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56-Rinda Noviyanti 95%

I Wilayah Pengelolaan Perikanan (WPP) Selat Malaka II Laut Cina Selatan III Laut Jawa IV V Laut Flores dan selat Makasar Laut Banda VI Laut Arafura VII Teluk Tomini dan Laut Sulawesi Samudra Pasifik dan Laut Sulawesi Samudra Hindia sebelah barat Sumatera Samudra Hindia sebelah selatan Jawa VIII IX X Demersal Udang Overfished Overfished Fully exploited Fully exploited Fully exploited UnderExploited/ Uncertain Fully exploitedoverfished Moderate Moderate Pelagis Kecil Fully exploited Overfished Pelagis Besar Uncertain Uncertain Fully exploited Overfished Overfished Uncertain Moderate Uncertain Uncertain Moderate Moderate Overfished Moderate Uncertain - Moderate Uncertain Uncertain - Fully exploited Overfished Fully exploited Fully exploited Fully exploited Fully exploited Moderate Fully exploited Fully exploited Fully exploited Berdasarkan Tabel 1 dapat dikatakan bahwa untuk jenis ikan demersal hanya Teluk Tomini dan Laut Sulawesi yang masih bisa untuk dikembangkan, sedangkan untuk daerah lain semuanya sudah dieksplorasi secara maksimal, bahkan untuk Selat Malaka sudah melebihi batas eksplorasi (kelebihan upaya penangkapan ikan/overfished).


HP Cyber Risk Report 2015 Infographic 95%

Pre-2014 Oracle Java vulnerabilities in the list of top ten 2014 exploit samples #1 Rank of Microsoft as subject of ZDI disclosures in 2014 malware Search top keyword searched by security practitioners (even besting “Security”) #11 Rank of most-exploited IE vulnerability in Top 50 CVEs list #6 Rank of most-exploited MS Office vulnerability in Top 50 CVEs list HP Zero Day Initiative 400+ Record-breaking number of highseverity vulnerabilities disclosed and remediated through the ZDI US Canada Italy Countries with highest submission rates to the ZDI since 2004 3000+ Independent researchers working with the ZDI to expose and remediate weaknesses Recommendations Understand the changing threat landscape Develop and follow a patch strategy Conduct penetration Employ testing and complementary configuration technologies verification Share threat intelligence with the community Learn More Visit to download the full report and access all Cyber Risk Report resources.


CST 1in6 infographic 95%

Exploited Children® in 2016 were likely sex trafficking victims.


HP Cyber Risk Report 2015 Executive Summary 94%

Many vulnerabilities exploited in 2014 took advantage of code written many years back;



And now the police, the politicians and the clergymen wish to murder the memory of Travyon Martin by pleading for everyone to “remain calm” or to “raise your voice, not your hand” in hopes of maintaining “peace and order”, which depends on a systemic violence directed towards the downtrodden and exploited.


HP Cyber Risk Report 2015 92%

Many vulnerabilities exploited in 2014 took advantage of code written many years ago—some are even decades old.


Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) Fundamentals 91%

Students will also focus on analysis and exploitation methods of these main types and how they can be stored, retrieved, exploited and fused together.


HAARP Congressional hearing on upgrade - expansion Poker flat rocket range 90%

A key goal of the program is the identification and investigation of those ionospheric processes and phenomena that can be exploited for DOD purposes, such as those outlined below.


Web Application Penetration Test 90%

DETECTABILITY:​ ​AVERAGE Through​ ​the​ ​use​ ​of​ ​automated​ ​brute​ ​force​ ​and​ ​dictionary​ ​attacks,​ ​systems​ ​can​ ​be​ ​exploited​ ​if proper​ ​measures​ ​aren’t​ ​in​ ​place​ ​to​ ​prevent​ ​such​ ​attacks.


Byron picket leaflet2 90%



iasc annual report 2016 2017 data 88%

42 | Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner:


Milone Trade Corporation Preliminary Policy Review 88%

Exploration sites, specifically cosmic signatures which must be found through probes, can provide a source of income that potentially outstrips missions or industrial activities of a similar skill and cost level when exploited as a group.


Dakash-Abilities 88%

Dakash – Abilities &


sentencing memo usa 88%

Exploited Children and the Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, surveyed 2,574 state, county, and local law-enforcement agencies concerning arrests made for the sexual victimization of a child between July 1, 2000, and June 30, 2001.


Google patches critical media 87%

12/13/2015 Google patches critical media processing and rooting vulnerabilities in Android | Haktuts Haktuts All About Ethical Hacking,Hacking News,Security News,Privacy Issue,Cyber Crime,Pentesting Tools,Open Sources,Cyber Security,How­To,Tips And Tricks And Dark Web News   Google patches critical media processing and rooting vulnerabilities in Android The flaws can be exploited remotely through emails, Web pages, MMS and rogue apps Google has released a new batch of security fixes for its Nexus smartphones and tablets, addressing flaws that could allow attackers to compromise the Android devices via rogue emails, Web pages, and MMS messages.


Knowledge-Base-Management 86%

Automated Knowledge Base Management:


BTS SIO Option SISR 86%



136592NCJRS 86%

I can accept no outside income and am paid the same salary by the FBI whether or not children are abused and exploited--and whether the number is one or one million.