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Schreyer Year of Faith Reflection 100%

Year of Faith – A Reflection for St.



Praise and thanksgiving in times of trouble are hallmarks of faith.


Blocks to Healing Simplified 99%

Jesus asked, "Where is your faith?"


Receive from the Lord - It's Easy! 98%

Second, they almost always said they simply received it by faith.


Sahih-Muslim-english-translation (1) 97%

The Book of Faith (Kitab Al-Iman)..............................................................................................58 Chapter 1:


Promises 97%

4:13 It was not through law that Abraham and his offspring received the promise that he would be heir of the world, but through the righteousness that comes by faith.


James vs Paul NOTES 97%

 Paul  uses   Abraham  as  an  example  of  Justification  by  Faith,  while  James  uses  Abraham  as  an   example  of  Justification  by  Works.


w E 18800200 95%

Thus by our consecration, we are enabled to have the "hearing of faith"


Introduction 95%

He is the Founder of the Bahai-Faith.


Enter Heaven 95%

Galatians 3:26, says, "So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith."


Hearing God's Holy Spirit 95%

The question is, do you have the faith to receive it?


About Prog 94%

In one sentence what we shall strive to be is a society promoting A progressive faith, inclusive to all, open and affirming, and shown in action For a less concise explanation of what we are / shall be, this is the about text of our Facebook page:


Let the Readers Understand! 94%

Orignal Korean edition published in Korea by Great Faith Publications.


When the Church Changes the 94%

Orignal Korean edition published in Korea by Great Faith Publications.


03-17B 94%

Patrick, glorious among hierarchs, zealot of the Orthodox Faith, chosen by God for the apostolate.



2:12 Having been buried with him in baptism and raised with him through your faith in the power of God, who raised him from the dead.


GOCDemetrias1935eng 93%

ENCYCLICAL OF METROPOLITAN GERMANUS OF  DEMETRIAS, PUBLISHED AND DISTRIBUTED IN MAY 1935    The  following  flyer  was  published  and  distributed  throughout  the  Metropolis  of  Demetrias  in  May,  1935,  after  Metropolitan  Germanus  of Demetrias  and  two  other  hierarchs had officially returned to the old calendar. The section has been emphasized  in bold print where Metropolitan Germanus describes that he and his fellow hierarchs  have  the  purpose  of  collaborating  with  the  Old  Calendarist  Patriarchates  and  Autocephalous Churches. This proves that although the three hierarchs did denounce  the  State  Church  of  Greece  as  schismatic,  they  did  not  regard  the  Churches  of  Jerusalem,  Antioch,  Mt.  Sinai,  Mt.  Athos,  Russia,  Poland,  Serbia,  etc,  to  be  schismatic, but on the contrary, they viewed them as “collaborators.” Bishop Matthew  accepted  consecration at their hands  despite  this, and  he was also fully  aware of  the  fulfilment  of  this  obligation  when  the  Holy  GOC  Synod  (to  which  Bishop  Matthew  belonged)  decided  to  send  Metropolitan  Chrysostom  of  Florina  to  Jerusalem  and  Antioch for this very purpose in 1936. Is this not “Old Calendarist Ecumenism” as  described in the mind of Bp. Kirykos Kontogiannis? The below document was taken  from  Bp.  Kirykos’  own  archive  at  Koropi.  This  document  has  been  hidden  in  this  archive for several decades. It cannot be said that Bp. Kirykos is unaware of it, because  together with the original document there was also a photocopy of the same document,  upon  which the controversial  statement  is underlined with  a pen.  Whose pen might  that be? For it to be underlined it means it was not only read but attention was also  drawn  towards  it.  So  the  question  remains:  Why  has  Bp.  Kirykos  failed  to  publish  such  an  important  document?  What  could  be  his  excuse  other  than  the  fact  that  he  hides such documents on purpose in order to get away with falsifying GOC history to  suite his fanatic one‐sided positions? A true Orthodox bishop does not hide the truth  from  his  flock  by  choosing  to  reveal  only  the  documents  that  suit  him.  A  true  Orthodox bishop reveals the truth, be it in his favour or not. Thus, Bp. Kirykos proves  to be a false bishop. His own archive betrays him. The original document in Greek is  available as a scanned image, while the below is an English translation:    HELLENIC REPUBLIC    METROPOLITAN OF DEMETRIAS    Pious  priests,  honourable  wardens  of  the  Churches,  and  remaining  blessed  Christians of our most holy Metropolis.    A  qualification  sine  qua  non  for  every  pastor  is  to  have  love  towards  our  Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ. “Do you love me?” our Saviour asked Peter,  “Tend my sheep.” Love and faith towards the Saviour and towards the one,  holy,  catholic  and  apostolic  Church  that  He  founded,  is  what  we  bishops  confess  officially  before  God  and  men  when  we  take  up  the  hierarchical  dignity,  certifying  that  we  desire,  by  divine  succour  and  confidence,  to  unwaveringly  retain  the  faith  of  Christ  and  the  holy  traditions  completely  spotless.  Upon  reaching  a  thirty‐year  period  of  shepherding  the  God‐saved  eparchy  of  Demetrias,  we  retained,  with  fear  of  God,  the  holy  traditions,  protecting the flock of Christ from every opposing attack, becoming a faithful  witness  of  the  divine  and  holy  canons  and  traditions  of  our  Church.  Unfortunately,  men  speaking  perversely  received  the  succession  of  the  Holy  Church of Greece, and, perverting the truth, they substituted it with falsehood  and  deceit,  disregarded  the  Holy  Canons  and  the  Holy  Traditions,  causing  obvious spiritual damage. Our objections were in vain. Our protests were to  no  avail.  Not  considering  even  one  of  all  of  these  [objections  and  protests],  they  disregarded  the  Festal  Calendar  [Greek:  Heortologion]  of  our  Church,  which is inextricably linked to the Paschal Rule [Paschalios Canon], the Sunday  Cycle  [Kyriakodromion],  the  fast  of  the  Holy  Apostles,  and  the  worship  in  general,  introducing  instead  of  the  Orthodox  Festal  Calendar  (Julian),  the  Gregorian  (Frankish)  calendar.  We,  due  to  love  for  the  Church,  for  twelve  entire  years  did  not  cease  to  advise  and  admonish  the  innovators,  pointing  out  the  downhill  direction  the  Church  had  taken  leading  to  the  future  severing  of  the  unity  of  the  One  Holy  Church  of  Christ,  and  the  arising  discords, attitudes and riots, but unfortunately we were not listened to. With  great sorrow and contrition of heart we were compelled, together with other  hierarchs, to overthrow and expel the Gregorian calendar, keeping it only for  the  daily  life  and  political  necessities  of  the  Christians,  while  embracing  the  Festal  Calendar  of  our  Church,  based  on  the  Julian  Calendar  which  was  adopted  for  use  by  our  Church  at  the  Ecumenical  Council  of  Nicea.  Remaining  faithful  to  the  tradition  of  the  Seven  Ecumenical  Councils,  the  ordinances of which our Church respects and unwaveringly retains, we shall  collaborate  [Greek:  synergazometha]  with  the  Orthodox  Churches  of  Jerusalem,  Antioch,  Mt.  Sinai,  Mt.  Athos,  Russia,  Poland,  Serbia  and  the  remaining Orthodox  Churches  that  keep the  Patristic Old Festal  Calendar,  not  acquiescing  to  remain  under  the  curses  and  anathemas  of  the  Holy  Fathers  and  the  Orthodox  Patriarchs,  who  in  Ecumenical  and  Regional  Councils, appointed what is befitting.     We  are  convinced  that  you  shall  follow  us  to  the  fields  of  evangelical  grace,  just as the shepherd treads before the sheep and the sheep follow him, and do  not  follow,  but  rather  flee,  from  anything  alien.  For  about  150  years,  emperors, hierarchs and mighty men upon the earth were expelling the holy  icons  from  the  churches,  but  the  Faith  of  the  Christians  proved  to  be  victorious, triumphantly restoring [the icons] to the churches, because “this is  the victory that has conquered the world,  namely, our Faith.” Whenever the  people  felt  their  faith  being  disgraced,  they  supported  and  retained  [their  faith]  unscathed  and  unfalsified  throughout  the  centuries.  Therefore  stand  fast  and  hold  the  Orthodox  Traditions,  keep  the  Patristic  Festal  Calendar,  namely, the Julian. Hold fast what you have, so that no one may deprive you  of your crown, namely, Orthodoxy.    In Athens, May, 1935.    Your fervent supplicant to Christ,    + Metropolitan Germanus of Demetrias


w E 18850600 93%

THE FAITH OF CHRIST “ Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith.”— 2 Cor.—13 -5.



2:12 Having been buried with him in baptism and raised with him through your faith in the power of God, who raised him from the dead.


w E 18830000 93%

Our reply is, that our usual method is mild, especially when discussing difference' of opinion relative to Christian faith, but when the foundation' of all our faith are assailed by some among up attempting to teach, it is, in our judgment, the spirit of Christ to lay aside mildness and cry aloud so as at once to arouse all Israel to the danger of the hour.


2016 ACLS Sponsorship Form 92%

To%capitalize%on%this%drive,%we%need%to%expand%climate%leadership% beyond%traditional%environmental%circles.%The%American%Climate% Leadership%Summit%brings%together%leaders%from%five%mainstream%sectors—business,%health,%faith,% communities%and%higher%ed—with%outreach%to%tens%of%millions%of%Americans.% More%than%250%CEOTlevel%executives%from%NGOs,%business%and%government%and%a%stellar%roster%of% speakers%collaborate%on%making%climate%a%priority%issue%for%their%organizations%and%circles%of% influence.%Examples%of%participating%institutions%include:%% •!


Real Chart 1951 92%

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