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PCUSA greetings congress 100%

Greetings to the Founding Congress of the Party of Communist USA Bangladesh Socialist Party of Bangladesh 2 Canada Communist Party of Canada 3 El Salvador Communist Party of El Salvador 4 France Pole of Communist Rebirth in France 5 Greece Communist Party of Greece 6 International In Defense of Communism 7 Italy Popular Culture and Documentation Center 8 Mexico Communist Party of Mexico 9 Russia Russian Communist Workers’ Party 10 United States United National Anti-War Coalition 11 Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Communist League 12 Socialist Party of Bangldesh-SPB Central Committee 23/2 Topkhana Road (2nd Floor), Dhaka-1000.


Antifascist Resolution 8-9th May 2015 98%

Antifascist resolution of communist youth organizations in Europe On 08th/9th of May 1945, fascism was defeated and the greatest crimes of humanity were put to an end.


Trotskyist Family Tree (draft 3) 96%

Legend Socialist Labour Party 1903 - 1980 James Connolly De Leonist, Scottish Based The Socialist Organisation Name date founded - date dissolved key people Publication dates of publication Red outline = organisation still active Communist Party of Great Britain 1920 - 1991 Harry Pollit, Sylvia Pankhurst Marxist-Leninist Daily Worker 1930 - 1966 Morning Star 1966 - date Communist Unity Group 1919 - 1920 Tom Bell, J.


Common Announcement MECYO 2015 95%

Common announcement of the 11th MECYO During the 7th and 8th of March 2015, in Frankfurt/Main the 11th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations took place under the title “70 years after the Antifascist Victory of the Peoples:


Marxism basics 94%

It should be used as a starting point for anyone interested in the Communist ideology.


Aime-Cesaire-Letter-to-Maurice-Thorez-1956 93%

Maurice Thorez General Secretary of the French Communist Party It would be easy for me to articulate, as much with respect to the French Communist Party as with respect to the Communist International as sponsored by the Soviet Union, a long list of grievances or disagreements.


another-view-of-stalin1 93%

11 IN COMMUNIST PARTIES AROUND THE WORLD, THE IDEOLOGICAL STRUGGLE AROUND THE STALIN QUESTION PRESENTS MANY COMMON CHARACTERISTICS......................................................................................................................................................................


Peter Kreko Far Left edited 91%

The communist party AKEL in Cyprus is a mainstream party that gained more than 30% of the vote in the last parliamentary elections;


hrg-1954-sjs-0047 from 1 to 176 89%

The hearing today concerns the activities of American citizens in behalf of Communist China.


Davide Ferri - The Problems of Democrati 84%

A NON-PARTICIPATORY HISTORY OF COMMUNIST DISUNITY Within this chapter I have outlined the impotence of individualised Communist parties across the world and mentioned the South Asian scenario.


Death of Communism 81%

If you note throughout history, and this goes back centuries, the greys- the Communist/Christian side always has been human hating, mass murdering, and brutally enslaving.


[The complete ebook 2014] Death of communism 81%

If you note throughout history, and this goes back centuries, the greys- the Communist/Christian side always has been human hating, mass murdering, and brutally enslaving.


Communism with the Mask Off 80%

This is not an easy task, in view of the fact that the Propagandist Institutions of the Communist International are undoubtedly well organized and have not been unsuccessful in putting before the public of the world, outside of the Russian frontiers, an entirely false picture of Bolshevism.


Class Notes by MIDTERM 10.16.2014 80%

massive economic aid package for Western Europe for fear of communist takeover • Containment policy motivated US interest in Korea and lead to massive defense budget expenditure • NSC-68:


pologne 79%


The Front Range Voluntaryist Issue #6 - Google Docs 78%

Communists too, actually.    Antifa groups seem to stand for very much  the  same  sort  of  ideologies  and policies that  groups  such  as  the  Nazi  Party  did  in  the  past,  although  with  the  preferred  demographic  shifted  from  “Aryans”  to  “oppressed  peoples.”  The  prime  goal  of  all  political  action  is  to  fight  the  designated  ideological  enemy  of  the  group,  a  trait  which  is  shared  by  all  Leftist  organizations,  and  in  this  case  the  greatest  enemies  are  white,  Christian,  conservative,  heterosexual  men,  though  anyone  who  does  not  fully  accept  their  far-left  doctrine  is  a  target.  A  common  Antifa  quote,  indicating  their  uncompromising  desire  for  dominance  and  intent  to  cause  political  violence,  is  “Liberals  get  the  bullet  too.”  In  the  same  way  as  did  communists,  Antifa  identifies  itself  with  anarchism,  indeed  in  a way most  vexing to us real voluntaryists.    As  they  only  ever  want  to  expand  coercive  state  power,  and  constantly  both  encourage  and  commit  violence  against  those  who  stand  in  their  way,  they  are  certainly  not  anarchists,  but  in  reality,  just  tyrants  in  the  same  way  as  their  ideological  kinsmen  of  old.    Antifa  regularly  and  more  accurately  identifies  itself  with  Marxism  and  communism  in  general.  In  keeping  with  communist  tendencies  common  in  the  past,  they  hate  “fascists”,  as  they  are  the  main  competition  communists  have. They act like  they  have  the  moral  high  ground  being  Communists.  Ironically,  communists  and  their  regimes  killed  far  more  people  than  fascists  ever  did,  by  orders  of  magnitude,  and  communism  oppressed  millions  of  more  people  and  for  decades  longer  than  fascism  did.  Antifa  members  seem  to  be  unable  to  realize  that  they  resemble  fascists  both  in  ideology  and  tactics,  and  even  visibly,  with  their  use  of  black-bloc  tactics.  They  have  too  little  historical  knowledge  to  realize  that  fascism  was  also  an  authoritarian  leftist  ideology.  Both  communism  and  fascism  were  interested  in  using  socialism  as  a  way  to  control  the  populace  and  engineer  the  economy.  They  used  similar  tactics,  such  as  indoctrinating  the  youth,  weakening  the  family,  and  growing  and  glorifying  the  military, to gain  influence  and  control  their  societies.  They  both  took  advantage  of  economically  devastated  nations,  and  were  extremely  authoritarian,  and  expansionist  in  nature.  They  were  both  leftist  in  that  they  were  anti-religious,  despised  family  values,  and  postured  themselves  in  such  a  way  as  to  be  seen  as  they  were  fighting  against  the  “oppressive  old-guard”.  These  anti-fascists  are  fundamentally  the  same, in their desires  and  in  their  tactics, to the fascists they claim  3 to  hate.  As  the  famous  quote  says  “The  fascists  of  the  future  will  be  called  anti-fascists.”    Antifa  groups  may  seem  small  and  not  very  influential  now,  but  they  must  be  resisted.  Very  recently  in  Hamburg,  nearly  10,000  antifa  members,  supposedly  the  largest  black-bloc  in  history,  rioted  during  the  G-20  summit.  Cars  were  burned,  more  than  $1,000,000  in  property  damage  was  caused,  and  many  police  officers  were  injured  in  clashes  with  Antifa.  They  cannot  be ignored.    To  all  freedom  loving  voluntaryists  reading  this,  and anyone else who wishes to  live  in a free society, I ask you to resist these  people  wherever possible. Use logic, reason,  and  evidence  to  destroy  their  narrative,  tell  them  why  they  are  wrong,  and  discourage  their  savage  violence.  The  road  to  liberty  is  full  of  monsters  who  try to imprison us, but  in the end, we will prevail.    [They  seem  to  think  certain  styles  of  authoritarian  collectivism  are  bad  and  others  not  so  much.  While  they  try  to  act  neutral,  and  call  themselves  “black  flag  anarchists”,  they  admit  that  “tankies”  and  “anarcho”  communists  are  among their ranks; and of  course  they  (at  least  in  Colorado  Springs)  associate  with  the  Marxists  in  town.  I’m  unsure  what  any  of  their  differences  are  with  the Marxists. Both want to:  smash  the  “white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy”;  obtain  “worker-owned  means  of  production”,  i.e.,  expropriate  businesses;  and  silence  the  masses  in  their  crusade  for “social justice” by smearing us with  a  slew  of  terms.  Funny  thing  is,  they  call  us  [voluntaryists]  “fascists”  when  we’re  the  only  ones  who  are  poles  apart from collectivism and statism. So  if  “fascists”  are  their enemies, why are they spending  time  doxxing  anarcho-capitalists?  I  assume  they  don’t  want  any competition in ideas. They want to be  the  sole  virtue-signalers  that  everyone  looks  to  as  presenting  a  true  alternative,  which  they  don’t  have.  While  there  are  a  lot  of  fascists  out  there, and I’d say  the  American  state  is,  surely  this  buzzword  as  they  use  it  is  becoming  as  meaningless  as  “racists” which  they hurl around.


Nuclear Preparedness 75%

With tensions rising between free countries and communist Russia and its satellites.


info booklet 75%

Mistakes and Achievements Page 2 of 8 CATCH THE MOMENT - EXPLORE EASTERN EUROPE • • • • • • • • • • Political Institutions, Values and Ideological Ambivalences in Eastern Europe Post-Communist Populism and its Political Roots The Principals of Eastern Partnership:


asian 75%

the countless wars, the communist dictatorship, North Korea, the recent militant invasion of Tibet &


ktttn reading list 72%

Communist or Individualist? ... What Is Communist Anarchism?


03 577-2048-1-SM 71%

(1) the guarantee of Vietnamese communist party guidelines will successfully lead educational system toward socialist-oriented market economy, (2) management experiences in creating conditions for educational market to develop in the Vietnamese Government proper is weak and lack.


Schmidt memo 71%

The BMC extended its theoretical development and started the unique Counter-power theory/history project, securing the SA movement’s place as a vital contributor on the world stage (along with its involvement in projects like the ILS and anarkismo) to the revival of the global anarchist-communist movement, including the ZACF.



(Christopher Columbus) America discovered in 1492 (2 Papal Bulls) 1912 = Titanic sank 1913 = Federal Reserve Established 1914 = First World War 1917 = Bolshevik Communist Invasion !


abolish rent zine 70%

Abolish Rent For a Communist Tenants’ Movement Julian Francis Park Some Communist Theses for the Tenants’ Movement 1.