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KJB-PCE13 100%

CHAPTER 1 the firmament of the heaven to divide the IN the beginning God created the heaven day from the night;


Book of kek first draft 97%

6 ¶ And Kek said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.


Chnifa - The 8 Holy Scriptures 93%

'Let there be a firmament in the ,‫ הֹויִהֹהיִ מָּׁמוב הֹדיִל‬,ִ‫ ויִהֹהיִ אָרהֹקיִמָּׁע ובתֵוךֶׁ מָּׁהאָמיַם‬,ִ‫ו מָּׁולֱיארָמר אאל לֱהֹהיִם‬ midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters ִ‫אְביִן מָּׁמיַםִ אָלאָמיַם‬.


my end all religion 5.1.2018 71%

My end all religion An ancient esoteric doctrine the holy war against the seven stars under the firmament Mortem Divitias II Last Testimony of a werewolf named Pebblesome Written by Robert Nielsen Publishing date 9/11 2001AD - 36.000 AD the end of the constriction of the three realms RAMEN A fairytale of a werewolf named Pebblesome - year 36.000 AD page1 Y Land Sea The last will &


one-and-half-mother-part1 59%

Sun was looking down through the dim mists over the city, rain and sun made shades of a rainbow in the firmament.



Była to jedna z tych jasnych nocy, w których firmament gwiezdny jest tak rozległy i rozgałęziony, jakby rozpadł się, rozłamał i podzielił na labirynt odrębnych niebios, wystarczających do obdzielenia całego miesiąca nocy zimowych i do nakrycia swymi srebrnymi i malowanymi kloszami wszystkich ich nocnych zjawisk, przygód, awantur i karnawałów.


Ashurbanipal's Hymn to Marduk 55%

(7) aš__ You are exalted in the heavens, king on earth, the skillful counsellor of the [great] gods [......], establisher of all habitations, grasper of the discs of the celestial firmament and [all] the l[ands]!


GodisDead 2012 NonImprimatur 52%

Whoever, apostle, seer, or wide-browed bard, Does his best to forge a God and then offer it back to broad heaven, Perceives only the mist and blackness confused Of the firmament, sinister and calm, which has refused;


thedaggersoftruth 44%

A majestic firmament parting up leaving an opened gate.


MessiasKaiBagusWaterloo 42%

als neue Spenden- Aquirierung-Ikone der Caritasinternational am HIV- Firmament,..


KaiBagusWaterloo 42%

als neue Spenden- Aquirierung-Ikone der Caritasinternational am HIV- Firmament,..


abisko-and-the-icehotel-northern-lights-tours 41%

Combined with some highly favourable prevailing winds, the mountains surrounding Abisko serve to break up the cloud, making the firmament one of the clearest in Northern Scandinavia.


RotTFull 39%

Youth’s vigour an appetite insatiable above all else, desperation will rule the firmament.


Paracelsus - The Transmutation of Metals.sample 39%

and the last, of the superior Firmament, by the Hyemal Stone, which congealeth all Waters into Snow and Ice.


die ausbleibende revolution 35%

Jahrhunderts gibt es keinen heller leuchtenden Stern am kulturellen Firmament als die Drehbücher für Fernsehserien in den Vereinigten Staaten.“ Der Meisterregisseur und Oscarpreisträger Steven Soderbergh verkündete auf dem Filmfestival in Cannes 2013 ein „Goldenes Zeitalter des Fernsehens...


seance 21 mars 21%

le bleu nuit de l’aube de la Vierge (le firmament), le rouge de celle du Christ (l’extase de la blessure répondant du temps créaturel d’Adam), le Vert des annonces prophétiques de Jean, et, finalement, l’Or du ciel des temps achevés7.


w E 18801200 18%

The kingdom of the air (firmament] and "the Kingdom of Heaven"


w E 18850000 16%

[The church nominal is the present of the firmament descending in fiery torrents over the dark heavens;


w E 18890000 16%

“ The heavens de­ clare the glory of God, and the firmament showeth his handi­ work.” And this has an intimate bearing upon some pres­ ent discussions about the heathen.


w E 18850200 15%

Teachings,” page 52.) “ But they that be wise” — the little flock who are wise enough to accept the present favor of God which permits us now to be joint-sacrificers, and by and by joint-heirs with Christ, these “ shall shine as the brightness of the firmament” — the Sun.


w E 18840400-05 15%

for as “ the heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament slioweth his handiwork” in wonderful variety and glory, much more shall his intelli­ gent creation exhibit the variety and superior glory of his power.


w E 18930801 15%

the heavens truly declare his glory, and the firmament showeth his handiwork:


w E 18811200 15%

On the second day the watery vapors were lifted above the firmament or expanse which was called heaven.