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PirateAnthro Project Consent Form 100%

Any information that is collected will be encrypted, stored on a secure external filesystem, encoded in published research and destroyed after a five-year time period as per section D of this consent form.


VadymProkopets 97%

Ukrainian start-up connected to creating new filesystem, C++ Qt February 2017 – March 2017 in Alaska, US(remote position):


linuxtipstricks 95%

.' # output your microphone to a remote computer's speaker dd if=/dev/dsp | ssh -c arcfour -C username@host dd of=/dev/dsp # Lists all listening ports together with the PID of the associated process netstat -tlnp # Mount a temporary ram partition mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /mnt -o size=1024m # Mount folder/filesystem through SSH sshfs name@server:/path/to/folder /path/to/mount/point # Runs previous command replacing foo by bar every time that foo appears !!:gs/foo/bar # Compare a remote file with a local file ssh user@host cat /path/to/remotefile | diff /path/to/localfile # Quick access to the ascii table.


ProjectsSuggestions 93%

למסך השני‬ ‫באמצעות התוכנות שרצות על שני המחשבים‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .10‬מערכת שיתוף קבצים – בסגנון ‪ .Dropbox‬כולל שרת מרכזי‪ ,‬ותיקיה במחשב המסונכרנת עם השרת‪.‬‬ ‫כדאי לחשוב על איזה דברים שאין ב ‪ Dropbox‬הם היו רוצים להוסיף‪.‬‬ ‫‪ Disk on key .11‬מוצפן – כתיבת מערכת ‪ DOK‬מוצפן‪ ,‬המאפשר פתיחה וקריאה של הקבצים רק עם סיסמא‪.‬‬ ‫חלק מהדיסק יהיה גלוי‪ ,‬וחלק מהדיסק יכיל ‪ FileSystem‬שלכם – מוצפן‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .12‬משחקי רשת – רעיונות שלכם!‬ ‫‪Performance Monitor .13‬‬ ‫התוכנה תראה מידע על ה‪ Processes-‬השונים‪.‬‬ ‫התוכנה תזהה ‪ Processes‬בעיתיים מבחינת צריכת זיכרון ‪ /‬צריכת ‪ / CPU‬וכד'‪ .‬ותדווח עליהם‪.‬‬ ‫‪ .14‬כיווץ תקשורת והעברתו דרך שרת צד ג'‬ ‫‪CHROME‬‬ ‫שרת צד ג'‬ ‫‪Compressor‬‬ ‫‪GOOGLE.COM‬‬ ‫‪Decompressor‬‬ ‫התקשורת תכווץ‪/‬תיפרס ע"י התוכנית שלכם‪( ..‬דברו איתנו איך)‬ ‫הקשר עם ה‪ Browser-‬יהיה סטנדרטי (כך שבאמת יעבוד עם ‪[ )CHROME, Firefox‬ראו ‪]SOCKS‬‬


Anonymous Resume 87%

Wrote​ ​bash​ ​scripts​ ​for​ ​generating​ ​and​ ​storing​ ​backups​ ​of​ ​the​ ​database​ ​and​ ​the​ ​CDN​ ​filesystem.


Masterthesis 84%



mozilla 80%


BarryAllen 043rx-en 79%

Since approximately Juli 2007 in the Images a new compression method is used for the filesystem of the Flash (SquashFS).


Vagrant:VM Installation Notes 78%

Vagrant Vagrant is the software that configures the VM and lets you share files between your host computer and the VM's filesystem.


atlassian-git-cheatsheet 72%

Original repo can be located on the local filesystem or on a remote machine via HTTP or SSH.


Terminal whitepaper withcover 71%

This snapshotting can be scripted so that it occurs on every update to the filesystem.


Plash - tools for practical least privilege 67%

a replacement for setuid executables Introduction Applying POLA to argument files and other files Invocations between programs Examples Notes The process replacement behaviour Discovering file descriptors Garbage collection Limitations Linux, job control, and TTY file descriptors Job control exec-object limitations Shell limitations Communication protocols Protocol for messages with file descriptors Object-capability protocol Closing the connection Conventions Initial state of a newly-created connection Call-return Future extensions PLASH_COMM_FD and PLASH_CAPS RPC methods fs_op object Filesystem objects:


lf pub who writes linux 2013 60%

These include full tickless operation, user namespaces, KVM and Xen virtualization for ARM, per-entity load tracking in the scheduler, user-space checkpoint/ restart, 64-bit ARM architecture support, the F2FS flash-oriented filesystem, many networking improvements aimed at the latency and bufferbloat problems, two independent subsystems providing fast caching for block storage devices, and much more.


Levinson.Stackpole.JohnsonHICSS-44 38%

Similar to the Unix chroot function, sandboxing essentially “jails” an application and prevents it from accessing any place other than an isolated part of the filesystem structure assigned to that application.