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carry it in my heart 100%

So it‟s not even that surprising when he slings an arm over Jesse‟s shoulders at the bar when they go out for drinks after the first day of filming, or when he buries his nose in Jesse‟s hair and slurs over the music, “Reckon two more‟ll do you just fine, love!” It doesn‟t seem like a big deal when he starts bringing an extra cup of coffee marked JESS to Jesse‟s trailer at random times of the day because he says he wants to run lines but apparently all he really wants is to draw all over his copy of the script and laugh all crinkly when Jesse complains about the douchebag sandals he has to wear every day.


David Leask 27 March 2018 77%

Doesn‟t need to be independent.


test 75%

1) Data link layer transport frames, where transport layer cannot 2) Data link layer may concerned with medium acces control when transport layer doesn not 4.


Withered 73%

Everywhere she goes, she doesn‟t say a word.


Heironimus vs. Heironimus 69%

So, when viewed as a whole, BH‘s account rings false — and therefore it doesn‘t deserve the benefit of the doubt in debatable cases.



Even if the quality of the school district doesn t matter to you now, remember it might someday to another buyer.


RonDraftFinalV2 67%

I`d say being able to continuously learn about the brain and how it works or doesn`t work.


Transition Group Coaching Offering 66%

doesn t come at a cost to your wellbeing "



The island where the ancestral city was founded doesn´t exist anymore since the whole lake lies now under square kilometers of asphalt, constructions of our colonial heritage and modern skycrapers.


Heart sound 60%

[8] proposed Empirical mode decomposition (EMD), a novel signal decomposition method which in contrast to wavelet transform doesn’t decompose the signal in terms of basic atoms like the mother wavelets.


teoabeI 58%

I must fess up I love them all, and it doesn`t lead to any bias cause it was the Belle epoque, and all you need to know about it is here.


BONES - wywiad-eng jeroen 57%

Yeah, we might not like a lot of the modern, „new‟ stuff in death metal, but that doesn‟t mean that it is necessarily bad.


git-cheatsheet-EN-dark 55%

This doesn‘t mean you have to complete a whole, large feature before committing.


UK Eduscape commentary on the Wolf Review 54%

06.03.11 The UK Eduscape Commentary paper  Although it backs the creation of University Technical Colleges, the report doesn‟t urge the Government to raise its commitment to establishing them beyond the 12 it signed up to at the outset of the coalition agreement.


The Bunny Files No. 1 - The UO Case 54%

He doesn´t seem like a person to have a girlfriend.


Digital Film Restoration and Remastering 54%

The reader doesn‟t need to know anything about the subject matter beforehand.


cupe.PDF 54%

This is a standard part of the process The first thing we will do once we have the strike mandate is tell the City we want to get back to tpte brgq!ng ‘able ard cnnclucie a agreement If that doesn t work we may need to set a strike.


6 Tips 51%

It doesn?t matter who has the greatest product, all that matters is the perception in the consumer?s mind and who positions themselves first.


Bunny 101 - 2016.11.01 49%

Their fur is thick and doesn t dry well ‒ this can cause skin conditions and illnesses.


HIOKI DM7275 ENG 48%

The DM Series uses a faint 10 mVrms signal which doesn' t stress the measurement target to measure the capacitance between measurement probes and check contact.


OHIOs OWN Magazine Issue III Winter 2012 revised docx 45%

“If a store is running a sale, we‟ll pursue it.” The one place that doesn‟t work is in food service, he says.


OHIOs OWN Magazine Issue III Fall 2011 44%

Annual Training 2011 (AT11), doesn‟t have 20 mile hikes in full battle-rattle, “Drop and give me 20!” or grueling obstacle courses, but to the new OHMR recruit, the prospect of basic training may still seem intimidating.


ktk morph and instants 43%

It doesn’t untap during its controller’s next untap step.


Complete Minutes- Institute for Statecraft & Center for Naval Analyses Joint Workshop. 43%

But doesn‟t this mean that instead of being dependent on land transport, Kaliningrad will be dependent on sea and air links for re-supply?