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Game 278 gameRules 100%

D o n a l d X .


Daryn Godsbane 97%

When cursed foe is dropped to 0 hp, gain damage.


w E 18840200 94%

This will be apparent when we remember that when Adam became a sinner, not only did the curse of death fall upon lum, but the entire dominion of his kingdom— the eaith— suffered, and is in a cursed condition.


Aleister-Crowley-book-of-the-law-alternative-commentary 88%

This book is the response of the Lord God to the lies of witchcraft and wickedness of aleister crowley (cursed) specifically "


Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 36-40.indd 84%

The cursed blood of their clan has polluted their minds, with the result that every last Malkavian across the world is incurably insane.


Nightmare Fuel 82%

One of my favourite video creators, Creeps262, had uploaded a new video about a supposedly cursed Kleenex ad from the 1980s.


Word Experience Compendium 2016-2017-1 82%

for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree:


82 78%


Chronical Guide VtM PGs 56-60.indd 77%

Assamite Curse The Tremere cursed 57 the Assamite Bloodline in an attempt to prevent the “Clan vision, trekking with spirits, peering into minds and of Diablarie” from eating their fellow Kindred.


tESOchar 77%

DRAGONKNIGHT Ardent Flame Standard of Might:


Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 31-35.indd 77%

31 Lilitu Israel, Phoenicia and through the Christian era.


Leaflet 76%

NR OD DO MAPA GRACZY TRYB DLC NAZWA DLC 1 (17.00) (17.13) CURSED 8 DM -------- ------------------------------- 2 (17.13) (17.25) FALLENONE 8 DM -------- ------------------------------- 3 (17.25) (17.38) FORBIDDEN 8 DM -------- ------------------------------- 4 (17.38) (17.50) SACRED 8 DM -------- ------------------------------- 5 (17.50) (18.03) UNSEEN 8 DM -------- ------------------------------- 6 (18.03) (18.15) ILLUMINACI 8 DM DLC1 MEDIEVAL HORROR 7 (18.15) (18.28) NIELUDZKIE MIEJSCE 8 DM DLC1 MEDIEVAL HORROR 8 (18.28) (18.40) PSYCHOZA 8 DM DLC1 MEDIEVAL HORROR 9 (18.40) (18.53) KOPALNIA 8 DM DLCX FULL METAL ROCKET 10 (18.53) (19.05) FACTORY 8 DM DLC7 CITY CITTERS 11 (19.05) (19.18) FACTORY HD 8 DM DLC7 CITY CITTERS [EN] PAINKILLER HELL &


nybblereport3 74%

Though we are gifted, we are also cursed.


w E 18830700 74%

It was God who said, Cursed is the ground for thy sake, and who condemned (cursed) both man and woman to labor, sorrow, pain and ultimate death.


king-gift 73%

When you weave the Veil with the terrain, rip this card, and the area is now a Shadowland (Cursed Place;


Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 66-70.indd 73%

Salubri (Devasura) Fallen angels, soul-sucker, prayer-eaters, unicorns, the Salubri are psychic-vampires, divine and cursed, healers and crusaders.


Download File (1) 71%

“You are cursed more than all cattle and every beast...” GENESIS 3:14 to the woman...


Chronical Guide VtM pGs 26-30.indd 71%

bloodline, cursed with the appearance of death.


Poems from novella 71%

Odd odds Unlucky, misfortunate, or cursed There’s no way thing can get any worse It’s like the universe want to coerce Me and my sanity into this strange entity My effusive identity wants to turn ‘Me’ into ‘we’ But I can’t see the odds of this happening I’m ill-fated with this kinds of thing The odds of us sting Mute I love you I feel you I want you I see you You are everything I seek But I’m weak But I can’t speak I’ve been but on mute I leak in emotion To an affectionate devotion to you To love you Through and through Hoping I have nothing to lose But to lose you I lose Limit You’ve piqued my curiosity As I’m pushed to the peak of my monstrosity.