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Fall 2016 Schedule 100%

Thurs Nov THANKSGIVING BREAK 24 Recitation 14 – Entropy, Temperature, and Heat Capacity 27.


The Guggenheim scheme and derivatives thereof 95%

G= P= H= S= U= V = F= T= Gibbs free energy, J Pressure, N/m2 , Pa Enthalpy, J Entropy, J/K Internal energy, J Volume, m3 Helmholtz free energy, J Temperature, K .


pftheorm1 89%

1 Statement of Results In this document we will show that the asymptotic average multinomial coefficient is the exponential of the entropy of the relative counts.


Weinstein & Ciszek 2002 89%

A subsidiary hypothesis argues that senescent decline is the combined effect of (1) uncompensated cellular attrition and (2) increasing histological entropy.


Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor. The Formation of a Blast Wave by a Very Intense Explosion 87%

It is difficult to analyse blast waves in air at points near the explosion centre because the initial shock wave raises the entropy of the air it traverses by an amount which depends on the intensity of the shock wave.


Cosmic inflation and hidden thermodynamics 84%

[4]) k with A = action S = entropy -S = negentropy h = Planck's constant k = Boltzmann's constant We postulate that:


Immortality is Material 82%

Entropy is inescapable.


Virginie Mossé portfolio April 2020 w 78%

The work operates a “time delineation” overcoming the logic of modernity (x = Hase) for a new art of Time circulation , or a poly-temporarily, back to Reality for herself, down to earth… Featuring the state of confusion of this times, the entropy, increased by the optical phenomenons, surrealism and eroded minimal aesthetic, the modern myth and its fictional boundaries (representation systems) is being questioned, in a variety of media with a conceptual approach.


hog-600 nobilis (ocr,crop) 76%

Marsiglio rants John Shockley Lord Entropy's demesne Scene 3 :



TV Short Film Editor Victoria MBA Birdsong Web Commercial Series Editor, Camera Op Winner Short Film Indie Fest USA Camera Operator Behind the Brush Entropy Documentary TV Series Assistant Editor Short Film, Paramount Cinemas Editor UWM Unleashed Morgan’s Match Web Commercial Editor 48hr Short Film Competition Editor Education Skills The New Zealand Film &


Generalized Van Hove Formula for Scattering of Neutrons 72%

Dynamical properties of condensed matter, slow neutron scattering in solids and fluids, correlations over space and time, scattering cross-section, light- and neutron-scattering experiments, Van Hove scattering function, method of the nonequilibrium statistical operator, quantum evolution, entropy production DOI:


Chronical Guide VtM pGs 26-30.indd 72%

The Vrykosians storm of entropy, the saw beauty in loss.


magierski 70%

x  5 F S ( x) 3  '( y ) ENTROPY/PARTICLE:


PhungLeTruongAn CV 69%

Vietnamese (Mother tongue), English EDUCATIONAL PROFILE 2010 - Current Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Department of Computer Science Daejeon, South Korea 2009 - 2010 Chandler-Gilbert Community College Department of Computer Science Arizona, United State of America 2006 - 2009 Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted Department of Computer Science Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2002 - 2006 Hong Bang - High quality Middle School Department of Mathematics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 2001 - 2002 Nguyen Duc Canh Elementary School Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 1997 - 2001 Tuy Ly Vuong Elementary School Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE AND SKILLS PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES C/C++, Java, PHP, Scalar, Scheme, Python, SQL, JavaScript, Assembly, Pascal, Visual Basic WORKING EXPERIENCE Waiter at Slow Food Restaurant for 6 months at Arizona, USA Part time job for school office for 2 months, Korea OS PLATFORMS Windows, Linux CONCEPT Web development PROJECT LC-3 Simulator Parallel matrix multiplication Online Judge for programming practice (like ACM) Robot for Entropy Game Simulate TOP command in Linux Interact with Linux system via Web shell TerrorisMap (Map of terrorist’s attack location) PRIZES  2nd Prize in Singapore International Mathematics Challenge, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, 2008  Distinction, Australian National Chemistry Quiz, The royal Australian Chemical Institute Incorporated, 2008  Gold Medal in Informatics, National Olympic for the South of Vietnam, 2008  Gold Medal in Informatics, National Olympic for the South of Vietnam, 2007  2nd Prize in National Competition for the Gifted, Vietnam, 2008  1st Prize in Competition for the Gifted of The city, Ho Chi Minh City, 2009  1st Prize in Competition for the Gifted of The city, Ho Chi Minh City, 2008  2nd Prize in Competition for the Gifted of The city, Ho Chi Minh City, 2006  3rd Prize in Youth Programming Contest, Vietnam, 2009  Encouragement Prize in Youth Programming Contest, Vietnam, 2006  Lawrence Sting Scholarship, Vietnam, 2007-2009  Annual Excellent student  Outstanding Youth Leader, 2009 ACTIVITIES  Youth Leader of the Informatics Gifted Class for 2008-2009  Participate in many volunteer activities such as traffic controlling, environmental conservation, helping the poor and the homeless, repairing senior citizens’ houses, etc.


05209103 67%

Global Congress on Intelligent Systems Approximate Equal Frequency Discretization Method Sheng-yi Jiang, Xia Li, Qi Zheng, Lian-xi Wang School of Informatics Guangdong University of Foreign Studies Guangzhou 510006 China There are many classic methods to discretize continuous attribute, including equal width method(EW),equal frequency method(EF),statistic test method[2-6],information entropy method[7-11] and clustering-based method[12][13] etc.


VideoGameAnalysis 67%

Video Game Analysis  Tuesdays 6:30­7:20  ​ Syllabus  Instructor:  Name : Nathan Carter Williams  Email: ​  You can contact me at anytime and expect a reply within a few hours.    Course Goals:  In this course, we will discuss how to create a valuable analysis, look at existing  critiques, and write our own analyses. We will examine the influence that visual cues,  non­diegetic sounds, and control schemes play in the total experience of the game. By the end  of the semester, students should ask the questions: "How does the narrative motivate player  action?", "Do all of the mechanics convey the same message?", "How does the art style frame  the rest of the experience?"     Structure:  We will meet every Tuesday from six­thirty to seven­twenty. Here we will either discuss  the reading for the week or I will present a game and/or analysis. There will be a mid­term and  final consisting each of an analysis of your own.    Readings:  There is no textbook for this course. We will be reading materials that I had out in class  and provide online via *blackboard/google drive*. I can recommend a few books though,  Introduction to Game Analysis ​ , by Clara Fernandez­Vara or ​Rules of Play: Game Design  Fundamentals, by Katie Salen and Andrew Zimmerman.    Grading:  A passing grade means that you half participated in at least half of the discussions and  have shown evidence of understanding on your mid­term and final. You should only fail if you do  not engage actively with the material.    Discussion:  During discussion, when you want to contribute, you may raise your hand, and I will write  your name down. After each person in front of yourself has talked, you will be given a chance to  share. You are expected to listen and respond to your classmates and reference the reading to  support your claims.     Your Work:  You have to take your new skills and implement them in your own analysis. For your  midterm, you will observe a game in class and return the next week with a piece of work  deconstructing, critiquing, or interpreting the game. The final requires you to play a game of  ​ ​ your choosing and provide an analysis as a final product of your ability. It is recommended that  you choose a very short or free game (this course is 3 units, so you should not let it interfere  with your busy cmu schedule). You are encouraged to discuss your ideas with other students,  and will be expected to do so in class, but you should cite ideas that others contribute if you do  use them in your paper.     Readings:   Dates all TBD  “Ecce, soror” ; Discount Thoughts   “Flower Song” ; Michael Abbott  “Urban Flight” ; Brett Cutler  “Exchanging Marriage Plows: Gender & Sexuality in ​ ​ Stardew Valley” ; Alayana  “Messianism and ​Earthbound” ; Ethan Gach  “Entropy and austerity and ​Little Inferno” ; Jackson Wagner  “Playing to Suffer­Suffering to Play” ; G Christopher Williams  “Pacing Morality and ​The Walking Dead” ; Daniel Starky  “I Hate Magic” ; Robert Rath  “How I Ruined Journey” ; Accurate Observation  “Finding Myself in the Wastes” ; Daniel Starkley


KingdomCome 59%

The end will bring with it the release of a new currency I wrote in 2011 called Entropy Protocol.


Probability and Cognition 58%

Free energy is “expected energy minus the entropy of predictions” (Friston, 2013);


tESOchar 57%

RACE SKILLS Aldmeri Daggerfall Destruction Talent Spellcharge Gift of Magnus Elemental Talent Light Armor Affinity Gift of Magnus Spell Resistance Magicka Mastery Argonian Restoration Exp Amphibious Argon Resistance Quick to Mend Archery Expertise Vigor Resist Affliction Stealthy Heavy Armor Exp Brawny Robust Swift Ambidexerity Dynamic Resist Flame Flame Talent Medium Armor Exp Robust Stealthy Carnage Shield Affinity Vigor Conditioning Adrenaline Rush Two-Handed Exp Robust Resist Frost Rugged Altmer Breton Bosmer Orc Khajit Redguard Ebonheart Dunmer Nord ARMOR SKILLS Light Armor Medium Armor Heavy Armor Annulment Passives Evocation Recovery Spell Warding Prodigy Concentration Evasion Passives Dexterity Wind Walker Improved Sneak Agility Athletics Immovable Passives Resolve Constitution Juggernaut Bracing Rapid Mending GUILD SKILLS • • • • Dark Brotherhood Thieves Guild Vampirism Lycanthropy Fighters Guild Mages Guild U*- Dawnbreaker U*- Meteor Actives Magelight Entropy Fire Rune Equilibrium Actives Silver Bolts Circle of Protection Expert Hunter Trap Beast Passives Intimidating Will Piercing Spear Spear Wall Burning Light Balanced Warrior Passives Persuasive Will Mage Adept Everlasting Magic Magicka Controller Might of the Guild Undaunted Actives Blood Altar Trapping Webs Inner Fire Bone Shield Necrotic Orb Soul Magic Actives Soul Strike Soul Trap Passives Soul Summons Soul Shatter Souls Lock WEAPON SKILLS Two-Handed Sword &


SummerYoungFreudians 54%

Let me explain entropy to you.


2013 Cumberworth BiochemJ 53%

Although they can form structures that are highly specific to an interface, the loss of entropy that occurs upon folding allows for a balance with the gain in enthalpy, making for a relatively low affinity interaction.