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Attentional Focus Effects in Standing Long Jump.3 100%



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O.IO.IA.0034-00 FOCUS-CODC ita 98%

FOCUS-CODC 00 24.09.2009 Emesso Revisione Data Descrizione IA-Cammarota Preparato IA-Pensato Verificato Q-Mariani Approvato MUFFOLA PER CAVI OTTICI FOCUS-CODC 6909 This document is OPTOTEC S.p.A.’s ownership that reserves all rights MD.Q.4200-00 23.01.2001 File:


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O.IO.IA.0035-00 98%

FOCUS-CODC 00 24.09.2009 ISSUED Revisione Data Descrizione IA-Cammarota Preparato IA-Pensato Verificato Q-Mariani Approvato OPTICAL DISTRIBUTION CLOSURE FOCUS-CODC 6517 This document is OPTOTEC S.p.A.’s ownership that reserves all rights MD.Q.4200-00 23.01.2001 File:


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Edward Vijayavargiya CV Jan 2016 95%

 ASSISTANT CAMERA | CAMERA DEPARTMENT Date Title Type Production Position DoP Equipment December 2015 Instrument Documentry Edition Worldwide Camera Operator Sam Goldwater November 2015 ODO Jeans Online Promo Independent Gaffer Natalja Safronova Red Epic Dragon, Scarlet Dragon Red Scarlet Dragon October 2015 Aidan Cocker - Get Money Music Video GrayScale Productions Focus Puller Anthony Dias Red Epic Dragon September 2015 Rugby Union Series Documentry Vice Media Focus Puller Sam Goldwater Red Scarlet Dragon July 2015 Samsung Rugby Promo Commercial Vice Media Focus Puller Sam Goldwater Red Scarlet, Phantom Flex July 2015 The Banksy Job (Dailies) Feature Daylight Robery Focus Puller Anthony Dias Red Epic Dragon July 2015 The Guitar Short Film Eye to Eye Productions Clapper Loader Sam Goldwater Arri Amira July 2015 Glue (Dailies) TV Series Eleven Film DIT Angus Hudson F55, Scarlet Dragon, Alexa July 2015 Aidan Cocker - Been There Music Video GrayScale Productions Focus Puller Anthony Dias Red Epic Dragon June 2015 Taya - Got me Wondering Music Video Agile Films Camera Assistant Craig Bilham Canon 5D MK III March 2015 Goodmans Radios Promo Commercial Black Dog Films RSA Clapper Loader Alberto Balasz Arri Alexa January 2015 Nikon Picture Perfect Series Documentry Vice Media Camera Assistant Sam Goldwater Red Scarlet December 2014 Wok TV Pilot TV Pilot Focus Puller Anthony Dias Arri Amira December 2014 Fast Lane - Wastes Music Video Running Films Clapper Loader Scott Sanford Red Epic November 2014 Kasper Bjork - Apart Music Video Caviar Content Clapper Loader Andrew Fletcher Arri Alexa XT November 2014 Darkside - Gone Too Soon Music Video Independent Clapper Loader Alberto Balasz Red Epic Dragon October 2014 Julius Short NFTS Focus Puller Krzysztof Trojnar Arriflex SR3 September 2014 Dr.


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TOC 2839FINAL 94%

Vi s i tBookPage Three CHAPTER CHAPTER iv     Contents Four Fostering Oral Language     63 Vocabulary Instruction     91 Focus Questions     63 In the Classroom     64 Focus Questions     91 In the Classroom     92 Introduction     65 Introduction     92 Informal Speaking     66 Types of Vocabulary     93 Conversations     66 Selecting Vocabulary Words to Teach     94 activity  Just Suppose     68 Levels of Word Knowledge     95 activity  Campfire     68 Principles of Vocabulary Instruction     96 Directed Group Discussions     69 Word Study     98 Discussions About Text     71 A Review of Reading and Spelling Stages     99 Informal Debates     72 Early Word Study Instruction     100 Formal Speaking     73 Oral Reports     73 Interviews     74 Advanced Word Study Instruction     100 activity  Roots and Branches     104 Teaching Individual Word Meanings     107 activity  Getting to Know You     76 Incidental Learning     107 Oral Histories     76 Explicit Instruction     108 Panel Discussions     77 activity  Controlled Participation (CONPAR)     78     Impromptu Speeches     78 Drama     79 Effective Strategies for a Comprehensive Vocabulary Program     109     Relate New Words to Known Words     109 activity  Semantic Map     110     Role Plays     79 activity  Constructing and Using a Clarifying Table     111 activity  Role Play     80 activity  Creating a Semantic Feature Analysis     112 Simulations     82     Use Context     112 activity  Prejudice     83 activity  C(2)QU     114 Creating Original Drama     83 Consult Resources to Discover the Meaning of Words     115 Listening Instruction     85 Designing Listening Instruction     85 activity  Listening Comprehension     86 Troubleshooting     87 Dominating a Discussion     87 Lack of Verbal Skills in English     87         Lack of Participation     88 Limited Voice Projection     88 Summary     88 questions for Journal Writing and Discussion     89 suggestions for Projects and Field Activities     89 References     89 activity  Very Important Term Word Book     116 Learn to Determine the Meanings of Polysemantic Words     118 activity  How Is It Used?     119 activity  Possible Sentences     119 Infuse New Vocabulary into Writing and Speaking     120 activity  Semantic Gradient     120 Commit to Learning New Words     121 activity  Hinky Pinkies     122 activity  Paraphrastics     123 Troubleshooting     124 Limited Interest/Experience in Independent Reading     124 Limited Schema for Remembering New Vocabulary     125 activity  Virtual Field Trips     126 Summary     126 questions for Journal Writing and Discussion     127 suggestions for Projects and Field Activities     128 References     129 CHAPTER Contents      v Five Reading Comprehension     131 Focus Questions     131 In the Classroom     132 Defining Comprehension     132 Difficulty Making Connections Before Reading     170 Difficulty Making Connections During Reading     170 Difficulty Making Connections After Reading     172 Summary     173 questions for Journal Writing and Discussion     175 suggestions for Projects and Field Activities     175 References     176 Factors External to Readers     133 Readers’ Internal Characteristics     134 Assessing and Selecting Texts     136 Determining Text Demands     136 Estimating Reading Difficulty     138 Comprehension Strategies For Readers To Use     139 Predicting     140 CHAPTER Factors Affecting Reading Comprehension     133 Six Writing Instruction     179 Focus Questions     179 In the Classroom     180 Generating Questions     140 How Instruction in Writing has Changed     180 Checking Back     140 The Writing Process     181 Imagery/Visualizing     141 Planning/Prewriting     182 Summarizing     141 Composing/Drafting     185 Effective Direct Instructional Practices     141 Collaborative Strategic Reading (CSR) (Focus on Process)     142 Think Aloud     143 Revising     185 Editing     186 Publishing     187 Writing Workshop     188 activity  Think Aloud (Focus on Process)     143 Minilessons     188 Guided Reading     143 State-of-the-Class Conference     189 Directed Reading–Thinking Activity     144 Writing and Conferencing     189 activity  DRTA (Focus on Content and Process)     145 Group Sharing     190 GIST     145 Using Technology in the Writing Process     190 activity  GIST (Focus on Content)     145 Teaching the 6 + 1 Traits of Effective Writing     191 Reciprocal Teaching     149 Ideas     192 activity  Reciprocal Teaching (Focus on Content and Organization     193 Process)     149 Voice     193 Dyad Reading     150 Word Choice     194 activity  Dyad Reading (Focus on Content)     150 Sentence Fluency     195 Question–Answer Relationships     150 Conventions     195 activity  QARs (Focus on Content and Process)     151 Novel Study     151 Implicit Instruction     154 Presentation     196     Inspiring Students to Write     196 Dialogue Journals     197 Independent Reading     154 Extended Narrative Text     199 activity  Literature Circles/Book Clubs     159 Poetry     200 activity  Jigsaw:


19/02/2014 www.pdf-archive.com

JIRA vs. Micro Focus Agile Manager Report 93%

JIRA and Micro Focus Agile Manager Product Reviews and Buyer's Guide March 2018 JIRA and Micro Focus Agile Manager Contents Overview Top Review by Topic of JIRA and Micro Focus Agile Manager Vendor Directory Top Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Suites Vendors, Weighted 3 4-6 7 8-9 Top 5 Solutions by Ranking Factor 10 About This Report and IT Central Station 11 © 2018 IT Central Station To read more reviews please visit https://www.itcentralstation.com/products/comparisons/jira_vs_micro-focus-agile-manager?tid=pdf_comp_20594-28947 2 JIRA and Micro Focus Agile Manager Overview SOLUTION OVERVIEW JIRA Micro Focus Agile Manager JIRA has multiple deployment options to provide the flexibility your organization needs.Cloud is a fully hosted service for customers who want to iterate quickly and have us take care of managing the infrastructure.For customers who need to run our applications behind their firewall, we have Server and Data Center options.


22/03/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

Introduction – Shifting Mindsets 93%

However, if your focus remains only on others, you may begin to rely on them for your own sense of happiness in an unhealthy way, or may become overly concerned with how others view you or think about you.


19/07/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

NEX-5T B Spec Sheet 8 14 13 93%

4x Focal Length (35mm equivalent) 24mm-77mm Filter Diameter 40.5mm Lens Groups-Elements 8 groups, 9 elements (4 aspheric surfaces) Minimum Focus Distance 9-13/16'' (.25m) (W) - 11-13/16'' (0.3m) (T) AF for Movie Capture Contrast AF Angle of View 83°-32° Aperture Blade 7 Blades Aspheric Elements 1 ED element, 3 aspheric elements Dimensions (Max.


27/08/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

Okkulte Theorie der Basisrealitaet. -. 93%



06/05/2018 www.pdf-archive.com

600DVideoGuide 93%

Canon 600D Video Guide    The Canon 600D is a well rounded DSLR ideal for shooting video. It features an 18MP  CMOS sensor granting the ability to shoot Full High­Definition video as well as a handy flip  out screen that can be angled to suit your personal shooting style.     Getting Started  To start up the camera simply insert a charged battery and SD card into the camera. The  battery port can be found on the right hand side of the camera base and the SD card slot on  the right hand side of the camera body.    Once you have inserted the battery and SD  card simply find the camera’s power switch  which is located on the top, right hand side of  the camera body, and flick it to the ‘ON’  position. The camera should power on. Next  turn the mode dial, located adjoining the  power button to Video Mode, denoted by a  video camera symbol. The screen should  then display an image of your targeted  frame.     To start recording straight away, ensure the  camera is set to auto focus, via the AF­MF  switch on the camera lens. Switch the  camera to the AF position, point it at your  targeted subject, half press the shutter  button to focus your subject. When you are  happy with the focus, simply press the record  button which can be found on the back of the  camera, denoted by an image of a two tone  camera. The camera will then begin  recording as shown by a red circle displayed  on the top right hand side of the screen. To stop recording, simply press the record button a  second time.    Focus  The Canon 600D boasts a range of features to help improve the sharpness and user control  when shooting video.     To get a more dynamic experience using the auto­focus, you can use the directional control  buttons on the rear of the camera body to move your AF point around the frame, giving you  freedom to focus your subject automatically without requiring them to remain in the centre of  the frame. This gives you more control when it comes to framing your shots.     Alternatively, Manual Focus can be selected by moving the focus switch on the lens to MF.  This mode gives you much more control over the focus and is ideal for making minor tweaks  to the sharpness of the image. To use the manual focus, simply point the camera at your  subject and using the focus ring located on your lens, turn it until you reach the required  focus depth. The location of the focus ring may vary dependant on the specific lens you are  using although in the case of the standard 18­55 kit lens that is often sold with the camera,  the focus ring can be found on the very end of the lens.     When using manual focus, it can often be helpful to implement the digital zoom feature to  ensure a clear sharp image. To do this press the digital zoom buttons which can be found in  the far top right corner on the rear of the camera body. Zoom into the maximum depth to  ensure the image is sharp, making adjustments where necessary until you are happy with  the image, then simply press the digital zoom button again to return to your original framing.     Exposure  The Canon 600D as standard is set to implement automatic  exposure when shooting video.  However to gain more  control over this feature, press the menu button to bring up  a number of video shooting options. Select the first option of  ‘Movie exposure’ and using the directional and ‘SET’  buttons, change this setting from Auto to Manual.     Once this option is set, press the menu button again to return  to the viewfinder screen and notice the exposure meter  featured at the bottom of the screen. Half pressing the shutter  will give you an exposure reading between ­3 to +3. Ideally  you should aim to get your exposure market directly between these two values at 0, unless  you intend to shoot with a darker image although this often isn’t recommended. Using the  Aperture, ISO and Shutter Speed settings, you can adjust the exposure of the shot to suit  your desired needs.     On the top of the camera, the selection wheel can be used to cycle through the various  shutter speeds to dictate how long your camera will allow light into the sensor while you  shoot. A higher shutter speed means your sensor is exposed longer and the shot becomes  brighter whereas a lower shutter speed gives an adverse effect. Alternatively, to change the  Aperture simply turn the selection wheel whilst holding the aperture button found on the rear  of the camera body, denoted by the letters AV. The aperture dictates the size of the iris. I  higher aperture means a smaller iris and in turn, less light being allowed to enter the find the  sensor, making the image darker.     The ISO settings can be changed by pressing the ISO button located on the top of the  camera, which will then let the operator choose an ISO setting between 100 or 6400. The  ISO dictates the sensitivity of the sensor to light. A higher ISO will mean brighter images but  also carries the side effect of more grain, where as a lower ISO will develop a darker yet  clearer image. Alternatively, AUTO may be selected to let the camera decide the best ISO  setting for the scene.       Frame Rate and Resolution  The Canon 600D features full HD video recording and a selectable frame rate between  24fps and 50fps. The current settings can be found on the left side of the display when in  video shooting mode. If the current  settings aren’t showing, the INFO  button will cycle through display  information until the various settings  are displayed. To select your  desired shooting mode, simply press  the Q button to bring up the  selection tool. Using the directional  buttons, cycle through the options  until you reach the second from  bottom setting displayed in the  image. Press the set button to select  the option and using the selection  wheel, cycle through the various  settings until you reach the desired  option and press the SET button to  select it. The most common setting  to use would be 1920 ­ 25 as this  shoots in full HD with at 25 fps which is the best standard for common PAL recording.  However 1920 ­ 24, 1280 ­ 50 and 640 ­ 25 is also available for NTSC regions, higher speed  HD recording and SD recording respectively. The Canon 600D’s sensor shoots video in  progressive format in keeping with it’s Full HD standard. This feature cannot be changed.     Audio  The Canon 600D features limited audio settings using it’s internal microphone which can be  overridden by an external mic, using the 3.5mm mic on the left side of the camera’s body. As  standard, the camera records audio levels automatically but a  manual feature is accessible via the settings menu. When  opening the settings menu using the MENU button, use the  directional buttons to navigate to the second tab and down to  sound recording. From this menu, you may select sound  recording to Auto, Manual or Disable. When using Manual,  sound levels must be adjusted from this menu using the Rec.  level setting and the Level meter at the bottom of the screen.    External Hardware  The Canon 600D records directly onto an SD card which can be inserted and removed as  necessary. Due to the high write speeds of the camera only SD cards rated class 6 or higher  will be functional alongside the camera.     Canon 600D’s use a standardised EF lens fitting, meaning a number of lenses are available  for use with the camera. Zoom lenses are considered more versatile however true focal  lenghth lenses provide a cleaner, more high quality image.   


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SettlementinaDay 92%

Call us on 01908 410509 or email us info@focus-mediation.co.uk Or complete this form and we will be in touch:


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ILCE-3000K B Spec Sheete 8 14 13 92%

4x Focal Length (35mm equivalent) 27 - 82.5 mm Filter Diameter 49mm Lens Groups-Elements 9/11 Minimum Focus Distance 9-13/16 in.


27/08/2013 www.pdf-archive.com

2158 s12 ms 13 92%

For marks in the higher range there should be a clear focus on reasons and reference to events both in the Far East as well as in Europe.


12/06/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

Double slit experiment 92%

For example, if we look at a broad focus such as the Sun, it produces behind objects shadows and penumbras, as light rays are fully covered by the object (shadow) or only part of these rays (penumbra).


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Keep the Focus EN VS 7 92%

Thomas Ludwig KEEP THE FOCUS How Meditation-Techniques can improve your Street Photography 1 Keep the Focus doing will have a positive effect not only on your photography, but also on your daily life.


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brochure-11965-eng-01-a 92%

Key features • Exclusive IR-OptiFlex™ focus system—ensures that images are in good focus from 1.2 meters (4 feet) and beyond for optimum image clarity and scanning convenience.


21/10/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

Hanwha-2016-Sales-Catalog-FINAL PDIa 92%

NETWORK NE 5MP 4K SNB-9000 • 12MP @ 20fps / 4K @ 30fps • Simple Focus • H.264, Day &


15/06/2016 www.pdf-archive.com


– “Sponsored” – “Sponsored” presentations presentations willwill bebe given given – “Sponsored” – “Sponsored” presentations presentations willwill bebe given given within within specific specific non-CME non-CME sessions sessions designated designated within specific specific non-CME non-CME sessions sessions designated designated aswithin as “Industry “Industry focus”.


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Photography for Young Beginners 91%

Lastly, explain focus. ... Shallow Focus 1.


29/03/2015 www.pdf-archive.com

O.ST.IA.0037-00 91%

Muffola Compatta FOCUS-CODC FOCUS-CODC Compact Closure 00 21/07/2010 Emissione Pensato Pensato Mariani Revisione Data Descrizione Preparato Verificato Approvato Muffola Compatta FOCUS-ODC This document is property of OPTOTEC S.p.A., all rights reserved MD.Q.4200-00 23.01.2001 File:


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Meiji Techno 91%

In addition, for hand-held, close-up imaging, the system has an auto-focus feature.


20/01/2016 www.pdf-archive.com

shadowrun magic cheat sheet by adragon202-d71s6ay 90%

Intuition + Logic Type Damage Magician Charisma Weapon Focus By Weapon (CHA instead of STR) Spirit Force Watcher 1 Spirit Services Unbound Combat Use Power Physical Task Remote Service Note 1 Service per fight No cost if already in Combat Magic * 100 meters away is final service Bound Note Aid Alchemy/Sorcery/Learning Add Force to Dice Pool Spell Binding Sustain for -1 Spirit Force per day Spell Sustaining Sustain your spell for Force Rounds Common Tests Pool Test Spellcasting + Magic [Force] Cast Spell 2 * Potency [Potency] Use Preparation Tradition Attribute + Willpower Drain Resistance Alchemy + Magic [Mental] = 1 Dram per 2 Hits Scavenge Reagents Assensing + Intuition [Astral] Assense Perception + Intuition [Mental] (Magic Skill Rating - Force or 6 - Force) Notice Magic Arcana + Intuition [Mental] (0) Spot Preparation Perception + Intuition (+ 2 if Awakened) [Mental] (4) Notice Astral Assensing + Magic [Astral] (3) Read Signature Assensing + Intuition [Astral] (5, 1 Hour) Astral Tracking Astral Combat + Willpower [Astral or Accuracy] vs.


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SAP BI 7 Security 90%

SAP BI 7.X Security Concepts Presented By:


19/07/2017 www.pdf-archive.com