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manufacturing chart 100%

Reverse Engineering Tengu Hull Section Mechanical Engineering + x1 Electromechanical Hull Sheeting Cartesian Temporal Coordinator + x1 5 x Graphene Nanoribbons Powdered C-540 Graphite Modified Fluid Router + x5 Electromechanical Interface Nexus + x3 x1 10 x Lanthanum Metallofullerene Electromechanical Interface Nexus 10 x PPD Fullerene Fibers 2 x Fulleroferrocene Power Conduit 9 x Fullerene Intercalated Sheets 1 x Emergent Neurovisual Interface 15 x R.A.M.


IJAET Flyer 2013 61%

Planning, Artificial intelligence, Audio Engineering, Automation and Mobile Robots, Automotive Engineering, Bioengineering, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Engineering, Broadband Communications, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computational engineering, Computational Intelligence, Computer Networks, Computer Science Engineering, Computer Software / Hardware, Control and Computer Systems, Data Compression, Data Engineering, Design engineering, Digital Speech Processing, Electrical Engineering, Electromechanical System Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Embedded Systems &


VMM Job Posting 59%

  Winchester Electronics, established in 1941, is a leader in the design, development, and  deployment of interconnect technology...globally. Winchester designs and manufactures an  extensive range of interconnect products, including PCB, RF, and Power connectors as well as  value­added cable and electromechanical assemblies, with modern, electronically linked design,  manufacturing, and distribution facilities located worldwide. Winchester Electronics has an  immediate opening for a Vertical Marketing Manager ­ Medical Market located at our Corporate  Headquarters in Norwalk, CT. This position reports directly to the Director of Business  Development.    The Vertical Marketing Manager (VMM)­ Medical Market will be responsible for helping to  develop new business and create market awareness for a specific vertical market both  domestically and internationally. The VMM will play a key role in Winchester’s team selling  approach as they help guide the salesforce with where to target new business within their end  market and also help project manage opportunities once they are active. The VMM will be a  subject matter expert regarding industry issues, economic and technological trends, competitive  due diligence, and positioning and messaging for their respective vertical markets.      Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  ● Intimate understanding of Winchester’s capabilities, key value propositions and  messaging for solutions within assigned vertical markets.  ● Responsible for leading all marketing activities for assigned vertical markets, including  marketing campaigns that target application niches, new product introductions, and key  account management.   ● Identify activities that will maximize opportunities for market awareness and demand  creation for specific vertical markets (ex ­ end market specific trade shows).  ● Analyze key market trends and requirements to help shape an overall end market  strategy.  ● Work collaboratively with business unit resources and the sales team to develop  collateral and sales tools.  ● Proactively work with sales to develop geographic specific marketing plans to support  market penetration and sales objectives for the sales team.  ● Routinely track and report on key sales performance indicators (through  for their end market.  ● Assist with the development of pricing strategies and quoting activities.          Requirements:  ● Bachelors degree in business, sales or marketing plus five years of experience in  marketing and sales or any equivalent combination of education and experience.  ● Skilled with PC’s and Microsoft Office software including word processing, spreadsheet,  presentation and Outlook.  ● Experience with Google applications and a plus, but not required.  ● The position requires both domestic and international travel up to 25%. The successful  candidate will be willing and able to meet travel requirements.       Interested candidates should send their cover letter, resume and salary requirements to    Equal Opportunity Employer: Minority/Female/Protected Veteran/Individual with Disabilities are  encouraged to apply.


fake resume 58%

John Doe Last Updated on 26th September 2017 123 Main Street, Northern MD, 20001 | 123-456-7890 | EDUCATION PROJECTS AN EAST COAST UNIVERSITY LED BASKETBALL TRAILER | SENIOR DESIGN PROJECT BS IN ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING BS IN BIOMETRIC SYSTEMS Fall 2016 - Spring 2017 | Youtube Demo Video • Our team designed and built a fully mobile, LED-equipped Basketball Game Trailer, sponsored by New Vision Renewable Energy ( to raise money for cancer societies • Lights “dance” to whatever music is playing, using Fourier transforms on a Teensy microcontroller to create a colorful, synchronized audio-visual lightshow May 2017 | Small Town, WV LINKS LinkedIn:// myname Facebook:// MyName Twitter:// @MyName YouTube:// MyName Github:// MyName COURSEWORK Photonics Thermodynamics Electromechanical Energy Conversion Engineering Electromagnetics Analog Electronics Digital Electronics Signals &


Khaled Ramadan - Planning Engineer 58%

Elnour for contracting & electromechanical supplies Project :


resume cv 52%



automated motor testing 47%

Most load test systems employ either an eddy-current or hysteresis type of electromechanical brake to generate a variable rotating torque load.


TR35893 Sec 12-4 47%

Controller Equipped with an electromechanical control panel containing a dual indicator light.


combined new minerals 44%

Warehouse Mineral 1 Tritanium ISK 6.3 Dodixie IX - Moon 20 - Federation Navy Assembly Plant Ice Product 225 Liquid Ozone ISK 119,908.2 Mineral 3 Tritanium ISK 18.9 DP34-U V - Moon 1 - Intaki Commerce Trading Post Mineral 1,000 Pyerite ISK 10,444.4 DP34-U VII - Moon 1 - Impetus Development Studio Mineral 134,584 Mexallon ISK 7,539,400.1 1 Tritanium ISK 6.3 EF-F36 III - Moon 1 - Intaki Space Police Logistic Support Mineral 33,936,947 Tritanium ISK 213,402,496.6 Enaluri II - State Protectorate Logistic Support Mineral 3 Tritanium ISK 18.9 Enaluri V - State Protectorate Assembly Plant Ice Product 9 Liquid Ozone EZA-FM IV - Moon 16 - Thukker Mix Factory Mineral ISK 4,796.3 3,201 Pyerite ISK 33,432.5 1 Tritanium ISK 6.3 FD-MLJ VII - Moon 2 - Intaki Bank Investment Bank Mineral 4,188,333 Tritanium ISK 26,337,098.6 FD-MLJ VII - Moon 4 - Intaki Space Police Assembly Plant Mineral 19,895 Nocxium 127,306 Tritanium ISK 12,479,639.1 ISK 800,526.3 Gheth VII - Moon 12 - Theology Council Law School Mineral 1 Tritanium ISK 6.3 Gulmorogod VIII - Moon 15 - Republic Security Services Testing Facilities Mineral 2,114 Tritanium ISK 13,293.3 Halle II - Caldari Business Tribunal Mineral 1 Tritanium ISK 6.3 ISK 6.3 ISK 6.3 I0AB-R VI - Intaki Space Police Assembly Plant Mineral 1 Tritanium I0AB-R VI - Moon 2 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau Mineral 1 Tritanium IIRH-G VIII - Intaki Space Police Logistic Support Mineral 1,454,738 Tritanium ISK 9,147,691.5 Isanamo XIV - Moon 19 - Rapid Assembly Factory Ice Product 114 Liquid Ozone ISK 60,753.5 ISK 16,978.2 Jel VI - Federation Navy Logistic Support Mineral 2,700 Tritanium Jel VIII - Aliastra Retail Center Mineral 1 Tritanium ISK 6.3 Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Business Tribunal Bureau Offices Mineral 5 Tritanium ISK 31.4 Jita IV - Moon 4 - Caldari Navy Assembly Plant Ancient Salvage 4 Central System Controller 6 Defensive Control Node 36 Electromechanical Hull Sheeting ISK ISK 4,383.0 13,910.2 ISK 9,177.6 4 Emergent Combat Analyzer ISK 4,236.4 3 Emergent Combat Intelligence ISK 4,176.4 4 Fused Nanomechanical Engines ISK 1,634.7 3 Jump Drive Control Nexus ISK 4,854.4 19 Modified Fluid Router ISK 235,293.0 12 Powdered C-540 Graphite ISK 7,301.7 2 Thermoelectric Catalysts ISK 5,468.2 Mineral 54 Tritanium ISK 339.6 Moon Materials 195 Vanadium ISK 351,627.0 Jita VII - Moon 2 - Caldari Business Tribunal Law School Mineral 2 Tritanium ISK 12.6 K5-JRD VIII - Moon 2 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau Mineral 1 Tritanium KFR-ZE V - Nugoeihuvi Corporation Publisher Ice Product ISK 6.3 250 Liquid Ozone ISK 133,231.4 KFR-ZE VII - Moon 6 - Intaki Space Police Assembly Plant Mineral 3,367 Nocxium ISK 2,112,035.4 ISK 2,252,684.0 Kirras II - Perkone Factory Mineral 300 Morphite KLYN-8 IV - Moon 14 - Intaki Syndicate Academy Mineral 132,460 Isogen ISK 11,184,184.6 ISK 10,826,958.7 KTHT-O VI - Moon 12 - Quafe Company Warehouse Mineral 1,036,630 Pyerite 232,371 Tritanium ISK 1,461,196.6 Lamadent I - Federation Customs Logistic Support Mineral 1 Tritanium ISK 6.3 ISK 6.3 Lirsautton IX - Moon 3 - Federal Administration Bureau Offices Mineral 1 Tritanium Loes III - Roden Shipyards Factory Mineral 2 Tritanium ISK 12.6 Luse VI - Moon 1 - Federation Customs Assembly Plant Mineral 1 Tritanium ISK 6.3 M2-CF1 X - Moon 3 - Intaki Syndicate Bureau Ice Product 250 Liquid Ozone ISK 133,231.4 Mineral 113,500 Mexallon ISK 6,358,273.7 Malukker I - Republic University School Mineral 2,890 Tritanium ISK 18,172.9 Masalle VI - Moon 9 - Federation Navy Logistic Support Mineral 1 Tritanium ISK 6.3 Okkamon III - Home Guard Assembly Plant Ice Product 59 Liquid Ozone ISK 31,442.6 Orvolle VI - Moon 1 - Federal Administration Bureau Offices Mineral 1 Tritanium ISK 6.3 ISK 6.3 ISK 6.3 Ouelletta II - Federal Defence Union Logistic Support Mineral 1 Tritanium Pakkonen IV - Moon 18 - Caldari Constructions Foundry Mineral 1 Tritanium Pakkonen IV - Moon 19 - Caldari Constructions Production Plant Ice Product 11,501 Helium Isotopes ISK 14,182,470.0 24,830 Liquid Ozone ISK 13,232,539.0 Mineral 1 Tritanium ISK 6.3 Pakkonen V - Moon 7 - X-Sense Reprocessing Facility Mineral 2 Tritanium ISK 12.6 PC9-AY III - Intaki Commerce Trading Post Mineral 27,728 Mexallon ISK 1,553,323.5 305,255 Tritanium ISK 1,919,506.2


Canon C700x Brochure 39%

We have included a highly accurate micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) sensor which measures Roll, Pitch and Yaw of the camera’s current orientation in Decimal Degrees along the X, Y and Z axis.


Over current realys 38%

This is inherent in electromechanical relays due to saturation of the magnetic circuit .So, by varying the point of saturation different characteristic are obtain these are 1) Definite time.


04 8Oct15 548 554-940-1-RV 37%

Introduction Induction motors are electromechanical systems suitable for a large spectrum of industrial applications, due to its high reliability, relatively low cost, and modest maintenance requirements [1].


IoT for the Automotive Industry 35%

These devices have micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) which include micro sensors on it.