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rural rumble 3 weights and rules 100%

event rules Max Log Car Dead Truck Pull Fingers Open @ 70lb tbd F Series 1/2/3/4/5 105/120/135/150/180 Novice HWW Open @ 70lb tbd F Series 1/2/3/4/5 105/120/135/150/180 Open LWW Open @ 70lb tbd F Series 1/2/3/4/5 105/120/135/150/180 Open MWW Open @ 70lb tbd F Series 1/2/3/4/5 105/120/135/150/180 Open HWW Open @ 70lb tbd F Series 1/2/3/4/5 105/120/135/150/180 Open SHWW Open @ 70lb tbd F Series 1/2/3/4/5 105/120/135/150/180 Novice LWM Open @ 90lb Coupe Deuce &


Allow copy 58%

�������������������� 109 Chapter 10 – The greatest roadblock to ALLOWING, is… ��������� 115 Chapter 11 – The other “Daily Deuce” you should be doing.


Your Shopping Cart ORIGIN PC 52%

 Shopping Cart Cart Items GENESIS $25,919   Edit   Remove   ✉ (EmailConfig.aspx?CONFIG=7ef9e33a­342c­4bb2­a6a6­ 3881a55a442e&KeepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=250&width=500) 1 Configuration Orientation: Standard Standard Color: White Interior Color: White Current Special Offers: Today Is Your Lucky Day The ORIGIN Difference: ORIGIN PC Genesis ­ The Best Gaming Experience Guaranteed Variable Mounting: Standard Case Lighting with Sentinel: Remote Controlled Multi­Colored LED with ORIGIN PC Sentinel Software Case Fans with Sentinel: ORIGIN PC High­Performance Ultra Silent Fans Motherboard: ASUS Rampage V Extreme/USB 3.1 System Cooling: ORIGIN CRYOGENIC Stage III Liquid Cooling (For Standard/Inverted Configurations) CRYOGENIC Tubing Color: White CRYOGENIC Liquid: Koolance Performance Coolant ­ Red Processors: Intel Extreme Core i7 5960X Octa­Core 3.0GHz (3.5GHz TurboBoost) ORIGIN Professional Processor Overclocking: ORIGIN PC Professional Processor Overclocking 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2016 Smackfest Court Assignments Sheet1 51%

81 82 83 84 85 Riley Ettinger Pete Leone Erin Camron Grant Hagemeister Anna Liza Garcia 11 11 11 11 11 Spamtown Smackers A Team Has No Name Two white couples and a panda bear 8th Street Weekend Warriors We Dig Fourplay 86 87 88 89 90 Liz Butler Phil Stover Mariusz Stolarczyk Elizabeth Jacobs Kevin Bannerman 21 21 21 21 21 Smackfest Superheroes Beach Powchasers Farrell Ruined Smackfest Smackers Team Beach Blanket Bingo 91 92 93 94 95 Jon Stier David Epand Brandon Massey Jason Lennon Conor Sullivan 24 24 24 24 24 Balls Out Crans Crew The Club Only Deuce Nine Team with a Shot...


The Last and Final Grandstand of Comedy 44%

“Cause let me tell you from experience, those corkscrew-dicked muthafuckas hate it when you drop a deuce on them.


News Letter 36%

Thomas Duval southern Afghanistan and spoke of the possible challenges ahead for him and his ―Deuce-Four‖ soldiers.


pdfjoiner 27%

deuce, eflhkr 2 (M71910 sly]:


Heart of Darkness (full text) 23%

There was a vast amount of red—good to see at any time, because one knows that some real work is done in there, a deuce of a lot of blue, a little green, smears of or‐ ange, and, on the East Coast, a purple patch, to show where the jolly pioneers of progress drink the jolly lager‐beer.


w E 18910000 16%

While the gathering and sealing work naturally took prece- [1279] 0 -2 ) 13-4) Z I O N ’S WATCH deuce to the sifting and testing of the gatheied and sealed, yet now both aie simultaneously piogre-smg, and no sooner is the sealed one lejoieed with the beauty of the Lord’s great plan than lie, on being usheied into the company of the sealed, beirius to be sifted and tested.



Jade Ne son ** THE LEON FAM LY Lou s Lowde O e Ba on Thomas Ke h Wh ake Russ W ams James W am Tom Mack n G ego y Pau Tene ow cz xx S even Ro e R P xx G aham B en Dan e McCo mac Pad on Noah Mac eod DELMAS De ek Boud eaux Je y Boud eaux Ka en Boud eaux G an Boud eaux Ha vey Gough Coope B e Ava Ben V c o a Zamm Emanue Sh nau Campbe W son M chae Thomson Dan e Ha s Osca Mass e Pau and G ace Tay o S mon Wh ake -- M chae V es -- Dav d M Leona d MOGENE BERRY Thomas Ch s ophe Ho Luke Kaun ze Judy Ann Ro s on **CG K CA HAWKSWORTH** Ba n S o me Go don an G ns Ma s Egne ERNEST R W LSON ACOB GENT ANA Da en Roch o d FRAZER S MONROBERT ATK NS DA SY FLEUROPHEL A ATK NS Sam Fa hu s n Memo y o M chae and D ana D ck nson om Membe s o he B oad and MG Owne s C ub Be sy We s B ooke S evens C oe Wa ke E y Lynn Geo g a Budd Jos e Max ed Lyd a Go s-Woo ne Mo e Lone gan Lee Rab a Az z Su eman Khan De vydas B azauskas Kac Hamme on Ry e gh Mo on E e De A h Jenna Ma n Jod e W gg ns E a Sco Jasm ne Kemp Lacey Pe oe Pa ge Hawes Aa on Ay e Abb e Pen on A m e Sex on A yana We s A sde A ad en-Ca mena es B andon N cho s Ca um Mu den Cha e Top s Em y McGeachen Geo ge Needham Jack G een O m s on Ven u e Academy Yea 7 Romy S mpson Zoe Tho ne-B own Ha son Rhodes Joseph Thomas Kacpe Wyd a Max S acey O v a G een Amy Mann Cha o e P gmo e Lucy Cossey Made ne Co e London Ta a Tadayon Sunny Kan Rebecca Lou se B oadhead Jona han Young JACK B oodhound BODDY T m Chapman Je emy Chapman The Cunn nghams Co n T owe 40 A ch e W ams HENRY JOHN MANTELL R cha d S Webs e JOSHUA OL VER SAAC OL VER EDWARD J RUFFELL T m Hobbs Ed W amson-B own Jude C a ke Jensen C a ke Jacob Lane T SHA YADAV *** JOHN R CHARDSON *** *** MARCUS R CHARDSON *** Gab e God ey E o God ey Joseph W n on Jake W n on PETER DAV D THURSF ELD Guy Ro s Kaeden Uznansk **DOM N QUE R CHARDSON** *** J LL R CHARDSON *** Josh Ed ng on A ex Pa ne Ch s ophe D J B own LUCY BEZZANT AB GA L BEZZANT Dav d Po BENJAM N WORTH NGTON JOEY BEACOCK Dav d G e And ew D ck Robe Fe ows JACK CROSS E as Zoha Lopez Le gh www 350z-uk com Ne M Sm h Cod n Pu ce Ma k Mu e N ck Lawn Adam McLaugh n Ma ga e Reyno ds B Manse Ad an Manse Roge Gos ng JASON AYL FFE NZ Ga e h Wa ace Ka yn and Kay a Schm d AL STA R SM TH Pau C ews Debo ah Sm h Cha es Jack F shman Jake Bus aman e sobe O Ne Ryan Deuce J menez A ex J menez Mad son J menez Jayce Jackson V S T- KENYA B e W amson --JAN M KKOLA-- BenBeck eM aSamChapman Samue Rob nson Ruby 2D2 Jane F ase L am Cond en MAX AND LA LA AL-NUA M M CHAEL MART N CHR S ANDREW JOHN SEAMAN ETHAN SEAMAN Q x u 1000MPH Hu Dy an Maxwe B oad-E gh een ANDREW JOHN SEAMAN Hen y J F gg ns Ne Ha vey Jake L am Ha vey Joshua McG o y Ju en P edas T mo hy Pugh Ju e-Ann Packe N co Packe Jasm ne Wakefie d Ke a Wakefie d Ph p John G be Pe e Don an Lex e &