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Order of the Blue Cross 100%

Despite the other holdings in the country falling into ruin over the years, the keep at Kreighardt has always remained in decent shape.


Sapia article english 96%

Bracco from Piedmont While the Bracco Lombard , already greatly appreciated by Medici in the sixteenth century , it appeared mostly brown roan , heavy, with abundant dewlap and skin, wide head with ears sometimes rounded at the tip , significant size and strong bone structure , the bracco Piedmont was instead white and orange , leaner and with more elongated head , despite still having a size definitely above average .


LDPersist 92%

The horse’s condition deteriorated rapidly despite IV oxytetracycline treatment, and the horse was euthanatized.


Book of Thel 90%

Wheatley 1    The Function and Dysfunction of Desire in Blake’s  “The Book of the Thel”     William Blake’s “The Book of Thel” opens with an epigraph, a pithy and barbarous quatrain  entitled “Thel’s Motto.” The “Motto” successfully encapsulates in four lines what Blake  proceeds to unfurl throughout the rest of  “The Book of Thel”: a quest for knowledge,  objectivity, and wisdom. A contemplation of the lines between knowing and not knowing, fear  and desire. “Thel’s Motto” rejects the notion of objectivity. Thel’s procession is ultimately a  mission to achieve the objective, but is hindered by her acquaintances’ lack thereof. Just as  Blake finds definitive virtue in the marriage of heaven and hell, so he advises a compromise of  objectivity and subjectivity (which Marjorie Levinson considers a “binary opposition between  two contradictory ways of knowing and being” [291]). I would further argue that not only is  compromise essential, it is inevitable. The poem’s true statement of objectivity is in its notions  of death and mortality. Death’s barrage of whys in the underworld marks an intersection of  objectivity and subjectivity, a meeting of why and what.      One essential detail that cannot be overlooked is Blake’s use of the name “Thel,”  which in Greek means “wish” or “desire.” (Levinson 287) While I agree with Levinson that it  does little to further the understanding of the text, I’d argue that it does inform Blake’s  apparent reach for a greater gestalt; one in which the contemplation of desire, and the failings  and findings therein, is all­encompassing. With her name, Blake imbues in Thel the very  essence of desire. It permeates her being. Thel is ephemeral, unborn. As such, any symbolic  attachment, no matter the extent, defines a fundamental aspect of her being. Inquisitiveness,  frailty, virginity—all qualities to which Blake attributed Thel, all abstractions of a being who is  herself an abstraction.  Wheatley 2      Despite Thel’s abstracted existence, she possesses what Levinson deems “ontological  density.” (287) Thel’s Socratic search for answers leads her through a parade of creations,  from the Lily of the Valley, to a Cloud, to a Worm, to a Clod of Clay. Her questions are  ultimately concerned with one central notion: the experiences of those who exist within the  realm of the real. Questions of mortality and existence and disillusionment plague Thel’s  conscious. “The Book of Thel” largely concerns itself with the asking of these questions, as  the central majority of the poem is devoted to Thel’s visits with these creatures. There is also  the inescapable problem of sexuality in the poem. Corporal experience, in the broad form it  assumes in “Thel,” certainly invites sexual knowledge. While this is a concern of the self, it  does not preclude Thel’s investment in the world around her. “Liberation […] from sexual  desires” should “transform the fallen world anew.” (Craciun 172)    Thel’s role as an entity consumed with Innocence is important. Brian Wilkie strongly  challenges the notion that Thel is an embodiment of Innocence. In addition to dismissing it as  “simple­minded,” Wilkie asserts that Thel “emphatically lacks the hallmark of Innocence:  trustfulness.” (48) The problem with this analysis is that Thel exhibits no substantial lack of  trustfulness. It’s a grayer area in that what may be interpreted as a lack of trustfulness could  also easily be turned into a sense of naïve fear.  There’s no question that Thel exhibits  compulsive anxiety; but it’s a child’s fear of the dark—a dread of the unknown. Thel’s virginal  naivety is what drives her through her journey. She desperately wants to know the unknown,  despite having an inborn aversion to the latter. Such an uneasy ontological mixture stirs in her  guts a sense of doubt, mistaken by Wilkie to be distrust.    Despite her doubt, overwhelming desire propels Thel through the Vales of Har. It’s  ultimately her yearning for objectification—for a realization of the self—that leads her past the  procession of characters. Her first encounter, with the Lily of the Valley, proves the most  Wheatley 3    frustrating for Thel. The Lily is youthful, beautiful, and ultimately satisfied with her place in  Har. In these qualities Thel no doubt sees a mirror image, the major difference, though, being  this unattainable sense of contentedness that appears to elude Thel. In this way, the Lily  represents not a maternal figure of fulfillment; rather, she assumes much more the role of the  fulfilled duplicate, the Better Sister. In reply to the Lily, Thel only bows further. She praises the  Lily for “giving to those that cannot crave,” for “[nourishing] the innocent lamb,” for “[purifying]  the golden honey.” (2.4­8) And after the praise, she belittles her own existence as nothing  more than “a faint cloud kindled at the rising sun: / I vanish from my pearly throne, and who  shall find my place?” (2.11) This is the first instance in which Thel makes plain the fact that  she is somehow not a being of physical substance. Blake imbues Thel with an otherworldly  sense of atomic insubstantiality, a vaporous notion of fragility and innocence. This is not to  suggest that Thel is literally vaporous. The role of shepherd—despite long­standing allegorical  connotations—suggests a humanoid physical form, as does Blake’s title plate illustration,  which features a virginal young Thel. Rather, she is essentially a child’s soul; void of  experience and harrowing questions of a mortality she has yet to even understand.    But it’s not only mortality Thel is unable to comprehend. The Lily of the Valley  suggests a discussion with the Cloud, who falls victim to the same transient existence Thel so  desperately wants to upend. “O little Cloud,” Thel says, “I charge thee tell to me; / Why thou  complainest not when in one hour thou fade away.” (3.1­2) In the Cloud, Thel finds a kindred  spirit, albeit one who finds itself unable to despair of its ephemerality in the way the young  virgin does. The Cloud answers: “[W]hen I pass away, / It is to tenfold life.” (3.10­11) The  Cloud revels in his ability to cleanse and nourish the world beneath him.  His daily death is an  altruistic affirmation of love, and a promise of rebirth. Thel’s reservations in this regard ring  sincere and reasonable: unlike the Cloud, Thel considers herself unable to serve so vital a  Wheatley 4    function.  This is important, as it speaks to that with which Thel truly concerns herself when  discussing mortality. Thel searches for a kind of function she may serve and comes up  empty­handed. Unlike the Cloud, she “[smells] the sweetest flowers, / but [does not feed] the  little flowers.” (3.18­19) In other words, the Cloud happily acts as both a giver and receiver;  Thel, however, only receives the pleasures of the world, and does nothing for the world in  return. There’s a palpable sense of gratitude in Thel. She considers the flowers “the  sweetest,” and once delighted in the “warbling birds.” (3.18­19) But her delight has fallen to  guilt. She thinks her life serves no purpose beyond being “the food of worms” upon death.  (3.23)    The creatures she visits all share a common trait. That is, their outward thoughts and  actions directly represent their role in Har’s spiritual hierarchy. The Cloud assumes the role of  the omnipotent patriarch, what Robert P. Waxler calls “the invisible father.” (49) While Waxler  couples the term with the Jesus concept, I feel the Cloud just as easily fulfills the role. As the  invisible father, the Cloud nourishes and loves from his throne above all those in the Vales.  But, more to the point, the Cloud rebuffs Thel with a proper assignment of her role in Har.  “Then if thou art the food of worms […] / How great thy blessing!” (3.25) He goes on to explain  that “everything that lives / lives not alone, nor for itself.” (3.26­7) The Cloud provides a  domineering role of paternity over Har in general, and Thel in particular. Here Blake  establishes the concept of false objectivity: the Cloud may provide life, but he too is an  inhabitant of Har, and therefore is no different than the Mole, blind to all but his pit. (Levinson  291)    The curious feature of the ensuing stanza is Blake’s reflexive ambiguity. Who’s doing  the speaking in these lines? Unlike the other dialogue stanzas, this one appears without an  attribution tag before or during. “Art thou a Worm?” the speaker says. “Image of weakness, art  Wheatley 5    thou but a Worm?” (4.2) If these words belong to Thel, it indicates that she sees the worm as  a small, insignificant creature. Her initial disdain for her inability to do nothing but feed the  worms has proven stronger than the Cloud’s words of encouragement. She views this  creature not as an equal with which to share her spiritual wealth, but as a pitiful, “helpless”  thing. (4.5) Its nakedness—remarked upon with a subtle twinge of disgust—undoubtedly calls  to mind a phallus. Here the phallus is stripped of its usual power; the worm is impotent, and in  need of a maternal bond.    With that taken into account, the path grows curious if you consider the stanza to be  entirely spoken by the Worm. The entire dynamic of the relationship between the two is  reversed. Where the prior instance would have signified Thel as the dominant opposite of the  Worm, we’re now given a chance to see the Worm question Thel’s own spiritual integrity. “Art  thou a Worm?” Is Thel a worm? What separates the young virgin from the naked, helpless  creature sitting on the leaf? After all, isn’t it ultimately the Worm that will be devouring Thel  after she’s dead? The Cloud insists this type of relationship is something that resembles a  cooperative agreement between equals. Thel, however, stands to gain nothing in death. If this  is the Worm speaking to Thel, we’re also treated to an interesting moment when the Worm  relishes in Thel’s solitude. Thel has no one, “none to cherish thee with mother’s smiles.” (4.6)  Here we return to the filial concept previously seen in the Cloud and the Lily. Thel is an  incomplete concept, a loose abstraction of fears and worries with no discernible maternal  presence, despite (or perhaps due to) her active role as a lost daughter. As such, it’s a  grotesque mockery of motherhood when the Clod of Clay appears to soothe the weeping  phallus. (4.7­9)    Unlike much of Blake’s more canonical and denser texts, “The Book of Thel” follows a  fairly traditional narrative structure, complete with something resembling a climax. After


ACMG Narrowbody Freighters Webinar Presentation 90%

Air  Cargo  Management  Group   27  February  2014   11:30  (UTC  -­‐5)   Alan  Hedge   Research  Director   +1  (206)  801-­‐8472     The  Current  Boom •  A  remarkable  resurgence  in  the  narrowbody  freighter  conversion  market   •  Despite  weakness  in  global  air  freight  demand   •  Despite  no  demand  for  widebody  freighter  conversions   •  The  number  of  narrowbody  freighters  is  on  the  rise  while  the  quanSty  of  widebody   freighters  is  declining   •  56  narrowbody  freighter  conversions  were  delivered  in  2013   •    30  737-­‐300s/-­‐400s   •    19  757s   •    7  Other  (MD-­‐80F  and  737-­‐400,  757-­‐200  combis)   •  Demand  is  widespread     •  A  healthy  backlog  is  building   Where  and  Why?


Newsletter- Women’s HERstory Month 90%

Celebrating Women’s HERstory Month The month is intended to remember the contributions of notable and ordinary women, in hopes that both young girls and boys are inspired to achieve success despite any obstacle they may face.


Newsletter- Women’s HERstory Month 90%

Celebrating Women’s HERstory Month The month is intended to remember the contributions of notable and ordinary women, in the hope that both young girls and boys are inspired to achieve success despite any obstacle they may face.


PerskyTurnerForm 90%

This was done despite Mr Turner showing no remorse and despite being caught in the act.


Marisha Writing Work 90%

Despite the recent turmoil and austerity measures imposed on Great Britain’s National Health Service (NHS), the public health provider is one of the best such system in the world.


LDSeronegativity 89%

Despite negative laboratory tests Borrelia can still be the cause.] MMW Fortschr Med, 143(6):17 2001 Detection of Borrelia burgdorferi DNA in urine of patients with ocular Lyme borreliosis.


November 2015 Newsletter Final 89%

Despite efforts to walk the entire block, Richard, in the large crowd became separated from his mother.


Krew Life 89%

You chose to live the life that you wanted, in an authentic way despite all the haters!


Franchising on the rise in Australia 89%

Figure 1 The franchising sector contributes an estimated $90 billion per year (about 11%) to the Gross Domestic Product and employs over 600 000 people in Australia, a figure that between 2002 and 2004 increased by about fourteen percent and between 2004 and 2006 by about thirteen percent1 Despite its importance to the national economy, there is little reliable evidence of the economic effectiveness of the operation of the sector.


73 - Order granting motions to dismiss 88%

4 Despite extensions granted to Plaintiff (#51, #58, #58) and despite the recent Order (#55) 5 granting another Defendants’ unopposed motion to dismiss in this case, Plaintiff has failed to timely 6 respond to the motions to dismiss and motions to sever.


Probashe Mumbai - Issue 3 88%

Waterfalls My thoughts are like rocks under a waterfall, They exist in amicability, despite their differences, despite their jagged exteriors, despite their harsh edges, Societal norms flow over my thoughts, softening the edges into universally accepted pebbles, devoid of individuality, devoid of originality, devoid of what makes me, ME.


ByzantiumBrochure 88%

Despite her being a Monophysite &


Netflix Excerpt 88%

Ultimately, while Hemlock Grove represents a step back in terms of female representation, the feminist readings of House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black signify a notable move forward in female representation on television despite the series’ ideological tensions.


2012 08 09 0900 EPW 87%

“Despite the moderation in July, new home construction remains ahead of last year’s pace thanks to a strong start earlier in the year.


The Annotated Cretaceous Park 86%

The premise of our story was that John Hammond, the creator of Jurassic Park, decided to make another dinosaur park despite the spectacular failure of his first, and that he once more invited Drs.


VS 06 - On Rants and Responsibilities 85%

We concede that indeed, scenarios like these do happen especially in public hospitals where there is shortage of doctors and nurses, underfunded facilities and tired manpower who have been working round-the-clock despite all the efforts that are being made to improve the system.


Salman v. USA (Mark Cuban) 85%

DESPITE HAVING MANY OPPORTUNITIES, CONGRESS HAS FAILED TO CODIFY OR OTHERWISE DEFINE INSIDER TRADING ........................................................................................


Alex Resume 85%

Explored several deep convolutional neural network architectures (e.g., MFCCs) and ultimately selected an end-to-end approach despite model training challenges • Moved from Boston to New York to finish a laughter regression model using the emotion classification model • Created real time web demo for model;


Vol. VI, No. 3 (Mobile Edition) 85%

David Johnson was the number three fantasy running back last year, despite not becoming the starter in Arizona until week 13.


vital words 85%

For YDS 1 although -e rağmen 2 though -e rağmen 3 even though -e rağmen 4 despite the fact that -e rağmen 5 while -iken, oysa 6 whereas -e rağmen, oysa 7 but fakat, ama, ancak 8 yet fakat, ama, ancak 9 however fakat 10 on the other hand öte yandan 11 nevertheless yine de 12 nonetheless yine de,buna rağmen 13 still yine de 14 in contrast aksine 15 on the contrary aksine 16 conversely aksine 17 as -dığı için,çünkü, -dıkça,-iken,gibi 18 since -dığı için, çünkü, -den beri 19 because -dığı için, çünkü 20 so bu yüzden 21 thus bu yüzden 22 hence bu yüzden 23 therefore bu yüzden 24 as a result sonuç olarak 25 as a consequence sonuç olarak 26 and so ve böylece, bu nedenle 27 consequently bu yüzden 28 that is why bu yüzden 29 which is why işte bu yüzden 30 if eğer, -se/sa 31 as long as -dığı sürece 32 so long as -dığı sürece 33 provided koşuluyla 1 VITAL WORS FOR YDS 34 providing koşuluyla 35 on condition that koşuluyla 36 unless -mezse, mazsa 37 even if -se bile 38 only if koşuluyla 39 if only keşke 40 suppose that varsayki 41 as if -mış gibi 42 as though -mış gibi 43 when -dığı zaman 44 until -e kadar 45 before -den önce 46 after -den sonra 47 by the time -dığı zaman, -dığı zamana kadar 48 as soon as yapar yapmaz 49 once -den sonra 50 moreover dahası,ayrıca 51 what is more ayrıca 52 in addition ayrıca 53 furthermore ayrıca 54 also ayrıca, -de,-da 55 additionally ayrıca 56 besides -e ilaveten, ayrıca 57 otherwise aksi takdirde 58 or ya da,aksi takdirde 59 or else aksi takdirde 60 that is yani 61 by no means hiçbir şekilde 62 indeed gerçekten 63 in fact aslında, gerçekten 64 actually aslında, gerçekten 65 as such bu bağlamda 66 then o zaman,öyleyse,ondan sonra 67 thereby böylece, bu nedenle 2 VITAL WORS FOR YDS 68 meanwhile bu arada 69 by the way bu arada 70 in the meantime bu arada, bu süre içinde 71 instead yerine 72 by all means elbette,kuşkusuz 73 similarly benzer şekilde 74 accordingly bu doğrultuda, buna göre 75 even so öyle olsa bile 76 likewise aynı biçimde,benzer şekilde 77 afterwards ardından 78 as a matter of fact aslında, gerçekte 79 as far as kadar 80 no matter ne olursa olsun 81 whatsoever hiç mi hiç 82 lest -mesin diye 83 even after -den sonra bile 84 even before -den önce bile 85 even then o zaman bile 86 even when -dığı zaman bile 87 in order that -sın diye 88 so that -sın diye 89 in that çünkü 90 nor ne, ne de 91 except hariç 92 just as tıpkı 93 on the grounds that -e dayanarak 94 now that -dığı için 3 VITAL WORS FOR YDS KONTROL LİSTESİ Bu listeden bilip bilmediğinizi kontrol ediniz.


New Year's 2011 Holiday Card 84%

Despite resigning from his job to make time for traveling, as we reported last year, Brian continued to work throughout the year.