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Code 19 93%

Code 19 Written By Jeff Didlick 1 EXT.WEST PLAINS-DAY A PACHYCEPHALOSAURUS darts through the hilly grassland, its tail, body and neck forming a perfect horizontal line.


Sportinfo 367 klein 86%

Turn- und Sportverein Grünbühl e.V.


RDLinkedBrochure 86%

24, 26g 85% TUNGSTEN MATCH WEIGHED WALLET / X2 SETS FLIGHTS / X1 SET SHAFTS £12.90 20, 22, 24g BUNKER BUSTER TM At 54mm this is our longest made darts range, with seamless ring design and a total performance grip.


Blaster Guide 86%

The one major downside to the Hammershot is that it only can hold 5 darts at a time, so you’ll need to use your darts wisely.


silverdnd 85%

120 ft V,S Inst You create three glowing darts of magical force.


bus 85%


Sportinfo 375 klein 85%

Turn- und Sportverein Grünbühl e.V.


silver 83%

120 ft V,S Inst You create three glowing darts of magical force.


NASL-24 83%

NASL History NASL History Vancouver WHITECAPS 1979 NASL History Home 1979 Vancouver WHITECAPS Road 1979 Trevor WHYMARK NASL History Vancouver WHITECAPS NASL History Washjngton WHIPS 1968 Washington WHIPS NASL History 1968 Home 1968 Road 1968 Jorge SIEGA NASL History Washjngton WHIPS NASL History Washington DARTS 1970 Washington DARTS Warren ARCHIBALD 24 1979 NASL History 1970 Home 1970 Road 1970 Washington DARTS NASL History


2013-030318 Documents Released 83%

Daggers, flick knives, concealed knives and star knives and blowpipe darts tipped with poison were also controlled under Item 18.


Heal the Soul 82%

Still more, you can pull out any darts, splinters, etc -- anything the Lord shows you, too.


SportInfo 363 80%

Turn- und Sportverein Grünbühl e.V.


SportInfo 362 80%

Turn- und Sportverein Grünbühl e.V.


character 78%

120 ft V,S Inst You create three glowing darts of magical force.


Dragonborn Sorcerer 1 77%

Medium humanoid (silver dragonborn), Draconic Bloodline, neutral good STR DEX CON 10 (+0) 13 (+1) 14 (+2) INT WIS CHA 10 (+0) 12 (+1) 16 (+3) Proficiencies (+2 proficiency bonus) Saving Throws Con +4, Cha +6 Skills Arcana +2, Athletics +2, Intimidation +5, Survival +3 Tools drum Weapons daggers, darts, slings, quarterstaffs, light crossbows Damage Resistances cold Senses passive (Perception) 11 Languages Common, Draconic, Sylvan Sorcerer Features Dragon Ancestor.


Why do you ask 75%

Why do you ask The cat just finished their rounds as a Rufus to a college couple They didn’t have food but good scratches nice under the chin folk palms tree over students and cat alike I think all the houses down MLK are for show so students feel like they live in an historic neighborhood The ladies who get together on Sundays to share the Florida are a part of the aesthetic Its nap time for the nocturnal A shade in the shade of a wide Buick The owner of the Buick rudely starts his car The cat darts down the street like a dart like a car Newly awakened, eyes full of day the cat answers the ticking of a tongue Here, Kitty Kitty Kitty Kitty looks first You have to earn this The man offers his hand like its giving Come here, Kit Kit pulls over to the curb in three step burst offering her head against his leg They love eathother for a time Both unemployed furry creatures Acquiring names on the go On the go on the go Always on the go The man names his lover Luna She walks away to find food If you’re finding food you’re not eating You have to know where food is Food scurry’s about everywhere if you don’t mind eating that sort of thing The good food is on Immanuel’s porch Every day he shuffles outside to feed a snowball, a fat tony, countless ants with names I can’t begin to pronounce And our cat lovingly named Sassy The cat loved being called Sassy He felt like a Sassy Fluffy static-haired All white but not a snowball Not that pushed in face But all about those endearing eyes Those expressive eye brows saying ‘Thank you Immanuel’ (to print-2015- Richard Lepre)


monky monky 75%

LANGUAGES CP 0 SP 0 EP 0 GP 5 PP 0 *Quarterstaff *10 Darts *Explorer's Pack (pack, bedroll, mess kit [bowl etc], tinderbox, 10 torch, 10 days rations, waterskin, 50ft rope) *Herbalism kit EQUIPMENT TM &


Skull New 75%

Common, Halfling SP EP GP PP 15 1 Shortsword 2 Daggers 5 Darts Leather Armor Torn Black Cloak Thieves' Tools 2 Days Rations Waterskin Pouch Skull Mask (Looking for a chance to get gear) OTHER PROFICIENCIES &


Summer DT Result Sheet 75%

Short Legs (16 darts or less) Record Name &


Yvan 72%