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HAN-ZHAO-tgs-tn2 100%

una artista DESPERATE TO LOCATE SOME SHRED OF LIGHT, grace, or decency at the beginning of our new Dark Age DESPERATE TO LOCATE SOME SHRED OF LIGHT, grace, or decency at the beginning of our new Dark Age, I lumbered downtown to see the Outsider Art Fair the Saturday before last— as my blessed sisters were marching, raging— at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Chelsea.


theory essay- angelique farge 79%

trying to get my back as straight as possible until i let out a « putain » that i often use when something seriously starts to bother me so much i lose my capacities of control over my decency/ which follows that of word-control.


Actual Damage OSP rev March 2015 77%

Actual Damage Operation Safe Pilot, the Privacy Act of 1974, and Government Accountability Revised March, 2015 Stanmore Cooper San Francisco, California Actual Damage Operation Safe Pilot, The Privacy Act, and Government Accountability Decency, security and liberty alike demand that government officials shall be subjected to the same rules of conduct that are commands to the citizen.


Offer ICORating 76%

• The Rating gives an indication of the overall health and decency of a project • It is an independent rating on investment attractiveness that brings transparency to investors • We publish the Rating on our website and social media, so that you can attract more investors • All successful projects with our Ratings showed higher ICO results compared to similar projects • Estimated time to compile:


PRESS RELEASE April29 march and rally 72%

It is a human issue, and we must be vocal to protect our shared values of decency, compassion and justice.” Marchers will gather at 12:00 p.m.


Goose application form 2013 71%

 All competitors are expected to maintain a level of decency in respect to changing in public areas at all times.


Goose application form 2013 71%

 All competitors are expected to maintain a level of decency in respect to changing in public areas at all times.


Redbook pamphlet 26.08.09(Eng) 68%

7.2 Your rights • All body searches must be carried out in a professional manner and with decency.


Albion 1 brochure 65%

These ideas forge the ties that bind us together toward a shared destiny, and we believe in working to create one dominant culture here in our region which celebrates these values as well as hard work, respect for the family, value of intelligence, and decency.


This Holy Night 12.14.17 65%

I’m not sure when the tearing up of the American tapestry began to occur, where we became so divisive, so set in our ways, and so blinded by ambition that even common sense measures that would help and protect all of us could not be agreed upon and where common decency was distilled from our moral psyche, but, regrettably, the tearing up has occurred.


Oakland and the Black Bloc 62%

This is about ethics and common decency.


HARPOONTANG Response to Office Action 4-29-2015 48%

Examiner’s evidence clearly demonstrates that the consuming public views the mark as funny, ironic, imaginative (“I’ll let your mind go”), an “excellent band name,” and “an awesome name.” Applicant respectfully submits that Examiner misinterprets her evidence, because there is no indication in the Examiner’s evidence that the relevant public views the mark as vulgar or “shocking to the sense of truth, decency, or propriety;


CNA-42 Chomsky 2015 46%

As for the very partial and hopelessly inadequate compensation that decency would require — that lies somewhere between the memory hole and anathema.


2nd Issue Pro 45%

Therefore, the CRIER exercises the right to edit any and all material for truthfulness and decency.


dialogue hh 44%

respect, courtesy, intelligence, decency, or that it was otherwise unworthy of being dignified with a response.


d2Hoare-1 43%

The Dutch alone have had the decency to accept a measure of responsibility.


Wind-Oot-Ma-Sails 42%

And the clear siren voice of decency, of common sense and common reason, that voice that rung out in protest over Iraq, that voted in unison against the vote to bomb Syria the first time, that voice, this time became the muted, muffled, so, so, politicians double speak of a bland bank manager.


19241632-Christian-Privilege 35%

For example, the notion that good behavior is Christian behavior and that a host of general virtues (for example, humility, generosity, charity, and decency) are the cultural purview of Christians reinforces the Christian privilege that Clark and her colleagues identify:


Exponent 102909 24%

Young men and women are getting in way over their heads with technology, and nobody seems to be guiding them in the department of basic human decency.


w E 18930315 18%

Let your heart be so full of the reality that forms and cere­ monies will generally be forgotten, except such as are needed for decency and order.


The New World Order 16%

financiers are without patriotism and without decency;