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HERI Final Report 4-3-17 100%

Golub-Victor Kathleen Kenney Yiannis Levendis Robert McOwen, Chair Janet Randall Associate Clinical Professor, Bouvé College of Health Sciences Assistant Director of the ADVANCE Office of Faculty Development Distinguished Professor, Department of Mechanical &


ERE-2017 96%

2 List of Honourees -– Employee Recognition Event 2017 2 SERVICE AWARDS 5-Year Service Award Nina Acharya Centre for Social Sciences Jessica Butts Scott Partnerships and Student Recruitment Donna Clare Graduate Centre for Master of Health Studies Lori Fleming Graduate Centre for Master of Business Administration Karen Gray Faculty of Business Rafael Hakobyan Centre for Science Chris Hay Centre for Social Sciences Louise LeMessurier Office of the Registrar Estelle Lo Office of the Vice-President Finance and Administration Juliet Onabadejo Centre for Nursing and Health Studies Nikki Pawlitschek Learner Support Services Katherine Regan Centre for Social Sciences Trevor Rockwell Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies Teresa Rose Graduate Centre for Master of Business Administration 10-Year Service Award Barbara Adamski Office of the Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology Robert Allnutt Facilities and Services Glenn Arnold Faculty of Business Linda Baert Office of the Registrar Allison Barnes Centre for Social Sciences Connie Blomgren Graduate Centre for Doctorate in Distance Education Teresa Bosse Centre for Science Renee Brodie Centre for Humanities Joan Chrusch Office of the Registrar Mark Crawford Centre for Social Sciences Michael Dabrowski Centre for Humanities Cristela D’Elia Centre for Social Sciences and Faculty of Business List of Honourees -– Employee Recognition Event 2017 3 Barry Dwornik Faculty of Business Raphael Foshay Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies Cass Foursha-Stevenson Centre for Social Sciences Dianna Freh Faculty of Business Myron Gordon Faculty of Business Laurel Halladay Centre for Humanities and Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies Robert Hollmann Procurement and Contract Services Sami Houry Office of Institutional Studies Cindy Ives Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic Corina Lasiuk Development and Alumni Relations Sandra Law Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic Jonathan Leggo Office of the Dean, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Peggy Lynn MacIsaac Library and Scholarly Resources Helen Mayes Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic Lisa Micheelsen Centre for Humanities Trevor Mills Faculty of Business Yvonne Moore Centre for Nursing and Health Studies Terra Murray Graduate Centre for Master of Health Studies Morgan Newington Office of the Registrar Hugh Notman Centre for Social Sciences Simon Nuttgens Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology Lara Oberg-Stenson Faculty of Business Grace Oresile Learner Support Services Shannon Oscroft Graduate Centre for Master of Business Administration Sharren Patterson Centre for Humanities Wayne Pelletier Faculty of Business Frederique Pivot Centre for Science Mary Pringle Faculty of Business Bonnie Rabin Office of the Provost and Vice-President Academic Kevin Richards IT Service Operations Shannon Robertson Centre for Humanities Joe Rosich Graduate Centre for Heritage Resource Management List of Honourees -– Employee Recognition Event 2017 4 Shandip Saha Centre for Humanities Melanie Salé Human Resources and Employee Relations Gregory Sales IT Service Operations Crystal Scherer Office of Institutional Studies Ian Schofield Centre for Science Cindy Schreyer Office of the Registrar Kirsten Smart Centre for Humanities Michelle Smith Faculty of Business Viorel Tabara IT Service Operations Janet Thompson Graduate Centre for Master of Business Administration Rosario Turvey Centre for Social Sciences Fredrick Ulmer Centre for Social Sciences Vlad Voytenko Centre for Computing and Information Systems Marjorie Whiteley Faculty of Business Theresia Williams Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies Sheena Wood Learning Services Tutorial Carla Yeaman Partnerships and Student Recruitment 15-Year Service Award Lorrie Adams Centre for Social Sciences Farook Al-Shamali Centre for Science Lee Benson Office of the Registrar Bernard Bloom Centre for Humanities Robert Brandes Centre for Social Sciences Edna Djokoto-Asem Centre for Social Sciences and Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies Holly Dougall Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies and Faculty of Business Lorraine Duma Learning Services Tutorial Larbi Esmahi Graduate Centre for Science and Information Systems Elaine Fabbro Library and Scholarly Resources Mark Fabbro Office of the Registrar Jason Foster Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies List of Honourees -– Employee Recognition Event 2017 5



Having graduated ____ the Faculty of Materials Science and Ceramics in 2014 I was accepted ____ third-cycle studies.


Unity4Resolution 95%

1                                        Unity 4                                            May 2015  2        Dear Father Engh and members of the administration:    Thank you for providing us with this opportunity to present a set of recommendations for immediate  action to address critical issues related to the future of our university.     While the recent acts of hate seem surprising to those who may identify as part of majority populations,  marginalized students, staff and faculty at Santa Clara are not surprised. These acts have a decades­long  history on our campus and contribute to an environment contrary to the intent outlined in our mission  statement.      What we propose is in direct alignment with our schools belief in Conscience, Compassion, and  Competence. We stress the urgency of this proposal because we believe that these improvements to  Santa Clara’s academics, student and residential life, transparency, and recruitment processes will  facilitate a better, safer environment for all students while better aligning our practices with the beliefs  this institution was founded upon.          By not standing in solidarity against hatred in all its forms or addressing these issues in a  consistent, intentional and structured way, a salient portion of Santa Clara University’s mission  statement remains unfulfilled. This requires bold leadership that is courageous enough to set the  standard for higher education institutions across the nation.            We see our recommendations from multiple perspectives. We recognize that these recommendations  require dedication and full support from members of our community; however, we also recognize that  diversity in all its forms, as well as safety and a positive campus climate are critical to the mission of  our University. To this end, we ask for your immediate attention to the following recommendations,  divided up into four categories: Academics, Student and Residence Life, Transparency, and  Recruitment and Orientation.                              3          Academics  We advocate for a restructuring of our Core Curriculum in a way that better aligns with the values are  committed to as a University and hold every student accountable for fulfilling. At Santa Clara  University, we strive to educate the whole person. Here are some ways we can improve our efforts:    CORE:  ● Definition:  ○ Reorganize the CORE diversity requirement from a one class requirement to two  separate requirements.  ○ These two requirements must be fulfilled through one course from the Ethnic Studies  Program and one course from the Women’s and Gender Studies Program.  ○ To accommodate this additional requirement, reduce the Pathways sequence by one  class.  ● Purpose:  ○ SCU has a demonstrated commitment to diversity and social justice; however, we are  currently lacking on this commitment.  ■ Some classes within the diversity requirement fail to address intersecting forms  of marginalization, as they exist on our campus.  ■ Not everyone is fully benefitting from the intended purpose of this requirement.  This is reflected in the interactions between marginalized and non­marginalized  groups on campus (hate speech, yik yak, etc.).  ○ For many students, SCU is the first time they learn about the inequality of opportunity  and become aware of their privilege. By expanding the diversity requirement, SCU is  able to provide a foundation for these students to better understand multiple forms of  privilege and how they affect others in the world and specifically within our  community.     Full Majors:  ● Definition:  ○ We advocate the formal creation of Ethnic Studies and Women’s and Gender Studies  Departments with standalone major programs. Currently, these are the only two majors  on campus that have companion major status.  ● Purpose:  ○ Santa Clara University was one of the first West Coast institutions to create an Ethnic  Studies Program (1969); however, we are now one of the last to expand it into a  standalone major.  ○ We have also failed to expand the Women’s and Gender Studies program into a  standalone major, which has been established since 1981.  4    ○ By failing to expand these two majors into standalone majors, SCU is sending a  message to students, faculty, and the community contrary to our commitment to  diversity and social justice.  ○ We understand the proposed adjustment of the Core Curriculum warrants an increase in  teaching capacity in both programs to meet the increased demand for classes. This  demand not only necessitates each program become a department, but it also aligns  with the University’s larger commitment to hiring more faculty of color as a key part of  the 2020 plan.       Diverse Faculty:  ● Definition:  ○ We advocate for an increase in hiring faculty of color as permanent, tenure track  faculty through the Inclusive Excellence initiative.   ○ 10% of faculty hired through the Inclusive Excellent initiative should be offered  permanent tenure track positions.  ○ As of now, most faculty of color are in the College of Arts and Sciences. We would  like to see an increased focus on hiring faculty of color in the other colleges in addition  to the Arts and Sciences.  ● Purpose:  ○ SCU has a remarkably small proportion of faculty and staff of color. Of particular  concern is the percentage of black faculty on campus, which amounted to only 2.1% of  full time faculty in 2011. This remained more or less stagnant since 2011.  ○ In the last 8 years, SCU has established the Inclusive Excellence initiative in an attempt  to increase the diversity of our faculty. However, though many faculty members have  been hired through this program, few have actually been hired as permanent, tenure  track faculty members.  ○ Faculty of color have a unique perspective that benefits different types of students in  different ways. For students from less diverse communities, having faculty of color  increases the opportunity to learn about the minority experience in a variety of  contexts. For minority students, faculty of color can serve as important role models and  mentors in how to navigate the landscape of higher education.    Cultures and Ideas Event Requirement:  ● Definition:  ○ We advocate adding a multicultural event requirement once a quarter to all C&I  classes. This requirement would mandate students to attend an event that amplifies the  voices of marginalized students on campus.  ○ Examples include: Difficult Dialogues, MCC Culture Shows, Markkula Center for  Applied Ethics sponsored events, etc.  ○ The Office of Diversity and Inclusion would maintain the list of acceptable events.  ● Purpose:  5    ○ The C&I courses are intended, but in some ways fail, to expose SCU students to a  variety of cultural perspectives with an eye toward their development as global citizens  on and off campus.  ○ A campus engagement requirement would add to the capacity of our students to get  involved with efforts that encourage diversity and inclusion on campus.  ○ We realize that the topics for C&I classes vary. In order to make the events more  relevant and effective, student organizations such as SCCAP, MCC, RRC, etc. can  collaborate with professors to create events that touch on some of the topics discussed  in class.         EthicsPoint Reporting Information on Syllabi:  ● Definition:  ○ We advocate for all syllabi to contain information on the EthicsPoint anonymous  reporting process for bias incidents and academic integrity reports.  ● Purpose:  ○ The EthicsPoint system currently allows for the anonymous reporting of classroom bias  and academic integrity incidents, but isn't well understood by students. The addition of  reporting information to syllabi would allow the University to better address bias  incidents as well as academic integrity violations in the classroom.      Student and Residence Life    We advocate for a shift of our campus culture to better reflect the ideals of the the university. We  advocate for Santa Clara University to implement programming both mandatory and voluntary to  engage students in meaningful discussions and learning experiences both on campus and off­campus  and before and during enrollment.    Focus on Diversity/Sexual Assault/Alcohol in Online Pre­Enrollment Program:  ● Definition:  ○ Reframe the online pre­enrollment orientation (formerly AlcoholEdu and Haven) to  include more focus on aspects of off­campus and on­campus bias incidents that  students may face when enrolled. The program should include information on how  students should respond to these incidents.    ○ Provide engaging and educational content, which will align with a 4­year dialogue that  starts with the pre­enrollment program and continues on through senior year.    ○ The conversations are to be carried out through the First and Second years of college  with Perspective­based conversations within Residential Learning Communities.  ○ If the current online program does not contain a diversity component, we advocate that  the school work to create and implement a diversity component.


SP13 Lab 6 Quizzes 95%

Ain Shams University Faculty of Computer &


GJA School Calendar 2016-2017 (1) (1) 94%

August 29, 2016 Monday, August 29th Tuesday, September 6th Wednesday, September 7th Thursday, September 8th Monday, September 12th Thursday, September 29th Faculty Orientation Week Begins Sixth, Seventh and Eighth Grade Orientation 9am-3pm Fourth and Fifth Grade Orientation 9 am-3 pm Opening Ceremony &


Fellowship Application Instructions 94%

Applicants must provide contact information for themselves and for their CURL Faculty Associate/mentor.


mas-courses 93%

OFFERED IN 2002 - 2004 OR PLANNED FOR 2005 - 2007 State/Program Is This Faculty Member Full Time?


FINAL 2016-17 Strategic Equity Plan(1) 93%

Inclusion Council 2016-2017 Action Plan “Commitment to equity begins with the conviction that all students who have completed high school deserve the opportunity to attend college and to obtain an education that will prepare them well for work, life, and citizenship.” AACU Board Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence, June 27, 2013 Mission and Vision Statement "The Council has listened to the concerns of students, staff, and faculty from historically underserved communities.


RESUME General 93%

APPLICATION FOR MATHEMATICS FACULTY Fl a, 2nd floor, North East Residency, Saidabad colony, Hydera bad, Andhra Pra desh.


Platform 93%

GFC My name is Connor Palindat and I am running to serve as one of the Students’ Councillors and GFC representatives for the Faculty of Business.


Prof Sameh Alariqi Industrial Chemistry 92%

Alariqi Professor - Industrial Chemistry Director of University laboratories, equipping and investment sector Department of Chemistry Faculty of Applied Science, Taiz University, Taiz, Yemen.


D6970RotaractGoals 2015-2016 92%

 To provide training and education for Rotaract Presidents, Rotarian Advisors, Faculty Advisors.


SPARK Faculty Focus Workshop 92%

Faculty Focus on Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation Workshop Saturday, Feb.6, 2016 Berry College Mount Berry, GA 30149 No cost registration to participate in the Faculty Seminar Register by emailing --------------------------Faculty may participate in a Friday evening dinner and keynote speech and a Saturday breakfast and keynote luncheon for a $40 registration fee.


Dartmouth Freedom Budget Plan 92%

Mandel Jr., Chair of the Trustees of Dartmouth College Phil Hanlon, President of Dartmouth College Martin Wybourne, Interim Provost Charlotte Johnson, Dean of the College Michael Mastanduno, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences Lynda Baker, Interim Vice President of Human Resources Leslie Henderson, Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs at the Geisel School of Medicine Matthew Slaughter, Associate Dean for the Faculty at the Tuck School of Business Joseph Helble, Dean of the Thayer School of Engineering Maria Laskaris, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Lisa Hogarty, Appointed Vice President for Campus Planning and Facilities Alysson Satterlund, Sr.


Creative Works 92%

3.88 Black and White Self-Portrait, Oil on Canvas, Fall 2015 EMPLOYMENT School of Architecture Computer Lab, University of Miami, FL Lab Manager, August 2014-present The Billy Goat Mobile Coffee Kiosk, University of Miami, FL Manager, Spring 2015-present Babysitter, Coral Gables, FL Fall 2013, Spring 2014, present Smith Architectural Group Inc, Palm Beach, FL Summer 2014 and 2015, Winter Break 2014 and 2015 Intern Panera Bread, West Palm Beach, FL August 2010-2012, Seasonal Associate Trainer CONFERENCES Greenbuild 2013, 2014, 2015 Clinton Global Initiative University 2014, 2015 Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture 2016 SKILLS Microsoft Word • • • • • PowerPoint • • • • • AutoCAD • • • • • InDesign • • • • • Photoshop • • • • Illustrator • • • • SketchUp • • • • Rhino + Grasshopper • • Revit • • Hand Drafting • • • • • Model Making • • • • • MakerBot • • • • • Lasercutting • • • • • SCHOLARSHIPS University Scholarship provided by University of Miami 2012-2017 Rotary Club of West Palm “Service Above Self” Scholarship 2012-2016 American Institute of Architects Palm Beach Scholarship 2015, 2016 LANGUAGES Native English Native Spanish Intermediate Italian LEADERSHIP Founder of Women in Architecture Student Chapter 2016 President of Colombian Students Association 2015-2016 Vice-President of US Greenbuilding Council Students 2014-2016 Student Council Representative 2013-2016 American Institute of Architecture Students Member 2012-2013 Habitat for Humanity Member 2014-2015 Freshman Year Experience Leadership Program 2012 National Society of Collegiate Scholars Member 2012-2016 INTERESTS Sewing, Cooking, Baking, Painting, Weightlifting, Traveling,Reading 1 HOMETOWN MAP 3 MIAMI RESILIENCY 5 SOLARES HILL PRESCHOOL 7 SOLARES HILL LOGGIA West Palm Beach, Florida Design III Fall 2013 Faculty:


Contract Summary Final 91%

The minimum salary tables for faculty and academic staff are adjusted upward by $500 for the first year, and increased by 2.5% for each subsequent year of the contract.


Schapiro, Robert CV 91%

HONORS AND FELLOWSHIPS Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award, 2009 Awarded to faculty in Emory University for excellence in graduate education.


STAGESnewsletter1 ENG 90%

Based in the University of Milan's Faculty of Political Science, the Centre focuses on five main research areas:


Conference Registeration 90%

The Shishukunj Model United Nations 2017 July 20,21, and 22 Registration Details Conference Invitation Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors, On behalf of the entire organizing committee, it is our great pleasure to invite you to the third session of The Shishukunj Model United Nations to be held in The Shishukunj International School, Indore from Thursday, July 20 to Saturday, July 22, 2017.


For students 5-27-17(1) 90%

We’re talking no more artists, or chemists, or writing faculty, or any faculty, really, unless their research/training is explicitly about equity.


URC 2015 Submission Form -- Broadcast Area -- Bobby Mauro 90%

Copy and paste the student abstract followed by the faculty letter of recommendation on page 2 below.


Prize Poster 10 21 15 89%

Rensselaer has world class biotechnology faculty researchers in a state-of-the-art facility who will mentor the prize winners.


03 577-2048-1-SM 89%

higher education organizations, organizational structure, organizational change * Minh-Quang Duong, Faculty of Education, University of Social Sciences and Humanities - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.


Programme Details and Delegate Profiles 89%

Professor Paul Townsend, Associate Dean, Business Engagement – Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health PART I: