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HCS1AA 100%

David Eager March 6, 2018 March 29, 2018 Page 1 Ms.


Pat's Missions Musings(1) 87%

A brief stop at the lake to view local fishermen at work Pastors and evangelists gathered in Kahama and were eager to hear the Word and receive impartation.


Media Kit Web Link 85%

Guests stay avg of 1.94 nights** Ads reach over 13 readers per month, per room Advertise to an eager &


Top5Pigg 83%

You are eager to see where it takes you.


FFXV Novel ENG 83%

I recall you being rather eager to drive when you got your license.


America's Secret History 81%

Dave and Gareth look at eachother - Gareth is eager with anticipation, looking back and forth eagerly.


Rick and Morty Leaked 79%

The family is eager behind JERRY to get their phones.


movingessayfinal (1) 79%

Matthew Davis 2/24/2016  Moving and then Moving Again but a Shorter Distance the Second Time  When people talk about moving away from home, they usually act like it’s one of the  hardest things to do in life,but the most challenging part of moving away is living in a new place  and adapting to a scary and unfamiliar lifestyle.I moved from “upstate” (really more like lower  th​ middle state) New York to Greenwich Village, Manhattan on August 29​  2015 to enroll at NYU,  and I was able to avoid any of the challenges an actual migrant would face. I drove down with  my parents in an expensive car, played video games on my phone the whole way, and my  biggest worry was whether my roommate whom I harassed on Facebook before we moved in  would be mean to me when we finally met in real life. I didn’t have to worry about food or a  safe place to stay, as my parents wrote out a check and all I had to do was show up. NYU would  take care of everything from there. My “residence hall” came with a dining room, two lounges,  and 24 hour public safety officers in the lobby to ensure the shadier characters of Manhattan  couldn’t accidentally find themselves mingling with the heirs and debutantes of New York  University’s Hayden Hall.   Even though I had everything I needed here, I still felt overwhelmingly sad at the idea of  leaving my family, and this was the closest thing to a difficult part about moving away from  th​ home. On Friday September 4​  I realized I could go home whenever I wanted for 16 dollars,  and this revelation made the entire thing much easier for everyone. When I was home, I felt  eager, even anxious, to get back to school in New York. At NYU, I was free to spend my parents’  money, and write obnoxious essays about the vastness of my privilege.  After I got back from the trip home I had to take after 6 whole days of living on my own,  something was different about my room. This “something” was so egregious that I really had no  idea how to handle it. This was by far the most traumatic thing I had ever been forced to  endure in my 18 pathetic years on this Earth. I came into my room and I saw my good friend  and roommate “Ricky” had hung up Christmas lights. Aesthetics notwithstanding, Christmas  lights were a distraction. They produced unnecessary light in garish colors at inappropriate  times. There was no reason for an adult to have them, especially not in September. But Ricky’s  passion for Christmas lights went further, as he insisted on leaving them on for most of the  night. Sometimes he would come in at 2 in the morning to turn the Christmas lights on and  inexplicably leave me to sleep with a blinding reminder of an event from 2000 years ago, or the  holiday commemorating it that was still 3 months away.  I tried to formulate possible reasons for leaving Christmas lights on late at night. Maybe  he was afraid of the dark, maybe he was practicing for one of his NYU Tisch lighting classes, or  maybe he did it to offend me personally, not realizing I’m only half Jewish. No matter how I  looked at it, the Christmas lights were a problem, and when I asked him if I could turn them off  one night, he insisted that he needed them to “see” at night. The obtuseness of this answer  puzzled me briefly, and then I immediately ordered a light‐blocking sleep mask on Amazon to  be delivered the next morning. For the next few weeks I made sure to passive aggressively draw  great attention to my nightly ritual of preparing and donning my sleep mask, making sure Ricky  understood that I had to wear protective nightwear to shield myself from the blinding rays of  his “cute” and “hip” décor.   I wasn’t happy here, I didn’t enjoy being disrespected by Christmas lights. That and Ricky  and I would go days without saying anything to each other. I’m not sure if he didn’t like me, but  it was a decidedly awkward living situation. The most we ever talked was one night when I saw  Ricky outside smoking and drinking, a state in which he was eager to talk about how I “stare” at  him at night (from what he described I think he meant my habit of lifting up my sleep mask to  see if his Christmas lights were still on).This encounter was bizarre, and as I listened to him  drunkenly rant about me, I realized I had to change the dynamic of my living situation into  something less abusive. For the sake of brevity, I won’t go into the finer details, but in the  th​ following weeks I arranged a four way room trade that involved me moving to the 8​  floor of  the same building into a triple room in exchange for $150 and a pair of sneakers designed by  Kanye West. To be clear, I was the one getting the money ​ and​  the coveted sneakers. When I tell  this story people usually think I had to pay to get out of a bad situation, but no, I really got very  lucky, and as far as Ricky’s “punishment” goes? The Urban Outfitters on 6th Avenue just went  out of business.  This brings us to where I am right now, in room 801 of NYU’s Hayden Hall. I like this  room a lot better but it’s still pretty bad. Because I insisted on trading outside of the  algorithmically sorted roommate pool, I now live in filth. That’s fine, I don’t mind cleaning up,  but some of the filthy pigs I live with are also mean filthy pigs. My one roommate, whom I’ll try  not to name (in the likely event that this essay is published within the next 3 months and he  gets offended reading it and beats me up in my sleep), eats every meal in the room, showers  with the curtain open, wears dirty boots into the room after I’ve cleaned it, stays up late playing  video games and clicking manically, and also steals from me constantly. Describing his behavior  this bluntly and omitting the nuance of his acrimony does tremendous justice to the reality of  living with him. When he eats in the room, he gets the smelliest foods like stewed meats and  broiled vegetables from the dining hall, and instead of throwing the box out in the hallway (like  a ​ normal​  disgusting person who eats in his bedroom) he leaves the box on his desk (like a ​ really  disgusting person who eats in his bedroom). When he showers with the curtain open, he steps  outside of the shower with his wet body to get the soaps and Chinese shampoos he forgets to  bring in with him at first, getting water all over the floor and sink. When he wears boots into  the room he steps in the bathroom and onto the bath mat leaving piles of dirt for me to clean  and towels for me to wash. When I come back after a weekend at home, and find my food,  money, hangers, and prescription pills missing, he looks at me and groans indignantly at the  idea of me being disappointed that he steals my things. When he stays up late playing video  games, he insists “just one more round” even though it’s already 4 AM on the morning of my  Calculus 3 midterm. This is a disaster, and I am under considerable abuse. The good news is he’s  galvanized a number of latent obsessive compulsive tendencies in me, and now I have the  “good” kind of OCD, meaning I’m obsessively organized and neat but in a “constructive” way  according to my psychiatrist. At this point I alternate between pitying him as socially inept and  unaware of how rude he’s being, and bitterly resenting him for being a mad genius, capable of  scamming me out of my mental health.   Before I moved away from home, I never had to deal with rude roommates or personal  accountability or sleep masks, but it’s fine, it really is. As I type this, my RA, suitemates and I are  planning an intervention with my roommate. He eagerly responded “yes” to an email about a  meeting to create a new living agreement, probably not realizing he is the sole villain of this  story. That’s okay, let him have a few more days of feeling bitter towards me for asking him to  be slightly less inconsiderate sometimes. Listen, sure I’m being abused, but I really don’t mind;  I’m becoming a more responsible adult, learning to have patience with children, and most  importantly, my new shoes are ​ really​  cool.     


Shite Story Attempt ft. Ocean Man 76%

He seemed kind enough – eager to help them, provide comfort, to laugh with them.


Summer 2013 Newsletter 76%

On the day of the workshop, 1 5 eager grade school-age girls arrived at Drexel University’s Freshmen Design Lab.


Marand Ashlley bluPRintPR Recommendation 70%

We are always eager to find interns that can help us with client projects and consider ourselves lucky to have found such a capable and professional person like Benno.



 With  eager  contestants  selected   from  various  Drexel  organizations  on  campus,  a   diversified  panel  of  judges,  and  an  enthusiastic  crowd,   Delta  Phi  Epsilon  raises  money  for  its  top  philanthropy   during  one  of  the  biggest  events  on  campus.


EIS Applicant Reference Form 70%

Demonstrates inclusive behaviors and attitudes, eager to learn about different cultural experiences, does not claim to be an “expert” about any one culture or identity * Poor Below Average Average Above Average Excellent No Basis for Rating Interpersonal Communication:


March 22 2014 70%

Rufon with his makeshift model Majority of the Batch 37 were eager and excited to perform their first circumcision The seminar consisted of a lecture on the circumcision procedure and maintaining asepsis, followed by a workshop.


Intern Informatics 70%

+ You are enrolled in a bachelor or master degree in computer science + You have strong English and/or German verbal and written communication skills + You have an absolute hands-on mentality, and strong analytic skills + You are passionate about entrepreneurship and eager to work &


AV 31 - Project KaleidosCOPE 70%

The event started at nine-thirty in the morning and for the following two and a half hours, 40 eager Grade 9 students participated in the various lectures and exercises.


RWC 70%


Resume 1 70%

Highlights of Qualifications • Knowledgeable of recording and • production techniques Experience in high pressure live sound console operation • Skills working with and coaching talent • and helping arrange popular music Strong sense of artistry — translating creative ideas into a tangible end product Skills and Knowledge • Fluent with Pro Tools and Logic Pro • Understanding of signal flow and hardware (microphones, preamps, live consoles, outboard • • • • • • • signal processors, etc.) Understanding of software and plugins, including Celemony Melodyne Troubleshooting skills Setting up recording sessions and live events Editing skills Strong music background Some composition and songwriting skills Open-minded and eager to learn Work Experience Sound engineer — Wellspring Community Church, Hudsonville, MI — June 2013 - March 2014 Cashier — Salvation Army Family Store, Comstock Park, MI — July 2011 - July 2012 Various freelance projects — 2009 - 2015 (see portfolio link at bottom) Education Cornerstone University, Grand Rapids, MI — B.A.


portfolio Anne CC 70%

I believe the designer should be eager to learn, experiment, communicate, surprise, and subvert… I also enjoy nourishing my design work with art practices such as film-photography, ceramics, and music.


Resume Darlan Ricardo 70%

I am looking for new challenges as a professional and eager to acquire more experience.



  Davis K. Jabroski   __________________________________________________________________________________________________  123 Kitkat Rd, Parksplace, AK, 34868  220 ­ 555 ­ 4563  |    Professional Summary  With an academic background geared toward marketing effectiveness, Davis Jabroski  offers the highest opportunity for managers seeking committed, hard­working members  of their team. Eager to immerse himself in challenging foreign environments, he gets to  work immediately on understanding and refining his role in your organizational structure.  As a result, supervisors can expect plenty of questions upon employment regarding the  preferred practices and procedures at [place of application]. If your firm is seeking an  ambitious candidate committed to understanding your needs and optimising his role  therein, look no further.    Highlights  ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Microsoft Office Excel Certified  Google Analytics Certified  Team­based leadership experience  Total proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite  Researching and preparing business presentations  Professional communication  Familiarity with market segmentation    Experience  Volunteer ­ Baltimore Washington Medical Center  ● Managing and organizing hard­copy patient information.  ● Maintaining consistent workflow within time constraints.    Sales Associate ­ Michaels  ● Identifying and resolving customer inquiry.  ● Management of sales advertising on storefront.    Education  Bachelor of Science : Marketing​  , 2017  ● Towson University ­ Towson, MD


Japan Travel Packages (1) 70%

The package is designed for those of you who are always on the move, eager to experience the culture of Japan and meet new people.


Personal words for resume 70%

Personal Qualities Abstract Accepting Achieving Adjusting Adventurous Affectionate Ambitious Articulate Artistic Assertive Attractive Aware Eager Efficient Encouraging Energetic Enterprising Entertaining Enthusiastic Expressive Objective Observant Open Minded Optimistic Orderly Organized Original Outgoing Tactful Talented Thorough Thoughtful Tireless Tolerant Trusting Truthful Fair­minded Flexible Forceful Friendly Painstaking Patient Perceptive Persuasive Poised Pragmatic Precise Productive Professional Progressive Unique Unpretentious Balanced Calm Carefree Caring Charismatic Charming Cheerful Clever Commanding Committed Compassionate Concrete Confident Congenial Conscientious Conservative Considerate Consistent Cooperative Cordial Courageous Creative Critical Curious Dedicated Deliberate Dependable Determined Diligent Disciplined Distinctive Doer Dynamic Reliability Gentle Genuine Goal­directed Good­natured Graceful Gracious Happy Helpful Humane Humorous Idealistic Imaginative Independent Industrious Innovative Inquisitive Insightful Intelligent Intense Intuition Inventive Investigative Knowledgeable Leader Listener Logical Methodical Motivated Questioning Quick Rational Realistic Reasonable Reassuring Receptive Relaxed Reliable Resourceful Respective Rigorous Self­confident Self­controlled Sense of humor Sensitive Serious Sincere Skillful Sociable Spontaneous Steady Stimulating Straightforward Strong Supportive Sympathetic Verbal Vigorous Warm Wise Zestful Accountable Accurate Attendance (good) Capable Committed Concerned Consistent Conscientious Cooperative Dependable Honest Judgment (good) Loyal Patient Precise Prompt Punctual Reliable Self­controlled Self­reliant Steady Straight forward Trustworthy Work Habits Able to work with others Accepting of criticism Active Alert Appearance (neat) Attentive to details Attitude (positive) Balanced Capable Competent Creative Enthusiastic Efficient Exact Flexible Friendly Genuine Gets along well with others Hardworking Innovative/Initiating Persistent Resourceful Team player Thorough