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Has Humanity Become Numb to Cruelty 100%

Has Humanity Become Numb to Cruelty?


holly-dusky's-earth-glamour-vegan-beauty-products 92%

NAIL POLISH REMOVER Earth Glamour specializes in cruelty-free nail products.


Animal Cruelty Training Course - Advocates 88%

Vijay Chennupati COMBATING ANIMAL CRUELTY Guidelines for Advocates Thursday, October 15th, 6:30-8 p.m.


Holly Dulsky-Earth Glamour 87%

We are Leaping Bunny Certified and are proud to sell only 100% vegan, cruelty-free beauty products.


SP03 RSPCA POLICIES WEB (2014) (4) 82%

RSPCA inspectors investigate alleged cases of cruelty and enforce the law where possible, with more than 150,000 complaints of cruelty each year.


Go Green 76%

New Keychain Design Takes Animal Cruelty To A New Level Seeing animal cruelty throughout the world is nothing new to an environmental activist or someone who has gone green.


Essay Marina Nemat 69%

 But  the  truth  is  that  in  a  world  that  is  drowning  in  war,  violence,   and  cruelty,  if  we  add  to  the  cruelty,  if  we  do  not  show  empathy  and  lend  a  helping   hand,  in  the  long  run,  we  would  be  condemning  ourselves  to  living  in  a  cruel  world.


ALifeworthLiving 68%

The good life many despise hasn’t hurt anyone but the evil many desire is the reason why the world is full of hate, cruelty and everything wicked.


Animal Poster 2 60%

Hate animal cruelty! Pit-bull lover!


The Belt Boy Extract 59%

That dream, which still recurs to this day, was one of the reasons I became involved with the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children;


Hutzler Newsletter 57%

They make noises that can only be explained as a cry.” against killer whale cruelty.


Miles full bio 57%

Loyd people/A lot of people, Too loud noises, overly perky people |But he can deal with them|, Animal/Any type of cruelty/Abuse, Babies Weakness:


Jamie Aitchison Resume AdminAssist WBLOC 55%

Jamie Aitchison  2846 N. Christiana Ave. #1, Chicago, IL 60618 ​- ​312.310.1928 ​- ​  Experienced copywriter/copy editor skilled at modifying tone, syntax and voice for various communication platforms   SKILLS:  ● ● ● ● ● ●   Exceptional organizational skills, able to coordinate multiple ongoing projects/event  Effective at staying focused while priorities shift and reimagining obstacles as opportunities  Creative outside-the-box thinking that cultivates curiosity and clever problem solving  Professionally trained public speaker and moderator of interactive events (fundraisers, trivia nights, weddings)  30% fluent in French (source: Duolingo)  Proficient with MS Office, Google docs, WordPress, Adobe Photoshop, Office, Outlook, AP Style, HTML  PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:  Freelance Voice Over Artist   -   Chicago, IL   -   2016 - present    ● Assist clients (via Leo Burnett) with short-notice voice over work    Chicago Pop Trivia   -   Chicago, IL   -   2014 - present    Owner  ● Research, write, and host interactive trivia game, incorporating venue specials and announcements  ● Promote trivia events across social media platforms  ● Negotiate terms and coordinate schedules with venues (including Logan Theatre, Beauty Bar, Revival Food Hall)    National Anti-Vivisection Society    -    Chicago, IL    - 2004 - 2016  Assistant Director of Communications (2014 - 2016)  ● Managed print publications, collaborated with staff and vendors (graphic designer, printer, and post  office) to stay on schedule and under budget  ● Provided copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading for print and digital outreach, including but not  limited to newsletters, brochures, press releases, direct mail, eblasts, and social media posts  ● Created content for rebranded website, offsetting the cost and need to hire a freelance copywriter  Manager of Special Programs (2012 - 2014)  ● Created and updated database of Sanctuary Fund grant applicants and recipients, built interpersonal  relationships with shelter contacts, and processed check requests and distribution  ● Provided Directors with regular, detailed reports detailing growth, regression, obstacles, and achievements  ● Developed new strategy for Art for Animals using direct mail to target professional and amateur artists  ● Grew Automatic Monthly Giving program from a dozen participants to >600 monthly donors, resulting in  an exponential increase in monthly donations  Program Associate (2004 - 2011) / Senior Program Associate (2011 - 2012)  ● Initiated, developed, and moderated social media outreach by seeding, growing, and nurturing NAVS’  original online audience (EX: Facebook followers grew from 0 to nearly 9,000 current followers)  ● Researched and evaluated animal testing policies from approximately 300 personal care companies for  inclusion in a cruelty-free shopping guide sent to more than 40,000 NAVS supporters  ● Traveled to various education-based conferences (National Association of Biology Teachers, American  Biology Teachers), displaying and presenting the Biology Education Advancement Program  Program Assistant (September 2004 - March 2004)  ● Answered phones, forwarded calls, greeted visitors, sorted and delivered mail, and provided other  administrative assistance as needed  ● Disseminated information (via phone and mail) regarding mission, accomplishments, and funding  ● Organized kitchen and stock room, monitored supplies, and managed office supply orders  ● Arranged travel and hotel accommodations for Executive Director    Freelance Proofreader   ● Greek, MD, Ray, and Niall Shanks, PhD. 2009. ​FAQs About the Use of Animals in Science​. Lanham: University Press.   ● Shanks, PhD, Niall and Ray Greek, MD. 2009. ​Animal Models in Light of Evolution.​ Boca Raton: BrownWalker Press.  ● Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services Annual Report.  2007. c/o The Wendt Group.    EDUCATION:    ● ● Eastern Michigan University    -   BA Theatre Arts/ Creative Writing  Second City Writing Program


Happy Birthday Greg Ellis poem by The Archivist 54%

He’s also been a commander of the British air force Whose ace pilots would help you win in a videogame If perchance you were crushed as his opponent in war By the end of the day, you’ll remember his name He’s been on stage, the main star of the show For him, the crowd more than once took off their hats There isn’t a single fan of theater who doesn’t know His booming, melodious voice is one you won’t forget He’s been a ruthless psychopath, impeccably dressed Whose cruelty made you feel no less than unnerved In the end, he paid for his crimes without being arrested For another psychopath made sure he got what he deserved He’s been a billionaire, white collar criminal Who had the bad luck of being exposed for his theft The grim fate his killer made sure to be dismal Forced him to a drastic ending none could expect And if all of that is not convincing enough Follow through the poem, there’s more for you to know He’s commanded the troops of a mighty Inquisition He’s made love to the herald of a dawning age None can stand against him in the wars of friction When the lion roars, watch his enemies run away And now, you get to see him also behind the camera Lending a cinematic touch to dreams and ambitions With a clever storytelling filled with glamour The stories of people’s lives acquire proper recognition He’s a crack director, a talented writer A Pac man expert, a Rubik’s cube professor Find me a guy who’s supposed to be any brighter And watch him have his rival for breakfast So hurry on, get a Twitter account and follow his profile After all you have just read, what are you waiting for?


International Bird Rescue 2013 Annual Report 54%

Two Brown Pelicans—one affected by oil contamination, the other a victim of human cruelty—are released in Rancho Palos Verdes, Calif.


Spotlight Livestock impacts on the environment 54%

Vegan Shampoo – The Best Cruelty Free Shampoo List Vegan Toothpaste – The Best Cruelty Free Toothpaste List Vegan Memes – Funny Vegan Pictures Livestock Impacts on the Environment Spotlight / 2006 Livestock impacts on the environment The challenge is to reconcile two conflicting demands:



(If response is other than Code Word, cover will be sent) Security Check Hazardous or Chemical Spill Investigate Water Leak Signals Out of Order Fire Serious Injury Accident Minor Injury Accident Non-Injury Accident No Detail Accident Traffic Control Request for Tow Truck Special Detail Citizen Assist Officer Needs Help SO-55 (Rev 04/04) 187 207 211 242 245 246 261 273a 288 314 330 415 417 451 459 470 487 488 496 537 586 594 597 602 647f 653m 5150 10851 10852 11350 11357 12020 12025 20001 20002 23103 23152 23153 Homicide Kidnapping Robbery Battery Assault with Deadly Weapon Shooting at Dwelling Rape Child Abuse or Neglect Child Molest Indecent Exposure Gambling Disturbance Person with Weapon (Describe) Arson Burglary Forgery Grand Theft Petty Theft Possession of Stolen Property Defrauding Innkeeper Illegal Parking Vandalism Cruelty to Animals Trespass Drunk Phone Threats Mental Case Auto Theft Tampering with Vehicle Possession of Dangerous Drugs Possession of Marijuana Possession of Illegal Weapon Carrying Concealed Weapon Hit and Run – Felony Hit and Run Reckless Driving Drunk Driving (Misdemeanor) Drunk Driving (Felony) DISPOSITION CODES AF AJ AM CC CI FA FI GA IO ND OK QA RF ST UF UL WC XP Arrest - Felony Arrest - Juvenile Arrest - Misdemeanor Canceled After Dispatch Cited False Alarm Field Investigation Gone on Arrival Information Only No Disposition Given at EOS Checks OK Quiet on Arrival Report to Follow Settled Unfounded Unable to Locate Will Cooperate Extra Patrol PHONE NUMBERS Code 3 Code 4 Code 5 Code 6 Code 7 Code 8 Code 9 Code 10 Code 11 Code 12 Code 14 Code 37 Emergency (Lights and Siren) No Further Help Needed Stakeout Remain Clear of Area Eating Restroom Summer Uniform TACTICAL Alert TACTICAL Staging Location High Risk Warrant Service Dive Team Call-Out Subject Wanted M - misdemeanor F - felony T - traffic Code Blue Bus / Taxi in Trouble Emergency I Want the Air C.C.


FinalversionoftheRSPCAsresponsetotheWoolerreview (3) 52%

The  RSPCA  is  the principal prosecutor of animal cruelty legislation  in England  and  Wales  partially  for  historical  reasons,  as  the  Society  was  established  nearly  a  decade  before  the  first  police  force.  This  has  led  to  misconceptions  amongst  the  public,  legislators  and  indeed  other  enforcement agencies about  the  role  of  the  Society,  its  powers  and  even  the  uniform  and  ranking  of  its  inspectors.


caracol 51%

You will see yourself in a mirror quietly dissolving, becoming an apostate to the church of your own skin unless you surrender to the weight of grace before you, commence an absolution, and be reminded that the polished glass reflects you with more cruelty than the magical crystalline lens of your loved one’s eyes do.


My Veggie Story Online PDF 50%

I'm not a picky eater so I can always find something on the menu that is cruelty free or ask the staff to help me alter an item enough to turn it vegan.


nameless - otherworldly patron 49%

Nameless may often display cowardice, cruelty, abject fascination and rage in equal measure.


ImamHusayn 48%

Yazid ibn Muawiyah was corrupt and cruel, but what made him uniquely problematic was the blatant pride with which he undertook his corruption and cruelty.


Women Double image 46%

Double Image of Women in E.


Hitler's Anti-Marxism proves that he was right-wing? 45%

In this passage, Hitler's leftism is latent. His thinking follows the mold of all the doctrines of the left. The left is defined by the basic assumption that man is capable of solving cruelty and social injustice through some tool. This tool is almost always the government, which should receive the maximum of possible functions in order to achieve this goal. Cruelty and injustice, in turn, are always caused by enemies that need to be fought. Thus, in every leftist government, there is always an apocalyptic struggle between the government and the "enemies"