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20161219 R27SuccessfulApplicantsRadio 94%

'the best road race in the country' WitchHunt The Story of Florence Newton TV/Radio Funding Recommended Percent Funding Recommended Format Language Genre Number of programmes Duration of Programmes Radio 4,366 80 Entertainment English Arts/Culture 6 0:30:00 Radio 6,000 91 Drama English Contemporary Society 1 0:46:00 Radio 10,000 90 Education English Children's 12 0:15:00 Radio 16,500 95 Education English History/Heritage 52 0:10:00 Radio 6,100 85 Drama English Children's 3 0:20:00 Radio 3,200 95 Documentary English Contemporary Society 1 0:55:00 Radio 4,000 95 Education Bi-lingual Children's 6 0:20:00 Radio 6,000 95 Drama English Arts/Culture 1 0:46:00 Radio 6,500 95 Drama English Arts/Culture 1 0:46:00 Today FM Radio 3,500 88 Documentary English Arts/Culture 1 0:52:00 Community Radio Youghal Radio 2,257 95 Documentary English Contemporary Society 1 0:56:00 Community Radio Youghal Radio 2,330 95 Documentary English History/Heritage 1 0:39:00 Community Radio Youghal Radio 3,600 95 Documentary English Contemporary Society 1 0:56:00 Community Radio Youghal Radio 4,350 94 Drama English History/Heritage 1 0:40:00 Channel RTÉ Radio 1 Extra Shannonside 104FM RTÉ Junior/Chill Athlone Community Radio RTÉ Junior/Chill Athlone Community Radio Athlone Community Radio Newstalk 106108FM Newstalk 106108FM Broadcasting Authority of Ireland 2016 Applicant Project Name Channel TV/Radio Funding Recommended Percent Funding Recommended Format Language Genre Number of programmes Duration of Programmes 15 Community Radio Youghal Addicted Community Radio Youghal Radio 7,700 95 Documentary English Contemporary Society 4 0:56:00 16 Conor McGinnity Escape from Dundalk Gaol LMFM Radio 4,200 95 Documentary English History/Heritage 1 0:50:00 Kildare's Wild Places KFM Radio 9,500 95 Documentary English Science/ Nature/ Environment 6 0:20:00 The Professor Newstalk 106108FM Radio 4,250 95 Documentary English Contemporary Society 1 0:46:00 Talking to Mr.


Flyer updated 94%

Biography, Drama. ... Drama, Comedy. ... Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi, Romance.


Drama club sponsorship letter 14-15 PDF 93%

The Lakeland Ridge Wolves' Drama Club is gearing up for another great year and is proud to present Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Jr on March 23rd-25th, 2015.


AFH Director Resume 92% Education: Graduated (2013) Bachelors of Science   Bachelor of Science in Communications (Video Production) from Southern Oregon University    Work‐Related Experience:  • Master Control Operator at Rogue Valley Community Access Television    ( 2007‐2009 )  • Directing RVTV’s Weekly In‐Studio Live 3‐Camera Television Shows      ( 2007‐2009 )  • Assistant Camera Prep‐Tech at T‐Stop Camera Rentals      ( 2014 )    Drama      Shake The Sky  Chimera Episode One (2017)  Webseries Pilot    Action      Shake The Sky  Denizen (2016)    48 Hour Film Project  Thriller    Trippy Tran / Escape West Films      Past Directing Work:  Millennial (2017)       Short Film  A Symphony of Acceptance (2016)  Acting Student’s Thesis  Drama      Shake The Sky  We Are Legion (2016)    Short Film  Crime      Shake The Sky  Safety First (2015)    48 Hour Film Project  Action      Shake The Sky / Siren    Royskopp™ “Running to the Sea”  Music Video    Action      Shake The Sky  Unhappily Ever After (2015)  Sketch Video    Comedy     Cognitive Ignorance  A Silent Affair (2014)          48 Hour Film Project  Drama      Shake The Sky  Plot Ten (2013)          48 Hour Film Project  Thriller      Shake The Sky  Ghostbox (2012)        48 Hour Film Project  Drama      Shake The Sky  The Obtainer (2012)     Spec TV Pilot  Action      Shake The Sky    Rocky Parody Video* (2011)  Viral Marketing Video  Comedy     S.D. Deacon Construction  Scratch It (2011)    Short Film  Dark Comedy    Shake The Sky        Dauntless Legends* (2010)  Student Capstone Film  Action      Shake The Sky / SOU  Vampire Showdown (2009)    Short Film    Action      Southern Oregon University  Ambivalence (2009)  Student Short    Drama      Southern Oregon University  Penance for the Slain (2009)  Student Feature    Crime      Southern Oregon University  Honest Betrayal (2008)  Student  Short  Drama      Southern Oregon University          Awards:  • 2013 Query Pros Winner: Best Action / Adventure Screenplay: “Burner”  • 2011 Astral Award: Society of Marketing Professionals (Rocky Parody Video)  • 2010 Southern Oregon Film Festival: Best Picture & Best Actor (Dauntless Legends)    References:  Trevor Doyle  ‐ Producer | Sales Agent | Distributor with Frozen Flame Pictures™  (971)‐201‐8075  Leonardo Ibanez    ‐ Director of Photography | Key Grip | Camera Operator    (626)‐529‐4930  Spencer T. Watson  ‐ Actor:      (323)‐632‐4161



Índice Secciones Página Television 1 Musica 3 Noticias 5 Television Índice Nuevo k-drama protagonizado por Han Hyo Joo y Lee Jong Suk Han Hyo Joo regresa este 2016 a la pantalla chica con el nuevo drama llamado W, esta vez acompañado de la actor y Lee Jong Suk Género:



Índice Secciones Página Television 1 Musica 3 Noticias 5 Television Television Índice Nuevo k-drama protagonizado por Han Hyo Joo y Lee Jong Suk Sinopsis Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) es una cirujana cardiotorácica en sus 30’s cuyo padre se dedica a escribir el webtoon más famoso de Corea “W”.


NewYorkFringe2010ProgramGuideREDUCED 88%

60 - 62 5,000 live artists bringing you 197 shows in 18 venues and serving up the freshest comedy, drama, musicals, performance art, puppetry, vaudeville, dance.


AFS Global Prep USA S2 in MD 88%

Let’s Practice Your English – Students will use what they learn in classes and apply the knowledge in fun and interactive speaking exercises such as drama, acting, or debate 4:00 – 5:30pm Light refreshments, relax, conversation, flex-time (Get in touch with your family and friends via Skype or WeChat) High Energy Sports – Basketball, soccer, flag football, volleyball, or dance 6:00 – 7:00pm House Group Dinner (Family Style) 8:00 – 9:30pm Game Night – Problem Solvers!


winters cv 85%

ABELCINE Rentals Intern, Abelcine Burbank Fall 2014 Narrative short drama.


SINIF10.unlocked 85%

SAHABELERİN HAYATI 1 30 - 4 1 • Mazi, Muzari, Emir ( Tekil ) 1 • İsim Cümlesi 1 • İsim ve Sıfat Tamlaması Örnekleri ( basit isim cümleleriyle ) 1 Gösteri Drama Ders kitabı Arapça Test Kitabı Alıştırma kitabı Dinleme Anlama Cd, Dvd, Resim Fotoğraf Gerçek nesneler Tekrar etme Yazı tahtası Konuşma Soru - cevap Okuma Bilgisayar Projeksiyon Sözlük Gazete Dergi Yazma Hikaye kitapları Dikte Yardımcı kitaplar Gösteri Ders kitabı 2.


TuValerie-Resume-Web 83%

PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT Yale School of Drama Steppenwolf Theatre Co.


Henry Lee Resume (2) 83%

    HENRY​ ​LEE​ ​-​ ​Actor​ ​-​ ​Singer  Email:​​ l​​​ ​Online​ ​Presence:​ ​  GENDER​:​ ​Male​ ​AGE​ ​RANGE:​​ ​13-20​ ​ETHNICITY:​​ ​Asian​ ​HEIGHT:​​ ​5’6”​ ​WEIGHT:​​ ​120lbs​ ​BUILD:​​ ​slim  VOCAL​ ​RANGE:​​ ​Baritone​ ​(D2-G4)  THEATRE:  ALADDIN​ ​-​ ​THE​ ​PANTO  Prince​ ​#1  ANNIE  Bundles​ ​McCloskey/Lt.​ ​Ward/Ensemble;​ ​Dance  CentreStage​ ​Studios​ ​Hong​ ​Kong  Captain  ONE​ ​NIGHT​ ​AT​ ​HER​ ​MAJESTY’S​ ​-​ ​ALICE​ ​IN  WONDERLAND  Seven/Ensemble  West​ ​End​ ​Stage/Guildhall  USC​ ​SUMMER​ ​THEATRE​ ​CONSERVATORY​ ​-  MUSICAL​ ​THEATRE​ ​SHOWCASE  Performer  USC​ ​School​ ​of​ ​Dramatic​ ​Arts  AN​ ​AFTERNOON​ ​WITH​ ​SONDHEIM  Ensemble  Katterwall  BED  Sermon​ ​Face;​ ​Costume​ ​Design  German​ ​Swiss​ ​International​ ​School  REMEMBRANCE  Branwell​ ​Brönte;​ ​Writer;​ ​Set+Costume​ ​Design  German​ ​Swiss​ ​International​ ​School  THE​ ​CRYSTAL​ ​OF​ ​LIGHT  Asst.​ ​Director;​ ​Costume​ ​Design  German​ ​Swiss​ ​International​ ​School  HÄNSEL​ ​AND​ ​GRETEL  Hänsel;​ ​Book-writer  German​ ​Swiss​ ​International​ ​School  A​ ​MYSTERY  Ron/Dancer;​ ​Choreographer/Dance​ ​Captain  German​ ​Swiss​ ​International​ ​School  THE​ ​DISAPPEARANCE​ ​OF​ ​PEACHES  Ensemble/Jazz​ ​Choreographer  Starlit​ ​Voice’s​ ​Drama​ ​School​ ​Hong​ ​Kong  HONG​ ​KONG​ ​THEATRE-SPORTS​ ​FESTIVAL  2016  Performer/Player  JUST​ ​Education  ISCMS​ ​-​ ​IIVII;​ ​MELODIA​ ​ETERNA;  SPIRITUALIS   Choral​ ​Singer​ ​-​ ​Soprano  International​ ​Schools​ ​Choral​ ​Music​ ​Society  VOCALIS​ ​CHAMBER​ ​CHOIR  Choral​ ​Singer/Admin/Soloist/Section​ ​Leader  German​ ​Swiss​ ​International​ ​School  Hong​ ​Kong​ ​Players    MUSIC:    EDUCATION/TRAINING:  MUSICAL​ ​THEATRE​ ​(3-CREDIT​ ​COLLEGE​ ​LEVEL​ ​COURSE)  USC​ ​School​ ​of​ ​Dramatic​ ​Arts​ ​-​ ​Summer​ ​Theatre​ ​Conservatory  ACTING/VOICE/MOVEMENT/DANCE  CentreStage​ ​Studios​ ​Hong​ ​Kong,   ACTING/VOICE/MOVEMENT/DANCE  Starlit​ ​Voice’s​ ​Drama​ ​School​ ​Hong​ ​Kong  CLASSICAL​ ​VOICE  Enico​ ​Luk​ ​Kin-Chi,​ ​Yen​ ​Yen​ ​Ng  GCSE​ ​DRAMA;​ ​GCSE​ ​MUSIC  German​ ​Swiss​ ​International​ ​School    SPECIAL​ ​SKILLS:  DANCE:​​ ​Interpretive,​ ​Improvisational  SINGING:​​ ​Musical​ ​Theatre,​ ​Operatic,​ ​Jazz  LANGUAGES:​​ ​English,​ ​German,​ ​Cantonese,​ ​Mandarin  ACCENTS:​​ ​Received​ ​English,​ ​Standard​ ​British,​ ​Standard​ ​American,​ ​Chinese,​ ​German  ADDITIONAL:​​ ​Photography,​ ​Visual​ ​Art​ ​eg.​ ​Painting​ ​and​ ​Sketching,​ ​Set​ ​Design,​ ​Costume​ ​Design,​ ​Puppetry,​ ​Ice-skating



Her professional interests include teaching children through songs and drama, as well as learners’ microlistening skills.


Club-list-2015-2016.PDF 80%

Acts of Random Kindness *Advisor- Scott Nelson *Room 702- Club meets Fridays during lunch We high school students face stress, anxiety, drama, and negativity from time to time.



•  •  •  Creative Director – BAFTA and EMMY winning Executive Producer Colin Barr Founder – BAFTA winning Director Morgan Matthews We originate and produce documentary, drama and feature films A multi award-winning independent film and television production company WHO WE ARE •  MINNOW FILMS •  •  •  •  Colin is a BAFTA and Emmy-winning Executive Producer/Director who works across Documentary and Drama.


inception.shock 76%

And so it goes on, good news arent tie up the audiance - so we need drama.


Barilla 76%

the idea Drama-Free Italian.


report7June017 76%

Help me to keep the guild nice drama free and active progressing, I been in several guild and we are really doing great, of course there is always space to improve.



• Λα αλαπηύμεη δξαζηεξηόηεηεο αίζζεζεο, θίλεζεο, έθθξαζεο, θαη λα εμνηθεηώζεη βησκαηηθά ηνπο ζπκκεηέρνληεο κε ηε κέζνδν ηνπ Θεαηξηθνύ Ξαηρληδηνύ θαη ηεο Γηεξεπλεηηθήο Γξακαηνπνίεζεο (inquiry drama).


channels2 72%

Sky Cinema SKY CINEMA Action and adventure SKY CINEMA Box office 1,2,3 SKY CINEMA Channels SKY CINEMA Comedy SKY CINEMA Crime and thrillers SKY CINEMA Disney SKY CINEMA Drama and romance SKY CINEMA Family SKY CINEMA Greats SKY CINEMA Hits SKY CINEMA Premier SKY CINEMA Sci-fi horror SKY CINEMA Select SKY CINEMA Showcase Premium Movie Channels Cinemax East , Moremax El rey network Grit HBO, comedy Movies 24 Movies for men OSN box office 1,2,3 Showtime (West) Starz cinema ,East, True movies Sport.


Album Notes CD 1-8 72%

In the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the poetry drama rapidly developed.


JANI HÄKLI1st Assistant CameraCV 70%

 Worked  mostly  on   commercials  and  feature  films  but  also  on  music  videos  and  single-­‐ camera  TV  drama  series,  documents  and  corporate  videos.