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eBook-Debbie Stevens 2013 100%

All she needs A girl with a heart upon her sleeve Yes, she was young Yes, she was naive Accepting less Less than better Denying worth All those words that speak 'abuse' She's known them all Still shaking them loose Pain short lived Shortly returns Each cruel visit One less to learn And on it goes Until she sees The faith in God It's all she needs Debbie A Stevens Alone he weeps Late into the night I can hear the tears I can feel his pain I share in his fears We must close our eyes We must sleep tonight May the dawn of a new day Soothe our hearts in daylight I awake to his lonely weeping a heart-wrenching outcry of pure grief, slowly, emerging from his moment alone now slightly composed, but certainly no relief Today shall be as yesterday keep moving, he can't keep still if time's allowed to hang around it means too much time for his lost soul to fill How I pray for words to console him I beg that my mother will send me a sign, taken from us so unexpectedly leaving a huge black void, in his world and mine Alone, my father lives day by day always busy, his key to survival in life, from each daybreak until dusk when again, he silently weeps alone for his wife Debbie A Stevens Always my sister You and I had been planted We were the seeds We became her girls You came first, ahead of me Her blood travels through our veins They are like tracks on our map Many twists and turns in the roads Two lives split into two directions But will always return to the nest Their home Their roots You will always be a sister You will always be MY sister And I love you Debbie A Stevens Bubbles of love Bubbles of love float in her glass She knows he loves her, no need to say She feels it's how he sees her Love can make or break a heart The might of nature forces its own touch This night made for them No heroes, just dreamers Bubbles of love floated in her glass He made sure it remained topped up!


VSNW16 Community Powered Change Delegate Programme 91%

Alongside all this we ask delegates to please take the chance to thank Debbie Dalby.


hiley Hyundai Apri Call Summary 89%

Caller Forward Time Duration Status Recording Hurd Joyce 817-658-3620   06 Apr 07:13 AM 00:00:01 HANGUP Purpora Debbie 817-889-2940 888-318-4864 05 Apr 04:56 PM 00:02:59 ANSWER Listen Purpora Debbie 817-889-2940 888-318-4864 05 Apr 10:01 AM 00:02:47 ANSWER Listen Purpora Debbie 817-889-2940   05 Apr 10:01 AM 00:00:01 HANGUP Purpora Debbie 817-889-2940 888-318-4864 05 Apr 09:34 AM 00:04:14 ANSWER Listen EROM:


TellaStory 89%

He need it after getting grilled from Debbie.


Feb3 DC Hearing 87%

Noah Purcell Colleen Melody Assistant Attorneys General Office of the Attorney General 800 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000 Seattle, WA 98104 Debbie Zurn - RMR, CRR - Federal Court Reporter - 700 Stewart Street - Suite 17205 - Seattle WA 98101 2 1 Jacob Campion Assistant Attorney General of Minnesota 445 Minnesota Street, Suite 1100 St.


Hot Shots' Motion to Dismiss 86%

Tavern, DDRT, LLC, Starmaker Karaoke and Debbie Harm 10 UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT 11 DISTRICT OF NEVADA 12 10001 Park Run Drive Las Vegas, Nevada 89145 (702) 382-0711 FAX:


SW Xmas print artwork 85%

07507 600376 EAGLESCLIFFE Eaglescliffe Community Centre, Durham Lane Tuesdays 9:30am Tel Debbie:


2016 Program 83%

Abernathy, Dale Abernathy, Harvey Adams, Austin Adams, Bruce Adams, Charlie Adams, Gail Adams, John Adams, Kent Adams, Mark (!95) Adams, Sally Adams, Tressa Albright, Jordan Albright, Mike Albright, Neil Anderson, Jennifer Anderson, Marty Anderson, Sonna Anderson, Warren Ankenbauer, Keith Artz, Lenny Artz, Luke Asheim, Shawn Awalt, Brody Bahl, Alex Bahl, Grayson Bahl, Landon (!2016-present) Bahl, Mikel Ballantyne, Russ Balsukot, Connie *Balsukot, Marly Banker, Debby Banker, John Banker, Susan (†) Barbot, Pierre Behm, Avery Behm, Ethan *Bell, Gary Benson, Chuck Bernstein, Theresa Berntson, Kayla Beyer, Ron Bickel, Madison Billiaert, Mitchell Blake, Lynn Blesner, Davie Block, Josh Bonness, Colleen Boughner, Jay Boughner, Jon Boyeff, Bryan Brackelsberg, Chad Brackelsberg, Kari *Brackelsberg, Marlo (!89-93) *Brackelsberg, Wanda Brandt, Jody Brown, Jay Brown, Jordan Brown, Josh Brown, Reed Browning, Jim Carels, Brooklyn Carels, Curt Carlson, Blake Carlson, Brock Charnholm, Jim Chen, Riley Christenson, Bruce Christenson, Cole Christenson, Jane Christenson, Rod Clark, Dena Clark, Gavin Clark, Todd Cleven, Corrine Cleven, Phyllis Cleven, Ron Connole, Bill Connole, Garth (†)(!65-67) Connole, Glory Connole, Greg Connole, Kevin Connole, Molly *Connole, Pat Connole, Patty Conway, Cameron Cook, Debby Cook, John *Cook, Judy Cowan, Ireland Cowan, Wynter Cowan, Sailor Crawford, Chris Dahl, Jeff *Dahle, Phil Dancey, Samantha Dancey, Stacey Dancey, Stephanie Dando, Doug Davis, Derek DeCook, Andrew DeCook, Darren Deraas, Ronald (!96-2009) Dereas, Scott Dereas, Tracy Deshamp, Beau Deshamp, Cameron Dechamp, Desiree Dechamp, Tom (!87-88) Deslauriers, Chantelle Deslauriers, Daniel Deslauriers, Janelle Deslauriers, Kevin Deslauriers, Nicole Dignan, Jim Dignan, steve Dombrowksi, Jay Dunderland, Julie *Dunderlund, Oliver (73)(†) Dunderland, Paul Duvall, Marlene Eisenzimmer, Aaron Elberg, Denea Ellison, Jane Ellison, Jim Ellison, joan(†) Erick, Kristi Esse, Pete Fegley, Michael Fegley, Ray(†) Fegley, Ryan Feland, Leah Feland, Levi Feland, Ryan Feldner, Brad Finke, Billy Follman, Karlan Follman, Tyson Folske, Melanie Forsberg, Carter Forsberg, Dale(!69-70) Forsberg, Debby Forsberg, Kathy Forsberg, Randy Foorsberg, Tom Forsberg, Randy Forsberg, Ron Forsberg, Terry Foss, Mike Fossum, Brady Fossum, Jenna Fossum, Madison Foster, James Freeman, Nicole Fritel, Brad Froese, Kelly Frunz, Gene(!68)(†) Frunz, Ken (†) Fuller, Barb Fuller, Doug Fuller, Susie Gagne, Randy Garbe, Bob (!96) Gapp, Maddie Gapp, Matt Gapp, Ryan Gausvik, Jerry (†) Gessner, Troy Getzlaff, Tyler Giesinger, Becky Giesinger, Bryan Glinz, Derek Graves, Jeff Gray, Kennedy Gray, MacKenzie Greenwood, Reid Greenwood, Scott (!98-88) Greenwood, Taylor (†) Griffith, Mike Gross, David Gross, Steve Haake, Chad Halliday, Zoey Halls, Dean Halverson, Clayton Halverson, Joe Halverson, Kristi Hansen, Don (†) Hansen, John Hansen, Randy Hanson, BreeAnna Hanson, Reid Hanson, Olivia Hahn, Debbie Hahn, Krystal Harris, Todd Haustveit, Kyle Hawley, Bryan Hawley, Craig Hawley, Todd Hawley, Tom Helguson, Loyce Helgerson, Margo Helming, Carmen Hendrickson, Lauren Henning, Bill Henning, Don (†) Henning, John Henning, Leif Henning, Pat Henning, Rod Henning Scott Henning, Viva Henry, Brad Henry, Don (†) Henry, Jason Henry, Kris Henry, Mark Henry, Ryan Hill, Greg Holm, Alex Holm Maura Houmann, Jim Houmann, Shannon *Issendorf, Clfford Issendorf, Gwen (!79-82) Issendorf, Jennifer Issendorf, Jessica Issendorf, Jon *Issendorf, Marlow (†) *Issendorf, Tom (!71-71) Jacobson, Darin Jensen, Brett Jensen, Brian Johnson, Brian Jorgenson, Grant Jorgenson, Jon † Deceased * Charter Members !


79 - Hot shots Discovery Plan and Scheduling Order 78%

Tavern, DDRT, LLC, Starmaker Karaoke, Debbie Harm, Café Moda;


Śmierć brzmi jak Joy Division 74%

Zobaczmy… Debbie zachodzi w ciążę i rodzi córeczkę.


FullCryFarmPrizeList - Nov2015 72%

    457 Colvin Dr  Locust Grove, GA  Qualifier for:   GDCTA Dressage Seat Equitation Schooling Show Medal  GDCTA Lisa Seger Insurance AA Medal  Date  Judge  Closing Date  November 21st, 2015  Debbie Schwarz  November 16, 2015    Manager  Debbie Lane  457 Colvin Dr.  Locust Grove, GA  404­663­5124  Secretary  Mary Lou Freil  335 Meadowcrest Cir  Canton, GA 30115  770­330­2489 (Cell)      a GDCTA Recognized Schooling Show    Class  No.  21  22  23  201  202  203  211  212   213  221  222  223  204  230  231  232  240 **  Class List  USDF Intro Test A  USDF Intro Test B  USDF Intro Test C  Training Level Test 1  Training Level Test 2  Training Level Test 3  First Level Test 1  First Level Test 2   First Level Test 3  Second Level Test 1  Second Level Test 2  Second Level Test 3  USDF TOC  Training Level Rider Test  First Level Rider Test  Second Level Rider Test  Dressage Seat Equitation 13 & under **  241 **  Dressage Seat Equitation 14 & up **  Fees    Dressage classes    Office Fee  Late Fee  Change Fee    Stabling per day/night  Non­competing horse                  ** This is a group class and is a qualifier for  GDCTA Dressage Seat Eq. Medal  ** This is a group class and is a qualifier for  GDCTA Dressage Seat Eq. Medal  $25.00 $20.00 $15.00 $10.00 $30.00 $15.00         $20.00 $20.00 Entries:   ● One entry per horse/rider combination per show.   ● Entries may be paid with a check made out to Full Cry Farm.  ● Entries must include a signed Full Cry Farm Release Form, a GDCTA release form  and a copy of a  current coggins test within 12 months and must be mailed or emailed to:  Mary Lou Freil  335 Meadowcrest Cir,  Canton, Ga 30115  ●  770­330­2489    Entries must be in the secretaries hand before closing date. Entries may be accepted after closing  date if space permits and late fee paid.  Awards:  ● Ribbons through 6th place. Classes will be split into Jr and Adult divisions if entries warrant.   ● High Point awards  will be awarded to the horse/rider with the highest and second highest score in  the following divisions:  Introductory, Training, First and Second Level.   ● Lisa Seger Insurance Medal will be awarded to the highest placed Adult Amateur in Training Level  Test 3. Winner will be eligible for the Final to be held at the GDCTA Schooling Show in August  Refunds: ​ Scratches prior to or on closing date: all fees except office fee will be refunded. Scratches after  closing date: credit for future show will be given with valid vet or doctor’s excuse. Credit is good for 1 year  from date of show missed. Inclement weather is not a valid excuse for scratching.  Substitutions:​  Substitution of horse or rider before or after the closing date will require a new entry form  with a new office fee. Class/stabling  fees will be transferred to the new entry.  Confirmation/Times: ​ Confirmation of entry will be by email. All email addresses must be clearly printed on  entry form. Ride times will be posted on website ( Wednesday before the show and/or  emailed to the rider. If you do not have an email address or do not receive a confirmation and ride times via  email, contact the Show Secretary.  It is the responsibility of the competitor to notify management of any ride  conflicts as soon as possible after times have been published.   Stabling: ​ Day and overnight stabling available at $30 per day/night.  Non­Compete Horse: ​ Non­compete horses are welcome as space permits. A complete entry is required  along with coggins, signatures and office fee/non­compete horse fee paid.            Full Cry Farm Dressage Schooling Show ­­­ Entry Form    Horse’s Name: ___________________________________________  Breed: _______________ Sex___________ Height:______Color: ____________  Rider’s Name:_________________________________    Circle One: Junior    Adult  Rider’s Address:  _______________________________________________  _______________________________________________  _______________________________________________  Rider’s Email:  ________________________________________  Rider’s Phone:  ________________________________________  Owner’s Name: _______________________________________  Owner’s Address:  _______________________________________________  _______________________________________________  _______________________________________________  Trainer’s Name: _______________________________________  Stable With: ________________________  Arrival Date: _____________________    Class No.  Class Description  Fee                              Total Class Fees    Office Fee    Stabling      Late Fee      Total Fees  $20.00


Ramiro Coyt - Grateful Patient 69%

“It is something I have never seen before at this level,” marveled Debbie McNeal, the occupational therapist who worked with Ramiro during his stay.


Fellowships Open Call - Draft 14.03.16 68%

HOW TO APPLY To apply for a position please send a completed application form and a one-page CV to Closing date for applications is 5pm (GMT) on Friday 1st April 2016.


propertyShowcase (1) 64%

0422 426 065 0417 059 280 0418 126 475 0407 564 776 0488 681 717 0408 723 807 Property Management Lauderdale 6248 6344 Sorell 6265 3315 Scott Leitch Viv Lawson George Self Kimberley Symmons Christine Bedelph Robert Moore Nikki Moller Sally Murfet Phillip Kelly Jason Bird Denise Phillips 6234 7090 0418 396 636 0419 356 606 0418 315 391 0439 356 856 0405 991 765 Spacious 3 bedroom family home Two large decks for alfresco entertaining Large functional and stylish kitchen Short stroll to parks and shops Large child/pet safe backyard For Sale By Auction 28th of January On Site Sally 0409 196 861 View Saturday 11.00-11.30am 530 South Arm Road, Lauderdale Martin Waldhoff Karen Young Adrian Gray Lucy Crombie Kristy Driscoll Beverly Challenger • • • • • Bellerive 6245 1330 31 Cole Street, Sorell 96 Clarence Street, Bellerive 0407 488 852 0401 670 928 0408 924 765 0409 196 861 0418 126 768 Craig Sly Ant Manton Debbie Ninnes Ponz Sabapathy Rose Allie Paul Reason 0418 136 470 0408 621 856 0408 190 333 0417 111 182 0426 877 789 0418 674 168 opossum bay 39 gellibrand lane rose bay 47 east derwent highway By the bay.


Resume 62%

Also worked with Little Debbie as an inventory manager.


may 8 62%


may 8 62%


15 03 15 - 10AM Service Usher Greeter Assignments 62%

Restroom WOW Room A E Jerry Price B D F X Charlie Cichetti Bob Baker Angie Hester Karen Lewis Dawn Neville Montague Winfield Stoney Polite Debbie Washington Cindy Zingarelli X H Phyllis O’Brien X Linda Cranford Jay Cranford Teresa Howard (This Door is at the far end of the Children/Youth Bldg) X Restroom Restroom Suzanne Clay Storage G Irma Winfield Angelica Jones Classroom Yvonne Stroud C BACK Parking Area June Scarbough Storage Restroom GUEST Parking Area 10AM Service Usher/Greeter Assignments


15 03 22 - 10AM Service Usher Greeter Assignments 62%

Restroom WOW Room A E Jerry Price B C F X Bob Baker Bunmi Adeleye Angie Hester Classroom Yvonne Stroud D Karen Lewis Dawn Neville Q Winfield Stoney Polite Debbie Washington Cindy Zingarelli Teresa Howard H Phyllis O’Brien X Linda Cranford Jay Cranford Angelica Jones (This Door is at the far end of the Children/Youth Bldg) Restroom Restroom Suzanne Clay Storage G Irma Winfield BACK Parking Area June Scarbough Storage Restroom GUEST Parking Area 10AM Service Usher/Greeter Assignments


15 03 29 - 10AM Service Usher Greeter Assignments 62%

Restroom WOW Room A E Jerry Price B C F X Bob Baker Kim Thrift Debbie Washington Q Winfield Lisa Loyd Byron Loyd G Stoney Polite H Cindy Zingarelli Phyllis O’Brien Angie Hester Angelica Jones (This Door is at the far end of the Children/Youth Bldg) Restroom Restroom Dawn Neville Karen Lewis Storage Suzanne Clay Irma Winfield Classroom Yvonne Stroud D BACK Parking Area June Scarbough Storage Restroom GUEST Parking Area 10AM Service Usher/Greeter Assignments