 Flavored cappuccino Marshmallows or vanilla syrup Café crema Café expreso, leche espumada y crema chantilly $4.500 Coffee cream Espresso, steamed-milk and whipped cream Café moka Helado de café, brandy y crema chantilly $6.300 Moka coffee Coffee ice cream, brandy and whipped cream Café ópera Helado de café, amaretto, crema, nueces y salsa de chocolate $7.300 Opera coffee Coffee ice cream, amaretto liqueur, whipped cream, nuts and chocolate syrup Granizado de café $5.000 Coffee frosty Malteada de café $7.000 Coffee milk shake Té (Lipton) · En agua · En leche $2.300 $2.900 Tea (Lipton) · Water · Milk Té verde en agua (Twinings) $2.300 Green tea (Twinings) Infusión natural de frutas, hierbas aromáticas y panela $5.000 Natural infusion with fruits, aromatic herbs and panela (Compact brown sugar) Aromáticas (Twinings) Flor de Jamaica, Maracuyá con durazno, Limón, Frutas silvestres, Hinojos dulces, Limón con jengibre, Manzanilla, Manzanilla con miel y vainilla $2.300 Herbal and fruit infusions (Twinings) Roselle Hibiscus, Peach and passion fruit, Lemon twist, Wild berries, Sweet fennel, Lemon and ginger, Camomil, Camomil with honey and vanilla Chocolate caliente con galletas $5.000 Hot chocolate with cookies Chocolate orgánico en aguapanela $5.400 Organic hot chocolate sweetened with panela Milo caliente $4.800 Hot Milo (Mayores de 18 años) (Must be over 18) Capucheers Capuchino &


wake and bake coffee mug 96%

Bake Coffee mug will be a real hit at home.


Greenco Burundi Newsletter August 2019 96%

After sharing a long journey with us, our coffee beans will soon start leaving Burundi to discover the world that awaits them.


rs data export 1484411180 95%

Pasta 2.41 99 2.41 12) Tony's Pizza 7.22 297 7.22 5) Best Coffee Shop Or Cup o' Joe Response % Bar Count Percent 01) Kaffe Mercantile 13.21 471 13.21 02) Bean &


Greenco Burundi Newsletter March 2019 95%

Coffee Harvest Season March is the start of the harvest season.


Eliquids Flavours List - Eliquid Lab 2015-02 95%

Domestic Turkish Tobacco US Red Mix Virginia Voodoo Various / Non Tobacco Flavours PREMIUM COFFEE / TEA DRINK COCKTAIL SWEET FRUIT Andromeda Blue Tornado Candy Crush Dr.


Hendershots Plans Book 95%

Communication Direction 12 Communication Details 13 Target Market Segmentation 14 Target Profiles 15 Creative Brief 17 Brand Essence 19 Core Campaign Pieces 20 Microsite Flat 21 Print Ads 25 Video 27 IMC Pieces 28 Guerilla 35 Future Recommendations 37 The BAACK Agency Team 38 1 Situation Analysis Company History Hendershot’s is a 4 person partnership, S&H Coffee LLC, originally located on Oglethorpe Avenue.


Rook Coffee Employment - Barista 95%

BARISTA About Founded in NJ, Rook Coffee is a visionary coffee company complete with multiple coffee bars, a roastery and distribution center, a bottled cold brew business and an online store.


A5 Booklet 95%

12.00 Iced Coffee Milkshake coffee, cashew ice cream, vanilla, little bird chocolate sauce, hazelnut milk 12.00 nut milks Made from rich, smooth nut milk squeezed fresh daily.


Eliquids Flavours List - Eliquid Lab 2014-10 94%

Silver Gold Ducat Italian Blend Latakia Tobacco Makedonian Maxx Blend Oriental Red Ryder Princess PuroS RY-4 Salemint S'Camel Tobaccam-C Tobacco Tobacco Symphony Tobacco-C WBBT Win Tobacco Arabic Tobacco Black Jack Tobacco Camtel Cavendish Tobacco Cuban Cigar Cuban Supreme Cubanito Dark Vapure Desert Voyager Golden Bahraini Apple Golden Virginia Kent Western Blend Old Havana Perique Black Pipe Tabac Stukas Tabac Tabooz Turkish Tobacco Tuscan Garden US Red Mix Virginia Various / Non Tobacco Flavours COFFEE / TEA DRINK COCKTAIL MINT SWEET FRUIT Black Tea Café Viennois Cappuccino Cappuccino Amaretto Cocoa Coffee Coffee with Almond Coffee with Hazelnut Coffee with Vanilla Colombian Coffee Dark Roasted Coffee Espresso Green Tea Irish Coffee Lemon Tea Masala Chai Mocha Mochaccino Peach Tea Absinthe Amaretto Beer Brandy Champagne Cherry Liqueur Cognac Cola Cola Lemon Energy Drink Gin Irish Cream Liqueur Irn-Bru Jamaican Rum Kahlua Peach Schnapps Root Beer Sambuca Sarsaparilla Tequila Whisky Blue Hawaiian Blushin’ Russian Caipirissima Cuba Libre Earthquake Gin Lemon Margarita Matador Mexican Kiss Mojito Pina Colada Rum with Pineapple Sex on the Beach Singapore Sling Summertime Cherry Menthol* Crème de Menthe Fresh Blast Gum Mint Malibu Menthol Menthol Mint Mint on Ice Mint with Chocolate Mint with Eucalyptus Mint with Tobacco-C Mix Mint Peppermint Spearmint FLOWER / TREE NUT SPICE Elderflower Jasmine Lavender Mastic Oak Wood Rose Violet Ylang-Ylang Zen Garden Almond Hazelnut Nut Mix Peanut Pistachio Walnut Anise Cardamom Chili Cinnamon Cinnamon Red Hots Clove Exotic Roots Sesame Banoffee Bavarian Cream Bubble Gum Butterscotch Candy Crush Caramel Caramel &


Greenco Burundi Newsletter February 2019 94%

Coffee Harvest Season In Burundi, the arrival of March unequivocally means that the harvest is here.