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BeliefDependenceAndDisagreement 100%

2 -1- I shall show that where one disagrees with two (or more) epistemic peers, the beliefs of those peers can be dependent in the relevant sense and yet one cannot rationally regard this as a single instance of disagreement when engaging in doxastic revision.


Meaningful Learning Current-20190609 96%

Epistemic Engagement and Motivation 29 a.


jdm15923a 70%

Judgment and Decision Making, Vol.


PhilosophyWithoutBelief 66%

There is widespread disagreement among philosophers surrounding these issues.2 Given certain assumptions about the nature of these philosophical disagreements, and given certain assumptions about the epistemic import of disagreement more generally, one might come to doubt that our controversial philosophical beliefs are rational – insofar as we have them.


Aiken Aristotle&Heidegger 1991 63%

epistemic to is that be some-thing perceived some-thing.


cv 61%


libro-blanco-profesion-docente 52%

Learning Institutions in a Digital Age, elaborado en el MIT, señala que estamos en un especial momento epistémico (epistemic moment) porque el aprendizaje mismo es el medio más dramático para cambiar (4).


HabilitationsHenningFourcauses 52%

Two Epistemic Directions of Fit ..................................................................46 1.


RiddlemeDATADoublePanel 50%

While embracing the epistemic allure of evidence as objective fact, as “therapeutic” interventions, drug courts do not follow the strict legal rules of evidentiary procedure that have been fundamental to due process in U.S.


MikePoster 48%

Two types of superlative modifiers:


Catholic blog - Is Catholicism True 46%

But because we are not ourselves God, we as humans have no way to ever objectively know what the Truth fully is in this life, but this should not paralyze us in epistemic despair.


FoolMeOnce 44%

Fool Me Once: Can Indifference Vindicate Induction?


Influences of users and art 39%

This type of inclusion is commonly asked of users of electronic literature and digital poetry—like an Hayles would explain as the “epistemic action” of apparent and dramatic change in the environments of society’s attention.


687338 36%


Kleroterion Short Paper v03 36%

a court is an epistemic engine, a tool for ferreting out the truth about events from a confusing array of clues.


Ability-Based Objections to No-Best-World Arguments 35%

Finally, in contexts where the space of possible worlds is at issue, and in similar contexts, we always use terms like ‘might’ and ‘could’ to express notions of epistemic possibility.


Bostrom 34%

Our actual epistemic location is some offshore place in that gulf.5 Technology, growth, and directionality  Most differences between our lives and the lives of our hunter-gatherer forebears are ultimately tied to technology, especially if we understand “technology” in its broadest sense, to include not only gadgets and machines but also techniques, processes, and institutions.


Philosophy of Neuroscience 34%

Ultimately, as Paul and Patricia Churchland put it, “When the hidden neurophysiological structure of qualia (if there is any) gets revealed by unfolding research, then we will automatically gain a new epistemic access to qualia, above and beyond each person’s native and currently exclusive capacity for internal discrimination” (1998, p.


1 32%

epistemic, signaling the speaker’s certainty and ⃝ C C 2008 Blackwell Publishing Ltd.


Myth&Rationality (2002) 2012 31%

This article is a critical inquiry into demytholigisation as a plausible epistemic and hermeneutical methodology.


06042084 26%

Post-NASSLLI Workshop on New Directions in Dynamic Epistemic Logic, Bloomington, Indiana, USA, June 20-26, 2010.