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Artificial neural networks in petroleum engineering 100%

These developed models outperformed correlations with highest correlation coefficients and lowest average absolute relative errors.


Final Report 98%

Zalando showed a strong positive correlation with EBIT data, Zooplus had strong positive correlation with all data points (mainly;


16 08 Fidelity Oil Correlations 98%

One way to assess the driving forces behind markets is to look at correlation data.


ULS Price List+Spares Repaiirs List 98%

full system clean-up most repairs and parts as necessary full radio transmitter realignment full radio receiver realignment full frequency response check of radio and correlator system correlation time delay accuracy check accelerometer sensitivity and frequency response check battery charge rate check and charger safety test battery capacity/ condition check test and repair all connecting leads and ancillary equipment issue of service report and calibration certificate 2 Week Turn Around As well as the checks on the equipment functions and time delay accuracy, the calibration itself is primarily of the radio telemetry system receivers and transmitters.


Many-Particle Strongly Interacting Systems 93%

Weak Correlation . ... Strong Correlation . ... Strong Correlation .


SFRAPStatsProject 93%

AP Statistics Correlation Project Questions:


bare conf 92%

E XTENDED R ESULTS 0.95 Specificity In Table I we present the sensitivity and specificity for each studied correlation metric.


Machine Learning Project 90%

The interesting thing in the graph below is a correlation between the Price (Adjusted Close Price) and the Volatil (High – Low Prices), even though the correlation is slightly negative.


Quantum Magnetism and Spin-Fermion Models 89%

This IGF method allows one to describe the quasiparticle spectra with damping for the systems with complex spectra and strong correlation in a very general and natural way.


PDF poster 89%

•There was a significant positive correlation between highest level of education and the amount participants were willing to donate if they were to win $100 on the lottery :


64-Herman 89%

Korelasi antara variabel Faktor Persiapan Tutorial Faktor PersiapanTutorial Faktor PenguasaanMateri Faktor Penyampaian Faktor Komunikasi Faktor Displin Faktor HasilTutorial Faktor BiayaTutorial Faktor Kepuasan Pearson Correlation Sig.


PDF poster 89%

•There was a significant positive correlation between highest level of education and the amount participants were willing to donate if they were to win $100 on the lottery :


PDF poster 89%

•There was a significant positive correlation between highest level of education and the amount participants were willing to donate if they were to win $100 on the lottery :


Paper ICT2014 88%

On the Design of Spreading Sequences for CDMA Systems with Nonlinear OQPSK-type Modulations Ângelo da Luz (1,2), Francisco Cercas (1,2), Pedro Sebastião (1,2) and Rui Dinis (2,3) (1) ISCTE-IUL, Lisbon University Institute, Portugal IT, Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal (3) FCT-UNL, Monte da Caparica, Portugal (2) Abstract—The main focus of this paper is to present an analytical method for calculate the correlation between OQPSK (Offset Quadrature Phase-Shift Keying) signals modulated by several spreading sequence families.


45x45 - Jonathan Weiss poster presentation AMA conference 87%

Enhancing the sensitivity of the ECVT with automated eye tracking improves its correlation with other visual-spatial measures of working memory and learning in Ugandan children at-risk from perinatal exposure to HIV infection.


OEM Summer2012Poster2 87%

found that the mutual-information-maximizing neural coupling J12* for the twoneuron Ising Model varies smoothly with input correlation and neural reliability in a way that can be easily interpreted (see captions).


Poster Dissertation Complete no QR 85%

Individual Differences in Mothers and Children:


Statistical Mechanics and Many-B0dy Models 84%

In systems of many interacting particles an important role is played by the so-called correlation effects,8 which determine specific features in the behavior of most diverse objects, from cosmic systems to atomic nuclei.


Vol. VI, No. 5 (Mobile Edition) 84%

(For more on Expected Points, go to – Ed.) In order to determine which defensive statistics measurable in fantasy football correspond with Expected Points, the statisticians looked at the Pearson product- THE LEAGUE OF DOOM TIMES-CHRONICLE PICAYUNE, SATURDAY, AUGUST 27, 2016 PAGE 5 moment correlation coefficient (denoted as r) of Expected Points in comparison to the various statistics in question, like sacks, interceptions, and so on.


Generalized Van Hove Formula for Scattering of Neutrons 83%

The correlation scattering function of the relevant variables give rise to a very compact and entirely general expression for the scattering crosssection of interest.


Quantum Protectorate-Models 82%

In these materials electron correlation e ects are essential and, moreover, their spectra are complex, i.e., have many branches.


Preview 82%

26 Augur 04 Bitcoin 28 Ark 06 Bitcoin Cash 30 Golem Network Token 08 Ethereum 32 Numeraire 10 Neo 34 Siacoin 12 Ripple 36 Bancor 14 Litecoin 38 Tezos 16 NEM 40 Correlation Table 18 DASH 41 Inflation Table 20 Iota 42 Volatility Table 22 Monero 43 Glossary 24 Zcash 45 Disclaimer 2 What is a Blockchain?


Poster 1.5 82%

• the education level slightly affects the amount of donation and this affection shows positive correlation.


HIOKI BT4560 ENG 82%

Correlation between DC-IR measurement and low-frequency AC-IR measurement DC-IR measurement Load current T Method whereby a DC load is put through the battery, and the resistance is calculated from the voltage variation that occurs.


Exploratory Analysis 82%

Rel Wing A ++ .931 +.912 -.973 Correlation across all wings: