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Photographers 100%

Why You Don’t Deserve Success There isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not trying to better myself as a photographer.


PublicFAQmediasheet 92%

Committee on Rights and Compensation (CRC)  University of Colorado at Boulder   16 June 2016    Who we are and what we do:​  We are a  group of graduate employees committed to improving  the lives of all current and especially future graduate  employees at CU Boulder. The hard work  we perform is on the front lines of teaching and research that keeps the university running and  maintains CU’s reputation as a top­tier university. CRC ​ is monitoring graduate worker issues,  particularly financial compensation and workplace rights, with the goal of implementing needed  changes. CRC aims to improve graduate worker conditions with action complementary to work  done by the United Government of Graduate Students (UGGS).     Why now: ​ While it is not new that graduate employees face challenges, the increasing disparity  between our compensation and minimum self­sufficiency income,  combined with recent  administrative mishandlings of academic and employment  issues, have prompted graduate  employees to come together to improve our situations.    Why this matters: ​ Graduate students’ economic vulnerability  can impede their ability to pay rent, deal  with medical conditions, or survive an unplanned emergency. Such economic stresses negatively impact  their work as researchers and educators, work that is necessary to University of Colorado’s mission. It can  also delay time to graduation and impede recruitment of new talent.    What are our concerns?   ● ● ● ● ● Current graduate employee compensation falls well short of a living wage.​  Hours worked  may exceed hours paid, funding can be unpredictable semester­to­semester (sometimes with  negligible notice of funding cuts), and current employment contracts allow for appointments to be  withdrawn without due process. While these concerns are not unique to CU Boulder, the situation  is especially bad here. By our committee’s calculations, the gap between a living wage and the  cost of living is greater than that of any other PAC­12 institution ­­ especially after accounting for  the mandatory fees that are a precondition to our employment  Graduate employees lack adequate health insurance, family­friendly policies, support services  and resources, and affordable, available, on­campus grad student housing.  We deserve transparent and consistent criteria for employment appointments. We deserve  accurate information on time to graduation and graduation outcomes, information vital to  recruitment and retention.   Especially as STEM majors become more popular, we deserve consistent teaching lab safety  standards, equipment, and training.   We deserve transparency and accountability with regards to sexual misconduct, discrimination,  harassment, and other violations of the Graduate Student Bill of Rights. The current processes  often discourage reporting, making problems hard to solve. Of note: The University implemented  a Campus Climate Survey for all graduate students in the Fall of 2014, yet most data is still not  publicly available, leaving us unable to address the problems uncovered. The findings of this  survey have not lead to sufficient changes in policy.    For more information, contact Roger Emmelhainz at ​​  .


LetterstoEditor 90%

The next justice could reshape the court for a generation and the American people deserve to have a say in the direction our country takes.


GeekyBugle05 85%

Just like with all the other sites that joined in the demonization of their audience the site is spiraling towards its death, which can’t come sooner, They deserve to go bankrupt, it couldn’t have happened to more deserving folks.


reflection 82%

William Beasley My Multi-Genre Project I asked the question do savants deserve more attention and respect than they are given now.


International Students Recognition 81%

Recognition for Outstanding University of Nevada, Reno International Students !


Adira Brochure 81%

Because you deserve to recover in style.


Floridians 1st Intro 81%

Floridians 1st is the "go to site” to locate the businesses that provide the rewards and recognition we Floridians deserve.


Letter for S36 80%

We deserve to choose our own system of government, not have it imposed on us by a handful of people in Raleigh.


reflection 80%

William Beasley Reflection My Multi-Genre Project I asked the question do savants deserve more attention and respect than they are given now.


reflection 80%

William Beasley Reflection My Multi-Genre Project I asked the question do savants deserve more attention and respect than they are given now.


STATEMENT by H.E. Jan Eliasson 79%

All human beings deserve a life of dignity.


Constitution for the Sounio Camp 78%

6 Special Protection for Vulnerable Persons and Groups 1 Families and children have to be especially protected and deserve the protection of the whole community and any other party.


8.29.17 Monuments letter final 78%

Montanans who hunt, fish, camp and recreate on national monuments, as well as the Western businesses that rely on this economic activity, deserve to know which monuments are in the crosshairs.


Beta Read Worksheet 77%

Are significant plot points given the weight they deserve?


Jen Manifesto 76%

If elected, I’m here to be your voice, promoting your needs and getting you what you deserve from your university experience.


Fire Lies 75%

You deserve to be paid for the job that you do.


sarahpalin 73%

We are ready and our troops deserve the best.


test 73%

924 National Words: Phil Watson.


SP Eng 71%

We all deserve to fully understand the reality we live in and that is my mission to the reader, to present the holistic understanding of consciousness.


Coming To Terms 69%

He must convince Satan that he doesn’t deserve to go to Hell and that he belongs in Heaven.


EIS Newsletter December - Copy 69%

you definitely deserve a break!