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Chronical Guide VtM Pgs 61-65.indd 79%

They take the Rakshasa’s dharma (mayapisatya) as the ultimate purpose in all their machinations, manipulations and deceptions- slowly unraveling the disguises of those that fall in their web of delusions to discover that person’s purpose in this life.


Chronical Guide VtM PGs 56-60.indd 71%

Mystic creatures that know more of the nature of the world than they want to, they can choose to believe the delusions that shroud them from truth so strongly that the world appears to bend to their imaginings.


mental-status-exam (1) (1) 66%

Content Suicidality □ None □ Ideation □ Plan □ Intent □ Self-Harm Homicidality □ None □ Aggressive □ Intent □ Plan Delusions □ None □ Grandiose □ Paranoid □ Religious □ Other Comments:


w E 18940415 64%

During the Jewish age God guarded his typical people against these delusions and lying spirts of devils, assuring them that “ the dead know not any thing;” that “ his sons come to honor and he knoweth it not, and to dishonor and he perceiveth it not of them;” for “ there is no work, nor device, [16 42 ] A pril IS, 1894 Z I O N ’S WATCH TOWER (119-121) death!” Thus they speak Satan’s falsehood, “Ye shall not surely die.” The various shades of Vniversalism unite in the same con­ clusion.


PAGES 13-14 61%

Perpendicular Wildlife 1 &


LMST.Ginsberg.Ebook 56%

Abandon outmoded traditions Abandon popular delusions.


guardian weekend magazine design jc821-1 53%

A common symptom is delusions of grandeur, with religion playing heavily into this.


Stigmaphrenia 53%

Some ‘sane’ hold delusions and have hallucinations, some ‘insane’ can cope and perform better than others – it’s a spectrum, with no clear divide down the middle, much like those with blood pressure problems.


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Fever Language disintegration Nausea Reduction of verbal output Diarrhoea Echolalia - Meaningless repetition of another person’s words Upper respiratory-tract symptoms Mutism Anxiety Echopraxia - Meaningless repetition of another person’s movements Insomnia Catatonia Fear Abnormal physical movements Grandiose delusions Unsocial behaviour Paranoia Violent behaviour Mania Breathing instability Hyper-religiosity Autonomic instability Mania Decreased consciousness Social withdrawal Hypoventilation – slow breathing Short term memory loss Headache Memory deficits Aphasia – impairment of language, affecting the production or comprehension of speech, the ability to read or write Psychosis Dystonia – abnormal muscle tone resulting in muscular spasm and abnormal posture Seizures Oro-lingual-facial dyskinesia Involuntary movements of body and limbs oculogyric crisis – eyes rolled upwards or to the side Hyperthermia (high temperature) Tachycardia – rapid pulse Hyper salivation Hypertension – high blood pressure Bradycardia – abnormally slow heart rate Hypotension – low blood pressure Urinary incontinence Cardiac pauses Intracranial pressure Visual hallucinations Auditory hallucinations Inappropriate behaviour Hyperphagia – an abnormally great desire for food, excessive Inability to interpret sensations – unable to recognise things eating as a result Encephalitis lethargia – chronic fatigue Cognitive disturbance – confused thinking Disinhibited behaviour Loss of consciousness Written by a patient, with no medical background (diagnosed in May 2016).



This can result in delusions, disassociation, and manic states.


how-to-be-happy 46%

If you can free yourself from your ego and the delusions of your mind then you can skip and dance through life with the excitement and curiosity of a child, savouring every moment, full of love and compassion for yourself and those around you, really seeing the beauty that is all around us.


Mountain View Magazine May 45%

But winning the competition hasn’t given him any Washington University athlete on a half scholarship, he delusions of grandeur.