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Discernment paper BR2018 08.06 proposal2 100%

To be meaningful and effective, this needs to include both counter measures to defend information space (examples include restrictions upon known propaganda outlets such as RT and Sputnik, such as changing their status from media outlet to that of a foreign agent), as well as the ongoing exposure and removal of sites/platforms that explicitly promote hate speech, terrorism and recruitment drives through entities such as Daesh.


Pilar Rahola - La Yihad 98%

El salafismo es la idea matriz que ampara la inmensa mayoría de fenómenos islamistas de todo el mundo, desde Chechenia, hasta Somalia, desde Cachemira hasta Palestina, desde Nigeria hasta los ejércitos de Daesh que cabalgan su terror por la vieja Mesopotamia.


naq 92%

Nada al-Qahtani Commander of the first DAESH female assault battalion


ModelMi5IntelligenceReportonSinnFein 87%

Redacted Mi5 Security Brief.   For Presentation to COBRA  TOP SECRET                Operation FREE DERRY     Redacted Mi5 Security Brief.   For Presentation to COBRA  TOP SECRET    Goal of the Operation  Infiltrate Sinn Fein and expose its links to terrorists. We must prevent the accession of a​ n Irish  Messiah that will rally these undisciplined ​ youngsters​ .  This will entail deep investigation of the  leaders of ​ both British and Irish​  Sinn Fein. Our goal is ​ the total destruction of the party and the  reputation of the leader.     Recommended Course of Action  Any action taken by the United Kingdom Government against Sinn Fein, even with extreme  links to terrorism, shall be seen as an act against dissent. Because of this we must deal with the  Sinn Fein “Problem” from inside the party. Several members of the Sinn Fein Grouping are  planted agents of Mi5 and some even Mi6. We plan to Install ​ /u/Nettlth​  as leader of the Sinn  Fein Independent grouping in order to destabilise relations between the Provisional Irish  Republican Army. Additionally his extreme views shall weaken Sinn Fein's influence and  popularity within Northern Ireland.  If this course of action is taken is is likely that Sinn Fein  shall disband within a matter of years.       Evidence:    ­ High Quantities of ​ C4 plastic​  explosives uncovered, delivered to the postal address of a  /u/irelandball  ­ Detailed plans of ​ /u/​ padanub​  ​ and ​ /u/​ InfernoPlato’s​  ​ schedules  ­ Scribblings of plans to ​ blow up parliament​ , inside ​ Irelandball’s​  parliamentary journal  ­ Testimony given by /​ u/NoOneCares​  and ​ /u/LookingForWizard ​  places /u/Irelandball in  secret IRA meetings  ­ A secret Mi5 agent inside Sinn Fein, ​ /u/MrEgueneKrab​ , was able to leak documents to  Mi5 that showed that Sinn Fein was laundering money for New Jersey based ​ Cocaine  smugglers​  and the ​ Irish Republican Army    Known Affiliates /u/NicolasBroaddus  /u/cocktorpedo  /u/electric­blue  /u/zoto118      Redacted Mi5 Security Brief.   For Presentation to COBRA  TOP SECRET  Known Members /u/Irelandball     Party Affiliations ● ● ● ● Sinn Fein(United Kingdom)  Sinn Fein(Fake Ireland)  Fianna Fall(Republic of Ireland)  Independent(United States)  Terrorist Affiliations ● Self proclaimed member of the IRA  Threat Level ​ Low         Redacted Mi5 Security Brief.   For Presentation to COBRA  TOP SECRET      /u/Nettlth   Party Affiliations ● Sinn Fein(United Kingdom)  ● B​ olsheviks(USSR)     Terrorist Affiliations ● ● ● ● ● Alleged member of the Irish Republican Army  Confirmed member of ​ Daesh   Sympathiser towards ​ Islamic and Communist​  militant groups  Participator in the ​ London Tube​  Bombings  Known listener of ​ Nickleback​  ­ ​ Extreme Caution is Advised  Threat Level ​ VERY VERY VERY HIGH Redacted Mi5 Security Brief.   For Presentation to COBRA  TOP SECRET  /u/anciarraioch   Party Affiliations ● Sinn Fein(United Kingdom)  ● Labor (Australia)  ● MGuardian newspaper      Terrorist Affiliations ● No suspected terrorist organisations  Threat Level ​ Quite a nice chap actually


Outline Concept paper for IfS US programme v6 28 08 2017 (003) 85%

The US also needs to rebuild its understanding of Russia and how to deal with it, so as to (a) improve its own governance at a time of transition, and (b) rebuild its leading role in Europe via NATO and via encouragement to the EU, to enable them to deal more effectively with the new challenge to our democratic structures and processes posed by Russia (and China, and Daesh/IS) today 7.


FCO Integrity Initiative US doc 77%

Where relevant, the network also addresses other, linked sources of disinformation and influence, such as Daesh and China.


FCO US Integrity Initiative 77%

Where relevant, the network also addresses other, linked sources of disinformation and influence, such as Daesh and China.


Dan%27s%20notes%20for%20Israel%20(003) 77%

Now the problem is understood, we are working to set up a “network of national networks” (“clusters”) of people in all European countries who understand the problem and are willing to tackle it We focus mainly on Russia, but also look closely at Daesh, and are now also looking at China.


Active Measures CND Integrity Initiative visit to Oslo 73%

CND Integrity Initiative visit to Oslo, 29-31 Aug 2016 Programme 29 August 1730 -1900 Meeting with Cecilie Prebensen and E Africa team, National Youth Council, re Daesh info and the radicalisation of youth 1930 Dinner meeting with Chris Prebensen and Sven Ullring (former Chairman of Fridtjof Nansen Institute) on getting the Norwegians’ attention 30 August 1000 – 1130 Discussion with Kristin Ven Bruusgård Institute for Defence Studies, MOD ( on Russian infowar and hybrid war 1130 - 1300 Seminar at the Norwegian Atlantic Committee, Chair – Secretary General Kate Hansen Bundt (


Conference 1 71%

At the same time, Turkish foreign policy continues to be driven by a strong security dimension, with regional dynamics usually viewed through the prism of perceived attacks on Turkish sovereignty by the PKK, the flood of refugees into Syria, attacks by Daesh (ISIL) in Turkey, and the desire to ensure friendly or neutral border areas.


Russian propaganda and the US election SHORT 70%

Some recent reports have presented the Republican candidate favorably, such as when he endorsed a number of critics for re-election 'in an attempt to ease party tensions', or accused Clinton of founding the Daesh terrorist group.


FCO application form 2017-18 69%

to countering Daesh influence in Muslim communities 3 V.


FCO application form 2018 v2 68%

to expose and counter Daesh influence in Muslim communities, and increasing Chinese influence in our countries Phase 1 of this programme is now completed;


Comunicado de Imprensa 66%

Mais de 5000 cidadãos europeus aderiram a organizações terroristas e a outras formações militares, nomeadamente às fileiras do autoproclamado Estado Islâmico/Daesh, da Jabhat al-Nusra e de outras formações fora do território da UE, em especial na região do Médio Oriente e do Norte de África.


II handbook v2 65%

Danish (reading) (GR) Greg Rowett – Infowar and - English (YD) Yusuf Desai – Daesh and Muslim Community specialist – English, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, Gchichewa, Afrikaans, Arabic (EG) Euan Grant – HMRC, - English, Russian?


The Institute for Statecraft Expert Team v 3 57%

studying comparative Russian and Daesh propagandists.


WE%20ARE%20NATO%20PROJECT%20%20Background%20paper%209th%20April%202018 52%

Global actions by NATO Allies are being misinterpreted within the communities, often driven by Daesh or Hizb ut Tahrir propaganda, and both diaspora communities and Muslim countries are being lost to the Western cause.


Salisbury and Syria 8 52%

The Russian State subsequently claimed to be a7acking Daesh, when the vast majority of strikes were aimed at opponents of Assad.


Cluster Roundup Jul18 52%

This is especially true in some countries of Chinese and Daesh influence.