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Marxism basics 100%

What is Communism?


[The complete ebook 2014] Death of communism 97%

0 Death of communism Joy of Satan ministers 26.09.2014 1 Preface There is a war going on 'out there' involving other worlds, extending to different parts of our galaxy.


Death of Communism 95%

0 Death of communism Joy of Satan ministers 11.05.2014 1 Preface There is a war going on 'out there' involving other worlds, extending to different parts of our galaxy.


Neo-PosadismFromUfologytoSurvivalism 86%

Neo-Posadism:From Ufology to Survivalism “​ The atomic war is going to provoke a true inferno on earth. But it will not impede communism.”  ­J. Posadas  During the 1940’s,the ‘Posadist Fourth Internationale’ split off from the main Fourth  Internationale.To call the Posadist’s beliefs strange is more than a bit of a understatement.The  Posadists believed,among other things, that a nuclear war between the USSR and the US  would herald the Socialist revolution,that communist aliens would help them rebuild society,and  that dolphins would one day be able to communicate with humans.                ​ Copy of the ‘Red Flag’,the Posadist’s newsletter    Although Posadism experienced some initial popularity,this would decline with the death of their  leader in 1981. By 2010,their membership would number less than 100.By 2025,it was 25,and  by 2030 it was 17.    The last 17 members of the group held a ‘Posadist Fifth Internationale’ in the Salt Lake City  Commune in 2032.In it,they adopted Anarcho­Syndicalism as the party’s ideology,purged the  ofology and other ‘New Age’ elements from the party(resulting in explusion of 6 people),and  focused on a ‘Sustainable,Survivalist,and Ecotopian’ platform,focused on ‘preserving  Communism after the Nuclear War’,which they viewed as inevitable.They also made the  strategic choice to appeal to ex­members of the ​ The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter­Day  Saints,as they believed that their new platform would be extremly appealing to them.This would  turn out to be the move which saved the party.  “Guidelines for the New Posadist” A recruiting pamphlet for the Posadists.    When the Posadist left the convention,in July of 2032,there were 11 remaining members.By  December,there was 26 members.By January of 2035 there was a estimated 750  members,mostly operating in the SLC Commune,as well as in Bolvia and Argentina.  The membership would continue to grow,and by 2050,there was an estimated 30,000  members.At the 2055 Posadist Internationale,the party wrote what would become the ‘bible’ of  the Neo­Posadist movement;The New Posadist Manifesto.  Charles Williams,main author of the New Posadist Manifesto  Written mainly by Charles Williams,along with 25 other Party leaders,the Manifesto would  outline the Neo­Posadists(as they are commonly referred to) ‘Beliefs,Aims,and Tendencies’,and  would switch the official party line from ‘Bring out a nuclear war so communism will emerge’ to  ‘Preserve Communism in the event of a nuclear war or similarly devastating event’.They also  called for the establishment of ‘Large underground bunkers,in which mankind may wait out the  apocalypse’ to be built.           In 2070,the Posadist Fifth Internationale’ would become part of the International of Anarchist  Federations,adding another 50,000 members to the IFA.


Trotskyist Family Tree (draft 3) 82%

James, Denzil Dean Harber, Ted Grant ILP Orientated, later LP Orientated The Fight 2015 Workers' International League (1937 - 1944) Grant, Gerry Healy, Haston LP Orientation Searchlight 1937-38, Youth for Socialism 1939-41, Socialist Appeal 1941-44 Left Fraction 1942 - 1944, 1945 - 1967 (majority join Socialist Fellowship in 1950) Harry Selby (MP) LP Orientation Voice of Labour, Militant Miner Revolutionary Communist Party 1944 - 1949 Lee, Grant, Healy, Lawrence, Harber, Haston, Tony Cliff Socialist Fellowship 1947 - 1950 Healy, Lawrence, Grant LP orientated Socialist Outlook Family tree of Trotskyist groups in the UK and their offshoots The Club 1950 Healy, Grant, Harber, Lawrence LP orientated Socialist Outlook 1948 - 1954 (banned by LP 1954) Militant Tendency Tradition (Grant) Socialist Labour League Tradition (Healy) Socialist Labour League 1959-1973 Healy LP Orientation until 1970 Newsline Revolutionary Socialist League 1956-1964 Grant LP orientation Socialist Fight International Group Tradition Solidarity 1960-1992 Chris Pallis Left Communism Solidarity Socialist Labour Group 1971-date (I981 majority leave and join ISG) Lambertist Marxist Bulletin Communist Workers Organisation 1970-date Left Communism Revolutionary Perspectives (journal), Aurora Workers Revolutionary Party 1973-1985 Healy, Thornett, Cliff Slaughter, Michael Branda Newsline World Revolution 1975-date Left Communism Workers Socialist League 1974-1984 Alan Thornett, Terry Eagleton.


Jewish Logos (1) 81%

Communism Communism is Jewish from beginning to end, from the Jew** Adam Weishaupt, founder of the legendary Illuminati, that secret Communism behind the French Revolution, to the Jew Karl Marx, who fathered the public Communism which erupted into not just one but two World Wars.


Edward Hallett Carr - The Bolshevik Revolution, Volume 2 79%

of the the period period of the revolution different characteristics characteristics - the with markedly revolution with markedly different and the of war war communism the first first stage period of communism and of NEP - I itself, the period I itself, the stage of into chapters on aa chronological division into finall y decided with each decided on each chronological division chapters with finally sector the three three chapters in tum turn in in each discussed in of the the economy each of of the sector of economy discussed chapters to these these periods.


Class Notes by MIDTERM 10.16.2014 76%

Domino Theory • Related to Containment • First articulated by Eisenhower in 1954 ○ If one indo-Chinese country falls to Communism, every one else in the region will become Communist.


The Money Lenders and their Game by Anonymous 75%

141 5.5 Social Engineering, Militarization, Socialization and Communism .


Edward Hallett Carr - The Bolshevik Revolution, Volume 3 72%

Paul Langer communicated to me a l arge amount of material j apanese sources on the history of Japanese communism which in Japan:


Corrupted With Christianity 72%

They never expected their precious communism to fail.


The Money Lenders and their Game by Anonymous Font3 70%

136 5.5 Social Engineering, Militarization, Socialization and Communism .


The Money Lenders and their Game by Anonymous nopics Font1 70%

128 5.5 Social Engineering, Militarization, Socialization and Communism .


Fascist Economics and Socialism of Duty 70%

Our Socialism, however, is not in of itself an economic system, it is not the Socialism of Marx and co and stands in direct opposition to both Communism and Capitalism.


Manifesto of the Communist Party 69%

MANIFESTO OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY [From the English edition of 1888, edited by Friedrich Engels] A spectre is haunting Europe—the spectre of Communism.


The Front Range Voluntaryist Issue #6 - Google Docs 68%

22, 27, 28)              1 Why Antifa is Wrong About Everything, article by Non Facies Furtum   To  the  average  person  in  our  society,  who  is  neither  a  philosopher  nor  a  fool,  the  violence  and  thuggery  of  Antifa  is  disturbing.  Though  they  certainly  realize  that  Antifa  members  are  dangerous  people  who  are  misplacing  their  discontent,  they  may  not  realize  the  full  weight  of  the threat  that cultish groups such as Antifa represent.    Perhaps  the  best  place  to  start  in  examining  the  problem  that  is  the  presence  of  these  Antifa  groups  is  to  analyze  their  ideologies.  As  their  name  suggests  (Anti-fascist  Action),  their  principal mission  is  to  fight  against  what  they  perceive  as  fascists.  These  groups  are  associated  with  anarcho-communism,  and  indeed  their  members  are  heavy  proponents  of  far-left  progressive  dogma,  most  often  devout  communists,  and  in  general  are  about  as  extreme  left a group as exists. They perceive  fascists  as  authoritarian-right  ideologues,  though  in  truth this is not accurate, nor who  they target.    So,  who  are the fascists they oppose? Well,  if  you  are  a  gun  owner,  an  entrepreneur,  or  a  Christian,  or  if  you  think  that  limiting  immigration  might  have  beneficial  effects,  think  people  ought  to  be  allowed  to  say  what  they  wish  with  no  violent  consequences,  or  in  many  cases,  are  just  white,  male,  or  heterosexual,  you  are  a  fascist  as  far  as  Antifa is concerned. In 1944,  George  Orwell  wrote  a  short  piece  on  the  meaninglessness  of  the  word  “fascism”,  in  which  he  states  that  indeed  it  is really more  of  a  convenient  label  which  can  be  tacked  on  to  any  movement,  ideology,  or  organization  that  one  disagrees  with.  This  seems  to  be  quite  accurate  in  describing  how  this term is used nowadays, and its use  ought to carry little power.    In  reality,  the  already  ugly  character  of  these  organizations  manifests  itself  in  an  even  more  negative  way.  They  are  well  known  for  their  protests  and  riots  against  2 advocates  of  free  speech,  speakers  with  even  moderately  conservative  views,  and  more  recently,  of  intergovernmental forums  such  as  the  G-20  meeting.  These  so-called  anti-fascists  assemble  large  groups,  all  dressed  in black-bloc, carry provocative and  dogmatic  signage  in  their  demonstrations,  often  carry  weapons,  and  in  their  clashes  with  attendees  of  conservative  speakers  or  free-speech  advocates,  initiate  violence  to  deter further voicing of opinions.    The  most  clear  and  present  danger  that  Antifa  poses  is  their  ability  and  propensity  to  commit  acts  of  violence  against  individuals  with  which  they  disagree;  and  to  riot,  loot,  and  in  general  destroy  both  public and private property.    Now,  what  is  the  great  irony  in the nature  of  Antifa?  Oh,  of  course.  They have become  exactly  the  group  they  claim  to  despise.  Who  else  used  violence  and  intimidation  to  achieve  political  goals,  and  attempt  to  achieve  ideological  compliance?  Who  else  hated  and  condemned  good  people  just  because  of  their  identities?  That’s  right,  fascists.


The New World Order 67%

(LOGICAL RESULT OF CAPITALISM AS A GOAL INSTEAD OF CAPITALISM AS A TOOL) Newspeak such as such as One World Government Ukraine Information similar to Russia Austerity Measures Destruction of Religions and Creation of their own Unified Monetary System Big Population Reduction Destruction of all National Identity and National Pride Return to Feudalism Merger of Capitalism and Communism lead to Exploitation of Natural Resources Reducing Social Benefits Results in Poverty Submission Construction of Military Bases Information Youtube:


Common Announcement MECYO 2015 66%

It promotes the anti-scientific and reactionary theory of equating fascism with communism and tries to claim the innocence of the capitalist system, of which the fascist ideology is a part.


PCUSA greetings congress 65%

Greetings to the Founding Congress of the Party of Communist USA Bangladesh Socialist Party of Bangladesh 2 Canada Communist Party of Canada 3 El Salvador Communist Party of El Salvador 4 France Pole of Communist Rebirth in France 5 Greece Communist Party of Greece 6 International In Defense of Communism 7 Italy Popular Culture and Documentation Center 8 Mexico Communist Party of Mexico 9 Russia Russian Communist Workers’ Party 10 United States United National Anti-War Coalition 11 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Communist League 12 Socialist Party of Bangldesh-SPB Central Committee 23/2 Topkhana Road (2nd Floor), Dhaka-1000.


Communism with the Mask Off 61%

Communism with the Mask Off By Joseph Goebbels In the beginning of August, this year, one of the most authoritative English newspapers published a leading article entitled “Two Dictatorships,” in which a naive and misdirected attempt was made to place before the readers of the paper certain alleged similarities between Russian Bolshevism and German National Socialism.



Similarly, the Jewish Communism theory implies that Jews have been dominating the Communist movements in the world.


BREMANISMRevision2 60%

It is not Nationalism, not Socialism, not Communism, not the actual Wild Liberalism and certainly not the Open Borders One Worldism that is now coming with its Massive Invasion ordered by UNO and practiced by EU and our Governments with the help of Leftist Human Traffickers NGO’s, all looking for "Electoral Enrichment"



Communism In theory, an economic system based on a classless society, common ownership of all resources, the complete disappearance of government and income allocated according to need.