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Franklin University Switzerland - Wikipedia 100%

The final two buildings are the as­of­late unnamed New Buildings (A and B) located across via Ponte Tresa from Panera. New Building A has four bedroom apartment­style housing, while New Building B has two, three, four, five, and six bedroom apartments, some of which are two stories. All rooms in both New Buildings have arguably the biggest kitchens on campus with at least one bathroom (with a shower) per two students. New Building B­side offers a noise­free, substance­free rooming option with an emphasis on healthy living for students.


EGrant 2018 input 050318 96%

Membership of the Cambridge Intelligence Seminars regarding identification of academic sympathies with Russia Membership and influencing of think tanks (RUSI, Chatham House and Henry Jackson Society) on IoS identification of academic publications with such sympathies (delivered and ongoing) Providing source material for radio, TV and print and online media on impact of Russian influence (including UK Frontline Club Kleptoscope seminars on financial criminality, with emphasis on Russian impacts and funding).


2011 06 28 dec[1] 93%

For example, section 16.1 requires an assignment to be “in substantially the form of Exhibit K” (emphasis removed).


FDA Guidelines 87%

Therefore, any sale of covered tobacco products over the Internet must comply with the minimum age and identifications requirements in this rule.” 81 FR 29057 (emphasis added).


Historic Design-Guildlines-Draft-6 19 2014 86%

Of primary importance in the approach of design guidelines is the emphasis on preservation over replacement.


MKTG-465-Exec-Sum 85%

Executive Summary    As a member of the crowded pub marketplace in the city of Calgary, the Kilkenny Irish Pub finds itself in  a challenging position. With a local population made up largely of post secondary students,  management at the Kilkenny need to consider the potentially unique needs of this market, and their  opinions of the products and services offered by the pub.  In our analysis, we take a look at the current comment card offered by the Kilkenny. This is a comment  card which can only be found online and not in the restaurant itself. We administered this card in person  to a small convenience sample, and examined the results. Some of the key findings were that patrons  typically visited the establishment during the evening, that they found the music choice was sub‐par and  that these patrons did not necessarily order food to accompany their drinks.  Following our analysis of these comment card results, we used the information to structure moderators’  guides for a set of focus groups. Based on the market examined, our focus group participants were  Kilkenny patrons aged 18‐25. Our focus groups were asked a series of questions regarding their  experiences as Kilkenny clientele. The general consensus of our two focus groups was that people have a  fairly low expectation regarding the quality of both food and service. Although some of these  characteristics caused people some concern, in general, people visited the bar to spend time with their  friends and thus cared less about the service.   With information gained from the customer comment card and focus groups, we were able to create a  survey to obtain more detailed data. The survey was developed in order to understand certain attitudes  and perceptions regarding pubs and how this information related to Kilkenny specifically. The majority  of respondents were of a similar age as our focus group participants with a large portion of them  currently attending the University of Calgary. A total of 61 surveys were collected with the majority of  respondents being male. In addition, we did not bias based on income, race or age, but we were looking  for a relatively even split of people 22 and over and 21 and under. This was to answer our research  question of whether more experienced patrons had higher expectations regarding service and product  quality. Additionally, we studied some of the differences between males and females regarding  expectations of the service and products of pubs.  In general, those 21 and under and those 22 and over had similar expectations and attitudes toward  Kilkenny, and pubs in general. Similarly, males and females had similar expectations towards their dining  experience with pubs and Kilkenny. For the two different age groups, some differences occurred such as  those 21 and under placing a higher emphasis on being able to find available seating. Regarding gender,  females placed a higher emphasis than males on customer service.   Overall, expectations regarding pubs and Kilkenny were fairly low. Some differences occurred between  the different groups that we tested, but people saw these establishments as a social setting not a formal  one. That said, there are some characteristics that management of Kilkenny should look into in order to  ensure that they are maximizing service and product expectations.

25/09/2012 84%

The “and” assumedly serves emphasis only!


Fragebogen Deutsch Englisch 83%

Vorname - First name Nachname - Family name Nationalität - Nationality Geburtsdatum - Date of birth Familienstand - Familienstand Anzahl der Kinde - Number of Children Familienaufenthalt - Your family stays in Handynummer - Mobile phone number Adresse - Address E-Mail Adresse - Email address Fragen zu Ihrem Bildungsstand – Question about your eduacation Universitätsabschluss, das Abschlusszeugnis liegt vor Graduated from university and I have my license Ja Yes Nein No Universitätsabschluss, das Abschlusszeugnis liegt nicht vor Graduated from university but I don't have my license Ja Yes Nein No Student an einer Universität, Leistungsnachweise liegen vor I am a university student and I have a score sheet from my faculty Yes Ja No Nein Student an einer Universität, Leistungsnachweise liegen nicht vor I am a university student but I don't have a score sheet from my faculty Yes Ja No Nein Universitätsname University Fachrichtung Specialization Abschlussart License Abschlussnote Grade Ich besitze ein Abiturzeugnis aus meinem Herkunftsland, Zeugnis liegt vor I have a high school certificate from my country Ja Yes Nein No name type Datum des Abschlusses Certificate date Abiturschwerpunkt main emphasis Abschlussnote (Punkte) von Grade (Points) of Ich besitze ein Abiturzeugnis aus einem anderen Land, Zeugnis liegt vor I have a high school certificate from a country other than my original country Ja Yes Nein No Datum des Abschlusses Certificate date Abiturschwerpunkt main emphasis Abschlussnote (Punkte) von Ich besitze einen Schulabschluss (9.


Brynn Brdar Resume 83%

Education 2010 Grover Cleveland High School Emphasis on Humanities Studies 2011 (Transfer) Pierce College Emphasis on Fine Art/Art History 2012 - Present Art Institute of Hollywood Major:


Project meeting week 2 May 2018 EAG inputs 82%

There will be an emphasis on the need to recognise the legacy of the semi militarised nature of the Russian speaking countries and their international links.


NReyesPortfolioSamples 2010 81%

c o m / i n / n j r e y e s EDUCATION California State University, Northridge Northridge CA — Bachleor of Arts with an emphasis in Graphic Design [2006-2010] Don Bosco Technical Instutute Rosemead, CA — High School Diploma with an emphasis in Drafting &


[11:13:14] Shi‘i Oppositional Movements.pages 81%

emphasis and pride in look, professionalism of soldiers!


Salv Nullify Memo Lexis 05262015 80%

§ 2702(b)(2)(E) (Emphasis added).


MPRes 2014 79%

Emphasis on file building and formatting in Photoshop and Illustrator for web and mobile:


Extended Essay Final Draft 79%

Joseph Wilkerson October 2015 Hossain 1 Abstract For nearly 1,300 years, the Chinese political system was distinguished by a special emphasis on academic prowess.


DA Megabus Case Studyv1-2 79%

In order to maximize the budget, DA put a large emphasis on quality score, allowing for vast majority of ad spend to be utilized efficiently.


EPD MSR Review Feasibility Study July 2015 79%

Current policy is directed to improvements in solid-fuelled reactors, including small to medium sized versions, together with emphasis on researching nuclear fusion possibilities.


2016-10-27 Ltr to J.Anderson.Pierce County Auditor 78%

the day of the election or primary, or mail the ballot to the county auditor with a postmark no later than the day of the election or primary.” RCW 29A.40.091(4) (emphasis added).


MPRes Behance 2014 78%

Emphasis on file building and formatting in Photoshop and Illustrator for web and mobile:


Sound Choice's Response to PT's Motion to Dismiss 78%

Plaintiff has also alleged that “counterfeits include SLEP-TONE’s registered 10 trademarks, such that to the consumers of the illegitimate KJ’s services, the counterfeits 11 are virtually indistinguishable from genuine Sound Choice materials.” Complaint ¶ 82 12 (emphasis added).


CYAACoachesguide-Updated 77%

Crosby Director Sportsmanship The emphasis of our program is not on winning or losing.


Deb Wolfe TT (1) 77%

The program honors the Iyengar method for learning yoga postures and there is great emphasis on anatomy and basis yoga therapeutics.


toddler sense launch 76%

The emphasis of the class is appropriately different for their age, with more focus on mobility, excitement and adventure and featuring gym equipment, bouncy castles and much more.


ngo-reaction-to-the-first-draft-of-the-gcr march2018 75%

However, we find the content of section B1.3 and B1.4 (para 48 and 49) to be distorted towards prioritizing States’ security measures, and urge stronger attention to the safety, security and protection of asylum seekers and refugees, including an equal emphasis on measures that prevent misconduct and abuses by authorities.