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Alexa Spieler Writing Samples (1) 100% 4     5   A conversation with Drake at Skirball Curving around the Skirball Center at NYU on September 22nd was a massive line, which only signified that Drake’s presence was about to grace campus.


42903 F&F Spring2014 Txt R2 94%

100-200 5 GREEN WING TEAL DRAKE by the Wildfowler Decoy Co., Quogue, NY.


2015Rogers-Truckload-Flyer 92%

MSRP $9999 shipping WGI-T6B1 Lucky Rapid Flyer Mallard 99 Drake Combo 109 NEW for 2015!


Guide voleur par AKG701 91%

ombre de naxxramas, lame d'assassin, enseignante pourpre, drake azur, poison mortel, agent du SI:7, prophète du cercle terrestre, sprint avec préparation, horreb Supposez le guerrier contrôle, jouez très agressif.


MichaelLucarelli-SplunkSecurityAssessmentEDITED 89%

FA2017 | Michael Lucarelli Splunk Security Assessment Drake Thomas | SEC-210 Contents Network Diagram .........................................................................................................................................


Hearthstone Ranking 89%

Top Ragnaros the Firelord Ysera Argent Commander Azure Drake Acidic Swamp Ooze Chillwind Yeti Harvest Golem Defender of Argus Dark Iron Dwarf Gladiator's Longbow Explosive Shot Savannah Highmane Animal Companion Multi-Shot Fireball Flamestrike (max 2-3) Frostbolt Water Elemental Tirion Fordring Sword of Justice Aldor Peacekeeper Consecration Truesilver Champion Shadow Madness Holy Nova Shadow Word:


PSR Review Sample 87%

The reduction “is not intended to apply to a defendant who puts the government to its burden of proof at trial by denying the essential factual elements of guilt.” However, “conviction by trial...does not automatically preclude a defendant from consideration for such a reduction.” A reduction may still be warranted such as “where a defendant goes to trial to assert and preserve issues that do not relate to factual guilt (e.g., to make a constitutional challenge to a statute or a challenge to the applicability of a statute to his conduct).” In such cases, a determination that a defendant has accepted responsibility will be based primarily upon pre-trial statements and conduct.” Following Cosmos’s arrest on January 11, 2012, Cosmos admitted to agents that he sold large amounts of cocaine to Paul Drake describing Drake as one of his “biggest customers” (PSR Paragraph 19).



01805 623241 (6pm-9pm) Entries close on the 17th of November Entry Fee £1.00p per Exhibit for poultry and waterfowl 50p per exhibit for eggs and photographs/Art Show Membership £1-00 Wide Selection of Trophies and Rosettes Raffle and Light Refreshments available on the day WaterFowl Ducks Heavy 1) Aylesburys 2) Rouen 3) Muscovy 4) Pekin 5) Saxony 6) Silver Appleyard 7) A.o.V Heavy 8) A.V Crested 9) A.V Heav y 2014 Hatched Ducks Light 10) Campbell 11) Buff Orpington 12) Runner self-colour Male 13) Runner self-colour Female 14) Runner A.o.C Male 15) Runner A.o.C Female 16) A.o.V Light 17) A.V Light 2014 Hatched Ducks Bantam 18) Apricot Call Drake 19) Apricot Call Duck 20) Mallard / Grey Call Drake 21) Mallard / Grey Call Duck 22) White call Drake 23) White call Duck 24) A.C Silver Call Drake 25) A.C Silver Call Duck 26) A.o.C Call Drake 27) A.o.C Call Duck 28) Black East Indian 29) Silver Appleyard Miniature 30) A.o.V Bantam or Miniature 31) A.V Bantam or Miniature 2014 Hatched Trios and Pairs 32) A.V Large 33) A.V Soft Feather Bantam 34) A.V Hard Feather Bantam 35) A.V True Bantam 36) A.V Waterfowl Pair Rare Breed Large 37) A.V Hard Feather 38) A.V Soft Feather Heavy 39) A.V Soft Feather Light 40) A.V Large Rare 2014 Hatched Large Soft Feather 41) 42) 43) 44) 45) 46) 47) 48) 49) 50) 51) 52) 53) 54) 55) 56) 57) 58) 59) 60) 61) 62) 63) Australorp Barnevelder Brahma Cochin Croad Langshan Dorking Faverolles Marans New Hampshire Red Buff Orpington Orpington A.o.C Rhode Island Red Light Sussex Sussex A.o.C Wyandotte Ancona Araucana Leghorn Poland Silkie Welsummer A.o.V Large Soft Feather A.V Large soft 2014 Hatched Large Hard Feather 64) 65) 66) 67) 68) 69) 70) 71) 72) 73) 74) 75) 76) 77) 78) 79) Modern Indian or Jubilee Game O.E.G Carlisle Male O.E.G Carlisle Female O.E.G Oxford Black/Red –Duckwing Male O.E.G Oxford Brown/red – Grey Male O.E.G Oxford Ginger male O.E.G Oxford A.o.C male O.E.G Oxford Partridge or Duckwing Female O.E.G Oxford Brown/Red – Grey Female O.E.G Oxford A.o.C Female Asil Shamo Malay A.o.V large Hard Feather A.V Large Hard Feather 2014 Hatched Bantam Soft Feather Heavy 80) Australorp Male 81) Australorp Female 82) 83) 84) 85) 86) 87) 88) 89) 90) 91) 92) 93) 94) 95) 96) Brahma Croad Langshan Dorking Frizzle Maran New Hampshire Red Orpington Plymouth Rock Rhode Island Red Light Sussex Sussex A,o,C A.C Laced Wyandotte A.o.c Wyandotte A.V Soft Feather Bantam Heavy A.V Soft Feather Bantam Heavy 2014 Hatched Bantam Soft Feather Light 97) Ancona 98) Hamburgh 99) Leghorn 100)Poland 101) Silkie 102) A.o.V Soft Feather Light 103) A.V Soft Feather Light 2014 Hatched Bantam Hard Feather 104) Ko - Shamo 105) A.V Asian 106) Indian or Jubilee 107) Modern Game Male 108) Modern Game Female 109) O.E.G Oxford Type Male 110) O.E.G Oxford Type Female 111) O.E.G spangled 112) O.E.G Dark/Red, Light/Red Male 113) O.E.G Wheaton or Partridge Female 114) O.E.G Duckwing 115) O.E.G Self Colour 116) O.E.G Furnace / Brassy Male 117) O.E.G Furnace / Polecat Female 118) O.E.G Muffed or Tassell 119) 0.E.G A.o.C 120) A.o.V Bantam Hard Feather 121) A.V Bantam Hard Feather 2014 Hatched Bantam Rare Breed 122) A.V Soft Feather 123) A.V Hard Feather 124) A.V Rare Bantam 2014 Hatched Juveniles Aged from 9 – 16 125) A.V Waterfowl 126) A.V Large Soft Feather 127) A.V Large Hard Feather 128) A.V Bantam Soft Feather 129) A.V Bantam Hard Feather 130) A.V True Bantam Junior’s Aged from 5 – 9 125b) A.V Waterfowl 126b) A.V Large Soft Feather 127b) A.V Large Hard Feather 128b) A.V Bantam Soft Feather 129b) A.V Bantam Hard Feather 130b) A.V True Bantam There will be an extra Champions row this year for juniors and Juveniles with best of section rosettes True Bantams 131) Barbu D’ Anver Male 132) Barbu D’ Anver Female 133) Barbu D’ Uccle 134) Barbu D’ WaterMael 135) Dutch Male 136) Dutch Female 137) Japanese Male 138) Japanese Female 139) Pekin Black 140) Pekin White 141) Pekin A.o.C Male 142) Pekin A.o.C Female 143) RoseComb male 144) RoseComb Female 145) Sebright 146) A.o.V True Bantam 147) A.V True Bantam 2014 Hatched Geese/Turkeys ( State Breeds ) 148) A.V Gander 149) A.V Goose 150) A.V Turkey Stag 151) A.V Turkey Hen Eggs 152) 6 Large or 6 Bantam same Colour 153) 6 Eggs- 3 Large + 3 Bantam Same Colour Large Eggs 154) 3 Dark Brown 155) 3 Light Brown 156) 3 White 157) 3 Cream 158) 3 Blue or Green 159) 3 Distinct Colours 160) 3 A.o.C Bantam Eggs 161) 3 Dark Brown 162) 3 Light Brown 163) 3 White 164) 3 Cream 165) 3 Blue or Green 166) 3 Distinct Colours 167) 3 A.o.C 2 eggs 168) 1 Large with 1 Bantam Same Colour 169) 1 Large with 1 Bantam Distinct Colour 170) 1 WaterFowl with 1 Poultry Same Colour 171 1 WaterFowl with 1 Poultry Distinct Colour Single Eggs 172) 1 Large Dark Brown 173) 1 Large Light Brown 174) 1 Large White 175_ 1 Large Cream 176) 1 Large A.o.C 177) 1 Bantam Dark Brown 178) 1 Bantam Light Brown 179) 1 Bantam White 180) 1 Bantam Cream 181) 1 Bantam A.o.C WaterFowl + Any Other 182) 3 Duck Eggs 183) 3 Goose Eggs 184) 3 A.o.V Domestic Poultry 185) Single Duck Egg 186) Single Goose Egg 186) Single A.o.V Domestic Poultry 187) 1 Mis-Shaped Egg Contents 188) Single Large 189) Single Bantam 190) Single Waterfowl Decorated Eggs 191) 6 Eggs Attractive Display ( 12’’x12’’ max size) 192) Single Decorated Egg 193) Single Painted Egg Art and Photographs Adults 194) Photo Poultry 195) Photo WaterFowl 196) Own Drawing or Painting of Poultry Childs 197) Photo Poultry 198) Photo WaterFowl 199) Own Drawing or Painting of Poultry.


Song List by Artist - Condensed 86%

Drake Loving You No More Diddy &


Resume Web 84%

Ashton-Drake Giddings INFORMATION SECURITY   Experience Denim Group, Ltd.


Tennis Note Page PDF 82%

Augustine, FL 2016-17 Schedule 6-2, 0-0 Big 12 (1-0 home, 2-2 away, 3-0 neutral) September 16-18 Bush’s $50,000 Waco Showdown Wildcard 16-18 Drake Invitational 22-25 Gopher Invitational October 7-9 FGCU Fall Invite 13-17 ITA Regionals 21-23 Colorado State Invitational 28-29 SIUE Indoor Invite January 27 at Temple 28 at Villanova 29 at Lehigh February 4 ^vs.


Laura Oberle - resume 79%

LAURA OBERLE Nashville, TN | 812-449-1380 | | E XP E RI E NCE REAL ESTATE MARKETING, FREELANCE Nashville, TN Project Manager, Beth Drake Real Estate 03/2016 – PRESENT • Create promotional and branding material for real estate agents.


W Chart 76%

Nicki MINJA 30 AUG 92 What God Wants...............................................................................66............3 wks 10 OCT 10 What's Wrong With Them ..............................................................61............1 wk Jody WATLEY See also Lil Wayne, Drake feat Kanye West, Lil Wayne &


REAL CHART 2012 76%

Lil Wayne Dedication to my ex Military Wives with Gareth Malone Wherever you are Drake Take care One Direction (1D) What makes you beautiful / Na na na Jessie J Who you are Lady GaGa Marry the night Jessie J Domino Rihanna You da one Beyonce Love on top Bruno Mars It will rain Katy Perry The one that got away TPain ft Wiz Khalifa &


Project 3 Documentation 76%

Embodied Shopping Team…Drake L.


Real Chart 2017 75%

Taylor Swift I Don’t Wanna Live Forever Little Mix ft Charlie Puth Oops Drake Fake Love 8 Ariana Grande ft Nicki Minaj Side To Side ¨ George Michael Faith Shawn Mendes Mercy 8 Sigma ft Birdy Find Me 8 Lady GaGa Million Reasons The Vamps &


songlist2011artist 73%

Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg and Kurupt Drake Drake Drake ft.


Real Chart 2014 to Feb 2 73%

Status ft Jacob Banks Alive The Killers Mr Brightside Drake Hold On We're Going Home Daft Punk Get Lucky Ylvis The Fox Bastille Pompeii Afrojack ft Spree Wilson The Spark John Newman Losing Sleep The Vamps Can We Dance Rebecca Ferguson I Hope PSY Gangnam Style Sub Focus Turn Back Time Idina Menzel Let It Go Kid Ink ft Chris Brown Show Me One Direction Midnight Memories Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know?



first back - The most economical way to get a good vision early is to have 3 defensive pinks at river and 1 agressive + some trinket at the side that your jungler has choosen to pressure - Try to pressure more early weak lane, as caster ap mid or static toplaner, this is a good way to force sums and then it opens drake and fb tower.


Real Chart 5 Jan 2014 72%

Status ft Jacob Banks Alive The Killers Mr Brightside Drake Hold On We're Going Home Daft Punk Get Lucky Ylvis The Fox Bastille Pompeii Afrojack ft Spree Wilson The Spark John Newman Losing Sleep The Vamps Can We Dance Rebecca Ferguson I Hope PSY Gangnam Style Sub Focus Turn Back Time Idina Menzel Let It Go Kid Ink ft Chris Brown Show Me One Direction Midnight Memories Arctic Monkeys Do I Wanna Know?


Real Chart 12 Jan 72%

Status ft Jacob Banks Alive Ellie Goulding Burn u Avicii and Aloe Blacc Wake Me Up u Ed Sheeran I See Fire John Newman Love Me Again u Little Mix Move 8 Sub Focus Turn Back Time Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball ¨ Katy Perry Unconditionally 8 Daft Punk Get Lucky Breach ft Andreya Triana Everything You Never Had 8 Robin Thicke Blurred Lines uu Drake Hold On We're Going Home ¨ Wilkinson Afterglow 8 James Blunt Bonfire Heart ¨ Rizzle Kicks Skip To The Good Bit 8 Vance Joy Riptide Storm Queen Look Right Through 8 Jessie J Thunder 8 Busta Rhymes Thank You Kid Ink ft Chris Brown Show Me Tinie Tempah Lover Not a Fighter Passenger Let Her Go u u Idina Menzel Let It Go Afrojack ft Spree Wilson The Spark The Vamps Can We Dance ¨ Bastille Pompeii John Newman Losing Sleep Jason Derulo Talk Dirty u American Authors Best Day of My Life Sophie Ellis-Bextor Young Blood Beyoncé XO One Direction Best Song Ever Fatboy Slim &