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5.00 Credit for Time Served Events and Hearings 05/29/2012 Citation Comment Comment:


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Blog 99%

123505 Comment: ... 115805 Comment: ... 168757 Comment: ... 113466 Comment:


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S1610211280 Report 98%



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FOR TMA Solacito Pader 98%

Comment Nathalie Ortiz Gurl, may nabalitaan ako.


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moderation log 97%

0 points | 11 comments Cincinnati police captain alleges 'illegal' abuse of overtime pay in lawsuit 19 points | 1 comment Can you bring a general contractor consultant to a house showing?


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leaving comments on other peoples1766 97%

You need to try and avoid generic kinds of comments like "I really like your blog", and you need to make sure that you put thought into your comment as it can actually generate traffic directly from your comment.


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Marone Yamume Yamume Tshomba Tshomba Matteo Matteo Montorfano Montorfano Yamume Yamume Tshomba Tshomba Cardiovascular Cardiovascular Anesthesia Anesthesia Cardiovascular Cardiovascular Anesthesia Anesthesia Tiziana Tiziana Bove Bove Maria Maria Grazia Grazia Calabrò Calabrò Tiziana Tiziana Bove Bove Monica Monica DeGrazia De Luca Luca Maria Maria Grazia Calabrò Calabrò Giovanni Giovanni Landoni Landoni Monica Monica De De Luca Luca Fabrizio Fabrizio Monaco Monaco Giovanni Giovanni Landoni Landoni Federico Federico Pappalardo Pappalardo Fabrizio Fabrizio Monaco Monaco Laura Laura Pasin Pasin Federico Federico Pappalardo Pappalardo Anna Anna Mara Mara Scandroglio Scandroglio Laura Laura Pasin Pasin Anna Anna Mara Mara Scandroglio Scandroglio Cardiac Cardiac Surgery Surgery Cardiac Cardiac Surgery Surgery Andrea Andrea Blasio Blasio Alessandro Alessandro Castiglioni Castiglioni Andrea Andrea Blasio Blasio Michele Michele De De Bonis Bonis Alessandro Alessandro Castiglioni Castiglioni Paolo Paolo Denti Denti Michele Michele De De Bonis Bonis Stefano Stefano Moriggia Moriggia Paolo Paolo Denti Denti Stefano Stefano Moriggia Moriggia ORGANISING ORGANISING SECRETARIAT SECRETARIAT ORGANISING ORGANISING SECRETARIAT SECRETARIAT SanSan Raffaele Raffaele Congress Congress Centre Centre Via San Via Olgettina Olgettina 58 58 - 20132 - 20132 Milano, Milano, ItalyItaly San Raffaele Raffaele Congress Congress Centre Centre Phone Phone +39+39 02 2643 2643 3700 3700 Via Via Olgettina Olgettina 5802 58 - 20132 - 20132 Milano, Milano, ItalyItaly FaxFax +39 +39 02 02 2643 2643 3754 3754 Phone Phone +39 +39 02 02 2643 2643 3700 3700 e-mail e-mail info@aorticsurgery.it info@aorticsurgery.it Fax Fax +39 +39 02 02 2643 2643 3754 3754 e-mail e-mail info@aorticsurgery.it info@aorticsurgery.it Speakers Speakers areare allowed allowed 5 minutes 5 minutes for for theirtheir presentation presentation andSpeakers and discussants discussants 1allowed minute 1 minute for their their comment comment Speakers areare allowed 5 minutes 5for minutes for for their their presentation presentation andand discussants discussants 1 minute 1 minute for for theirtheir comment comment Dear Dear Colleagues, Colleagues, Dear Dear Colleagues, Colleagues, Roberto Roberto Chiesa Chiesa Roberto Roberto Chiesa Chiesa Full Full Professor Professor of Vascular of Vascular Surgery Surgery Università Università Vita-Salute Vita-Salute SanSan Raffaele Raffaele FullFull Professor Professor of Vascular of Vascular Surgery Surgery Università Università Vita-Salute Vita-Salute SanSan Raffaele Raffaele Alberto Alberto Zangrillo Zangrillo Alberto Alberto Zangrillo Zangrillo Full Full Professor Professor of Anesthesiology of Anesthesiology and and Intensive Intensive Care FullFull Professor Professor of Care Anesthesiology of Anesthesiology Università Università Vita-Salute Vita-Salute Raffaele Raffaele andand Intensive Intensive Care CareSanSan Università Università Vita-Salute Vita-Salute SanSan Raffaele Raffaele Germano Germano Melissano Melissano Germano Germano Melissano Melissano Associate Associate Professor Professor of Vascular of Vascular Surgery SurgeryProfessor Associate Associate Professor of Vascular of Vascular Università Università Vita-Salute Vita-Salute SanSan Raffaele Raffaele Surgery Surgery Università Università Vita-Salute Vita-Salute SanSan Raffaele Raffaele Ottavio Ottavio Alfieri Alfieri Ottavio Ottavio Alfieri Alfieri Associate Associate Professor Professor of Cardiac of Cardiac Surgery SurgeryProfessor Associate Associate Professor of Cardiac of Cardiac Università Università Vita-Salute Vita-Salute SanSan Raffaele Raffaele Surgery Surgery Università Università Vita-Salute Vita-Salute SanSan Raffaele Raffaele it isit with is with great great pleasure pleasure that that wewe hereby hereby welcome welcome you you ittois itto is with with great great pleasure pleasure that wewe hereby hereby welcome welcome you you the the sixth sixth edition edition of of thethat the International International Congress Congress to to thethe sixth sixth edition edition of of the the International International Congress Aortic Aortic Surgery Surgery and and Anesthesia Anesthesia “How “How toCongress to dodo it”it” th th “How th “How th Aortic Aortic Surgery Surgery and and Anesthesia Anesthesia toto doat do it”the it” - 13 , 2014 , 2014 at the taking taking place place onon December December 1111- 13 th th th th th th 13 13 , 2014 , 2014 at at the the taking taking place place on on December December 11 11 Ospedale Ospedale San San Raffaele Raffaele in Milano.


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Calculas assignment 94%

Jewel's post Back Jewel Rana Jul 28 যারা আজ াস শেষ িছলা না এবং যারা এখনও িসেলেট আেসািন তােদর উে েশঃ খায় ল স ার আমােদর একটা অ াসাইনেম ellipse পয াস নাট। এবার সকেলর উে েশঃ িদেয়িছেলন যটা জমা দয়ার লা ডট আগািম ম লবার।অ াসাইনেম হেলা আিম এখােন ম অনু যায়ী ellipse পয াস নাট ছিব িহেসেব আপেলাড কের িদলাম।খাতাটার জন নািহদােক অেনক ধন বাদ!এখন তামরা এটােক অ াসাইনেম আকাের িছেয় িলখেব।স ার খাতা তমন দখেব না তাই ধু - ধু স ূ ণটা না িলেখ বু ি কের মাঝখান থেক িকছ টিপক বাদ িদেয়- -বাদ িদেয় িলখ,এক পৃার ক ালকু েলসন ৩-৪ লাইেন শষ করেত পােরা।এখােন অেনক িকছ বাংলায় লখা আেছ িক তামরা া েলট কের ইংেরিজেত লখার চ া কেরা;অেনক িকছ খাতার মািলক িনেজ বাঝার জন িলখেস, তামরা সটা ি প কেরা।আর অ াসাইনেম এর জন য খাতা টা িনেব সটােত বিশ অিতির পজ িনও না কারন এই খাতাটা ফরত পাওয়ার স বনা খু ব কম। কান িকছ না বু ঝেল কেম এ জানাও।। 14 Likes 1 Comment Seen by 56 Jewel Rana ভাল কথা,সব লখা িক ইংেরিজেত িলখেত হেব!!


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ramos juan 94%

02/09/2015 Status Status Date Comment Imposed 02/09/2012 Revoked 12/08/2014 Revoked/Reinstated 01/16/2015 01/16/2015 Amended Sentenced Amend Reason Sentence Modified 001 PC647(F)-M-Disorderly Conduct:Under Influence of DrugSentenced Programs Work Program - Napa Valley Dining Club - JWP Order Date:


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Michelle Nicole Boyer 10/22/15 5:39 PM Comment [1]:


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S-100-JZN01-Trad Compendio Complet 94%

39  8.3.3  Comment exclure des valeurs lors d'une interrogation .................................................


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Online Reputation Management For Your Company 93%

Not every comment can be deleted or disappeared from the internet.


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RubyProgrammingLanguage 93%

  Ruby  Programming  Language                                  1 Overview  Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, object-oriented, general-purpose  programming language. It was developed by Yukihiro “Matz”  Matsumoto in the mid-1990s. Ruby was designed to be natural for  humans to use. Ruby is open-source. To download Ruby, visit:  https://www.ruby-lang.org/en    General  To run Ruby code via shell, use the Interactive Ruby Shell by typing  “​irb​” in the console. To exit the Interactive Ruby Shell, type the  command “​exit​”. Ruby files end with the file extension “​.rb​”. To run a  Ruby file in command line, type “​ruby​” followed by the filename:  ruby hello_world.rb Whitespace is generally ignored in Ruby. Newline characters indicate  the end of a statement. Ruby identifiers are the names of variables,  constants, and methods. Identifiers may consist of alphanumeric  characters as well as the underscore character. Identifiers are case  sensitive. Ruby also has a list of reserved words which may not be used as  constant or variable names, but may be used as method names.    Basic Input & Output  Interaction with the console is possible with simple input and output  operations. The four rudimentary I/O operations are as follows:  ● “​puts​” - prints to console with trailing newline character  ● “​print​” - prints to console without trailing newline character  ● “​gets​” - reads from console with last character (usually newline)  2 ● “​gets.chomp​” - reads from console without last character (usually  newline)  Example of console interaction  # Asks user for their name and greets them puts “Hello, what is your name?” name = gets.chomp puts “Hello, #{name}!”   Object-oriented Programming  Ruby follows the object-oriented programming paradigm.  Object-oriented programming is based on the concepts of “objects”  which contain data and procedures. The paradigm is founded upon the  idea that when approaching problems, data types are determined first  and then operations associated with the data types are created.  Classes are data type definitions and contain fields and methods.  Fields are data members while methods are function members. To create  actual pieces of data, instances of an object are created. A class can be  thought of as a “blueprint” for creating objects.  For each created instance, the object has its own fields separate from  the class and other objects. However, the methods do not need to be  unique so there is only one copy of the methods in memory.  The main principles of object-oriented programming are   ● Encapsulation - principle where an instance’s fields should only  be read by the methods of the defining class. External  manipulation is not allowed. This results in modularized code  that is easier to fix, change, and debug.  ● Abstraction - principle where irrelevant data about an object is  hidden and only essential characteristics are available.  Abstractions allows for reduced complexity and increased  3 efficiency because it allows other people to use the functionality  of a piece of code without having to know exactly how it was  implemented.  ● Inheritance - principle where a descendent class inherits from  an ancestor class, gaining access to all members in the ancestor  class. A direct descendent forms a parent-child relationship.  Inheritance helps model real world objects.  ● Polymorphism - principle where a descendent class inherits  from an ancestor class, but the descendent class can modify the  members inherited for improved or more optimized  functionality.    Comments  Comments are statements that are not executed by the Ruby  interpreter. They are used to help other people reading code understand  it. Ruby supports single-line as well as multi-line comments. To write  single-line comments, enter a hash sign “​#​” followed by the comment.  Single-line comments can be written on the same line after a statement  or expression. To write multi-line comments, enclose the comment with  the “​=begin​” and “​=end​” statements. These must be at the beginning of a  line.  Examples of single-line comments  # This is a comment x = 10 # This is also a comment Examples of multi-line comments  =begin This is a 4 comment =end # This is # also a way to # write multi-line # comments   Variables  Variables are memory locations which hold data. The value of a  variable is assigned using an “​=​” assignment operator. During  assignment, the memory location denoted by the variable identifier on  the left side of the operator is set to the value denoted on the right side  of the operator.   Variable names start with a lowercase letter usually. After the first  letter, variable names can then contain uppercase letters as well as  numbers. Variable names should not include whitespace or punctuation.  Furthermore, variables are declared in Ruby without specifying data  types.   Ruby has five types of variables:  ● Local - variables defined in a method. They are not available  outside the method. Local variables start with a lowercase letter  or an underscore “​_​”. If uninitialized, they are interpreted as a  call to a method without any arguments.  ● Instance - variables available across methods for any particular  instance of an object. Instance variables are preceded by the at  sign “​@​” and are set to “​nil​” if uninitialized.  ● Class - variables available across different objects and their  descendents. Class variables are preceded by the double at sign 


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messages messages 93%

I don't see how you're inferring that. The most highly upvoted comment is about mild curiosity, with no interest to join in.


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messages messages 93%

I don't see how you're inferring that. The most highly upvoted comment is about mild curiosity, with no interest to join in.


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day of action breitbart 93%

Under federal administrative law, the Republican-backed FCC rule change allows a 60-day initial public comment until July 17, and then another 30 days for replies to those comments by Aug.


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Social Media Marketing 93%

But with the video sales page has come the video response or comment.


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messages messages 93%

| preferences | | logout all | unread | messages | comment replies | post replies | username mentions /r/Christianity expand all On prejudice and exclusion based on beliefs collapse all [–] to /r/Christianity/ sent 2 hours ago Hi Mods, We recently had a moderator from this forum request that our forum remove links to the recent Mormon AMA. We complied in good faith by removing full participation links. We decided to allow the non­participation links (np.reddit.com) as the only request made was to be direct and polite in any interactions permalink source source [­] from curious_mormon reply full comments  [+50] via /r/Christianity/ sent 2 hours ago Part of this message was cut off, so I apologize for the double submissions. Continued and paraphrased below:


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