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Keggy2 100%

Transfer Wounds Uses per day ❏❏❏❏❏ ❏❏ Transfer Wounds (Su):Touch to transfer 1d6 hit points of damage to yourself, 7/day [Dreamscarred Press - Ultimate Psionics, p.71] Special Properties:


Keggy 99%

23,480gp WEIGHT ALLOWANCE Light 76 Lift over head 230 Medium 153 Lift off ground 460 Heavy 230 Push / Drag 1150 MONEY Total= 0 gp [Unspent Funds = 20 gp] MAGIC Languages Common [Dreamscarred Press Ultimate Psionics, p.54] Choose a warrior path to adhere to.


Keggy (1) 97%

Created using PCGen v6.06.01 on Apr 6, 2017 at 3:38:21 PM Level:7 (CR:6) Page 1 Psychic Warrior Manifesting Equipped 1 Equipped 1 1 / 4,000 Equipped 1 35 / 4,200 [Dreamscarred Press Ultimate Psionics, p.53] Psychic Warrior Powers Known:


Wazza 93%

Those wishing to add new maneuvers from a discipline that is already available to their class should instead select the Advanced Study feat instead Heavy 230 Push / Drag 1150 MONEY [Dreamscarred Press Path of War, p.23] You may select two new maneuvers and one stance from your chosen discipline of up to 2nd level, and you may ready an additional maneuver.


Yvan 90%

Psionic Knack (Psion) [Dreamscarred Press Ultimate Psionics, p.299] Gain +2 to manifester level in chosen class, up to your current Hit Dice.


Divergent Paths - Fool's Errand 64%

Fool's Errand is published by Dreamscarred Press under the Open Game License version 1.0a Copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast, Inc.