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Pyro 5.0 Scaeva 100%

Scaeva - The Red Eclipse Patch 5.0 8.


GBU Mountain News S2 on Rancho Fire - July 22, 2013 99%

The flames went quickly up the steep hill in southwesterly direction towards Digier Road at 12:30:


tESOchar 95%

Engulfing Flames: ... Sea of Flames::


Liste Cartes FoW - Dawn of Valhalla (4) 95%

Chant - Instant x 1-044 Uncommon Light of Faith Light Spell - Chant - Standby x 1-045 Common Duel Light Spell - Chant - Standby x 1-046 Common Glory Light of Submission Light Spell - Chant - Standby 1-047 Rare Oath of Round Table Light Spell - Chant - Standby 1-048 Uncommon Castling Light Spell - Chant - Standby 1-049 Rare Shuren, the King of Supremacy Fire Ruler 1-049J Rare Barust, the Machine God of Conflagration Fire J-Ruler Kabuki of Raging Flames Fire Ruler Deep Crimson Duke, Barbatos Fire J-Ruler Warlord of Explosing Flames Fire Ruler Warlord of Explosing Flames Fire J-Ruler Asakuna's Raid Team Fire Resonator Resonator x x x x x 2 Nom Siegfried, the Knight Commander Attribut Light Type Ruler J-Ruler 1-050 Rare 1-050J Rare 1-051 Uncommon 1-051J Uncommon 1-052 Common 1-053 Common Asakuna's Suicide Soldier Fire x 1-054 Common Asakuna's Escort Fire Resonator x 1-055 Common Asakuna's Cavalry Fire Resonator x 1-056 Common x 1-057 Uncommon Asakuna's Assault Soldier Fire Resonator Asakuna's War Bow Corps Fire 1-058 Rare Resonator Crimson Sky Piercer Fire 1-059 Rare Resonator Bearded Duke of Ikkitousen Fire 1-060 Common Resonator Flame Beast, Baruga Fire 1-061 Rare Resonator Blaze Fire x 1-062 Uncommon Resonator Flame Beast, Banmu Fire x 1-063 Resonator Common Saber Tiger Fire Resonator 1-064 Uncommon Flame Djinn Fire Resonator 1-065 Uncommon Crimson Beast, Gaku Fire Resonator 1-066 Common Parrot Dragon Fire Resonator x 1-067 Common Lava Zone Drake Fire Resonator x 1-068 Uncommon Mt.


GBU Mountain News S1 on Lebec Fire - July 7, 2013 91%

Kern County Fire crews responded quickly to find the flames had already spread into the hillsides west of the freeway.


MHRIceQueen 87%

ICE QUEEN Affiliations: Solo Buddy Team XP:


Hell forged Dwarf 82%

In addition to the light your flames provide, they can also radiate heat so intense any who touch you are injured.



No flames, no sparks. ... No open flames.


Ilion's Call - Ep. 1 82%

A large group of fire fighters is positioned around the building, shouting and trying to put out the flames.



No open flames. ... No open flames.


Scenario 3 79%

Scenario 3: Don’t give mad wizards fireballs!