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ct Code of evidence 2015-ocr 100%

The provisions of the Code shall not be construed as precluding any court from recognizing other evidentiary rules not inconsistent with such provisions.


Wickenheiser Trace DNA 64%

With this minimal amount of contact required to yield a suspect profile comes tremendous crime solving potential, and a number of considerations for prudent application, and the maximization of evidentiary value.


taupier brief re protective order-brendahans 63%

Fernando A, requires the court to hold a subsequent evidentiary hearing in which the state must prove “by a fair preponderance of the evidence” that the order is still needed provided the defendant requests a Fernando hearing “at the initial hearing.” Fernando A, 294 Conn 1, 7, 12- 13.


Body Camera SOP 2016 61%

Downloading Procedures for Evidentiary Purposes a.


PR Request for Probe on Marsh Operations.PDF 59%

According to Commissioner Funa, "PGA's request for a conduct of an evidentiary hearing to determine whether Marsh U.K., Marsh Singapore, and Marsh and Mclennan Companies are indeed doing business in the Philippines was made through a letter dated 31 August 2017, which is the reply of PGA to the comments of Marsh U.K."


Opinion 57%

Page 4 On April 14, 2008, Echols filed a motion for a new trial pursuant to section 16-112201 and 208(e)(3).2 On September 10, 2008, without holding an evidentiary hearing, the circuit court entered an order denying the motion for a new trial.


Touch trace DNA on firearms weapons 54%

Individualization of touch DNA evidence occurs when the evidentiary DNA profile is linked to an individual’s DNA profile “to a reasonable degree of scientific certainty.” Fingerprint-Related Definitions With fingerprints, images of visible or latent prints taken from firearm-related surfaces are examined to identify enough points of comparison to include or exclude an individual from having touched the evidence.


Fowler CA6 Stay Order 54%

The action is REMANDED to the district court for the limited purpose of modifying the injunctive relief granted, after whatever additional briefing or evidentiary hearings are deemed necessary, to provide direction to the State as to the type of process required to comply with the (3 of 4) 4:17-cv-11441-LVP-MKM Case:


ODNIDeclassifiedIntelCommAssessmentRussianActivitiesElection 52%

judgments of how likely it is that something has happened or will happen (using terms such as “likely” or “unlikely”) and confidence levels in those judgments (low, moderate, and high) that refer to the evidentiary basis, logic and reasoning, and precedents that underpin the judgments.


In re Marriage of Lyman, 240 P.3d 509 (Colo. App. 2010) 51%

In the absence of an evidentiary hearing, which the district court could have held under C.R.M.


Panama 78 Motion for Default against Big Bob 48%

Default judgment is available when the defendant has abdicated its role in the adversary process by failing to rise to a defense of the action, and the complaint and other evidentiary items establish the plaintiff’s right to relief.


RiddlemeDATADoublePanel 47%

While embracing the epistemic allure of evidence as objective fact, as “therapeutic” interventions, drug courts do not follow the strict legal rules of evidentiary procedure that have been fundamental to due process in U.S.


FireClean v Tuohy Opinion 47%

1 Because the Court has not conducted an evidentiary hearing, the facts are stated in the light most favorable to Plaintiff and all factual disputes are resolved in Plaintiff’s favor.


Tort notes 47%

“fraudulent claims can be contained by the courts, who, also, can cope with evidentiary difficulties.


GodisDead 2012 NonImprimatur 47%

One of the more provocative modern scholars to take up the standard in tracking this idea, and making a surprisingly favorable pro-Christian argument, is Professor Georg Picht in his essay entitled “The God of the Philosophers.” Following the evidentiary tracks through Western intellectual history beginning with the ancient Greek philosophers, and concluding that already at the beginning of the Christian God tradition – in fact already in the apostle Paul,5 there occurred an historical fusion/confusion between the God of the Philosophers and the God of the Bible,6 Picht7 draws a speculative conclusion to rival that of Kant’s noumena or Verstandeswesen, which Kant also names “selbstgemachte Hirngespinste”.8 Namely, that with the latter pronouncement of the death of God, which Picht interprets to mean the death of the God of the Philosophers (originally articulated/created by Xenophanes), Christian philosophy now has the opportunity to discover behind the fusion-fiction Deity, {God of the Philosophers + God of the Bible}, the true God of the Bible, the God-Behind-the-Mask, the God Christianity has not yet known in its history.9 In this post-mortem dei period of human history, argues Picht, philosophers will either follow a path into the ‘große Politik’ proclaimed by an exaltant Nietzsche,10 thereby laying the first foundations for the authentically human ‘history of man’ constructed by men upon the foundations of human thought, or there will occur an Unmasking-of-the-God whereby Christian philosophers will finally be in a paradigmatically ‘open’ position to discover the true God of the Bible:


MIRAJ 1.2 art Gronlund copy 47%

Underscoring difference and distance, the films also suggest a new counterweight both to the uncertain legacy of documentary representation and the aestheticization of politics that has dominated discussion of documentary film produced in an art context since Documenta XI (2002),2 as well as its reaction, the turn away from evidentiary documentary towards a fictive mode.3 Copyright Intellect 2012 Do not distribute Time-portraits the films in Documenta XI as focused on documentary media such as photography and film and occupying an evidentiary paradigm:


American Bar Comments on RAA of 2011 46%

Evidentiary burdens (§ 553(b) [preamble], § 553(f)(2)) ..............................................10 E.


final draft undergrad thesis 44%

Using the Aurora theatre shooting trial (James Holmes) as a case study this study seeks to analyze the language used in the news coverage to Mandile 2 discuss its potential impact on jurors in Holmes’ trial through a content analysis of evidentiary breaches, negative press, sensational news coverage, and unrelated information.


Panama 104 Response to Big Bob's motion to set aside 44%

Paynter’s accusations of misconduct by Slep-Tone and its attorneys are utterly without an evidentiary foundation and run contrary to the truth.


Faasse-v-Coinbase-Complaint-1 43%

Plaintiffs believe 5 that substantial evidentiary support will exist for the allegations set forth herein after a 6 reasonable opportunity for discovery.


102 - Opposition to application for extension of time 43%

[App., ¶ 9.] 8 9 Slep-tone’s main argument here, albeit without evidentiary support, is that it has recently been unable to communicate with its attorney of record, Ms.


Call for Papers & Addendum 43%

Should US immigration law treat children differently than adults, recognizing that minors may require different protections, evidentiary standards, and mandated counsel?


STEC Complaint FILED 10-25-12 42%

Plaintiff believes 17 that substantial additional evidentiary support for the allegations herein exists and 18 will continue to be revealed after he has a reasonable opportunity for discovery.


Zimmerman-Ruling-Barring-Audio-Expert-Testimony 42%

The Defendant filed a "Motion for Evidentiary Hearing Regarding Admissibility of Expert Opinion Testimony"


17718301507 41%

On July 7, 2014, the Court held an evidentiary hearing on Plaintiffs’ motion for injunctive relief.