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Resume 100%

I am proficient at all routine orthopaedic trauma operating techniques including cast management, internal fixation (including minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis), external fixation, intramedullary nailing including third generation reconstruction nailing, and soft tissue reconstruction including that for peripheral nerve and complex tendon injuries.


March-2014 97%

14550-26700 0 Pay Fixation Amt :


Chapitre 2 - Modèle offre globale et demande globale 96%

entreprises et comportement de fixation des prix et salaires.


Reliability and Validity of Eye-Movement Measures of Reading 95%

Litterer 2 obtained coefficients of .91 and .92 for perception time and fixation frequency on easy prose, and .91 and .78 for the same measures on scientific prose.


Chapitre 2 - Modèle offre globale et demande globale 91%

entreprises et comportement de fixation des prix et salaires.



Corps de fixation et tige de mesure en acier inoxydable trempé.


Support Species For A Dryland Food Forest 88%

nitrogen-fixation) and from different soil depths, creating new niches to welcome a diversity of living organisms both above and under the ground and, generally, putting the ecosystem back into function.


Synthèse cyto 86%

la fixation   Elle a pour but d’immobiliser les tissus, cellules et autres structures dans un état aussi proche que possible du vivant.


SV2 chap. 4 partie 1 85%

I (inhibe fixation de myosine à actine), T (se lie à filament de tropomyosine), C (fixe les ions Ca++) filaments épais de myosine = principalement myosine, 15nm diamètre, 300-400 moléc - queue - tête bilobée = site fixation pour ATP et actine !


2014.11.22 in Graz - Lahmheiten - fb 84%

anconeus IPA IPA DSH Therapie Entfernung Basset Fixation Bernhardiner BoPDUO Fixation und BoPDUO BoPDUO 0d 27d Shiva Shiva 5,4Mo DSH, w, 4 Mo, 16,2kg “Shiva” Shiva Shiva 0d Kimberly 35d Kimberly 7J w Löwchen 7,4kg DD


Atoll Surgical Technique old 81%

• Degenerative Disc Disease (as identified by neck or back pain of discogenic origin with degeneration of the disc confirmed by history and radiographic studies) • Spondylolisthesis • Spinal Stenosis • Fracture/Dislocation • Tumors • Pseudoarthrosis • Atlanto/axial fracture with instability • Occipitocervical dislocation • Revision of previous cervical and upper thoracic spine surgery The occipital bone screws are limited to occipital fixation only.


Wrist Arthroscopy 81%

• Triangular fibrocartilagenous repair • Distal ulnar wafer resection • Scapholunate ligament repair • Ulnocarpal ligament repair • Debridement of degenerate tissue • Assisted scaphoid fracture fixation • Assisted distal radius fixation • Radial styloidectomy • Partial scaphoid replacement • Partial trapeziecomy/ interposition The operation An arm block or general anaesthetic is required.


3031.0000 73%

There the probe is fixed with a fixation screw.


3032.0000 71%

There the probe is fixed with a fixation screw.


abolish rent zine-print 67%

Contrary to the fixation upon speculation as the social ill that takes away and keeps people out of homes, the housing crisis is not caused only by the excesses of monetary capital.


3033.0000 67%

There the probe is fixed with a fixation screw.


exampratiqueanesthesiesynthesefpsam 66%

Man., vérifier que l’air passe avec buée, CO2 sur le capnographe) 15 Mette le ventilateur sur Ventilation automatique (1L d’air, 1L d’O2, MAC) 16 Fixation du tube + tape sur les yeux + thermomètre dans le nez Vous êtes prêt à débuter le cas, bon examen !


Civil-Engineer-M.Elghafer 66%

surveying work * Trial mix design * preliminary pile * Excavation process * Piles layout by total station coordinates * casting concrete process using pumbs * Excavation process till cut off level * Reinforced concrete footing for Equipments (Towers, Pumbs, Spherical tanks, Compressors …… ) Includes surveying Operations and Anchors fixation * Buildings for gas plant such as :(Administration building ,Fire fighting building ,Control building ,Laboratory building ,Electrical building , ….


Canopy Collision Cone A3 66%

Fixation on Ground References Solution:


Canopy Collision Cone A4 66%

Fixation on Ground References Solution:


Assistance Package for families 65%

Payable amount +30% Bonus o Fixation of pay of each employee on timely and regular basis.


rogss 65%


15-0247 Atoll Sales Sheet v1L 64%

SYSTEM FEATURES • Comprehensive implant selection Cross connectors are adjustable with pivoting heads • Transition Set allows easy connection to the thoracolumbar region with the Coral™ Spinal System • Simple easy to use instrumentation • OCT plate allows up to 5 points of fixation 60º of angulation • 3 bend zones enables plates to be contoured in saggital and coronal planes Low profile tulip design • 90º Flex Shaft Instruments included for easy implantation Self-tapping polyaxial screws Friction fit screw design Buttress thread design provides multiple points of contact reduces cross-threading