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coronerscriptv5 100%

POLICE IN ATTENDANCE.] JUDITH Didn’t Davey call you?


bmtm online program 64%

Daniel Aukin, Rachel Chavkin, Mark Wing-Davey, Young Jean Lee, among others.


DaveQuayResume 61%

Maxwell Dunn Until Next Time The Clown Big Apple Circus Clown Care  (clown, 2007­2010)   TRAINING  MFA – Acting, New York University  BA – Theatre Studies, Emory University   Netflix   ABC  Lifetime  FOX  Fake Wood Wallpaper/Mike Brune  NYU Graduate Film/Charles Rogers  Greelock Prod./Steven K. Greer  Fox Searchlab/Joshua LeBlanc  Shakespeare Theatre DC/Ethan McS  Mint Theater/Gus Kaikkonen  Classic Stage Company/John Rando  Organic Magnetics/Maija Garcia  EST/Harris Yulin  Phoenix Theatre Ensemble/Niegel Smith ABS Productions/Tom Ridgely  CTC/Jackson Gay  CTC/Andrew Borba  CTC/Adrienne Campbell­Holt  CTC/Ethan McSweeny  CTC/Brian Mertes  Georgia Shakespeare/Richard Garner  Out of Hand Theater/Barry Carman  Aurora Theatre/Joe Gfaller  Georgia Shakespeare/Dan McLeary  Theater Zero/Andrew Simon  Theater Emory/Richard Garner  Synchronicity/Danielle Mindess  Out of Hand Theater/Ariel DeMan  Mark Wing­Davey  David Chapman  Niegel Smith  Scott Alan Evans  Jack Fletcher  Kenneth Washington  Rob Clare  Victor Pappas  CTC/(self­directed)  NY Clown Theater Festival  Big Apple Circus


newsletter 61%

Best Attendance Clubs This weeks best attendance was Mr Davey’s class with 100% All clubs will resume from next week (January 11th) Leverton App We are always looking at ways of keeping you, as parents, as up-to-date as we can.


Hobart Jazzercise flyer 2016 (2) 61%

Vintage Chic Hotel Grand Chancellor 1 Davey St Hobart.


Hi4 60%

Gordon Davey x1 24. Ray Edgcumbe x2 25.


Stats 2015 56%

Surrey County Pool Teams Match Points - 2015 Player Name Selected Attended Frames Played Frames Won Total Michael Cook 9 8 32 23 163 Nick Booth 9 9 36 21 159 Sarah Smith 9 9 36 26 158 Ollie O'Boyle 9 9 36 20 154 Tony Litchfield 9 9 36 26 151 Max Brooker 9 9 36 21 149 Jason Toovey 9 9 36 19 149 Ryan Mears 9 8 36 19 147 Allan Gomez 9 9 36 19 146 Neil Callingham 9 9 36 23 146 Jack Smithers 9 8 32 18 139 Ross Lindsay 9 9 36 21 138 Mark Hollingdale 9 9 36 20 134 Gez Drew 9 8 32 21 133 Steve Petty 9 7 28 17 128 AUTOMATIC SELECTION FOR 2015 SQUAD WITHOUT RE-TRIALING ABOVE THIS LINE 120 Jon Leach 9 9 36 20 116 Tom Kennedy 9 6 24 15 114 Mark Miller 9 9 36 20 113 Stuart Miles 9 7 28 15 108 Anne Taylor 9 9 34 14 108 Connor Jackson 9 8 32 17 108 Martin Lambert 9 7 28 16 107 Nick Pool 9 9 32 17 104 Paul Turner 7 9 28 18 98 Cathy Fox 9 8 32 12 97 Steff Peters 8 7 28 13 94 Simon Le Marchant 9 8 32 11 92 Nichola Wornell 9 7 28 12 91 Graham Thompson 9 8 27 16 90 Tony Wilson 9 6 20 14 89 Jon Skinner 9 6 24 15 89 Heather Hounsome 9 6 24 12 86 Steve Chambers 8 6 20 10 83 Jen Barnard 9 8 30 9 82 Michael Hope 9 5 20 10 82 Ashley Withers 9 7 28 13 82 Steve Pantony 8 9 28 12 81 Claire McKee 9 6 24 9 75 Paula Crowe 9 6 24 9 74 Billy Donovan 7 6 24 9 73 Ryan O'Donnell 9 6 23 10 71 Harriet Haynes 5 9 20 12 70 Chris Pidgeon 3 9 16 12 62 Sam Lindsay 6 7 21 9 61 Lee Andrea 7 4 20 10 61 Paul Blanchette 7 7 18 8 56 Krystal Stacey 8 5 20 6 54 Hugh Telford 3 4 16 8 53 Kristina Mladenovic 6 6 24 3 48 Andy Chitty 9 7 17 5 47 Lucy Cox 8 7 28 2 47 Paula Thompson 6 5 20 4 46 Liam Shipton 4 3 16 8 43 Lee Coyne 4 2 12 6 38 Lauren Dyson 9 5 14 3 38 Kevin Selway 4 5 14 4 35 Dawn Milton 4 2 8 5 34 Terry Doke 3 3 12 4 30 Tony Edwards 4 2 8 3 29 Zoe Healy 9 4 10 2 28 Steve Ringsell 4 2 8 2 24 Ian Williams 4 2 8 2 22 John Hersey 2 5 8 1 17 Metin Tomris 0 1 4 2 15 Steph Lewis 3 1 4 2 15 Paul Wildman 0 1 4 1 10 Cameron Gregory 2 1 4 1 10 Gary Swettenham 0 8 0 0 8 Karen Thumwood 0 1 4 0 5 Zoe Howarth 2 1 4 0 5 Surrey County Pool - Junior Team Match Points - 2015 Player Name Selected Attended Frames Played Frames Won Evan Plummer 9 9 36 25 Ryan Taylor 9 9 36 22 Charlie Lenihan 9 9 36 21 Ricky Allen 9 9 34 16 Nathan Ayres 9 9 34 15 AUTOMATIC SELECTION FOR 2015 SQUAD WITHOUT RE-TRIALING ABOVE THIS LINE Mason Davey 8 8 30 11 Paddy Collins 6 6 22 12 Daniel Nuttman 8 8 24 10 Oliver Cooper 8 8 28 9 Jessica Nuttman 8 8 28 8 Harry Brown 6 6 20 10 Ben Brown 5 5 18 6 Ellie Brown 6 6 18 5 Joe Brown 3 3 12 7 Daniel Foarde 3 3 10 4 William Baines 1 1 4 2 Chris Wilson 1 1 2 0 Total 179 164 159 132 127 120 101 94 90 89 84 82 58 55 53 36 16 4 Surrey County Pool - Senior Team Match Points - 2015 Player Name Selected Attended Frames Played Frames Won Andy Shaw 9 9 34 22 Chris Pidgeon 9 9 35 18 AUTOMATIC SELECTION FOR 2015 SQUAD WITHOUT RE-TRIALING ABOVE THIS LINE Gary Swettenham 9 8 31 18 Tony Litchfield 9 9 26 16 Andy Chitty 9 7 20 7 Tony Nuttman 9 7 15 7 Jon Leach 9 9 11 4 Steve Ringsell 4 2 8 5 Total 139 124 120 119 108 63 55 45 34


CCSIF 2015 announcement EN 55%

Elizabeth Charles has started her project entitled “Leveraging New Paradigms and Disruptive Technologies to Successfully Orchestrate Pedagogical Change” with a large multidisplinary team composed of Rob Cassidy (Psychology and OID, Dawson College), Nathaniel Lasry (Physics, John Abbott College), Bruno Poellhuber (Education, Université de Montreal), James Slotta (OISE, University of Toronto), Kevin Lenton (Physics, Vanier College), Silvia d’Apollonia (Biology, Dawson College), Michael Dugdale (Physics, John Abbott College), Chris Whittaker (Physics, Dawson College), Katherine Davey (Lester B.


349 Bundy Objection to Protection Order 53%

In fact, Davey Bundy and others exhorted the 16 crowd to be calm, peaceful, and non-violent.


Boston 2024 Profile - Duhaime 50%

Davey and all of my friends at Boston 2024,!


Water, hydrocarbons and life on Earth. 45%

3.- USGS - Earth's water distribution 4.- Melissa Davey (12 Jun 2014).


RMResearch-Flash-Note GPX 20161121-1 45%

Management Stephen Dennis Non-Executive Chairman Phil Hoskins Managing Director Grant Davey Non-Executive Director Stuart McKenzie Company Secretary RC Drilling...High grade intercepts  A 13 hole, 1,365 metre RC drilling (ASX Announcement 16/11/2016) has also identified a new zone of mineralisation located approximately 200m north (Figure 1) of Shimba.


vol2 provision of allergy services 41%

Elizabeth Murphy Mrs J I Constable B Eyre Mrs M J Stow Kathryn Bailey Joyce Morrow Jack Codman Ian and Pam Williams Ms Pauline Jones Mrs R S Beeny Mrs D J Colman Mrs P L Williams Julie Owens Mrs Rosemary Nichols S A Prriton Wendy Longman Christine Skelton Mrs Janet Cooper Mr and Mrs P R Davey Mr J G Cooper Katherine Trafford-Owen Maureen Wiseman Joan Thomas Joan Walpole Reilly Mr T Rombach Mrs P Ranson Mrs G C Nullens Mrs L A Bell Mrs C Webster Mrs Rita Cox Jennifer Howells Mrs Frances Rabone Helen Wallace Heather Campbell Denise Hunt/Matt Kelly Mrs Suzanne Khechy Mrs L Wellings Mr and Mrs Doran Miss Susan Radcliffe Joanne Meaneaux Mrs Margaret Taylor Mrs E Y Pilkington Mrs Margaret Rolph Mrs E E Brown Lyn Allcock Mrs Angel Bennett Lynee Bucklow Michelle Kershaw Mrs Janet Small Mrs E Charnley Mrs Tessa Rust Mrs Kathryn M Gilbert Ann Hewlett B Tate Ian Julian Shirley Tidmarsh Mrs Ingrid Murphy Mrs D Purvis Mr Alan Ward Mrs Jenny Jones Mrs A Ryall Mrs D Little Mrs Jo-Ameline Shamas Mr Paul Curran Ann Alcock Jean Lewis-Hood Ruth Beeley Barbara Rutland Margaret Bond Mrs Heather Davies Mrs H J Cooper Mr A H Griffith-Jones Iain Esau and Saramma Thomas-Esau Mrs A Mills Mrs Shirley Cleverdon P L G and C A Hayman Jane Redfern J Benson Jean M Stephenson Mr Eric Birbeck Jane Bishop Mr Ed Debaes J C Buckley Clare Pritchard Christine Jones Mrs G R Powell J R Winn Alan Carter V Bailey Beryl E Roberts Mrs Sarah Chapman Mrs Audrey Rapson A S Cromarty Mrs Clare Turner Pamela M Gallon Patrick Webster Des Seymour Miss Beatriz Rodriguez Mrs K Farr B Wyatt Mrs Hazel Brackley Mr and Mrs L G Barr Lynett Williams Mrs Frances Hutton Mrs S Mitchell Mrs Headland Mrs C Musson Mrs Rhoda Noble Marjorie Roff Mrs Allison Frazier Mrs Dorothy E Fowler A Bourne Paul Senior Alison Inglis Verity Chilver Elaine Plant Mrs Judy Smith Jackie Banham Mrs C L Davies Mrs A Snow Mrs C A J Burns Mr Brian J Naylor Mrs Karen Green Mrs A V Hommel Helen Handman


Smithsonian e-news article 2010 32%

―Davey D Interview s Cind y Cam pbell,‖ Grand Good .com vid eo, posted 11 March 2010.


FuturePlaceTypeMap December2012 23%

Eggert Rd Clement Rd Lebrun Rd ry Suffolk St Orleans St Leonard St Janet St Kay St Beiter Walk Eggert Rd Edison Ave Collins Walk Harriet Ave Wright Ave Rom a Ave Freund St Weber Ave E End Ave Hazelwood Ave Wilkes Ave Erb St Newburgh Ave Courtland Ave Newburgh Ave Hagen St Hazelwood Ave Floss Ave Hum ason Ave Eller Ave Dom edion Ave Goethe St Schiller St Wood Ave Wex Ave N Ogden St Goethe St Davey St Gold St Ideal St Benzinger St Longnecker St Greene St Schiller St Central Ave Stewart Ave Wisconsin Pl Littlefield Ave Poplar Ave Briscoe Ave Sprenger Ave Countess Ave Zelmer St Peace St Sattler Ave Saint Marys Rd Sumner Pl Sumner Pl N Central Ave Academy Rd Roslyn St Haven St Blake St Brinkman Ave Burgard Pl Fay St Gatchell St Shepard St Liddell St Wick St Fisher St Suffolk St Texas St Roslyn St Ericson Ave Roebling Ave Drivew ay Wende St Zenner St Burgard Pl May St Goembel Ave Rapin Pl May St Koons Ave Schutrum St Hirschbeck St Brownell St Sw inburne St Bud Mil Dr te Dr Va len MS GR Drivew ay Ba bc o Cambria St ck St De po tS t Ne w St Allegany St Taylor Pl Southside Pkwy Da sh Cochr ane St Wheelock St Willett St Willett St S Ogden St Polish Pl Re m er v Riv y Pk w P er Ca ze no v ia l Walkway Hancock Ave McKinley Pkwy St Dundee St Cushing Pl Densmor e St Ward Ct Hansen Ave Onondaga Ave Ithaca St y Be Pl S Park Ave an Hines St m Susan Ln c nti Shenandoah Rd Carlyle Ave Whitehall Ave High View Ter Durant St S Pontiac St Pontiac St S Pierce St Pierce St Weiss St Weimar St Cable St Barnard St Fenton St Holly St ew ay in Le Av g to Un am o n ge n in Pl Pl rA Av gt o ve on n P ie w da l Ju Pl nia le Pa Pl ta Sa ul Pl Pl ge Po Av m e on Ar Ro a Se a n min Pl m o P in ke l ol P e Pk k w y w y Ba il Dri v ey Av e Pulaski St Weaver St Krakow St Spann St Fredro St Gorski St Rober ts Ave Kelburn St Glenn St Cliff St Olsen St Ho Hu ba r bb a rd t St St He us s Kim y Av e me lA ve Mid la n dS t o Pl Alam on Av e Pa y s Lilac St St bb y A Boone St Folger St w Ne Zollars Ave e Av Hopkins St s Arbour Ln tt Rd Abbo Dr r Rd Downing St Aldrich Pl Nia Eden St Evanston Pl Latona Ct Dorrance Ave Rd a or na Han nic al D Brost Dr Cantwell Dr Dallas Rd Leland Dr ar y Eden St d P kw Okell St Culver Rd Ridgewood Rd R Coolidge Rd Ramona Ave sc Tu Sheffield Ave Harding Rd Colgate Ave Marilla St d ld Germ ania St Godfrey St Com stock Ave Elm er Ave Leslie St Colorado Ave Kilhoffer St Moselle St Goodyear Ave Nevada Ave Montana Ave Rustic Pl Bissell Ave Moselle St Saint Louis Ave Oberlin Ave Miller Ave Titus Ave Goodyear Ave Koons Ave Titus Ave Peck St Freem an St Thatcher Ave Poultney Ave Norfolk Ave Northumberland Ave Olympic Ave Norfolk Ave Wyoming Ave Cornwall Ave Cambridge Ave Stevens Ave Cornwall Ave Cambridge Ave Hum ber Ave Ernst Ave Mohr St Becker St Schmarbeck Ave Milburn St Rom mel Ave Person St Person St Armbruster St Deerfield Ave Schuele Ave Carl St Donovan Dr Young St Curtiss St Warren Ave Houghton Ave Newell St is Le w D Du ole St nc an St O Ne w gs R Sprin al Miner Fie Abby St y Mariemont Ave Woodside Ave Reading St Pa rk w s er Whitfield Ave Altruria St Bo ta Pk tt Po al Can Carter St ne e e Av Sh ip ay 5 Draft v ew Dri y Hw City of Buffalo Office of Strategic Planning December 18, 2012 te Sta 1 Casim ir St e Av Amber St Colgate Ave Griswold St nd la St 0.5 Dr y Ohio 0 an r be ay Crystal Ave Lockwood Ave Ladner Ave Marilla St Ludington St Dempster St Chauncey St St t en n S yd ya e R Ha Av e St ry an d Av t e Ct r ea G e y pe h dS Av t W m an t be o r Ka rm a r mf S t lS M u ns No itt e M Pl Z bi le Pl St Ro Ya on Pl m d t R ce on l f fu in ch t P Bu Pr ur St g s nt Ch St da ve Kin mo n k on lA e re ac t m dia e l Av e r t S P b a In l b k Dis in S m e St ho Hu e fic A v v e Ta t t te S m s A n A e St o le er n en v Ke om od Sa Du s o St id C wo e A v e a er r Ed Com o Ave vi A M g le mo s e no Ea a th bu Av ze Olcott Ave r m d Ca St olu oo ve A Columbus Ave C ge w e ve c Ed ls a e A d A y e R a in w e rr Av Pk er Lo te et ed oa ck lv Ch Ja Be d Choate Ave Re W Woodside Ave Miles Hennepin St Ludington St m Cu ew Payne Ave Garvey Ave BOA Boundary Reiman St St St Osage St St ge Koester St rid wb ve Tro e s A Pri Drivew ay St Tifft Regent St Pk w ley v Dri d B lv e Av od Go Sirret St Beacon St C-R (Rail Corridor) C-G (Greenway Corridor) Stanley St P Ch e ru P e ro l ke eP Ch l e ro ke eP l Kin Mc n an C-H (Highway Corridor) Keystone St ay Dri v ew Parkridge Ave Clarence Ave Clyde Ave Liberty Ave Federal Ave Montclair Ave Manhattan Ave Marigold Ave Durham Ave Grider St Birch Pl Sheridan Ave Howlett St Wasm uth Ave Barthel St Barthel St Gittere St Ivy St Ruhland Ave E Parade Ave Marshall St Ba bc oc St kS Tro t up Mil eS to n t St Ha rris on Le St ste rS Ha t ye sP l th y yS t Mystic St Bell Ave St King t Reiman St nk m C-T (Transportation Corridor) gS Kin Dr r on D gi n Le io N L eg S hr Fu Transportation Corridor (C-T) way Broad a Fr ay St aga Bar Ave St Stone Pa w v ew Dri D-ON (Natural) Blv d Ba kos y Dr Mc Ca rth n Ave Queen St 5 D-OC (Civic);



Anna Foakes; Kirkwood Family - Fraserburgh; Harry Matthew; Noel Wade; Melanie Wade; Matthew Wade; Francesca Wade; Caroline Murphy; Paul.Chloe-Alicia-Madeleine.Tracey; Kenneth Yee Man Tse; f3lollipops; Alex Taylor; Johnny Norton; Rudas Máté; Lőrincz Máté; +++ James Greene, Janis Greene, Callum Greene, Liam Greene +++; Ben Davey; Oliver Davey; Trajan Kai Dolan; Edward Warwick Javan; Harry Jonathan Spriggs; Poppy Charlotte Spriggs; Basher; David Bamping; Archie King; Lucie Simpson; Daniel Horsey-Elson; *HAPPY 70th Margaret Gisby 09/02/2014*; Joshua Hodey; Jemma Hodey; Emily Crankshaw; CHARLIE JOHN WOOD (13); Adrian Cheeseman; Reece Cheeseman; Ollie Miller (The Best); Guy Huxtable; Figder Elemér; Peter Hutchison; Daniel Wacker + Nina Müller + Lynn Müller; Duncan Cheeseman; Michael Brown; Sara Forbes; Aran Bevan; *** MIDDLETONS AND TUCKNOTTS ***; Sean Wright; Jacob Perry; Hannah Perry; Peter Hirling; Dave Hassall; June Hassall; Tarran Hassall; Tyler Hassall; Keir Hassall; Robert Armor; HELEN.M.GODDARD; Ian Yates; Steven Russell; Kai ‘’Bakom’’ Hakonen;